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Process name: CtHelper Application

Product: CtHelper Application

Company: Creative Technology Ltd

File: cthelper.exe

Security Rating:

cthelper.exe provides an interface between third party programs and the drivers of soundcards from Creative Labs. It should be considered part of the drivers and left alone. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/cthelper.exe.html 

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All comments about cthelper.exe:
should be some stuff the soundblaster needs
Background task that works as a plug-in manager for Creative drivers. It helps the third party manufacturers to produce drivers, add-on features, and fixes that will integrate with a tighter fit with Creative sound drivers and utilities. Ebula
Background task that works as a plug-in manager for Creative drivers. Sema4
It hogs all of the CPU. Search to see if its in a windows system folder. Ebula came up on my firewall
As it appears it is harmless, I have a seen a bug that uses this name with all cap letters running from the root directory. Normally this file allows for the third party effects and sound distribution over the creative labs soundblaster 24 bit sound systems. If you do not play games or record your own digital music. You should be able to kill this process without effecting your performance. Magus
Used by creative sound card Alex
it is only a waste of resoures zeek
it was using 99% of my CPU jason
is this thing supposed to be taking up 99% of my cpu useage? :/ deus
The only harm it has caused for me is somehow managing to use about 90% of my processors time.
not sure if it causes problems but takes up the entirety of my cpu capacity davegb10
it's annoying
Not normally dangerous, but sometimes can have a bad memory leak Matt
This file doesn't listen on any ports... so its not dangerous... It also doesn't appear to send out information. Mike Denzil
uses a hole friggen lot of memory amoo3
uses a hole friggen lot of cpu i ment sry amoo3
background process that hogs all the resources Keith
Useful for sound card driver developement. Eats processing power though. No ill effects from ending process from the task manager if you want the cpu power back Mike
Makes shutting down my OS realy hard (98 SE) - By always needs to endtask it Hoggy
Its for the soundcard. SB-Live Creative Technology Ltd. filverion René M.
Chews CPU time KoW
Capital letters. Can't kill the process. Use 1% of cpu P
Yes it is part of Creative Snd Blaster; should only take up 0-1%of CPU usage(otherwise u have other issues); not essential unless u' use 5.1+ sound in advance gaming or media Yjrampage
For some strange reason one of my development softwares (Windev) won't run while this file is memory. Nor will the setup files run for reinstall. Other than that, no ill effects. Responds fine to end task. Ben
This file is a real pain as it is always hogging memory up to 98% of available resources, seems to be particularly bad after running demo versions of new games software, ie : MOHPA MP demo. Dave T
the size of mine is 292k in memory and is using no cpu blopnuts
It encounters an error in the start and my speakers don't work! I'm mad. Jerad
blockierte onlinebanking lila
Part of my sound card, but is it necessary? Rob
Seems like it loads with a registry entry about WinDVD - doesnt sound good to me as it looks like Spyware Buck
cthelper.exe is present on the installation Audigy 2ZS CD-ROM from Creative and the file is present in 3 directories when installed C:\windows\system C:\Program files\Creative\SBAudigy2ZS\Program\VxD\common and C:\Program files\Creative\SBAudigy2ZS\Program\WDM\common and is connected to CtSpkHlp.dll What it does I have no idea but certainly is not dangerous or Creative wouldn't put it on their installation disk. Andy Jones
Popup blocked (http://a.tribalfusion.com - eBay - Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Comcast)
It helps with Sound Related Problems. Game Patches or Add-On's for Music Software might rely on this. But as far as i know (wich is probably not very far), nobody ever used this stuff. Chistian Voigt
cthelper.exe is installed with Creative Labs Soundblaster Devices. It's purpose is to aid 3rd party developers create plugins/software for the card. In this way it is a non-essential system process and can be removed from the task-bar/startup (run - msconfig). If you play games I would keep it enabled, pherhaps lower its priority.  See also: Link Michiel NL
Eating up between 70%-99% of my cpu, but i never noticed it before now after I was playing around with the sound settings. Chris
its for creative sound cards mo
Creative Soundblaster App.
