What is backweb-8876480.exe? Is backweb-8876480.exe spyware or a virus?

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Process name: Logitech Desktop Messenger

Product: Mouse/Keyboard/Webcam software

Company: Logitech

File: backweb-8876480.exe

Security Rating:

"backweb-8876480.exe" is installed with the software for Logitech products. It checks for software upgrades from Logitech.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/backweb-8876480.exe.html 
It's present under Software => Logitech Desktop Manager, where it can be uninstalled.

See also http://www.backweb.com/news/press_releases/102901.php.

Backweb, suggest they only monitor keyboard / mouse activity, so they know when the computer is inactive, they claim they don't record key strokes. (source)

From the backweb developer: Compaq, HP, McAffee, F-Secure, Western Digital, Logitech, Kodak and IBM are some of BackWeb´s customers. Each of these vendors bundles a customized BackWeb client into their products that are then shipped to their end users. These companies use the BackWeb client to distribute drivers, software updates, patches and critical information from a secure server at their site directly to their users' hard-drives. Read more.

From usatoday.com: One of the adware programs swept up by Spy Sweeper on my system was BackWeb from BackWeb Technologies, a company that works with IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens and others. Talk about mixed messages: Spy Sweeper assessed BackWeb as a "medium" threat to my system but nonetheless indicated that the program "is generally used for legitimate purposes" and "should only be removed by advanced users after careful research and consideration." In my case, it arrived with a download of free Kodak picture software. Kodak says the program is used legitimately to make sure users have the latest version of Kodak's software. A BackWeb executive also said the software isn't spyware. And BackWeb has successfully lobbied some anti-spyware software companies to have BackWeb removed from their lists.

The files IAdHide.dll, IAdHide3.dll, dlgli.exe and tempiadhide3.dll are also part of BackWeb.

