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Process name: Logitech Desktop Messenger

Product: Mouse/Keyboard/Webcam software

Company: Logitech

File: IAdHide3.dll

Security Rating:

"IAdHide3.dll" belongs to BackWeb. It is installed with the drivers for Logitech and other products, and checks for software upgrades.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/iadhide3.dll.html 
It's present under Software => Logitech Desktop Manager, where it can be uninstalled.

See also http://www.backweb.com/news/press_releases/102901.php.

The files backweb-8876480.exe, IAdHide.dll and tempiadhide3.dll are also part of BackWeb.
Backweb, suggest they only monitor keyboard / mouse activity, so they know when the computer is inactive, they claim they don't record key strokes. (source)

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All comments about IAdHide3.dll:
F-Secure BackWeb component  See also: Link
it has a spyware infection
Appears in users TEMP folder and cannot be deleted as it is in use Paul Williams
used by f-secure anti virus
F-Secure BackWeb component milad
I get this file on each/every PC I install a logitech product on.. I have been using there equipment for yrs now & have NEVER had a problem with this file being present and targeted as the culprit Justin
File from Backweb called "IadHide.dll" from company called Backweb found in my "Temp Internet Files" and could not be deleted. No uninstall feature. I found it embedded in the Hewlett Packard Updater File Folder. Had to delete entire folder to remove the "IadHide.dll" scum. Blocked HP access to my computer to prevent reinstall. They claim it is necessary for updates. Call it what you will, Backweb had developed a VERY NASTY PROGRAM. Prevents audio cd burning and shuts down MS Firewall! David Picou
It's suspicious! Mine is in a Temp folder(subdirectory) of a hidden folder and is 'access denied' to me even when running as administrator in a command prompt window under Windows XP (SP2). If all they are doing is checking for updates at Logitech, then they shouldn't mind if I disable them from doing that. I can do that at my convenience. I tired of all these TSR's trying to determine update status from home base. It slows down my startup and makes me feel like I have no control nor authority over my own system. It's even worse if I have the net unavailable to them. fogcat58
Also used by Kodak Easyshare program if you have install the auto updater componient Fabrice Blanchet
Cannot delete from my local settings. Has blocked me from deleting all the temp internet files. Have had to resort to downgrading to IE6 to solve the problem. Paula
It flashes up on my screen and asks to send a report or not send a report. Have to click a number of times before it will disappear. So annoying. catdogmama

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