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Process name: Java command line tool

Product: Java

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Sun Microsystems, Inc.

File: javaw.exe

Security Rating:

"javaw.exe" belongs to Java from Sun Microsystems, Inc..www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/javaw.exe.html 
The javaw.exe command is identical to java.exe, except that with javaw.exe there is no associated console window. This implies you can't get it to display the version with -version, since there is no console to display it on. Use javaw.exe when you don't want a command prompt window to appear. The javaw.exe launcher will, however, display a dialog box with error information if a launch fails for some reason.

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It is the SUN Java Runtime  See also: Link
Unterstuezt anscheinend Azureus Mitch
It's a sun java file Lounatic77
This is the JAVA Runtime, In my case its running Bittorrent Azureus Client argon
You can Disable it
It will kill performance on Windows 2003 Servers Francisco Arostegui
Prevented web from loading when Zonealarm blocked it Frank
It's "part" of Azureus and kills system performance Ivo
It's a sun file Michael Decker
I'm using it to run Azureus as wel,, it's killing my processor. It currently has 132 megabytes in my ram
HP use it in their status monitor
Some HP print drivers w/HP Toolbox will install this executable as part of the initial setup. HP confirmed that this is okay. D. Lawson
For Bittorrent Azureus, how it downloads and uploads Any
It will eat memory like crazy on a powerful computer if let alone Avs
This is the JAVA Runtime, In my case its running Bittorrent Azureus Client Manu
Intergral Part of Azureus the Java interface Knotryder
Required if you are running Java Apps. Killing it will also kill the java app you're running. For Java Application Launcher  See also: Link A1programmer
Usually required to run java applications, java plugin, and the such.
Java runtime files, used in co-operation with Azerues, and as others say when you have a fair few files loaded into it for downloaded, completely kills performance :(
it is run by hewlett packard printer toolbox marco v
It works with Azureus and freezin' up my system maskmeyo
the *itch killed my system boo
Very useful command from Sun's Java Runtime Environment. I write java code and use it all the time. Sam B.
It's with Azureus, uses almost all resource of the system Tze yu
I just renamed it and my azureus works Amit
well whatever it is its slowing my computer down a crap load...if i end the process it speeds right up Romero
when i start limewire pro 4.05, this is the file that loads. wtf?
It's a memory hog Jordie
associated with limewire and other java programs. SP2 firewall and norton give u the option 2 disable it Yusuf Yusuf
It's a real performance hog on Win XP Pete
Part of Azureus - kills performance Lieven
Part of the SUN Java runtime. Needed for Java programs.  See also: Link Ben!
This is the Java Runtime Environment. This (or one of several third-party JRE's) is required to run any Java program. It is comparable to vbrun600.dll to run Visual Basic 6.0 programs or FrameworkService for .NET applications.  See also: Link Jason Tovey
It's definitely NOT a part of Azureus. Azureus just uses it to run.  See also: Link M4r33 \ ()5
Keeping azrures upload/downloads limited will help control mem usage, but needs to be watched constantly DigitalTreez
Used for Java apps. Java is usually slow so this will eat pc resources like a fat pig. In combination with a memory proggie like freemem quite managable. Outgoing connections to the internet can be disabled without cousing it to freeze up or anything. eNdEmiOn
Azureus, SUN Java Runtime ok, but javaw.exe is trying to send e-mail on my PC Ur-1el
Its not "part" of Azureus, it runs it! Björn
=java.exe, but without console output. Good for swing/AWT applications. Don't have difference among others java application: same memory and processor consume. AlanZ
Use it with Azureus - uses a bit of system memory, but nothing to worry about Yeah
hp instal - destroying performance of computer - FU SUN dan
using 150 mb of ram
It kills W2003Server. Has to do with HP printer toolbox. Delete it if windows 2003 server, it sucks
It is a Sunfile. Can affect the processor latency Raj
hp ProCurve toolbox uses it as well - it can be a memory hog Jason
I think it IS part of Azureus , my cpu was at 100% , and I started ending processes of the programs runing 1 by 1 and checking the cpu status , when i ended javaw.exe my process went from 100% to 3% , I also noticed the Azerus system tray icon dissapeared and I had to restart the program : ) , btw , it doesnt always kill my cpu , in fact , this is the first time it's happened
Not dangerous - but it eats a lot of ram, needed for java based programs, like Azureus. Mr_R
javaw is a program that comes along with the Sun JRE. Can be used to exceute jar files. coool
It pops up after I installed a HP1010. The file is located in the HP directory. I guess it's part of HP's toolbox. It does eat memory though! 18.452kB of memory for a printer....but well it does a good job. Go Laser!
Java Virtual Machine  See also: Link Anonymous
slows computer performance Michael Sikula
Works with Azureus GM
It slows down the xp operating system. It requires a lot of memory. Stop the process and all becomes normal and faster again. JJJ
I found that in azureus it would only start to take away my CPU power if I had capped my downloads to a certain amount. But with no bandwidth limit it didnt seem to slow down my computer at all. Acidtreat101
Java Runtime, Azureus uses it....
This is the Java Runtime Environment. Java programs like Azureus or Limewire need it to run. It uses a lot of performance, but on my old (P3 733) system it only uses around 5% CPU with Azureus.  See also: Link The Watcher
IBM Thinkpads use it to download messages for 'IBM message center'. Once scheduled, the javaw process jumps to live unexpectedly. It can kills performance if IBM website is unreachable at that time. schrotti
came with hp-printer softwar teggmo
Azureus users, make sure you are using the latest version. JRE 1.5 Update 2, the recommended JRE on the Azureus page runs even worse than this one.  See also: Link D-503
I love Azureus but I hate the platform it was built on (Java). This exe is a real memory muncher. carls
Runs as part of Yahoo SiteBuilder LP
This is the Java client. It will kill resoucres when running with a bit torrent program, by design not by fault. If your running a DL manager you have to expect the loss of memory.