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logitech hardware zusatzsoftware
This is mouse infrared software Chris Ninness
Its only become a problem since I tried to remove it NoOracle
Comes with the software for Logitech products. Automatically checks for software upgrades and new products, services, and special offerings from Logitech Marco
LOGITECH DESKTOP MANAGER (auto-update various logitch products) Braeden
Logitech DeskTop Software  See also: Link Dirk-Jan Eising(NLD)
Not enough, which is the problem. I know what the major software companies are saying, but the one thing the haven't provided is the information in the packets transmitted by this program. If the use is legitimate, they need to prove they aren't sniffing any other information without a users consent.
It is definately no spy-ware. However, I should control what my PC is doing on the Net and not some plugin from hardware manifacturers Eritacus
no matter what they say the clients of backweb have hidden agenda and back web cannot deny the fact openly because their business depends on their services offered. jj open thought
The firewall in XP SP 2 blocks it. I seriously doubt that companies aren't using it to collect information. Either way, the fewer background processes running, the better. Julie
LOgitech driver update prog Niall
norton flags it as suspicious script Martin Nuttall
remove it asap..trojan downloader. ynk
Any file that acesses the internet without my knowledge I consider dangerous. If enough of these kind of background programs are installed they will eventually slow down even the fastest computer. I am also not happy that Ad-aware spyware removal tool does not consider this spyware. I am very computer literate, but I have no idea how this uneeded code got on my machine. If I did know I would be complaining to the company that distributed it. Shame on Logitec if they are responsible! Matt J
I had a problem with it via net zero, only when i tried to take it off. Norton does flag it, which is odd because norton is packaged with earthlink, which uses backweb processes. I think the particular backweb Norton (medium!) blocks now is from logitech installs, but I'm not trying to take it off! I run win98se, so i have enough poblem as is. Radar
It has installed itself on my harddisk, once I cant remove it by reboot, and it blocks my "search"button. Fcuck
It shuts off my computer and renders my keyboard inoperable at times. Chuck Groce
I've been getting trojan problems since getting this with Di Novo Ady
MS firewall blocks this program with options to ignore block. mike
I removed no prob from CtrlPanel util, add/remove pgms Techie
lets other spyware run easily, but is getting better Addvanced
A new file 873374_eng.exe ??? Avi - avi_pesach
Better to be safe than sorry Patti
Lavasoft AdAware and Spybot and STM pick this up as spyware. Do not install it! Jimy
Can be used to upload othere than logitech. Like trojan. Found on DC in Win2K domain, with no logitech mouse installed. John Doe
it came with my logitech mouse. I had no option NOT to install it. OPT IN should be the default. penguincity
I had the autoupdate feature of logitech turned off, and backweb weas still running as a service. Got rid of it and had no problems so far. At *best* it's bloat-ware IT Guy
After researching the issue with my team, it does not effect your PC. If you need your system resources free though, I would recommend removing it. This is not one to be paranoid about. Scottman75
Program is a part of package which comes with Logitech Mouseware - most likely - so called: Logitech Desktop Manager. Because it downloads packets without owner's knowledge nor permission - some anti-spy application classifies it as "downloader". Even I do not have any data supporting any potentially harmful or unwanted purposes of this software ...still company’s (Logitech) practices concerning installing and downloading software into clients computer seems to be at least questionable. Robert K
I know it been on since keyboard installation, neither panda nor mcafee care chris
Trojan can piggy back on carrier yet Backweb does not intentionally moniter keystroke. Zonealarm Software rates BW as not a threat, but streaming software. Streaming is the problem, the port is monitored and open to hack. Wilhelm
The fact that Logitech would use suspicious driver names containing the word "hide" in it and also the suspicious sounding "backweb" is enough for anyone to clearly label it spyware. This spyware is alot more malicious than you think. Jonathan
It slows my computer when i use it and start-up. It just installs itself! Anthony
I've done a ton of research- there are a ton of websites saying that it is dangerous and should be removed immediatly, yet as many again saying that it is fine- better safe than sorry, though. And the less background tasks, the better. Dylan
I recieved it with Kodak software, and had some problems removing it from the control panel, add/remove programs. sparky
I already have a virus problem, it makes the CPU go up to 100% Not good Jan-Arne Hatlelid
Sometimes, I can't start any progams or folders after windows xp startup. The harddisk is running..only rightclicks on the desktop area works (refresh does work). After opening task manager and cut off the backweb shit in processes... my windows work properly. Shame on Logitech!! It shouldn't be legal to bundle it to the hardware. Yez
wiped out my Mouse drivers and DSL drivers, after I installed the mouse. Richard
It wont let me shutdown my computer, it slows and sometimes halts altogether my dial up connection :( DK
it causes shutdown problems-"backweb has caused an error"-get this weveral times a week lynda
I agree with Patti - better to be safe than sorry... But I believe the vendors should give a warning and let the end users make up their own minds as to whether or not the product is installed. Lets face it - you can always download a software patch from a vendors website - you don't need constant monitoring for new drivers of a keyboard or camera Sarge
Installed with Kodak EasyShare software. SP2 firewall immediately blocked it which was a nice surprise. The danger potential is great because you don't really know what info about you they are transmitting. Robert
Caused serious malfunction of 98SE OS. Installed with Logitech WebCam, that's when the trouble started. Uninstalled Logitech Cam and removed related software but "BackWeb" fragments remain on hdd. Disabled it in MSCONFIG, and returned product and purchased Creative WebCam. Runs without the problems as experienced with Logitech Cam. I feel it is "spyware". I won't buy anymore Logitech products, and will not support any manufacturer that uses spyware with their products. . John