part of drivers for creative soundblaster
There is spyware out there using this filename Jeff Hughes
Mine crashes during startup (illegal memory access) Andre
Sometimes hangs my system on startup (Approx 1 in 3 boots). My system W98-SE will often not shut down until I use the three fingered salute and kill this process John Cookson
mine runs from system32 dir if it crashes it uses 99% cpu its a noise reduction app used by creative get an update driver
soundcard crap not a threat
this file deletes my bootup files and uses all my RAM memory. If i shut it down it will return the next time I start the pc. location C:/winnt/system32/cthelper.exe but i can't find it at that location. arjen
XP firewall Blocked it, I'n not that up with th XP firewall, but wondering why it wants to block it, I have le3ft it blocked for now Charlieuk
very dangerous
my virus program is calling this file a trojan  See also: Link Tommy
Used by Creative Audigy. Has no adverse recording or listening effects when removed. mouse209
I tried to install Creative Drivers for my PCMCIA and Trend said I had the Worm Sdbot.Aul and said it clean it, at Trend on the internet it said it downloads, CTHelper.exe  See also: Link Steven
CT Helper is in fact a tool to Enable Soundblaster Live and Audigy Cards to make use of the surround functions of WinDVD (a DVD Player Software from Intervideo). If you enable 4 Speaker mode in Creative Surround Mixer, you wont be able to use 4 Speaker Surround Mode in WinDVD unless you're running CTHelper.exe. If you dont need surround, you can disable it in the registry. Bjoern
takes up 99 percent of cpu Scott
dont even dream about running this with hl2
I go to processes and click on it and click 'end process' and i click yes but it stays there! Kyle
I find most times this program is consuming my computer is in an idle state but since I usesoundblaster for its firewire input for my audio interface I am worried about deleting it. I might need that function in the future. Plug-ins are almost essential in somespacific software and these programs will not fuction as efficiently without them.SOLUTION; I just end task in task manager. Rob V
Creative Soundblaster, Audigy, Audigy 2, ZS background driver. Should only use 0 - 1% of cpu & less than 2000k (2mb) of memory. Not critical to leave it on but it may improve performance if playing sound intensive programs (gaming as well.) If cpu usage is more than 5% you may have a conflict / memory leak and should find a fix for it. Other than that its better to just leave it on. Dev
Creative's file, may be desactivated
Its harmless, if it causes trouble on your pc, try to config it better XtremeS
You can get rid of it, it's useless even if you play with the ultimate games. Use msconfig to stop it loading at start. ßodincus
This apparently enables me to set the surround sound settings. Without it I actually can't get any EAX and high-quality sounds. I suspect CTHelper means Creative Taskbar Helper, in which case makes sense, as the Taskbar is the center of my SB Audigy's processing program. It doesn't have to run, but it lets me change my audio settings, and stores it. I guess CTHelper runs the settings when the bar isn't activated. MikeMcLarenF1
CTHELPER.EXE is a creative file. I've got a worm (c:\windows\system32\agbqfp.exe) and can't delete it, because it is used by CTHELPER.EXE. CTHELPER.EXE wont end when i click end process. Aksel
Should i kill it? and if yes how?
Creative Soundblaster B1OO
Because they drop a Global kernel level hook and kernel level keyboard (keylogger) hook in with installshield (which seeks RPC locator service immediately) all the other more obvious backdoors are decoys for us to find. Having a kernel level rootkit in they own your box. The only way to remove it is repartition and reformat. You will not find it. l0thar
cthelper part of creative Driver startup. shut down in Admin tools in cpanel. also used to config Speaker config levels outputs! may case Clicking Sound ever 1min. C:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy\Program\WDM\COMMON 24KB SkyWolf
While CtHelper MFC may be SoundBlaster related, a file by the same name CtHelper.exe tries to monitor mouse and keyboard movements. Spyware. James
Supposedly an SB prog. However my Zone Alarm states its trying to monitor my mouse movements & keyboard strokes!!!!!!!!!! Snoopy
one of the sound blaster plug in.sometimes it takes over 98% of my CPU adam
Installed with latest Audigy2 beta drivers, uses 0 cpu when idle  See also: Link WhaQ
Creative Soundblaster file, delete it if you don't have one Oskar Karanuba
I think its best to disable this item, as it records ur mouse movements n keystrokes which is detected by ZoneAlarm and its v dangerous if u were to goto internet transactions and records ur ID or PIN number without u knowing it.. redlightdistrix
This files has been idenitfied as a key logger on my computer. My firewall caught it. Be carefull with this file WC
This program frequently froze my operating system. Cthelper.exe especially doesn’t like pendrives and digital cameras attached to USB port. The error window appears and system hangs. Agano
It interfered with other software on my system - ie it caused After Effects to shut down and may have been interfering with Avid Xpress Phil
was sending packets for me and would not end process geddoe
Sometimes usues 100% of cpu cycles. Newer versions seem to be ok.