I use this to run azureus, ever since i upgraded the java program, it eats into my memory Pete
It Kills CPU performance with Azureus. Qaz
I'm running some java applications which using java.exe but javaw.exe is running all the time and using all my memory up to 1.5 GB. Eelco van Wort
I know after loading SP2, I was prompted do I want to allow this program to load and from the information on this website I said NO. My system runs much faster now than it did previously. Daryl
This is taking up massive amounts of system memory (25-50%) with Azureus. Don't seed/leech if you value performance. Try leaving Azureus on when you are not doing anything else and it will run fine, but try to access anything else and it will go crazy. RunTimeX
100% cpu-If Azureus related does not happen each time. Must be the download. Joekoco55
use it with Azureus.. freeze's my 2003 server after several hours of operation.
This file can be a representation of the AGOBOT. This variant of several forms may control a remote system via means of IRC. If you see this file and do not have anything in association to it or do and are unsure of bandwidth coming and from your PC, beware and investigate it's connectivity to the web. bORG
Leeches performance... Linked to HP Tools. That should explain everything (the HP bit) 404
Its a memory hog Phill
This file is an implementation of a virtual machine. As such it is a massive resource hog since it's emulating a hypothetical set of hardware in software which eats up CPU and memory like no other. This is extremely useful in a number of cases, since each hardware platform (Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris etc) can have a different platform specific implementation of the machine which allows code written for Java to be run on any machine with a correct installation of Java, this makes code cross compatible which is useful for distributing programs. The program can be considered moderately dangero Mirsha
It keeps giving me application errors after azureus runs for a short while. Cant seem to find how to fix it. Stu
I exited out of Azureus and this kept running and was killing my cpu. had to end task to kill it. cash22
This is NOT a part of Azureus. This is the Java Runtime Environment, which Azureus requires to run, and is used by other applications as well.
It is not a part of Azureus. It just utilizes is as its back-end. JavaW.exe does consume large amounts of memory (in my case anywhere from 35-65MB). MetalFrog
It's the Java Runtime executable. All programs written in java execute this in order to run
It is a java runtime for limewire also. it doesn't eat up my resources. rypaintD
It's the Java Runtime. It is NOT part of Azureus. Azureus is a Java based program, so it requires it to run. And yes, it can be a resource whore. nin
This is the console-less java.exe Java environment executable. Java is neither slow nor a memory hog. I program in it everyday and it is one of the best programming languages on Earth. It is the poorly written programs which consume so much RAM. Blame the poor programming, not Java. Javaw.exe is completely safe. RRL
It is used by HP to control thier printers. HP printers are controlled by a 'server' and the javaw.exe files is part of the 'server' and printing control systems. It has not caused me any problems Steven
I wonder how many people actually do the 'reseach' instead of just spewing out what they 'think' this file does... From the Sun 'Java' forums , "...The javaw command is identical to java, except that..."  See also: Link Power To Be Your Best
It came with the latest upgrade of Azureus and definitely reduces the performance of your Pentium 4 to a Comodore 64! But what the hell, what is used Azureus for again??... No solutions found yet. Digibert
LimeWire 4.8.1 is always asking me something about this. Not too sure who to trust...  See also: Link Annonymous
It is NOT a part of Azureus. Azureus is a java program. Any java app needs to be run in a Java Virtual machine. On windows the jvms are the java.exe, javaw.exe and javaws.exe programs. Its the Azureus java app thats requesting all the memory, not the jvm alone. If you kill the jvm process, the java app its running will also disapear. Memory usage by the jvm can be restricted (see -XMS options), but this may cause an outOfMemory exception by your java app, so beware.  See also: Link Adam
part of java, but huge CPU (30-90%) and memory (150MB !!) hog I'm running a freenet node and am at 3 days of uptime and the I/O writes are up to 63GB and double my total diskspace! If you have a choice between a program written in java and a program written with sometheing else, use the non-java client to save yourself a headache ERA
Javaw,exe isnt allowing me to install my ISP software. Tryed updating to latest java program still no go. Searched the net all over cant find info to fix it. Anyone know how to fix it please email me at [email protected] Chris
The javaw.exe and java.exe are actually ok, the program construction of something like Azureus is what stinks. Can't blame Sun for that. Don't use MS OS anyway, they suck big time :-) neko
When publishing web pages it is necessary for me. But if it occurs and you are not running an applicatuion that requires it, you may wish to investigate. RLHoffman
It's running Azureus. Uses tons of memory. Frequently is attempting to send email to European addresses. Will be looking for an Azureus replacement disaksen
its a java sun component, if u use azureus put gloval and total conection at 60 or less, otherwise it will go nuts and eat 100% of memory meromex
Memory hogging sun java runtime. needed for any java programs u r running (doh!). Its NOT part of azureus but is needed to run azureus.
it is JAVA FROM SUN. if your program is using it its because its a JAVA PROGRAM! stop blaiming 3rd partys for suns crappy runtimes. duh
It is the Sun Java runfile, it is used by Azureas and if the Azureas configuration is changed can impede permance on my WinXP system Barry
Sun Runtime. Should update it to the new 1.5, will reduce memory usage. Is not part of Azureus. Azureus just uses Java to run.
it IS part of Azureus, Its the download agent for it , look at the transfer of data in your firewall and it shows the transfer. J
Azureus use this process. Recently it is using 75% of my cpu all the time. So other application lags. That suck. Dave
As people say, part of Java. Azureus is a Java app, hence needs it to run. THAT is why it opens with Azureus!