most "backweb" is spyware useless
I call it Adware installed with Logitech software. Although the name sure makes it sound like something worse. Netnut
mouse & keyboard software
Backweb is used for legitimate purposes by trustworthy companies, however it is also used to record keyboard stokes and internet habits in order for it to determine what is "best for you". This is MY pc, not theirs. I do not want my internet habits being sent to anyone. I suggest you remove it from your PC and simply update any programs that utilize Backweb manually instead. If you are really not sure you want to because of the hype that some of the software manufacturers spewl............ firewall it. Backweb is trecherous. Don't believe it? Remember C-dilla! Diverse-Simplicity
This file deactivated my norton antivirus!!! As i deleted it from my autostart my antivirus worked again, but if i restart my pc, its again in the autostart... Michael
appeared after I installed logitech software Yorkie
I am searching for explanation, it's not microsoft and the Logitech webcam I've got for free by my new system, as gift I am going to look by Logitech for an explanation! Peter van Arkel
Producing lots of files in my computer. ZoneAlarm can stop it with no problem. Sverre
When I allowed this file to access the internet via my first firewall, the second showed that it was about to transmit a binary containing the last URL visited. I can think of no good reason why Logitech need this information. Fred
Logitech Desktop Messenger search for updates  See also: Link Alex
This is to do with Logitech, I use Platinum Internet Security and you tell it to block.  See also: Link Jim
Norton calls it malicious. It slows my XP Pro startup process. Logitech did not give me any notification that it was being installed, let alone the option to opt-in. Run a search on your machine for it, then remove it.
There is no reason to record mouse clicks or key strokes, as windows can do that itself. This probably can mess up the security of your computer. SleeplessHacker
Its not protected agenst attack Kasper, Denmark
Came with Logitech Software for the Webcam.. Nrip Niihalani
It is a legitimate prog. I won't use it though. There are other methods of finding and getting updates. Valkyri001
Part of the Logitech Desktop Manager. Not needed to run a Logitech webcam. If you want to remove this feature, simply remove "Logitech Desktop Messenger" from Add/Remove programs in the control panel. BillyBTall
i got it after installing logitech camera.... you dont need it at all, look in add/remove programs uninstall uneeded Logitech utilities installed with their products...Blackice firewall does not like it, and suggests blocking. (thats good enough for me ) ColdStone
it freeze down my computer, i think maczimse
This file makes my Pentium III Thinkpad running windows XP run substantially slower.. Kelly J.
I havnt had any problems. I didnt uninstall it just to avoid any problems. I blocked its access to the internet with ZoneAlarm. Whenever it tries to access the internet I get an alert from ZoneAlarm and my Firewall with the options to block or allow. COLONY71
Its part of Logitechs Software Creeper
This is mouse automatic update Magnus
My Norton AntiVirus Program was halted, LiveUpdate would not run, and my computer's functionality was compromised due to a Trojan acquired through Logitech's Messenger service/Backweb. I would highly recommend getting rid of this! I am still trying to reinstall my Norton Antivirus program and activate its Live Update capabilities with very little success as my Logitech Desktop Messenger is blocking all communications. Alicia
This comes with the installation software for Logitech mice,there is an option not to activate it during the installation process.Norton Antivirus calls it a malicious script. YZFR6
It came with Kodak Software and when I Uninstalled Kodak software there were references to it all over the registiry and it was still running. I have wasted at least an hour manullly removing it Ron H
Zonealarm indicates this program is trying to act as a sever on the internet. This should not be required if the use is to collect information passively. Brian
I removed it with no problem using Control Panel add/remove programs Paul
installed (had no choice) with a logitech quickcam messenger webcam, the moment i removed this my IE prevented me from browsing the web, after many hours of troubleshooting, uninstalling reinstalling logitech software and IE, eventually had to reformat and reinstall XP as it just wouldnt let me back on, it wasnt a prob with the broadband as my other comp worked fine as usual, this backweb really pissed me off, logitech are no longer on my product wish list. adz
i couldn't access the internet untill i removed it from system processes list
made pc slower & seems to have a mind of its own sometimes Terasets
Message comes up as to the blocking of it when I turn the PC on. Charley G. Kidder, Jr.
Logitech works fine without this crap. Unnecessary. Delete it asap. CyberCrud
Whatever it is, I don,t need it. Uses resources. Keeps coming back. Bob
Came with Logitech, was removable when I found forty files picked up by HiJackThis Bob
Comes packed in some HP computers. Like someone else said, the name is BAD. Not sure if I should remove it or not. Wayne
Mine came with Logitech Desktop Messenger. It was easily disabled by going into the program itself and un-checking boxes. Jehn
I would hope that a large company like Logitech would to their homework before using this software with MOST ALL of their mice. Rick
any and every process running in background is using up your processors time. All parasites should be removed for this reason alone. Squiggy
appeared after I installed Logitech webcam. I just did a search for more info about it on the Logitech website, but there is no help from them. So I guess I don't trust them on it and it will stay blocked as SP2 did with it in the first place. AkuTyger
Okay, I have been searching on my computer for this program called 'Invisible Keylogger' and I am only 12. You see, I search it and it says it is on another network and it is not in Add/Remove programs. It is really starting to piss me off. Please help me remove it. I have no idea where it is and Spyware Doctor shows it in full scan, but just ignores it! _ Taylor
Logitech Harmony Remote Update Program Michael