Name can be co-opted by W32/Rbot-XB worm. You will be unable to end this process via task manager if this is true.  See also: Link Flash
it may be part of Creative files, but why does it have to access the internet on windows load? I am running Panda Antivirus and everytime I start my computer, it says this file is trying to access the internet. I have it blocked from internet but leave it running in processes. Budreaux
Time by time it uses nearly 100% of my CPU. I have to shut it down with task manager when this problem occures in order to be able to work at normal speed! When I shut it down, everything works properly. oldves
I have Audigy 2 ZS and mine CTHELPER.EXE is not in C:\Windows\System folder it's in \System32 folder and doesn't take 2 mb, it takes 4,5 mb of memory. Is something wrong?
Lags my computer. Gets locked up and unresponcive. Zap
The reason i became aware of this file is because at every startup the Dr Watson Post Mortem Debugger is launched by it, i.e. cthelper is unable to launch itself... apparently it is not necessary unless your are using 4 speakers or windvd or both, so to avoid this debugger at every startup i have disabled cthelper at startup... fingers crossed! dbenno
Creative Labs Soundblaster module - uses 0% cpu when not accessed. Currently Monitoring
SB platinum file Lostsoul
not a problem unless openoffice.org's error reporting has been forcibly turned off by micro$oft, at which point, Lsass.exe and cthelper.exe share about 98% of the CPU.. Why?! I have absolutely NO idea. Micro$oft does hate opensource, and OO.o is Opensource... Deviros
creative driver, absolutely harmless if its the one from the creative drivers. mine never seems to use any cpu whatsoever. after extensive monitoring of this file. although EAX, EAX2HD seems to not work when I disable/stop this file. seems pretty harmless to me monkboy
Not much but just installed sound blaster Alan
i removed cthelper from "run" and then sampling with soundcard goes only up to 6000 Hz, I thoght my card is out of order, but registering again cthelper in autorun and the audigy samples properly holg
Has replicated over LAN, tcpdump says it tries to scan internal shares and open an irc port. Spyware 4 sure. Mario
It's harmless, but used over 4mb of RAM. I deleted and removed it from my registry since I've removed my SoundBlaster card from my system. Cabbit
Its for Creative Sound drivers its its using more than 1% you should reinstall sound drivers Roshambo
Part of the Creative Soundblaster drivers, annoying but required Peter W
cthelper.exe is installed with Creative Labs Soundblaster Devices. It's purpose is to aid 3rd party developers create plugins/software for the card. In this way it is a non-essential system process and can be removed from the task-bar/startup. If you do not have a creative labs device then you may have a virus or a trojan. If you are having problems with this file your system may not have the required recources for it to run. it is not system essential but will disable 3rd party plugins for the creative labs devices. if it is hogging recources then consider scanning and removing it. Mediarocker - IT Administrator
without cthelper my audigy samples only up to 6000 Hz, it is important for correkt soundcardworking holg
when you disable this if you have an emu soundcard the card wont load marty
Part of creative sound cards
not required for sound blaster operation chris
uses 100% of my first cpu when opening some files with dreamweaver, system becomes completely irresponsive kvd
Used by Creative For Sound blaster audio cards  See also: Link MEME
seems to not use any of my cpu if that and 888kb ram i use the 5.1 for games or will keep it diablo
Required by my Audigy 2 Value to enable rear speakers.