If azureus uses the file it explains why it takes so much power out of my compyter... thx for a great forum hansa
it can be used to download spyware but there are so many non- dangerous uses i say it is nuetral AD
Java Runtime, Azureus uses it... if it kills your processor , it means your pc sucks
It is part of azureus, so if u have it, ur pirating free stuff and should be jailed. F.B.I
Is from Azureus as far as i can tell. Real memory hog and a royal pain in the ass. Sparky
This is the Java Runtime Environment. Java programs like Azureus needs it to run Roberto
nothing serious, it´s just used by HP printers (print monitor) in intranet
It Runs Azureus, and it uses quite a bit of memory for Windows Server 2003 VP
Required to run several P2P (Peer To Peer) (aka Filesharing) Applications PontoonWalnut
JVM as each VM taking resources, but simplifying life overall lover
I don't think I need to explain more about this. JAVA
It's a known villian and may steel your cheese
Java Virtual Machine Launcher mm
java program launcher nikhil
Java is ebil. ;P
Windowless Java Joe
it uses (37MB) 3 times more ram than iexpore.exe or explorer.exe and I die in WOW a lot cause it freezes my system about every hour since it installed with HP Toolbox a few days ago. Some people say it is safe but it is RUDE putting something of a memory hog on my system without giving me full disclosure. Is it HP or Java I should be frustrated with? Safe should mean it comes with good documentation about what it does, why, and how to get rid of it when not using it. Just because someof you programmers think it is useful for your projects why do i need it hogging space during my games? Nia
I had this file on my last pc. It was forever running slow. On the rebuild the HP 3020 has been reloaded and this file keeps appearing in Zone Alarm. I have rejected it and the pc seems to run much faster than the old one. If I can avoid running it, I will. Novice user
Normal internal process linked through windows local registry to allow java applets to run (this is the main module and process governing java technology). Depending on the capability of your system and how it is set up this might slow you down, a little!!  See also: Link Supero Doctor
I use it to run jar files that are setup like applications (NetBeans automatically creates one for "application" projects in the disp folder). just associate the jar extension with javaw to run jar files like exes (IF their set up that way) Danimal
Any problems with memory with the Azureus client are caused by poor java code on Azureus part. javaw only identifies that a java application is running - in this case its Azureus.
This is the Java Runtime. This is the same as java.exe without console output. This is used to run many Java programs such as Eclipse, Azureus, and RSSOwl.  See also: Link
javaw.exe is used by Java to update Azureus. If you use SafePeer Plugin in Azureus, its important, without this, you must update SafePeer Plugin manually. Annonymous
Used by Java based programs.. including Azureus & LimeWire. On my box it takes 50,000K mem usage to over 100,000K mem usage over 1 and a half days. Anonymous
Take too much memory space: how can I prevent it from being loaded? I couldn;t find it in "RegEdit". Lewis
all i know it's what i saw on a desktop user he take a lot of performance and it's a bullshit....
I know ZoneAlarm Pro alerted me that javaw.exe was trying to transmit e-mail messages. WTF? Bones
Why can't HP make a printer that doesn't have "special needs"?? John T.
On my PC, it uses lots of memory and slows the system down. LK
Is taking about 70% of my bandwidth! Is't a mess! MFM
It hogs memory like hell and slows down Win2K Guruprasad
For me it came with viewlet Builder JonneIT
its the Puzzle Pirates process  See also: Link Mildina
This file is a memory cpu hog, Use task manager to see if its running and kill the process your machine will run faster.  See also: Link Luis
Causes problems and can consume cpu, Umm new sun was gonna be a prob on PCs Jabba
for running Limewire, Azureus.. etc.. sometimes eats up memory like a mofo Scotty
Das programm gehört zu java und da alle programme die auf java basieren, java brauchen ist das programm für azureus etc benötigt, da manche programme schlecht geschrieben worden sind frisst es sehr viel speicher (azureus) einzige chance dies zu umgehen is auf nen patch fürs jeweilige programm zu warten oder die vorgänger version zu installieren. Snake
It definitely was installed as part of HP Toolbox. It used over 30MB real and 35MB virtual memory and killed my CPU upon boot. javaw hater
Azerus use. Not too stable on XP64 and I've seen it with over 700MB mem usage Tomato
related to Azureus. Uses all system resources. Bryan
Programmers use Java when they don't know better. If you're using Azureus, uninstall it to get rid of javaw, and use uTorrent instead. It does everything you needed Azureus for, but is written in a proper language and is tiny and fast.  See also: Link Oak Aged
use plenty of java apps but this never showed up until yesterday when i installed azuerus. takes up plenty of resources aceclose
As description says-- this is the process name of any Java app without a cmd window. Individual apps may be dangerous or not-- lots of people here seem hung up on one in particular. dave
this file is excellent for commercial use because launching java application it does not launch any other console apim
Part of Azureus P2P Client, it is a resource hog Randall
General performance is higher than Java.exe because if doesn't execute System.out.println() etc
Limit Azureus global connections to 60 DLIVELY
Java virtual machine inteprets java coded applications such as LimeWire, OpenOffice and Azureus into executable code NeoPickaze
For Azureus set UPLOAD & DLoad to unlimited (read that here) and now I can web browse and DL! Result
"It's Java" thus, its slow, uses up all your resources and is a piece of crap TAC
Seems to have crept in with HP printer also seems to be a memory hog and process slower chickenbhuna
Stop blaming javaw! Your java programs (Azureus, limewire, etc) eat up the resources, javaw just does what these programs tell it to do.  See also: Link dumbass
Kills windows 2003 server memory. Slows everything down. POS! soggynoodles
