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Process name: NVIDIA nView Desktop and Window Manager

Product: NVIDIA nView Desktop and Window Manager

Company: NVIDIA Corporation

File: nview.dll

Security Rating:

"nview.dll" is part of NVIDIA nView Desktop and Window Manager. It is not system essential, but removing it will cause problems with the associated software. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/nview.dll.html 

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  • 5567 users ask for this file. 42 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 13 users rated it as neutral. 8 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 8 users rated it as dangerous. 8 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

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nvidia stuff. Remove to safe resources :-D  See also: Link Chris Korte
it's not winXP signed and keeps crashing my rig - fx5900XT - hey look at that, i just lost my cursor... great Another Chris
Nvidia software. Don't Remove if you need multiple desktop functionality argon
Very few to no one needs a mouse, monitor, whatever driver. Uninstall them all and you won't even notice the difference.  See also: Link Colin Jensen
Nvidia software - not worth removing if you use it, not dangerous at all (badly constructed computers don't count) Mesh
Running multiple monitors, so I probably need it. Lew
Nothing except that it should not be on my system Douglas Spencer
Does it safe?? Btimon
NVIDIA nView Desktop and Window Manager Chris
NVidia utility. Primarily needed for enhanced dual monitor support. Very nice. Don
I keep getting a Wizard Error (There is already a copy of the nview wizaed running) when I boot up on XP Professional...not sure what's up with that????
Nvidia software. Don't Remove used for multiple desktop or laptop LCD and CRT major j
part of nvidia Terces
nVIDIA's nView DEsktop manager - Keep only if you use mose
Illustrator.exe sometimes crashes when I maximize the illustrator screen. The appname when it happens is illustrator.exe, and the modname is nview.dll.  See also: Link Paul Klinkenberg
It is an unneeded and uncessary obstruction. Longbow
in C:\WINDOWS, slows everything down, v. irritating (XP HOME, top PC) Dave
i've installed the Nview.dll but i cant choose Nview in the nView desktop bn
AD ARGON: I installed it, and lost multiple display functionality, removed it and it works fine again. Chavito
NVidia nview is desktop manager that is part of Windows auto update and a pain the royal #@$. It is in your control panel and a system 32 file and there is no removal tool. Any ideas? Lyn
it makes pop ups
in C:\WINDOWS, slows everything down, v. irritating (XP HOME/PRO) TRASHWARE get rid of it! ColdSteel
It likes to crash IE6.02 SP1 Mad Hatter
I am running two monitors so I guess I need it? Steve SJ
fette 2 bildschirme.clone mode alta
It came pre-installed on my laptop (along with XP Home) and I never experienced any probs. Takes a bit of getting used to, tweeking and configuring etc. but a part from that its all good. Only thing I would say is that I probably will slow down your PC a bit if it isn't brilliant spec, so maybe the compromise is to disable it when not in use?! Oh and its much better than Microsoft's version ;) My Opinion (for what it counts!)
My System run - I have no problems Iceman
Since I have updated through Windows Update, and installed some nVidia driver, my computer crashes when i try to adjust the video settings on the display properties. Help please J Z
NVIDIA nView Desktop and Window Manager Frank
Nvidia software Shalianahe
If have multiple monitors attached to a nvidia card you simple can't go without it.... Chris
kept chrashing my PC with CPU-Usage 100% after some time (around 10hours of running). Renaming of the file (is in C:\windows\system32) solved the problem. Lost Multiple Desktop Support, Dual Monitor Support still works. Its actually from Nvidia. My Sys is WinXP Pro. Matze
If you are doing any software development - In my case VS 2003 VC++ on Windows XP it can cause particualr nightmares!! Jamie Phillips
geForce treiber
Caused Win explorer file menu to hang, also right-click on desktop. With regedit delete HKCR/Directory/Background/shellex/00nView  See also: Link geefle
this is used by nvidia's interactive desktop, this allows the desktop to do more modes with the monitor, keeps it running smooth between applications.if you find it slows your computer it may be due to the fact taht your computers video card is not set up correctly, please install the card with all of its software to make use of the cards full potential Nvidia Tech.
