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Process name: Netropa(r) Onscreen Display

Product: Onscreen Display

Company: Netropa Corp.

File: osd.exe

Security Rating:

"OSD.EXE" implements On-Screen Display software. Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, and perhaps others use it to display keyboard or multimedia controls on-screen. This lets you use the volume control buttons on your multimedia keyboard and get feedback on the screen such as is the case on a TV set. Some sound cards also use it. It loads at start-up. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/osd.exe.html 

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  • 1367 users ask for this file. 39 users rated it as not dangerous. 5 users rated it as not so dangerous. 5 users rated it as neutral. 3 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 3 users rated it as dangerous. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

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comes with some pcs, mostly hewlett and packard but some others, not harmfull, actually useful for displaying onscreen keys such as volume. Hense name osd - "On Screen Display"
Used for Wireless Keyboard Jim Manson
it comes with most internet key board software
Came with belkin wireless desktop. Displays my caps/num/scroll lock on the taskbar. jbp1982
C:\Enabler\Server\bin\omsd.exe Al
The Genius USB keyboard also. Fafo
 See also: Link asd
Uninstalled. Re-installed with Compaq Quick Restore. Legit 5360 user
Comes on install disk with the Phoenix 8089P laptop. Setup.exe file date is 11/19/1997. No vendor name or website provided. Installer reports two errors calling unnamed DLLs. Installs to folder "C:\Program Files\OSD" but also creates an uninstall file at "C:\Program Files\Your Company Name" OSD.exe seems to require user with Admin privileges to run successfully under WinXP. A Limited User sees 6 error messages reporting configuration errors whenever OSD.exe is run. najevi
It's not dangerous to your system, it won't delete any files or infect you with a virus, but for my laptop, it I hibernate it, and then resume later and increase the brightness it displays 214% and if I increase the volume or mute it, the CPU roofs at 100% until I can end it with taskman. In the end, I deleted it from my hdd and registry startup folder. aaronjones3593
Not dangerous at all. Just keyboard software DoD
BenQ Tastatur
While not a malicous file, I reccommend uninstalling this or killing the process unless you want the onscreen display as I also have the hibernate 214% problem. OSD automatically dies when I go onto standby mode so I just removed it. In my opinion it took up processing power better used elsewhere. Adam
OsdMaestro is disabled in my startup programs and cannot be enabled. SONJA BEY
It shows a message when you press a multimedia button on your keyboard. Example: If I press on the internet button, a message will pop up on the screen saying "Launching Internet". You can customize the message in the control panel. Netopya
Belongs to my Razer Mouse to provide On-Screen information JW
this comes as part of the Belkin N52te gaming controller driver to show an OSD of your profile loading  See also: Link Steve
It is a harmless- but in my opinion useless- program packaged with other HP software for my desktop, that takes up valuable space on my taskbar. It shows buttons for the cap, num and scroll lock. I had to disable it entirely to keep it out of my start-up registry. harriett
seemed to shut down my entire laptop.
This is simply for input devices to communicate with the operating system. It is seen in multimedia keyboards, gaming mice, and some graphics tablets. ciph3r
Comes with Alienware laptops for volume, low battery and other on screen images. Bandzai
Flatlines the CPU on my ten-minute old laptop when I activate it amips
On Screen Display... keyboard application
OnScreenDisplay razer tw1
it also configures screen resolution while gaming because when my laptop goes to sleep while gaming it resets the games res to windows res 0-K4K0$-M4N0LI$
NETROPA hotkey
displays on screen info for all your gadgets and gizmos but unless u need this its kinda pointless to have it and should be disabled or removed
Nizza Post uber osd.exe Windows Prozess - Was ist das?. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Zeit und Muhe, die Sie in das Schreiben dieser Geschichte gesetzt haben beeindruckt. Ich gebe dir einen Link auf meine Social Media -Blog. All the best ! facebook search
The Razer Lycosa Keyboard Driver incorporates OSD.exe to display information on screen, such as profile changes. Emiliano
I've used this for years with no problem-till now. I'm here 'cause it stopped working and I was hoping to learn how to get it back! Never a system problem with this little app. MajorTC
As this page already says, it's the 'On Screen Display' for volume controls that show on your screen and similar. It is by default on Windows 7 with Alienware laptops and possibly other Dell computers, the C:\Program Files (x86)\OSD directory. It's absolutely harmless.  See also: Link
Maurus Driver Setting - For Genius Maurus configuration Ard
Takes up an abnormal amount of RAM, 500 mb for me. Kjartan
Part of Razer Lycosa Keyboard Driver

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