It doesn't stop hogging CPU cycles (34%+) or memory (59k) even when all user (w) processes have normally terminated. Whoever maintains it should try to make it more Windows system-savvy. Nwbr
Part of Azureus, slows system alot though. MJF
It is required for java run time it does NOT sap system performance unless another application is using java runtime! Mediarocker (Computer Technician)
To disable it continuing using Azureus, look here  See also: Link
If came with any trusted software or downloaded with java compilar then you can trust it. or if somebody renames any file as javaw.exe then whos fault is it?!!  See also: Link Siluro
I monitored it and found it was using 20k or upload and 80k of download - while the computer was not being used with anything net related. 0xMan
Run time error Sunil Tupe
used for azureus
part of Java Virtual Machine. It can do you no harm. Programs may invoke this program due to them needing to use Java (eg Azureus). By itself, not dangerous at all. LilJohn
this is the reason you shut azureus down when gaming bobsa
It is part of java. It uses a lot of memory, but mostly because the programs it runs are large and memory-intensive. In my case, it wasn't javaw.exe that was killing my system, it was McShield.exe which was scanning it for viruses everytime it ran. If you know it runs a specific program, you can add that program to your virus exclustion list, and it won't cause nearly the problems. jodek69
tis a simple java runtime env file which is full of bugs at present yes... memory hog it is most definitely. We write in Java too... We dont like suns it, ms's was better. we will for ourselves stick to C# et Delphi .NET p35t173nc3
It is not part of bit torrent clients such as azureus but they need them to run! It consumes the more memory it can slowing down your pc..on my olidata laptop it crashed internet explorer and other xp features almost every time!!
Ruins Azureus and makes the pc reboot. Anon
Causes a blue screen on my PC when SiImage SATARAID5 console apps launches Francois
Running Azureus Bittorrent, but makes things so slow kyle
i guess from what i read mine runs azeurus client also but it uses alot of my memory (at the moment 55,000 K) turtle masta
It is for running Java applications. Joel
Javaw doesn't kill performace, but the app that your running does. If your running Azureus and your performace is suffering that its Azureus(or whatever java app) not javaw thats doing it jemima
mal-ware will compromise java causing it to use up resources. This is why some people are having problems. KenshiSoro
javaw is the java virtual machine run in windowing mode. This means that there is no console associated with it and it runs like a native windows application. For the others to say this is dangerous because it eats thier memory up are wrong. It's the program that's run in javaw that eat their memory up. Kermit
From a process of elimination I know it's used by HP for at least some of their newer printers. It's part of the install cd. It does seem to suck-up a lot of resources for a very unnecessary bit of software (you can use it to check the status of your printer on your LAN) Forkboy
java window - i.e. consoleless - it will eat up the cpu until another windows thread needs to use the cpu - quite friendly giffo
TOTAL resource hog, but only recently... first noticed it today, after updating to java ver. 5, update 6 tay
It's not dangrous . However it does suck up memory alot so shut it down when you stop using it. ZeroTron
I'm runnig this with Azureus, killing processor performace
Yeah, is the Java Virtual Machine. It sucks, people says that "is not the Java VM that sucks, is the program you're using" well, this is correct, because that program was writen in Java, a language created for coffee machines. Big crap, why are people who like more a slow program that requires another program to run?
it's suns java vm - it won't freeze your computer, until you have a 1980's pc. those who claim that don't probably know what java really is. melinda
Usually Sun's JVM, and then quite a needless and waste of resources for using it as launcher for hp printer manager toolbox in os. Then it will cost somebody a lot of time and money, as can be seen above, and probably for a long time.  See also: Link JVM
It's the Java Platform. Games like Puzzle pirates and clients like Azureus run on this platform. It's not actually spyware or Malware, but it often hogs memory like crazy. Sluggo
Part of the JRE, Really, really kills system performance, even with 3 gigs of pagefile and 1 gig of RAM -____-. Pingachevsky
This IS used by Azureus. But it only ever uses massive ammounts of CPU when you first start Azureus and it checks the files that are being downloded. Once that's completed the CPUY usage drops back down to 5 0r 6 % Skinner.Daddy
Stops from AS400 Client Access Emulator from functioning. Padu
Its a royal pain - I stop it always. And this PC is a smooth runner without it Texasman
it runs with frostwire, but it kills the system. oemer1987
It's a virtual machine, if programs running on it eat cpu cycles and memory on the vm , then the vm will turn around and eat yours to feed the hungry programs. Kim Bruning
Anybody know where to find a complete list of exe's that currently utilize javaw.exe and/or security threats associated with it? technoid
Every time I start Azureus, my computer slows to a crawl. When I look in the task manager, I see javaw using up CPU and memory. After killing javaw (and Azureus) my computer resumes to normal speed. Utorrent doesn't have this problem. Mike
its the programm, which allows to run JAVA based Programms like azureus oder eclipse. chillum
Kill it. I run Azureus all the time without it and have no problems. It's that simple. Markoff
Runs my SATA RAID management tool - uses 20MB ram and no more - it's the app using it that decides how much resource it uses ppwok
when running it steals most cpu time bonehead
javaw is a tool for other programs... if it's hogging memory or acting like spyware, something else is telling it to. Restricting javaw might fix the problem but that's like cutting your ears off to cut out crap music. It's not the source of the problem. stovo
Required for some apps. Have seen Java updater consume 80%+ CPU at startup. (clean machine) Appears as javaw.exe but called from reg. Check HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run - SunJavaUpdateSched = C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_02\bin\jusched.exe. Export reg key as backup, delete the entry. Should resolve although you will not get the updates. PWadley