The file "nview.dll" should probably not be removed. The sluggishness mentioned by several is likely caused by "nwiz.exe," a startup application, which can be safely disabled by those without multiple monitors. Crashes after an install is likely caused by a corrupt download. Go to the computer manufacturer's web site (not the nVIDIA web site which has generic drivers, not ones perhaps modified specifically for your computer - as the nVIDIA site says, especially so for laptop users) to download and install the latest nVIDIA drivers. Stewart
I was having trouble with CAD software and did a little snooping around with Process Explorer. Turns out this nview.dll attaches itself to every process that has a dialog (any sort of windows-shell based GUI window). If nview.dll didn't agree with something in the dialog (i have no idea what that might be) it would cause the process to "freeze" and send the CPU usage to a constant 100%. I did as Matze said and changed the name of the file. Seems to have worked fine; I have not got any errors so far, either. Windows XP Pro SP 2 on a Toshiba Laptop. NVidia 6600 Go. Sean
Gives me error messages, disruptive at the least. ej lee
NVIDIA Geforce graphics driver danyplus
I have found some of my vaildated development programs crash and now my system cleanup programs wont work properly.( The error messages refer to nview.dll) .It seems to have got worse the more my disk fills (now 83%). Cooldude
Nvidia Desktop
It's part of the nVidia drivers. It's not dangerous, nor resource heavy. It gives multiple monitor options and other nView options (transparency on dragged windows and the taskbar), etc. Left click and select "nViewProperties" and you'll get a new window with options. That is what this is and controls. It's not dangerous.
Make sure to remove before inserting an ATI card, I didn't and I installed the ATI drivers over top of the NVIDIA ones. I later uninstalled NVIDIA in it's entirety. Unfortunatly nView is stuck in my control panel. I'd like to say NVIDIA software is crude in comparison to ATI. (hydravision rocks) If anyone knows a way to force remove it contact me.
with reserve that video, screen drivers update can disable older software - experienced with photo album and photo manipulation software with reserve that video, screen drivers update can disable older software - experienced with photo album and photo manipulation software Dave
I don't like it. Crashes MSN and Explorer constantly. Not dangerous, but I wouldn't keep it if I was you. NJB
Caused application hang with 100% cpu usage. Had to shut off power to restart pc. Doug
Comes with nvida displays.. Unless thers a problem you dont need to remove it, constant locking up of programs followed by a yes/no prompt by nview IS a problem.. Thats why i renamed the nview.dll in c:\windows\system32 Nvida make good cards Bad drivers/software ShambleS
Nvidia GeForce driver...though it can be annoying sometimes, it is of no harm to the CPU. Anon
Looks like a "dynamic error link library" to me. Tidididi
Mine will not let me change the wallpaper, or save anything after restarting. Useless! Wish I could delete it. LEE
Agree with some others here. Suspect nview somehow responsible for unpredictable freezing with CPU pegged (50% on dual core). Most frequently triggered when launching VBA editor; when I kill the process the CPU peg "cascades" over to some other process, usually whichever app I switch to next. End result is always a reboot since the cascade continues down to explorer.exe. BOOOOO!! Josh
possible source of virus or trojan? hacker's delight! remfrancis
nvidia stuff. Arran Fortuna
Video Card Display add-on /Duel Monitor capabilities jeff
Included in WHQL Certified drivers from NVIDIA, absolutely no security risk here. Axion
Bloat ware provided by nividia. Is not needed for multiple monitors. It just adds special effects to windows. If you don't like what it does delete it. taj
I started with a clean install, WinXP, I get the error everytime it boots now. It isn't malware/spyware in my case it's Nvidia. All graphics run perfectly, but the error message is annoying at startup. Leonidas
It comes with the nVidia graphics drivers. If not running dual monitors, do a manual install of the drivers and choose NOT to load nView. nyteshade!
NView keeps freezing my pc and constantly shows up in Event Viewer showing event 1 Ian
I have ATI loaded over NVIDEA and now get can't locate NVidia.dll message every time I boot! I either want to know how to get it or how to get rid of it!! Bill L

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