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Process name: AcroTray

Product: AcroTray - Adobe Acrobat Distiller helper application.

Company: Adobe Systems Inc.

File: acrotray.exe

Security Rating:

"acrotray.exe" is the Adobe Acrobat Distiller helper application. It is used as part of the full Adobe Acrobat product to convert documents into PDF files. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/acrotray.exe.html 

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  • 4646 users ask for this file. 68 users rated it as not dangerous. 6 users rated it as not so dangerous. 15 users rated it as neutral. 10 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 18 users rated it as dangerous. 8 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about acrotray.exe:
This background task is installed when you install the full version of Adobe Acrobat. It comes into action when you create PDF files from non Adobe applications through the "Watched Folders" feature of Acrobat Distiller.  See also: Link Markus Meyer
 See also: Link
I can confim this informations.. AkTiVA
Installsed with Adobe Acrobat v6.0 Professional in my case  See also: Link FishnFool
Not dangerus at all. (If you have acrobat installed) john
its related to Adobe Acrobat... dont worry about it
Came with Acrobat Professional 6.0 - doesn't cause any problems for me Don
No probleme, not dangerous  See also: Link Pascal
parece ser que activa el Acrobat Distiller oblongo
Have also Acrobat installed. gls2k
Part of Acrobat Writer package, it's annoying, but not dangerous BoneDaddy13
Installed Full Acrobat, can't get acrotray to STOP loading, but I always Kill the task anyway, and Acrobat still functions fine. Jager
I think is causing some issues with locking files when trying to copy them to a server, but am still investigating it. Purple Sweater
It's essential for printing PDFs using Acrobat--without it, the application won't work! Kelly
I've installed Acrobat Distiller and removed acrotray and everything is going fine. algol
Essential part of Acrobat if you want to use the Acrobat Distiller print driver (i.e., print directly to PDF from other applications). Jeff
lots of tools to identify wht and how this exe operates....severe......damn Adobe....
If it is disabled, you cannot create pdf files directly from Office appications. saz
Is it ok if I stop this from running on start up? e-mail me pls giorgarasb1
If you have both Adobe Acrobat Professional & Reader installed on your PC & if this file is running [Task Manager / Processes] it can force Adobe Acrobat Reader to open pdf’s even though you are trying to open the file for editing with Professional. A real pain, you have ‘End Process’ in task manager to get Adobe Professional to work properly. mt2ri
Dont remove if you wanna create PDF in MS Office or AutoCAD, because they wont work!! Jabbaa
Not dangerous, not critical for Acrobat either. Just more bloatware from Adobe. cdh
If you stop acrotray.exe at startup and print through the Adobe PDF print driver, acrotray.exe will start again which will allow you to make the PDF correctly. If you never create PDFs, just disable it. (I'm using Adobe Acrobat 3D) Daemon
Locks up opening Acrobat to print for me using Acrobat 6 Pro. Printing starts working fine once the application gets shut down. GJG
I believe it clashes with Lotus Notes sometimes, and causes Notes to crash. This has happened to me multiple times. Annuvin
not dangerous, that I know of... but it autostarts with windows... using up precious MAMORY!
it is spawning acr tmp files on my C: drive and has taken up to 5.5 GB before I figured out to delete them and kill acrotray.exe !!! Checking to see if I have a bad version. barbara
Essential element of Adobe Writer Levendis
It eats up memory and doesn't work with XP 64-bit edition Jef Hart
I get an error when I try and convert a file to PDF using Acrobat 8 3D Justin
Relates to Acrobat Distiller. I disabled it and can still create PDFs from MS Word (it starts again) so if you do not create many PDFs stop it running a startup, if you create lots of PDFs let it start Hippynz
spyware from adobe
I stopped a .dll from loading and acrotray kept popping up to tell me that it couldn't start b/c of that. if it isn't neccesary just search for it and rename the extension to stop the annoyance TheLateMrKiller
Has caused AutoCAD to crash while making a pdf. Lost all of my work! dudley
can cause screensaver not to work in windows xp sp2 rob
Came with Acrobat Pro but caused startup issues and froze my taskbar every so often during startup. Disabled it and everything works fine with taskbar now. Tucker
Used to print MS Office files to Adobe Acrobat. Disable it if you do not use the function. If you do, leave it running. Rasmus Hansen
... has caused MSN to crash unexpectedly. Resource HOG SafeBoy
The acrotray.exe process allow you to create pdf format documents from any application. It watches a folder and any files saved into the folder are instantly converted to pdf. If you use the 'watched folders' feature of adobe acrobat you will need this process running for them to work correctly.  See also: Link Andy
Bonjour Service
Part of Adobe Acrobat EJ
adobe version cue
If you need to conserve memory while you are not creating PDFs, disable it. It starts automatically when you need to create a PDF. Ranium
acrotray .exe (space after acrotray) was a virus downloaded to my computer by an infected ad ubes