It is a 'non-microsoft' and is in the Win Directory - screams malware to me. If it's in C:\prog files etc, it's harmless tho Deon
Some Jabber Clients like GOIM need that thing, for flexibility-purpose i think.  See also: Link
Its the file which runs while profiling using JProfiler Rushit
Riya.com uses it to upload photos. It's very CPU intensive.  See also: Link Adam
Azureus uses it, however even with the best processors such as an AMD 64fx, it eats up around 63% on average. javaw
It's the SUN JRE. Not dangerous, unless you are clueless. If you don't even know what "Java" is, you have NO PLACE making comments about security.  See also: Link FedUpWithNoobs
This is neccessary to run many java applications. Java is always going to hog memory, so if you don't like the performance hit avoid using programs written in java. If you absolutetly need those programs running, buy more memory. Kat
Part of the SUN Java implementation. Of course it's a system hog. Friends don't let friends run Java apps. Grim
HP, you can do better then this! Write a proper printerdriver! It's not professional. It definitely was installed as part of HP Toolbox. It used over 30MB real and 35MB virtual memory
use by HP printers to monitor ink usage on your computer can see problem with this it sucks up system resource and band with on the network and there more Dan Ayen
Started with, and is essential to the Zend IDE for PHP nota
it helps me to do exe aswath
Its a memory hog and Most of the application uses it... Latha
Java RunTime RH
java vm. If it hogs memory, it's not javaw.exe's fault. The program you are running through javaw is badly written david
It'll just execute the java class file , with out any console. Definitely its not a dangerous one. But, if you have received a class file thru net and ur javaw trying to run it ,... first know about the details of the classfile first. Even u can use javap for listing the methods and fields of the classfile. So dont blame javaw it will just execute the given class file (the java program). So the memory, cpu usage , resource usage all depends on the class file you are going to execute. If you have got a problem with Azureus, Limewire , XYZ,ABC .its with the application u r executing not with javaw Thirumalai
As many people as claim it is, javaw.exe is NOT 'part' of Azureus. It is the Windows implementation of the Java Runtime Environment and will be used by ANY application running on the Windows operating system that was written in the Java programming language. @People calling it a memory hog, Java is not meant to be run on Windows, if you are running a Java application on any OS other than Solaris you are running it non-natively and the application will have to do extra work trying to make Windows 'think' like Solaris does.  See also: Link Steve
part of Frostwire p2p Rod
Used with Aptana, as far as I am aware of its ok Skyrail
It is in my HP toolbox - Can't decide if I want to remove it. 1sonii
It is part of Sun's java virtual machine. It is not the process itself that takes a lot of CPU, it is the java program that is run. If it is using a lot of CPU/RAM, it either means it is running a heavy Java program, a faulty java program or a Java-written virus. Richard
JVM needed to run Java applications. Memory usage can be tweaked from commandline. Java programs run safer than native Window applications with buffer exploits. You trade in a bit of memory for this security.  See also: Link Sjaak
Needed when I install HP Laser printer. Prompted by Windows Security dialog; a bit funny as source is unknown by the OS Mamat CJ
to run this file we need an IDE as a compulsory.  See also: Link M.Ramakrishna
It's Java virtual machine, windowless. Java is a memory hog and prone to be unstable. Coding GUI in Java is hard and the end result is both inferior to native windows GUI and MUCH MORE resource intensive. While a good idea, JVM has bad performance in comparisson to native compilations. You can find java.exe and javaw.exe on your disk and delete them if you want to disable this in a messy way. Jack
It Runs Azureus, When you block it all your downloads will stop. Dusten Paetsch
It's the java runtime. Programs written in java use it to run. Hagbard Celine
no, i want this file for any software installtion maharmyo
Java service  See also: Link TonyT
You are crazy. It's a (SUN) java process... not dangerous by itself being implemented. 75 MB memory is usual. Buy some more RAM. Don Felipe
"Hello World" in Java+Swing eats up 18 MB. If that's not a memory hog, nothing is! I rank this neutral because it's not necessarily dangerous, but performance may be degraded by useless java apps running in the background. Also, java can be used for trojans just as easily as anything else, so be sure you know *what* programs are using javaw to run on your sys. JavaProgrammer
Java app. Harmless, and if you are complaining about it slowing down your system, please upgrade your PC! No effect on my setup: AMD Ath 2x 5000+, 1 GB RAM + Cheap hard drive. Adam
so funny comments here. java kills performance *lol* Software runs "within" java. that software is killing the performance. If your run a game, not windows is killing performance its the game! even if the game runs within windows  See also: Link marvin
it's belongs to SUN, and used by Silicon Image SATA RAID monitor application. lor
Flex 2 Builder's core... Uses 100-200mb of memory
It causes Questionmark Secure to stop to work. When javaw.exe is killed, the secure browser can start fully.  See also: Link Silvester Draaijer
Its part of Java and if you are downloading large files then Java will use lots of memory, its really obvious why. SE
The "security" of the javaw depends on the software you are running with this java runtime process. Artur
its not what run's you cpu its the program's useing it i run a dual core intel 3 ghz MB and chip with 3 gigs of ram and play online games and my cpu only run's 2 to 4 % cpu my older box with 512 mb or ram and my online game run's 100% cpu same game btw seems to me u need to upgrade from the 1800's and it will stay connected to the internet after i shut down the game but closeing the port its on stops that wolfie
it works with applejuice- core and gui
