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Process name: NeroCheck

Product: Ahead Software Gmbh NeroCheck

Company: Ahead Software Gmbh

File: nerocheck.exe

Security Rating:

Related to Nero CD/DVD Burning software.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/nerocheck.exe.html 
This program constantly checks for drivers that are known to cause conflicts with the Nero/Nero Express/NeroVision Express CD/DVD burning software.

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  • 1946 users ask for this file. 47 users rated it as not dangerous. 6 users rated it as not so dangerous. 18 users rated it as neutral. 3 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 16 users rated it as dangerous. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about nerocheck.exe:
Nero - Burning Rom, looks for known driver conflicts with our Nero software. Alex
Can safely be removed if your Nero works. ob
Constantly checks for driver conflicts.  See also: Link FrankO
Added with Nero software. Searches for driver conflicts that may occur with the software. Generally not required. Homer
nero compatibility tool. doesn't seem harmful autostar_
not needed if nero works Holle
Used to install/control Nero driver nerocd2k.sys Hakke_Heidi
part of the Nero Burning ROM
remove it, uses up memory chris
My problem with Nero is when it reads the music it locks up with a not responding. I've uninstalled and reboot and it continues to do the same. Jessie
im my case it was the reason for my broadband connecting to be sending at least 6kbps. It sent over 50meg in 2hr 30min bob
might be a malware droped in system32 by some trojans mv
checks who's trying to access CD-devices  See also: Link Jerry
just an unuseful program who runs in background and if you dont remove it faster it can take between 30-99 % of ur processor if u dont stop it with the task manager
To burn CD's
Nero Burning Rom. How do you remove this from startup? Zee
I am the original developer of this software. It runs integrity checks on the filter drivers for the cdrom.sys driver stack and fix some issues such as missing filter driver binaries which would cause cdrom device to malfunction otherwise. The original software has no network use at all. If nerocheck.exe access your network, it sounds like some hacker has reused a 'trusted exe name' for malicious purpose.  See also: Link David Burg
if you can, remove it, it slows down the reboot. but do this only if nero works Daco
come with the nero cd burning is not an important file, Nero uses to control other programs to access the cds and to mange the file nerocd2k.sys. Should not be remove it from the computer if you are using nero to write cd's But You can disable it by using the run command mysconfig. RAYTHEMASTER
This program constantly checks for drivers that can conflict with our Nero/Nero Express/NeroVision Express software. If you print or save the Nero log file, you will see the list of drivers that this program has listed at the bottom of the Nero log file.  See also: Link John
Checks for updates to the Nero Burning ROM application and provides other features for Nero.  See also: Link Datagear
This is a nero burning rom (CD-DVD burning software) program that runs only at boot time Richard Crosby
"Necessity depends on users preferences" = Spybot Search&Destroy itconcerned
It can be stopped from runing automatically this way: Start/run: msconfig, automatic run tab, uncheck the box before NeroCheck, click OK (u can also restart later when asked) Dragon
U can safely remove it from startup (if Nero is working 4U) by using STARTUP.CPL by Mike Lin.  See also: Link pHROZEN gHOST
in system32 folder its a malware, in "normal places" only a nero tool
Prevents system from normal shutdown Jerrot Smith
my speedstartup identifies this as a trojan so does the sophos website andy
enthält TrojanWin32PatchedAF
not dangerous at all zorro
nerocheck.exe call an other dll file and started by svchost. i use dusupercontroller for control appz bandwich. svchost connect with an ip adress ( and use all the bandwich. i disabled some of services called by svchost but no solution. when i uncheck the load of nerocheck.exe from the startup list. the prob was resolved.conclusion: very dangerous AcRoSuRfEr Dz
you can remove it. Franco
Added by the PROXY-X TROJAN! Note - this is not related to "Nero Burning Rom" CD writing software  See also: Link Halo Shg
It wa sin my System32 file along with nerocheck see password, both were in my startup folder aprilmay
boot leg verson of nero is trogen from lime wire.
Not good at all! I just found it using Advanced Windows Care and it took me to the link  See also: Link MattyWgtn
The nerocheck.exe process is used to determine problems when running Nero burning rom. It attempts to locate drivers that may be causing problems and details them in Nero's log file. If you are not experiencing any problems with Nero Burning ROM, you can terminate this process.  See also: Link Adriano Z.
If in the AheadNero or Nero folders it's fine, but not usually needed; if in the System or System32 folders, it's a trojan horse and you've been infected.
Advanced System Care3 lists it as being installed by Trojan Proxy -X (and was also able to remove it). It prevents normal shutdown, and disables system restore, task manager, Windows updates and Windows defender. Its removal allows all these to work again properly Paul H
Added by the PROXY-X TROJAN! Note - this is not related to "Nero Burning Rom" CD writing software joel
nerocheck.exe stops nero burning flaged as trogan REMOVED AND ALL WORKING AGAIN WOOLIE
nerocheck.exe is added by the Proxy-X trojan, which installs itself in the registry.  See also: Link Ryan
nerocheck.exe - added by the proxy-x trojan xyz
I do have the Nero burning software, but this service caused my computer to reboot about 70% of the time when trying to load the XP desktop. If it got to the desktop, my system was stable. It took my over an hour to go through all my startup services to see which one was causing the problem. After disabling this one, no more reboots. Bryan
Added by the PROXY-X TROJAN! Note - this is not related to "Nero Burning Rom" CD writing software Anonymous
nerocheck.exe logs keyboard input and prevents especial characters from being typed (like ā or ä), so unless you only type in english this process is quite annoying as you have to kill the process after every restart. removing the process from startup is not easy at all. @Dragon: that doesn't work with this process, dear, you can disable it but it will appear again. lenni
I am unchecking nerocheck.exe because i do not use my laptop's cd/dvd player. There is no reason for it to be running. Robert Thompson
Nero Check, you can remove it from BOOT Mateus
An easy way to turn off/on this stuff is through msconfig ("Initialize" tab).  See also: Link User oct26 2012
In Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio (video editing) this program serves a graphics card benchmarking function; it will alert users if their graphics systems are slow to the degree that it may impair normal video editing functionality. Jim Musslewhite
After weeks of trying to get my sony dvd/cd rewritable drive working I turned on Nero Chec and it downloaded the missing driver that had caused all my problems. Ed Taylor

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