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Prozess Name: CtHelper Application

Produkt: CtHelper Application

Firma: Creative Technology Ltd

Datei: cthelper.exe


"cthelper.exe" stellt eine Schnittstelle zwischen Programmen Drittanbieter und den Audiokarten-Treibern von Creative Labs bereit. Es sollte als Teil der Treiber betrachtet und in Ruhe gelassen werden. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/cthelper.exe.html 

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Kommentare über cthelper.exe:
die leute die diese software geschrieben haben sollten mal angaben machen slagger
Background task that works as a plug-in manager for Creative drivers. It helps the third party manufacturers to produce drivers, add-on features, and fixes that will integrate with a tighter fit with Creative sound drivers and utilities. Ebula
As it appears it is harmless, I have a seen a bug that uses this name with all cap letters running from the root directory. Normally this file allows for the third party effects and sound distribution over the creative labs soundblaster 24 bit sound systems. If you do not play games or record your own digital music. You should be able to kill this process without effecting your performance. Magus
soll von creativ produkten kommen hab diese anwendung auch und hab auch ne creativ sound karte. Juun
Chews CPU time KoW
For some strange reason one of my development softwares (Windev) won't run while this file is memory. Nor will the setup files run for reinstall. Other than that, no ill effects. Responds fine to end task. Ben
blockierte onlinebanking lila
Hersteller Creative Technology Ltd, wird für die Soundkarte SB-Live benötigt Sigi G
Gehört zur Creative Soundblaster Soundkarten Protheus
cthelper.exe is present on the installation Audigy 2ZS CD-ROM from Creative and the file is present in 3 directories when installed C:\windows\system C:\Program files\Creative\SBAudigy2ZS\Program\VxD\common and C:\Program files\Creative\SBAudigy2ZS\Program\WDM\common and is connected to CtSpkHlp.dll What it does I have no idea but certainly is not dangerous or Creative wouldn't put it on their installation disk. Andy Jones
cthelper.exe is installed with Creative Labs Soundblaster Devices. It's purpose is to aid 3rd party developers create plugins/software for the card. In this way it is a non-essential system process and can be removed from the task-bar/startup (run - msconfig). If you play games I would keep it enabled, pherhaps lower its priority.  Siehe auch: Link Michiel NL
Creative Soundblaster App.
Ptach für WinDVD von creative, aber NERVIG TRex2003
this file deletes my bootup files and uses all my RAM memory. If i shut it down it will return the next time I start the pc. location C:/winnt/system32/cthelper.exe but i can't find it at that location. arjen
Creative-Soundkarte (Zusammenarbeit mit Programmen von Drittanbietern)  Siehe auch: Link SirMichi
Ist in Ordner System32 unter Windows, braucht bei mir 1,2Mb. Jonnie
CT Helper is in fact a tool to Enable Soundblaster Live and Audigy Cards to make use of the surround functions of WinDVD (a DVD Player Software from Intervideo). If you enable 4 Speaker mode in Creative Surround Mixer, you wont be able to use 4 Speaker Surround Mode in WinDVD unless you're running CTHelper.exe. If you dont need surround, you can disable it in the registry. Bjoern
I find most times this program is consuming my computer is in an idle state but since I usesoundblaster for its firewire input for my audio interface I am worried about deleting it. I might need that function in the future. Plug-ins are almost essential in somespacific software and these programs will not fuction as efficiently without them.SOLUTION; I just end task in task manager. Rob V
Creative Soundblaster, Audigy, Audigy 2, ZS background driver. Should only use 0 - 1% of cpu & less than 2000k (2mb) of memory. Not critical to leave it on but it may improve performance if playing sound intensive programs (gaming as well.) If cpu usage is more than 5% you may have a conflict / memory leak and should find a fix for it. Other than that its better to just leave it on. Dev
Creative's file, may be desactivated
This apparently enables me to set the surround sound settings. Without it I actually can't get any EAX and high-quality sounds. I suspect CTHelper means Creative Taskbar Helper, in which case makes sense, as the Taskbar is the center of my SB Audigy's processing program. It doesn't have to run, but it lets me change my audio settings, and stores it. I guess CTHelper runs the settings when the bar isn't activated. MikeMcLarenF1
Creative Soundblaster B1OO
Because they drop a Global kernel level hook and kernel level keyboard (keylogger) hook in with installshield (which seeks RPC locator service immediately) all the other more obvious backdoors are decoys for us to find. Having a kernel level rootkit in they own your box. The only way to remove it is repartition and reformat. You will not find it. l0thar
cthelper part of creative Driver startup. shut down in Admin tools in cpanel. also used to config Speaker config levels outputs! may case Clicking Sound ever 1min. C:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy\Program\WDM\COMMON 24KB SkyWolf
zonealarm sagt, dass CTHelper.exe meine Tastatureingaben logt. Es ist bei mir 24kb groß und scheint eine Spyware zu sein. Den Prozess kann ich nicht entfernen und das Programm kann ich nicht löschen. Wie kann ich diese Spyware wieder loswerden? ShadowCaster
I think its best to disable this item, as it records ur mouse movements n keystrokes which is detected by ZoneAlarm and its v dangerous if u were to goto internet transactions and records ur ID or PIN number without u knowing it.. redlightdistrix
it may be part of Creative files, but why does it have to access the internet on windows load? I am running Panda Antivirus and everytime I start my computer, it says this file is trying to access the internet. I have it blocked from internet but leave it running in processes. Budreaux
Time by time it uses nearly 100% of my CPU. I have to shut it down with task manager when this problem occures in order to be able to work at normal speed! When I shut it down, everything works properly. oldves
The reason i became aware of this file is because at every startup the Dr Watson Post Mortem Debugger is launched by it, i.e. cthelper is unable to launch itself... apparently it is not necessary unless your are using 4 speakers or windvd or both, so to avoid this debugger at every startup i have disabled cthelper at startup... fingers crossed! dbenno
SB platinum file Lostsoul
not a problem unless openoffice.org's error reporting has been forcibly turned off by micro$oft, at which point, Lsass.exe and cthelper.exe share about 98% of the CPU.. Why?! I have absolutely NO idea. Micro$oft does hate opensource, and OO.o is Opensource... Deviros
Wurde bei der Installation von OpenAL für XiFi installiert, wahrscheinlich gefahrlos. Wenn kein OpenAL gebraucht wird deinstallieren. Benzi
acrobat assistant 7.0
SBLive driver file venioo
creative soundcard file wily
Sie wird als Bestandteil des Treibers für Creative-Produkte (zB Soundkarte) installiert, scheint aber nicht wirklich notwendig zu sein bzw nur in Verbindung einer Fremd-Software die mit auif das Creative-Produkt zugreift. Lässt sich per FW blocken ohne dass ich irgendwelche Folgen beobachtet habe. Also bestenfalls lästig, aber nicht gefährlich Brock
Yahoo [Bot]
Creative process D

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