Can run programs in the background; harmful or harmless Jan
this file does take alot of memory cause alot of stuff that i use, uses javaw and it does the same thing everytime, and that is slow down a little bit but after i have the program running that uses it, all i do is go to windows task manager and end task and my program runs and my comps back to normal. Joe
it is same as java.exe but this one executes without console..Its a fact that it eats loads of memory and CPU,it is a part of JDK or JVM Saurabh
integral part of a Java installation  See also: Link The Dude
Finally, I found a reference for javaw. In my case it is part of the HP 1012 printer s/w/. However, when I am up and running my counter there is a 90% change that sometime during the proceedings I get a message: "Javaw has caused an error in KERNEL32.DLL. Javaw will now close. OK." When I click OK (I have no other choice,anyway) in most of the cases nothing happens at all. However, if the message comes on during boot-up then most of the times the computer freezes and I have to start all over again. Is there anyway to get rid of this annoying and presistent message? Bert
I have Microsoft Windows Live OneCare and i created a rule to block it from ever accessing the internet anonomous
java memory hog run-time program... perfectly safe, but very inefficiently coded. java is weak as hell but for some reason software companies that use windows are in love with it. there's no reason to use java in a windows environment...unfortunately people think otherwise :s matt
This is the java runtime. All the memory it uses are really the java programs running. IE Azareus, Limewire are the memory hogs. Damian
It comsumes 99% of CPU when I run Yahoo Sitebuilder causing my computer to get frozen AJ
Suns Java-Runtime, It may cause high CPU-load if you have a performance-intense Java-application running (e.g. Azureus). Killing the task will kill the java-app that is running. Disabling/removing it is not recommended (Will break Java)  See also: Link geewee
It is a gateway for pop-up ads-Unless you are really good and can remove it, just 'terminate process' and it will go away until the next time you log on or re-start. Symantec sees it as 'AdwarePuritys...' FYI. Mikelj3
Part of JAVA virtual machine. Can be used to hide program's console. (keyloggers,spyware) Gash
This file is a windowless version of the Java Virtual Machine. Unfortunately, that tells you nothing about what software is running on your computer. This program could be a perfectly harmless program that just happened to be written sloppily, or it could be an extremely dangerous trojan bent on stealing all of your personal information and spamming it to everyone on the internet. Sun and Microsoft are both remiss about not requiring a Java program to pass its executable name to the OS. Mythological Beast
Many programs use it. For example HP uses it for its printer/scanner/fax monitoring software. Always check where it is running from and make sure you installed that software on purpose. Sir Brettley
It's The Java Windows interpreter Minus Zero - University Sussex
Its java without command promt.
Many programs use it. Its not dangerous Tietäjä :)
run by hp printer toolbox grinsili
Required to run Java-based programs, if it's slow it's not because of Java itself, but rather because the program written in Java has issues. James
this was taking up 100% of one core of my dual-core CPU. i think its single-threaded. i dleted it and everything works fine veral
It's harmless. If Azureus is running it that's Azureus hogging the CPU, not Java being bad at what it does. Change your Azureus settings to use less resources. Dean J
Part of Java Sun operating file  See also: Link ConnectionMaster
it is used by Eclipse Red Nipples
Javaws.exe runs java applications deployed from webpages in a security sandbox that prevents the application from accessing disk, printer, network etc unless the application is signed and the user accepts then signature.  See also: Link me self
Uses more than a gig of sys mem Da JF
after java update, eset smart secxurity keeps giving me a warning message: Appolication modification detected! During communication, a change was detected in the application: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe. The content might have been modified by malware attempting to communicate. For more ... Reccomended action: DENY ... Luka B.
is being used by jaiko and currently using 367mb of ram (wow) gerardt1
Used by Gmote
it is one of important file for executing java vikrant
There is so much misinformation about this file in these comments. javaw.exe is the Java runtime exe. It is used to run programs written in Java, if the program uses a lot of memory/CPU, then the memory/CPU usage will be attributed to this file. IT IS NOT DANGEROUS.  See also: Link Duh
Never seen it runs with Azureus. But recently I installed JDownloader, and javaw.exe appears in background. Can't exit application (JDownloader) if I don't kill javaw.exe! And it eats over 100Mb of RAM! Boyohboy
Part of HP Toolbox (installed with Laserjet 1010). Uses 3MB Ralph
It is used for Jdownloader program if you disable it, jdownloader closes. Joshua B (Gilgamesh)
Its sending out info from my PC, operates as a virus would. Chewing up D/L speed and system resources. Not happy Jan Greg
It causes BSOD in Sims 2. music2ologist
this is a sun file but a very poor one. if your using it long periods of time it (jdownloader) it will devour your memory because it has a mem leak. uninstall update 18 and downgrade to update 16 and it will fix all.  See also: Link luke
Looks like trojan. I deleted it and windows still workin without it. RRRomzes
It's a resource pig and crashes my games Pratt
Process javaw.exe: 3244, running in the background. Rapidly during the night.. TCP server:1183 cds175.lga.llnw.net:http established tjlara
The javaw executable is the Java Virtual Machine. Blame the developers of the applications running with javaw.exe for choosing to program said applications in that language. Daniel
Like Execution part to display the page kubendran
It is labeled as the cause of numerous "errors" which crash games I am playing. Some claim it uses huge amounts of memory but others say it is not dangerous or that it is necessary. It either needs to be fixed or killed because it is crashing games.
