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Process name: CrypKey NT Service

Product: CrypKey Software Licensing System

Company: Kenonic Controls Ltd.

File: crypserv.exe

Security Rating:

From the NewsGroups: You have installed a demostration program of some sort. Clipsever counts how many times a certain feature is run and then renders the program useless.....www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/crypserv.exe.html 
You can uninstall it from the Add Programs appet in Control Panel. If you do, whichever demo program was using it won't work anymore.

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  • 6101 users ask for this file. 33 users rated it as not dangerous. 6 users rated it as not so dangerous. 11 users rated it as neutral. 10 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 8 users rated it as dangerous. 4 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about crypserv.exe:
License Management Software  See also: Link Doug Wayte
Rather useless for comp. soft pirates ;)  See also: Link CyboRtecH
its used on a 30 day trial program (limited usage), it you get rid of it some programs can't be installed, i think macromedia products cant be installed, (i just couldn't get director to work any more) Hexleo
Possibly related to w32/Dyfuca.l spyware  See also: Link John Bevan
Used for CD protection. Another measure on trying to cut down on CD copying etc.... -=KB NET=-
Used for: Octimax dsp Winamp 2 (sound enhancer)  See also: Link RONCO
If you stop the process, everything works fine. I check my system at bootup and stop things with Sysinternals  See also: Link Guido
He crashed FFXI _ Luckymog
In My case it's software licence for Iconics Scada software alkemist
This file is for running certain applications that use host ID generation to create an encrypted key, you then license that key with the software manufacturer and it is specific to your individual computer and cannot be transferred to another. If you do not have any software like this, there is no reason to have it on your computer and it can be deleted with out incident. It is not spyware or a virus. Ryan Witchey
It appeared when I installed "Stellar Phoenix" software for recovering a hard drive (recommended), the main program did not work if I disabled this process. Bit annoyed that it has to run all the time but it doesnt seem to do anything nasty. oliver
Macromedia programs and swish don't work after deleting
This file create Virus on my SYSTEM REEDS
alcohol 120% software samalex
Its a crypt Key from Canadian compay. Its used for stuff on the programs you install to stop piracy. At least thats what I found out. Blue
Question: how can you determine which program initiated Crypkey? neutrino
Swish stops on removal Dreamweaver doesn't... Just protection.  See also: Link daem0n
used for Octimax plugin for winamp2 Geckoman
It comes together with Swish Johnxon
Ryan Witchey and the last post (that Macromedia products don't work after deleting it) are 100% correct. Ryan is the only one who said what this file is actually doing. It's a unique key ID generator, used by (but not exclusive) Macromedia products, also Swish and Flax (maybe others too) John Doe
this is a ultimate virus yarrak akpinarli
google sjp
software copy protection (come with ... swish) Manu
I sent an angry note to [email protected] , and they sent me an uninstaller package. Not sure exactally what this package does, but crypsrv is no longer a running package. "They" can not post removal instructions, or host the uninstaller on "theri" web site because it "violates their licensing agreement". Don't let this company steal you memory. Remove it today!
I purchased VersaPro PLC ladder logic programming software. Deleting the file disables the rather expensive programming tool I use for automation controllers. With the installation of VersaPro you are prompted to call the manufacturer to register the GE Fanuc product. Associated files appear to be crpkey.reg and crpkey.ini. The crypserv apears to register the crypkey.reg information to the registry. The license program is benign until you run the program tied to the license. It appears to be active during the initialization of the licensed application.  See also: Link Chris Williams SIG, Inc.
The thing is a nuisance. I can't eject my Ipod whilst it is running. SomeRandomGuy
licensing file used in octimax(plugin for winamp) fluffy bunny
I have Labelview 7.0 which is a 30 day trial and it seems to be related to that...
Came with Stellar Phoenix, generates the identification of my hard drive (host) to prevent piracy use of their software; it is just an annoying thingey (because it cannot be disabled without disabling the linked application as well);  See also: Link toff.
It installs with Stellar Phoenix hard drive recovery software. Phoenix won't run without it. joelycat
