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Process name: Netware Distributed Printing Client

Product: Netware

Company: Novell

File: dpmw32.exe

Security Rating:

dpmw32.exe is a part of the Netware Distributed Printing Client from Novell. This program runs in the background if you are running the Novell Client to connect to a NetWare network, and you have installed the Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS) part of the client.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/dpmw32.exe.html 
If you are not running Novell Distributed Print Services (most NetWare installations do not), disable this process.

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NDPS = C:\WINDOWS \SYSTEM\dpmw32.exe Novellís distributed print services. Stefan
Installs as part of the Novell client for Windows - NDPS stands for Novell Distributed Print Services and it allows b-directional comms between the workstation and network printers.  See also: Link Paul Bennett
A part aof Novell' Print Service Michael
what other's already know, a novell thingie.... i'm just guessing, that it only shows when novell client is installed and/or in use!! Denn!s
It is in the Novell Client Matthias
NDPS is a great tool! If your NetWare enviroment does not use it it should. Just another great product from Novell  See also: Link Greg Brown
IF it is running then you cannot ping to the machine. subrata
This is part of Novells NDPS Print Services Thomas Simmons
This is Novell NDPS, issue arises with XP SP2 firewall and security some Workstations throw up a error, unblocking fixes the issue. Paul
This is part of Novells NDPS Print Services. If you use NDPS you need it - if you don't - you don't Trevor
Standard process for printing in a Netware NDPS environment. Very handy! Wayne Lunsford
Microsoft hates novell, thus service pack 2! Randy
Doesn't impact ping (4.9 Sp2) Mark Stevens
This file is used at some schools to trace what their students do online yr10 student
Innocuous. It does not do anything of any real value, unless you need it. If you are using the NDPS, you need it, and you should leave it alone. If not, it's small, so leave it alone anyway. Twitch
NDPS = C:\WINDOWS \SYSTEM\dpmw32.exe Novellís distributed print services.  See also: Link DirtyHarry
if you run fidelio hotel managment systems and you disable this executable, you will experience problems with your interface paul smith
It tries to act as a server. So itīs not so good... Newba
Part of Novell print service Andrew
Uncheck the NDPS option when installing client if not using NDPS Bryan
Only for NDPS. Nothing dangerous.
This is part of the Novell Distributed Print Services, which allows netwerk printing and also supports software tools for printing registration and printing Management Information Systems which support Novell Netware  See also: Link Dracko
Novell Distributed Print Servce, not harmful at all SUAndrewG
This is NOT used to trace where students go, it is a print service nothing more. WindsorFox
constantly makes our Win98se workstations hang. Wish the "powers that be" would approve XP for our agency already WinDOZE98
Soft fussy bunnies - nothing to be afraid of Eldar
Corporate environment -- needed for NDPS
DPMW32.EXE is what allows Novell NDPS printers to be deployed to your workstation automatically from a centrally managed location. The technology makes printer management, from an administrators perspective, easy. For end users, you automatically receive the printers that are assigned to you. No hassles or manual installs. Remove this and your printers will stop working.  See also: Link Marvin Huffaker, Novell Master CNE
service pack 2 attempts to block this, but as an environment that uses novell and windows it is a necessary system. thefirebuilds
Novell's printing methodology before iPrint that many Novell shops still have in some production since iPrint didn't reproduce all NDPS's functionality until recently in OES2 Andy Konecny

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