It slows the PC down. It can be removed from taskmgr, Process. G.
Msg to RLL. I believe you Java is safe. But any programms witch use Java make the computer slower. No good programm - my opinion. Johnhenry
Flex Builder 3 needs it - needs a lot of RAM especially when pc has been in sleep mode flexer
Essential for proper function of Java-based applications used in Windows or for webpages containing Java apps or applets.  See also: Link Erik Bordenkircher
Needed to run java progams Matthias
It's the Sun (okay, Oracle now) Java VM, and it's needed to run any Java program. It's not "part of" Azureus or HP Toolbox - it's an essential framework for running the thing, like .Net. If your application is causing javaw.exe to eat CPU and memory, it's the application's fault, not Java. Use uTorrent instead, or a printer with better software.  See also: Link Nick Dixon
The process run when you run a Java application. Completely safe, unless the Java application you run is malicious itself. If you end this process, you end your Java application. It can chew up a bit of your RAM depending on what application you run with it, so be careful to monitor the RAM it uses up. Takes up anywhere from 1Mb to anywhere up to 500Mb depending on the application. 100% safe, unless you're stupid in running an application that takes up too much RAM. Jaydon
It's a platform to run many applications (java apps). It'll only eat up memory if the applications it's running (i.e. Azureus, limewire etc) are using a lot of memory. It is widely used and NOT dangerous. Jimbob
This is the Java Runtime Environment  See also: Link Julien Gouesse
This file (javaw.exe) can crash Photoshop. Close it. ALT+CTRL+DEL
javaw is not dangerous but is included in windows since Microsoft was sued by Sun/Oracle on using its on virtual machine. So for those compiled java programs which needs to run on systems without jdk, use this. You can remove it but dependent programs won't run. If you have any standard antivirus or even the default windows firewall, it will not let any unregistered application use javaw to run as background process. However, trojans can use it, but that requires the input from system owner to accept the app launch. Rizwan
take care to unknow certificate if you accepted..great backdoor  See also: Link backdoor
Yes this can eat RAM, NO it is NOT dangerous ellemayo
it stops while loading minecraft and i cant play powerranger guy
really ruins the performance of my PC, but you need it to run jdownloader. shaggy
Java by Oracle. Java isn't making the computer slow, it's the program that is using java. Casper
This file is not dangerous. It will use alot of RAM though, so I would recomend deleting it if you ever see it. LUG
nothings except it hides the window when you are launching a java program from the command line or shell DOROBO
Java virtual machine. Lame applications and virus magnet. You are much better off without it. Your computer will thank you for getting rid of it. Simply uninstall Java.  See also: Link Victor
Java Platform - needed for Eclipse based development - huge CPU resource hog, uses 50% of CPU time - real pig process
java runner javalobbist
It's the Java Runtime Entertainment process file. If you launch a java prorgam, example. Azuerus and Minecraft, this process is running. robi217
This is the console-less Java runtime environment, required to run any Java program. Java programmer
it's a java process. God
It is used to run programs that are supported by Java (i.e. Minecraft). It will use huge amounts of memory, although, this may depend on what program is running with it. For example when I use Minecraft it uses 12% - 24% of my CPU and over 700,000KB of memory! TheWaffler87
Make a connection to shroomery.org on startup,very strange. Joe
This is the program I see running when I run my Shimeji (desktop buddies). It's never caused me any trouble. ^^ Dazzy
Perfectly fine, though if it's causing problems, you probably have a virus; one kind of virus fakes this file and messes up your system.
Uses about 30MB of RAM and 0% of CPU for me. me
Important java file; William
Eats your CPU... Connor
Its a vital part of Adobe ColdFusion Anders
it always restarts my stuff and deletes it
Its a porcess file for game launchers and games that use java scripting, eg. minecraft VP27
running during mp3 rocket use. slows comp way down. killing it, kills mp3 rocket. on a dial up today. otherwise its fine russellp73
Javaw.exe is the Runtime Environment used by Oracle's Java system (formerly, Sun Micro). It is not dangerous, but tends to be a little memory hungry. Don't believe others when they give a high security rating just because it's resource dependent. Many app's use Java, anything including your mobile devices and popular games like Minecraft! If it's eating your memory, perhaps you should look at WHAT you have installed that is USING java - then blame those developers and that application and perhaps uninstall that instead. There is a lot of dynamic content on the web that uses Java and uninstalling the actual runtime environment will be a bit like shooting yourself in the foot really. Java comes preinstalled on almost all PC's and Mac's these days, but the updater tends to run up to twice a month - just let it install and have off with it. Nothing beats having the latest, most secure version of the software in question and it doesn't use all but a minute of your time unless you keep ignoring it. Al.