This service starts whenever i start a program that has a trial period. It watches how long the program has been working and etc. Spurlos
stop cryptkey licience service and then disable it to stop this running Joey Love
It is install when some Swish programs are installed. Swish 2.0 will not run without it. Other Swish programs do not use it. It is installed in the System32 directory. It locked up the installation folder so I could not delete it until it was deactivated. I would prefer to not have it on my system because of a potential security risk. Robert
This software does nothing apart from offer copy-protection by generating encryption keys which the company has paid a huge amount for. I have tested it and found it to be no threat. Trammel
came with Cyberguard Safenet VPN client. Probably user for running certain applications that use host ID generation to create an encrypted key. Waijd M
its a pointless waste of memory, yes. but if you remove/disable it, some demos and licensed software wont work. use the windows xp services manager to disable it then you can check whether your program still works or not. i disabled it and have had no problems polar bear
It's linked to my Tascam Gigastudio installation to monitor a legal version. It's perfectly harmless in this case. midimench
shut it everyone u know nothing, its a licensing key, like for me i just installed bearshare pro and got a license,so its the license key, its like a service dont panic its not a virus darren
Some kind of CD/DVD Security file nothing dangerous  See also: Link Tim
Cryptkey spawns processes with random suffixes to evade Zone Alrm and is quite abusive. Analytical software uses it and has gotten a lot of complain from users enough to hurt their business. Bo Schnurr
crypserv.exe belongs to the CrypKey software, and is responsible for the licensing of this product. This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. Am Sikici
I can't eject my usb stick while it is running. It's located in the windows directory and doesn't have an uninstall entry. The spyware rating from Security Task Manager for this process is very high. ericzutter
It came with Phoenix Stellar Data Recovery. A software download for recovering partitions and files from a hard drive crash. An excellent piece of software, but I don't like that it left a running process on my computer. Yes it is part of the anti-copy scheme for that software Woody
It is the licensing service which comes with FLiP (Portuguese dictionary, proofing tools, etc.) licms122
Came w/Stellar Phoenix which won't run without it...otherwise it apparently does nothing. However, now it is generating errors on startup & windows 2000 shuts it down which means that Stellar Phoenix won't run either. I've tried uninstall/reinstall and even got a fresh set of drivers from Stellar Phoenix, but nothing solves the problem. Software conflict? If so, how do I segregate it? gamera
Loaded on one of my users laptops and it's practically unusable. It constantly runs at at least 50% of cpu. I can't imagine that a product that does this is useful. I'm removing it. mscallisto
Was installed with PM Fastrack Self-test software to determine if you have a valid license. RoboDad
I have a bad sector on my hard drive and i can't fix it without removing crypkey windows xp will not even scan it and it won't tell me what applications it is for Buggs
It installs with many different demos and programs as copy/overuse protection. Not a threat, but a nuisance, as it stayed as a running process on my PC after I uninstalled the program it came with. Why? Not cool. @gamera: if something is a running process on your PC, it never "apparently does nothing". If it is running, it is doing something. Perhaps relatively innocuous, but always something. centime
After installing (Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery) and (VB Decompiler Pro), I discovered this service, I'm not sure which one of these software caused this service to be started, I just disabled it from services.msc, then deleted the crypserv.exe Yousef
It Virus Trololol
i installed Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, it may use this process guest
Crypkey is a Canadian-based licensing company. If you delete it, any applications that require it will effectively have no software license. It's not a virus at any rate.  See also: Link JustJack
The latest version of Avast anti-virus detected it as a dangerous rootkit but was able to remove it after I stopped the Cryptkey service and disabled it. Sony was successfully sued for installing such rootkits without user knowledge/permission; I'm guessing that's why this company is hiding in Canada. \;^J Computer Geek
never saw it before installing Nemesis Security Suite,probably it's needed for encrypting data from mobile phones. Syrus Wolfe
Is needed for Spectraplus authorization (crac version) rrr969

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