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Process name: CARPService

Product: Conexant carpserv

Company: Conexant Systems

File: carpserv.exe

Security Rating:

This process is associated with Zoltrix modems. It enables the internal modem speaker, so you can listen to dial-up sounds, for example. Seems to be for laptops only. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/carpserv.exe.html 

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All comments about carpserv.exe:
Carpserve.exe is related to Zoltrix Modems.
this is for laptops and appears harmless
Its not worth having on a PC at all Gavin Lidster
Comes preinstalled with many laptops. It's not something to worry about, but since most people don't use modems anymore, your best bet would be to at least remove it from your startup through msconfig. Saeid
is it not loaded when using a mose on a compaq laptop as opposed to the touchpad? taliaou
Carpserv.exe enables interal speaker for Zoltrix Modems Paul H
Seems to be for laptops Alexey Abraham
Conexant Systems modems also use this
Its related to conexant chipset internal modem(DLink i have). Dheeraj MS
Links to carpdll.dll. Found in system folder. Loads from registry in machine hive. Jeck Lamnent
I have it on my HP Laptop, also have a Conexant wireless Router using the internet. haven't seen it before then. Must be Conxant modem Rodders
Conexant Systems modems also use this Miha
not likely to be dangerous
I have desabled this file, yet still able to hear the modem sound. I use HP laptop and have Conexant modem... Edin
This is a file that can use the modem, if you disable: you not hear your modem anymore Josue Nava
Also used in some cheap Conexant based internal PCI modems (e.g. Zonet, etc.) to reduce modem cost by eliminating modem speaker and enabling the PC's sound card to play dial-up sounds.instead. Not essential if you don't need to listen to dialing and handshake tones. Jack
Associated with Sterling soft modem. Crashes a lot. Kenn
appeared right after installing an external Dynex USB modem Hillside Bob
it came with the modem driver for act 97 ronny jansson
I see it running on a compaq presario 2197 laptop Jonathan Elkins
I have it on my Compaq 6000 series desktop. came bundled. Upon checking, I have a Conexant 56k modem. DiamonDt
it is in the windows/system32 folder under XP and used by my AOpen PCI modem, just remove it from startup, usually not dangerous zorro
for internal modem speaker GGOL
its for modems, its not one bit harmfull
this has a massive security problem, the top viruses get in and stay hidden through this elvis
I obtained it from the windows update, updating my conexant modem. Harmless and redundant. ZLOK
Looked awfully like a virus. Was on an IBM thinkpad. Couldn't find the exe. Deleted references to it from registry. Can still hear dialup fine. Chris
It appeared when i took out a pci modem and installed external zoom. causes freeze up on
I have it on my desktop PC, not a modem. AndrewR
Came with D-link Modem i have to ajamit007
On some systems, carpserv.exe also has the tendency to bring up hard drive directories on bootup. Don Shriver
not very bad to hav on a PC me
i have it on my Hp pavilion ze5300 keith
it came wid my modem (DLink) .... i dont think its dangerous Mike
Mesh computers pre-load it on some of their pcs so that you can hear the dial up connection through the speakers. Leigh. D.
seems to cause some older 16-bit apps to malfunction under XP Alan
detects ring tone on CNXT V9XPCI MODEM scooter
cann the same file be used in xp as in dont want to hear the internal speaker
In baraye Modem Ast vali bedard namikhorad. Pakash Konid. ZoltrixMan
It's present on HP Compaq nx9010 with Conexant modem Sanjin Ganić
Appears to be for modem but can lock Win ME
causes DRIVER_CORRUPTED_MMPOOL fault (d0) Charles Pouliot
came preinstalles on Compaq Presario 6000, harmless
it is to do with the cnxt v9xpci modem so dont fret. lee s
nd solved the problem
It was not installed on my comuter from factory i am very suspicious and will search it to the full extent to give the real facts about this carpserv.exe on startup... Chris
it is a nusciance because things work a lot better when it is disabled. using desktop PC, win98, conexant modem. never seen any errors because of it but programs that ran out of resurces magically work immediately after killing carpserv task. Jake
Also used for Conexant-based Aopen PCI modems.
56k Conexant modem driver. Didn't have untill I bought a new modem. Spyder
Have Dell Lattitude D600 with Connexant D480 MDC V.92 modem. Buddy
Appeared after installing a conexant modem on my Laptop (Fujitsu Siemens) Prodiland
used by my AOpen PCI modem, located in Windows folder, i removed it.
For Zoltrix modem Sean
Seems to have been installed with a Zoom USB modem Clive Bradley
Runs after i installed generic driver for laptop modem from conexant support site. Sam
Was installed on my system and didn't know what it was. System was dragging, so turned it off . System seems faster now. lazyrider
driverbinary for speakersupport from any modems Pharao (DG)
carpserv also is used fot USB Dynex modem......
Have it on a MaxData Pro X6000 with Connexant Modem. Berthold
Installed with driver for a Conexant internal modem froggers
it is aito configuration for broadcom 54g wireless for HP, not modems Whiggie
Comes with many laptops Unknown
yea its on my laptop. appeared after windows update, assuming safe :) Jeremy
Adobe Acrobat Paper Capture Service  See also: Link illc0mm
winb2.tmp.exe-very dangerous usually through bad internet site kills ur comp & crashes sid
I found it in Compap nx9010 laptop Tech
Lets your hear the modem dial-up (Connexant Modems/HP etc.) Not required Bazzy B
Driver for Conexant modems, common with Compaq computers JMH
Conexant modem driver in HP laptop. HAMMERS system memory. Shut it down if you don't run a modem! Bucky
it's enable speaker for laptop modem and not harm Ali Bozorgi
I just recently had to take it out of my system32 folder as it wouldnt connect to the internet while the file existed. Being used in a trojan lately. CheshireCat
It's on a compaq presario 6000 Will
this file is used by accrobat reader paper capture file KSR

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