its a creative sound blaster file anis
A lot of people report stuff using a lot of CPU usage, its normally a defect in the installation of the hardware. Try re-installing it. Also, check to see if your system meets it's system requirements, if it doesn't you can suffer extreme penalties such as the CPU usage. Not all users will find that it takes a lot of CPU usage, This should be enabled for the best performance in any of your Creative products (mainly Sound Blaster). Jason Strese
I have an e-mu 0404 soundcard, which i use for sound production. I know that creative now owns e-mu and uses some of the same parts in both brands, but when i was using linux it would always detect a soundblaster card the for which the drivers are incompatible. (E-mu drivers have no official support from Linux or windows so neither one ever detects them right.) I was just wondering if cthelper is needed to run the e-mu drivers and patch mix software (1 each 1/4" L-R stereo outs and ins are the only i/o devices i use and i don't play any video games on my machine or have any use for surround dicky mkeatballz
not dangerous black nigger
I can't end the process. This may sound odd as Creative is supposed to be reputable, but I reinstalled my sound card drivers directly from their website on a fresh factory settings PC and immediately got a virus. This was about 3 weeks ago.  See also: Link Susan
It's Creative's part, it came to me only with SB install. Uses ~1% of CPU resources. (SB Live! 5.1 Digital, WinXPSP2) laji
has a tendancy to take over the CPU causing a serious slowdown, it does this if you change the sound settings (like from 2 to 5.1 speakers)
cthelper.exe is installed with Creative Labs Soundblaster Devices. It's purpose is to aid 3rd party developers create plugins/software for the card. G Jones
May be the cause of key snatching for fraudulent activity. Someone got into my Paypal account just a couple days after I noticed this constantly running every time I turned my pc on. I'm having a terrible time getting rid of it now, too. Amber
acrobat assistant 7.0
This is installed with the soundblaster audigy 2 drivers simon
I used Adaware-2007 beta process viewer cpu usage was 0 dvdjhn
Needed for the new high end X-Fi Sound Blaster. Auto-ranges Hz frequency according to computer use. D.R.
Creative Labs Soundblaster Devices. It's purpose is to aid 3rd party developers create plugins/software for the card Dan
if this thing is involved with eax, would disabling it also disable eax surround features in games and also the cards virtual surround in headphones mode? in games such as ut2004 good surround is vital, but if this only affects dvd audio such as the thx could it be disabled for gamers rigs? oki
File is used by Creative Soundcard V. Ombat
played a dvd media playe could not find format told me to go microsoft update to down load soft ware needed did that the creative patch on there crashed my system would only boot in to safe mode after an hour managed to get it to restore bought spy bot and pc 1 fix and reloaded the sound blaster chris
Creative Driver Software, mostly harmless Mogan
from Creative Labs Soundblaster, HOG 100% of CPU time, but with out it I have no sound, MALWARE, I quit Creative Labs
SBLive driver file venioo
this is often name for some spywares, but if you have original cthelper (usually if you have creative sb device) it is not dangerous. Avaloh
Pshhh...Close this. It comes with Creative Drivers/Software, but it's only the help program. It's hogging your memory.
It is required for plug-ins for your soundblaster card. Meaning 5.1 surround sound won't work with out it, but you don't need it otherwise. Jet
Hogs CPU big time, spyware can use same name, not very useful - installed when updated hardware off Microsoft website. PC runs fine after i kill it. Toad`
creative soundcard file wily
If you disable cthelper.exe, you will almost certainly end up with problems in Windows sound hardware configuration; only do so if it causing problems while running or using disproportionate CPU resources. M4Nimal
If I block it with Jetico Personal Firewall, Firefox won't work. If I kill the process, Firefox works again. Suspicious at least. Marc T
I took a look in my msconfig boot section after multiple crashes. This was there although i didnt put it there myself. Spyware/logger/virus. Uncheck it in safe mode and reboot. Lenno
only a help file that uses a lot of resources, i wonder why ... all sound applications work without it, even 5.1 surround, just deactivate or delete it as startup process. nobody
Whenever I try to turn off my computer, it says "Ending Program-CtHelper" John D'oh!
