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Process name: Adobe Acrobat IE Helper Version

Product: Adobe Acrobat

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Company: Adobe Systems Incorporated

File: acroiefavclient.dll

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"acroiefavclient.dll" is an Internet Explorer helper application. It allows you to display Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files directly within your web browser, rather than having to launch Acrobat Reader. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/acroiefavclient.dll.html 

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  • 9554 users ask for this file. 39 users rated it as not dangerous. 6 users rated it as not so dangerous. 8 users rated it as neutral. One user rated it as little bit dangerous. 2 users rated it as dangerous. 2 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about acroiefavclient.dll:
Adobe File  See also: Link
this file is potentially dangerous stig
Its only the Adobe Acrobat Pro Plugins for making PDF's from Word / Excel / Internet Explorer etc. Harmless. Totally SamR
ie addon/plugin to capture webpages with acrobat pro 6  See also: Link Peter van Rijswijk
Adobe Acrobot Reader  See also: Link r3l!c
plug in for ie for adobe PDF format Sylvain
As has been started before, this is the plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Reader. It allows users to open PDF files online. It is harmless. For those that are wary of opening PDF files because the resulting initiation/loading of Adobe Acrobat (which can take a while) might stall their browsers, the answer is simple: when you come across any links to PDF files, just right-click the link to save the file onto your hard-drive, where you can open it at your leisure. K.Tenshi
Adobe Acrobat Plugin  See also: Link CAB
Adobe programs are a resource hog. Its just how they write their crappy programming source code. BlackNinjaVirus
Adobe just upgraded
it deleted my copyrights PDF's and did a call back to Adobe jan
Adobe Acrobat 6 Pro WWW to PDF Plugin Nightman
seems to be harmless. used for Adobe plugin. just be careful Foopalooter
I can't immagine why anyone would find the Acrobat plugin dangerous. You need this running for the program to work correctly. TC
It is able to monitor Internet browsers. If company's were ethical, and never compromised the clients privacy these helpful programs would be okay, Why can I not be permitted to uninstall Acrobat Update? If it is not absolutley necessary for the program to funktion I don't want to be forced to have it running, for what ever it is really doing. privacy1st
adobe acrobat 7 update
Adobe plugin for PDFs from Word etc Schwatta

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