It is the Java runtime applet (or client) memory set. Not dangerous at all. Jack
After my computer slowed down and CPU usgae was 100%, I looked forn the cause. Using advance desktop manager i founbd that this file was suspicious. Further checking I saw that there arfe two files with the sqame name. One was hidden in a subfolder of a UPS program and others in Docs$ Settings. They were not the same. Once I deleted the program from the UPS subfolder, my computer went back to normal. CPU usage 5-6%. The other javaw.exe is essential for some programs and does no harm. Alex Patishi
It is part of Java. Twilight Sparkle
As those who knows anything about computers and java has stated before, this process is part of the Sun Java runtime, and a lot of programs use it. Some version of Java may have flaws, but it all comes down to the programmer that coded with Java. Sometimes memory leaks will happen. Java installs javaw.exe into :\WINDOWS\System32 and :\Program Files\Java\*java version*\ on XP. These 2 javaw.exe files are removed when using add/remove programs (java). Google for fixes if you have problems. Sometimes a rollback or beta version may help. Seb
crashed my system! user101
This is part of the java runtime. Java is a virtual machine type programming language (similar to .net). It can be a slight system hog because it is a managed language and has garbage collection routines, as well as the fact that it has an intermediate layer for processing... But it is merely a cross platform programming language, and is not malware in and of itself. Since it is a programming language and runtime, the amount of system resources used depends highly on the application utilizing the runtime, if you see this process hogging resources, look at what programs you have running, and one of them is probably a java based app. Also note, that is can be used for good and evil, since it is a programming language, trying to call this malware is like calling anything using the visual runtime malware because it is sometimes used by malware (meaning it's ridiculous and incorrect to do so). Jarrod1937
minecraft needs it, eats memory on powerful computers,can cause computer overheating... B0bcraft
javaw.exe is used by Hewlett Packard's 'HP QuickSynch'. I don't know what that is but I uninstalled it and "BiddyBee-BiddiBoo" javaw.exe disappeared from my notebook. HP computers have a host of problems associated with interfering Microsoft Windows. Which is a pity cos Windows is bad enough without interference. Theofanis
1. Not a virus 2. Deal with the memory or stop using any Java programs 3. Part of Java
Minecraft :D CaptainSparklez
This slows a computer like crazy ! Da Boy
Needed for Gaming. Overheats my CPU. Not to mention a massive CPU hogger and RAM hogger. 3 Captain Sparklez. I'm a Techie
It is the import part for run java program. Khan Jackson
eat all CPU Time on WHS 2003 (Yaci Peer) jeff
As long as it is really from Oracle, it is fine. Christo Keller
It is used by all Java applications that have a custom window. Example: Minecraft It is as safe as the developer makes it, due to it being part of the required applications for any software programmed in java. If you have no appllication open and you find this in the task manager, it is most likeley being used by some sort of virus and should be shut down immedietley. Can be used to hide your java application. Sentl
it is a java file fynn
Java runtime Martin
Was on several machines which shouldn't be running any java apps and doesn't have direct access to outside world. Compared task list with other systems running an industrial controller and it wasn't on most of them. Eliminating restored normal operating speeds. It sucks the life out. Must have some malware it's executing. Most likely entered our systems when they were setup by OEM. Bill
Depends. Used to run java files. Some useful things run using it, but it is also a potential place for viruses to run. Be cautious.
Will slow down your system and eat a lot of memory as well as increasing temperature, for windows 7 I can confirm. Not safe. reinsalkas
Taking up 80% of a 16GB Virtual machine??? Riccardo
It used 100 percent of my processor. It bounced around in the processes window. I renamed all files changed for most recent date and performance restored in Windows XP 2003 after reboot. It was trying to update Java 7, for there is no update for XP. Nomad
(javaws.exe) It used 100 percent of my processor. It bounced around in the processes window. I renamed all files changed for most recent date and performance restored in Windows XP 2003 after reboot. It was trying to update Java 7, for there is no update for XP. Nomad
I had this process running and for some odd reason my camera light was one and there wasn't anything that i was aware of using it. So i ended the javaw process and the camera light turned off. This is a virus that is being install and using the same name as javaw. I'm just saying be cautious Kamren
It's the java JRE : it runs java programs, so it's as dangerous as the java programm it's running ... The JRE himself is no arm Some software written in java may include this file to simply be executed by the host OS.
Safe. Use it all the time. Doesn't affect system performance. The Java JVM is the same thing as the .NET CLR. Doesn't do anything by itself. Runs user programs only. Part of Oracle's Java platform. Javaw is the Java runtime. It runs Java programs (.jar) Gary
I have recently downloaded Java version 8, (now from Oracle) on two different PCs and the "java.exe", "javaw.exe" and "javaws.exe" file names show zero KB, thus they are NOT being downloaded for some reason. Randy
Safe af  See also: Link Erci
Part of Sun/Oracle JRE
I have over 2000 of these processes running. It takes up 70% of my RAM. This is not safe at all. Rocnation51
All the comments about Javaw.exe taking up system resources are from people who don't know anything about computers. As a Java/C/C++ programmer, I can tell you that this executable on its own is absolutely harmless. It's required to run most java applications/plugins, and serves as the runtime "host", which is why Task Manager reports Javaw.exe taking up large amounts of resources. Javaw itself doesn't take up these resources, but rather the program running in the JRE. Snr. software developer
for minecraft joshua
Java is a programming language used everywhere. Javaw.exe is just the runtime environment(JVM) for things the use java Martin
that is an execution file like java.exe. java.exe will wait until the running command completes its execution whereas javaw.exe does wait and it can take another command to run. nagaraj
You can disable and uninstall it, it is java. Also used for minecraft
File seems to be harmless but it killed performance on Windows 2003 Server. CPU at 100% all the time because of this file Max
It's converted to a malware in my laptop.
might be a rat or a keylogger
take too much memory usage

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