Used by Sound Blaster for 3rd party apps. Hogs CPU, spyware uses this name much and can cause much errors. JoeyJo0
NOT a virus {the one from creative}.right before windows boots hit f8 and select "load safe mode with command prompt" at the prompt type in "cd\windows\system32" {or WHERE EVER the file is loacted} and hit enter. Type in del cthelper.exe and hit enter.DELETED ,PROBLEM SOLVED.ur sound card will likely work fine without it.BEWARE OF MALEWARE MASQUERADING AS THIS EXECUTABLE! NamesAREirrelevant
Picture Motion Browser Media Check Tool.lnk
I found the solution to stop CTHelper.exe running. Here is the link from CreativeLabs website. http://ask.europe.creative.com/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBCGI.EXE?New,Kb=ww_english_add,Company={D0F19C16-3B20-4E69-BC69-7F708173173D},VARSET=ws:http://dev-enduserRevamp.cle.creaf.com,VARSET=ws:http://it.creative.com,case=2805
It was installed with the IRC client Irssi Client and was located in the program files folder for this program. I do not have a creative card or anything creative so it isn't that. Not sure what its function is with this software but I am uninstalling anyway cos I don't like the program. Just thought it worth a mention that it also can come with software unrelated to soundcard!  See also: Link HitMeWithIt
its nothin, its the soundcard. but it could be dangerous if its a spyware. just download the Dll.exe file from the link and put it in C:\WINDOWS\System  See also: Link IdontThinkItsSoImportant
Update your audio drivers if you're experiencing problems with this file.  See also: Link Techs
Hi, I suspect there is a trojan using CTHelper's handle. I had a problem last week with CThelper, "CThelper Apollo" was on my computer and AVG had to clean my computer up after it had been slowing down for weeks. All other processes eventually ground to a halt. They seemed to use Malwarebytes to clean my desktop up. Derek.W
It comes with drivers for creative music cards mystiq
This file is a creative soundcard file and it can give "power calibration error"s when burning cd's with Nero. Illustre Primum
Its for your sound card chill out got crap cpu and ram?buy new pc!i have no problems with this at all! Uncle fox
Software installed by the Creative soundcard driver
It is part of Creative files for the Audigy series of soundcards. Reportedly if you disable of remove the file, the only adverse effect is that the soundcard doesn't shut down all the speakers when you plug in headphones in a front jack. It can be a resource hog so disabling it from startup is advised. Troggster
can be disabled without any apparent effect. might cause as yet undiscovered problems though. awesome knowledge man.
Agree that it's Creative's file. I'm running a notebook Audigy ZS on an XP MCE machine. Could be a culprit behind some BSoD. Does not play well with others as it might cause crashes if two MIDI programs are open at the same time. Check for memory leaks, you will hear popping in the audio before as this happens. Rec using a mem defrag if switching SoundFonts as the memory leaks seems real. Creative still hasn't fixed it, or isn't aware this is happening. Chris
I just reinstalled my OS (Win XP Pro) so it can't be infected with anything yet. Also, I installed the drivers for Creative SoundBlaster Audigy from Creative Labs. It makes perfect sense that "ctfmon" is a startup app that the SoundBlaster audio card needs. snoofy10
EAX does not need this file to work, I'm not sure if games require it, but for 95% of users ditch it and gain 5megs of memory. muzak24h
Hogging up my CPU last night. Very Annoying. Couldn't use my machine. Windows XP Professional. M3Beanie
Yahoo [Bot]
Creative process D
Most cthelper.exe are safe from microsoft. HOWEVER some are definitely Malware. It's up to you to figure out which one it is.  See also: Link LinuxPusher
I know it monitors when you plug in headphones. When I kill it in Task Manager and plug in my headphones, I have to manually change my speaker settings. Surfernaut
Is part of Sound Blaster Driver Hipolito Gonzalez
Creative soundcard helper process. Ali
Listed in Windows 10 - System32 right after Upgrade Install. An older driver set I didn't install, Microsoft did. Al
This is part of the Old Creative Labs software for Soundblaster etc soundcards, Audigy etc. Old versions do not work with Win10 and trying to get an old card to work properly in compatibility mode is tough. The card should get detected and suitable WIN 10 drivers, but you won't get all the 3d sound and other extended uses through the creative labs software. At the moment I'm not aware of any Win10 fix available for any othe the older CL soundcards. My advice - if you're not using the card for anything 'special' and it works, leave it in place but remove any old creative labs drives and softare especially CTHELPER.exe and CTXFIHLP.exe which are not removed automatically if you migrated from an earlier Windows version. The link takes you to the Creative Labs Win 10 Compatibility Chart  See also: Link Steve

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