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Process name: Adobe Acrobat IE Helper Version 6.0 for ActivieX

Product: Adobe Acrobat

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Adobe Systems Incorporated

File: acroiehelper.dll

Security Rating:

"acroiehelper.dll" is an Internet Explorer helper application. It allows you to display Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files directly within your web browser, rather than having to launch Acrobat Reader. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/acroiehelper.dll.html 

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  • 11579 users ask for this file. 42 users rated it as not dangerous. 14 users rated it as not so dangerous. 15 users rated it as neutral. 4 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 8 users rated it as dangerous. 8 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about acroiehelper.dll:
Adobe File  See also: Link c
Adobe Acrobat Internet Explorer extension. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AcroIEHelper.AcroIEHlprObj Lucas B.
 See also: Link Chris
Various virus scaners keep jitting on it in huristic mode. It uses a heck of a lot of memmory and is loaded even if you are not using acrobat. I say give it the boot. Dennis Johnson
Adobe Acrobat reader  See also: Link mike
 See also: Link JQ2
Comes from adobe but uses lot of memory
is kein spy aber lamt das system, ( Alte Rechner ) proggie the ripper (amadeuz)
Its from ADOBE, Not needed uses large amount of memmory. I say shut it down. Darrin
ACrobat Reader plug-in - intrusive but useful in the unlikely event that you are obsesses with keeping your PDF reader at the cutting edge Vic Van Vroom
Adobe Writer/Reader 5 does not like windows XP cyber
Adobe acrobat. no problems Arlas
Adobe Acrobat Internet Explorer Plugin valu
Harmless, but i do not think you need it running all the time because it really eats up loads of resources. Vicuņa sangrienta
not dangerous at all beano
Its Adobe Acrobat file Redphosphorous
This ActiveX Component ist installed with Adobe Acrobat Reader 7. The last usable version of Acrobat Reader was V5.1. Version 6 was the slowes version ever. Unfortunately, version 7 ist full of bugs. Nearly every day I receive error messages when shutting down WinXP. Some of these errors are related to AcroIEHelper. Martin
its sneaky and didnt ask for my permission -so dump the memory hog eric
cannot delete AcroIEhelper.dll Ed
I was unable to close it down. It did not respond to my efforts to close. Adobe is a big company. Big enough and PDF is universal enough for the Govt spies to infiltrate their programming ranks inserting code for the NSA, CIA, FBI etc. to keep an eye on potential political enemies.  See also: Link BW
start menu run regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\ActiveX\acroiehelper.dll" -- will give you an error message, but does actually unregister the dll so that it does not load. josh
Adobe Acrobat Internet Helper - May zap some PC Resources  See also: Link smee.init
It displays PDF files, it's just adobe reader.  See also: Link Matthew Boyd
option must provides for user to choose whether it's load or not Raidsan
Faulting application explorer.exe, version 6.0.2900.2180, faulting module acroiehelper.dll, version, fault address 0x000053b1.
adobe acrbat reader dataei jst666
It is an Adobe Acrobat browser add-on for PDF documents. To disable it while using Internet Explorer, go to the TOOLS menu and select MANAGE ADD-ONS. Click on the file with the ACROIEHELPER.DLL extension and the choose DISABLE from the menu at the bottom. After restarting your system you wont have to worry about it anymore. tazman73
Causes crashes when using DropDownList boxes in development for ASP.Net 1.1 Yax K'uk Mo'
A BHO, open PDF files within your browser. it should not be terminated if you want to open PDF files in your browser. Sometimes make browser stuck if it have to open a large PDF document. Netcaptor show an error message everytime I open a pdf document. George E.
This file shut down IE for me, so I deactivated it. However it's not very big 62 Kb. Someone else said it uses a lot of memory... Poul
IE plugin that reads PDF files within IE  See also: Link FOO`
Part of Adobe Acrobat Reader, this is actually a little Browser helper object. It allows viewing PDF Documents within the Internet Explorer Window. Not really necessary, but convenient to have. Downside: may consume a lot of memory and cause slowdowns or errors (when closing Internet Explorer). SK
PDF files still load fine without this, so why bother having it on the system? Dump it. Jimmy
it does prohibit me to uninstall non-working versions of Acrobat Reader 7 and to reinstall other versions (stating that as newer version has already been installed, while I actually got rid of all program files except for the infamous AcroIEHelper.dll). So basically due to this file I'm stuck. Cannot uninstall, cannot (re-)install. Cannot do anything with pdfs. Thanks Acrobat! Frits
It is used to view files within IE,as a security precaution you should always untick "Display PDF in browser" in Preferences- Internet.
Well, it's Adobe and we all know that Adobe is VERY intrusive and loads up spam files that really are not necessary except to Adobe's ego. Chapel Tibet
Prevents you from upgrading once you delete reader had to reformat hard drive and reinstall software to get new version of acrobat reader....a real disaster, no patch...is often noted on adobe message board.
using my own filtering I've caught this program sending tcp packets CoachJames
if you want for adobe to run under (in) Internet Explorer when you open some pdf on the web, leave it on. if you want for Adobe reader to start every time in seperate window when you acces any pdf file in IE, shut it off.  See also: Link sku
If you use Acrobat reader, it's necessary. Otherwise, no use using up resources - dump it! Dan
Allow to view PDF documents within Internet Explorer IC
Not necessary as an auto startup.
I had the same problem as Frits - not able to delete this file so couldn't reinstall Adobe Reader to get it to work, so couldnt use pdf files. However, found the solution for my pc - downloaded Windows Installer CleanUp tool from Microsoft site, and ran it.. then was able to install Acrobat Reader Yippee!! Finally can look at pdf files again. CAM
Froze my PC hard twice, and locked up Acrobat many times. Tried to get rid of it and it came back. Now EVERYTHING I click on a popup comes up and says it's looking for Acrobat... Adobe Acrobat also does not deliver much for this pain - stick to the Reader or use Ghostscript/Ghostview... PaoloJetJock
since it did not register successfully in a recent re-install, I have not been able to open web pages that are pdfs... like my "paperless" utility bills etc. in my case, this little dll is very important and very much missed! luciart
Acrobat Pro will not install on Vista w/o it. Rick
It displays PDF files in most browsers. Not resource heavy. Some sites require PDF files to display in your browser. Best to leave it on. Joah
AcroIEHelper in Windows\inf\ is a virus, Turn off Adobe Reader Addon to assist in cleaning. krm
I can't remove process like this from control panel Settings Control Panel Add/Remove Programs

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