damn persistant - running in program files\adobe . 2 programs acrotray .exe and acrotray.exe ,removed from startup and deleted these files ut on reboot they come back.this is bad killed it only by replacing files with notepad rename in same location for both files machine originally had a bad infection all virus sniffers did nothing for these acro files DRx
i installed adobe reader 9 and after restart, acrotray got my whole cpu and hanged my computer! Roshan
"Hijack This" showed the acrotray.exe file in the following item: O4 - Global Startup: Acrobat Assistant.lnk = D:\Arquivos de programas\Adobe\Acrobat 5.0\Distillr\AcroTray.exe. I have the other opinions about this file here, but ignored those who suggested that Acrobat Distiller would not work without it. So it deleted it through "Hijack This", and the result was that the Acrobat Distiller printer would not work anymore - would give an error and the programs through which I was to print failed / were blocked. I needed to uninstall the Acrobat Reader and reinstall the Acrobat Distiller again. Manfred Molz
Installed with Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Professional full version , harmless Hellster
Not much, only that it has opened itself more than 400 times, and took my whole CPU Tom
linked to or taken over by vista home security along with wmpscfgs. adds tasks in vista task scheduler to run every minute 24/7.
I run a Ouad PC, 4GiGs Ram, Crossfire, Cards. Seems twice now it has caused me to loose my connection while on line. It useses a fair amount of memory, and its a pity Adobe doesn't change its behaviour, but I guess they never will. Not a welcome pest in this day and age. Might find myself a different reader that isn't so greedy. Rob
Can be masked virus. To remove it? see here: http://ithelp.at.ua/publ/acrotray_oshibka/1-1-0-11  See also: Link Alexander
Safe but does not need to run at start up. I turned it off, tried to print to adobe pdf printer, the program started and printed fine without issue. Jim.B.
Not dangerous:There is a trick for getting around it if you are using the Full Trial Version of Adobe Acrobat and it has Expired. You can end the process in the Task Manager every time you wish to create a PDF instead having to quit (the pop-up page that asks for a software key or quit.) You can also make PDF binders and more using the same workaround. JimmyLegs
perfect excellent. no problem w me. tony magno
this file consumes a lot of CPU power. sometimes i have to simply walk away and get a cup of coffee christo
help for converting file to pdf at any webpages vince
Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF files Matt
Does not do anything, aside from eat up memory. No-one uses this.
Does not do anything, aside from eat up memory. No-one uses this. another guy (truly)
Acrobat is pointlessly complicated and slow. It's just a reader for crying out loud. Does Acrotray have anything to do with this? Andrew
gives 100% disc usage slows down your system a lot to get rid of it press ctrl alt delete open task manager sort them by name and you will find acro tray using up your system resources espically your disc resources... rightclick the process click open file location . then go back to task manager and end the process then back to windows explorer to delete the file Wajahat Hussain
- Acrotray (version at least) fails to release file handle after viewing a PDF located on a USB stick. - The USB Eject operation will fail to complete because of this and Windows 7 will display "Cannot eject. Device is in use" - Data loss may occur as a result of removing the USB device after a failed eject operation.
Installed with Adobe CS6 Design and Web Premium (which includes Acrobat). Most certainly is safe, although I'm unsure if it's necessary at startup. Shawna
Adobe Acrobat Pro. Safe Filbert
Installed with Adobe Acrobat Pro XI Alex
i installed Acrobat Pro so this file is there in my task manager Handika
Installed with adobe programmes, safe, but I cannot find out whether it is necessary from boot. Mathias
Thanks mt2ri, I ditto your comment: if you have both Adobe Acrobat Professional & Reader installed on your PC & if this file is running [Task Manager / Processes] it can force Adobe Acrobat Reader to open pdf’s even though you are trying to open the file for editing with Professional. A real pain, you have ‘End Process’ in task manager to get Adobe Professional to work properly. AND I add, this is bloatware from Adobe, shame on them. We are wasting our time checking this out, and that is unfortunate. Boris
I think it installed when I installed full adobe so there is probably nothing to worry about.
allways on . cant shut down. that is bad. Alexander
It's part of Adobe Acrobat CC/pro Adam
safe file of acrobat reader DC edgar
this is something that adobe want to track you, so get some secure wallet application you can trust Damn
it is safe Jack
Adobe bloatware. Not dangerous but not useful either. Borderline malicious just because it's very hard to remove. Vlad
This file is installed with Adobe Acrobat. This file provides a shortcut to additional options for Adobe Acrobat. It does eat up a lot of CPU and Memory, so you can kill the process if you want to, but no harm will be done. Hope this helps! :D Windows OS
At the moment just slightly annoying but does not seem to cause any problems other than reporting that it is not working at boot up. Graham

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