Came with my wireless mouse and keyboard from Logitech Harry
It came with the Logitech Quickcam Messenger drivers and during the installation process it gave me the option of wheter I wanted to install this Backweb, so called "Logitech desktop Messenger", or not, so I decided not to install it, and my computer keeps crashing since when I start a videoconference with MSN messenger: Conclution, if you dont install it, the device wont work properly... Frankie
Records keystrokes, reports back to various software vendors Ed
came with logitech graeme
Norton internet security flagged this up trying to remove caused the system to crash only restoring to previous checkpoint worked i will be rebooting and not adding any of thi spyware again. In my opinion if you have it delete it spike
i dont know but i know how to get rid of it open task manager end the process and find the file in your c drive and delete it Clark.Lawrence
I must admit the name of the process is a little concerning which is why I am currently trying to find out more about it.. that being said it is not causing me any issues AFAIK however I would appreciate if people such as "Jonathan" & "useless" could explain themselves a little better or provide a link to further info rather than making generic / unsupported statements such as "This spyware is alot more malicious than you think" and "most "backweb" is spyware" silverarcher
when i try to remove it i get a msg saying i'm not permitted to uninstall.. this bitch is going down asap! When i want something on MY computer i will install download and install it myself.. fuck off logitech and all the others who use this bastardised software gridpoint
logitech software for checking for driver /software updates. my personal feeling is that it's a perfectly safe but unnecessary item. if you don't like it, disable it. This is not spyware, however some variants of backweb are used to download updates for spyware on your system.  See also: Link nicholas
It depends on how it was installed. It can be used maliciously or legitimately and you should make that determination before you delete it. Some companies use it for online support. Grayson
i have been working with logitech for a long time now and have a fair knowledge of most of the products and software manufactured by it. Backweb is installed only to provide you with news on software updates, if available, and THATS ALL. no malicious behaviour, no key -logging, and certainly not a trojan downloader or a virus. some antivirus programs or anti spyware programs report it as a virus.. and thats perfectly normal coz these programs are designed to report any such activity in the system that goes on without the "specific" user consent... the backweb is more of a comfort than nuisance chandan
Logitech Mouse incorporated .exe file, that you don't need. You can use HijackThis to fix it. Backweb-8876480.exe is a sort of spyware. http://tomcoyote.org/hjt/#Top Krizz
been poppin up lately on my computer....no logitech products.....there is a folder in my hewlett packard computer program files for backweb security....came with the computer......not installed...and not excepted in firewall settings....still shows up ......anything that uses confusing language to make you try to accept it is not wanted in my computer....when you say no to accepting the certificate...the warning that comes up uses "ok " as the way to halt the process...and cancel as the way to install....think whoever put it in my computer is a greedy sneaky bastard at the least hmmmm
McAfee flags it as a "component of the potentially unwanted program BackWeb", but McAfee's AntiSpyware does not remove it. I don't see it at Control Panel Add or Remove Programs. Anita
Possibly caused problems, unsure if when attempting to disable or when operating in frustration because unable to make it quit trying to access - was with Norton Internet Security 2004. Updated to 2005, first time today showed up when looking on the HP Center for help. Will block with (XP SP 3) firewall. Lisa J
Kodak picture software installed it and gives an error on startup RawRekun
Any softwares accessing the net without direct input is considered bad behavior point blank ! Richard.com
Come with KODAK software. Both KODAK and BackWeb claim it's client only. So, why it listen as a server on one TCP and one UDP port ? Dan Lukes
Came with Logitech Mouse (MX1000Laser). It caused proxy server to ask for password authentication. I removed via add/remove. Also, appears related to high CPU util. DSquared
I just went into registry to remove all instances of Backweb , I never trust anything that does not alert me to its goings-on. I found more entires in there than is necessary for a simple software update check. It's very suspicious that it also has replicators and redundancy checks to see if portions of itself have been removed. My opinion, something isn't right, remove it if you so desire. PunJedi
It can be removed by uninstalling the Logitech Desktop Manager. The Camera software remains in place, so no problem. If you need to update the camera software in the future then you can do so manually - but you'd only do that if you buy a new camera, or there is a bug in the existing camera software affecting stability or security (unlikely, but easy to resolve by manual upgrade) cavehomme
Only a little. Backweb used to be a reputable company. I am not sure if that has changed in a desparate search for revenue. Fester
backweb-8876480 is a logitech tool for auto-updates but it was installed without my agreement cause i never use autoupdate tools..... its also slowing ur computer and not easily removable what did logitech think about?!? JAF
BackWeb is a component of My ShawSecure Anti-Virus/Firewall package. This package is based on the F-Secure Engine and is 97% effective at detecting and preventing Trojan and Malware infection. If I remove BackWeb, this package fails to work. Solution: I installed SnoopFree Privacy Shield, which is a free anti-Keylogger and Anti-ScreenShot blocker. It prevents transmission of captured keystrokes and screenshots to BackWeb and is totally compatible with BackWeb and Shaw Secure. Botttom line, BackWeb needs to remain on my computer so I can use Shaw Secure, but BackWeb is totally crippled. Mr.Unhackable
This file is correctly from Logitech, its a part of a program logitech have sponsored, it's a program to take photo's with.. It autodownloads from at totally secure server.. Witch means, that it ain't dangerous. But some spyware chanches the file and make it to a trojan (Spyware downloading program), and sometimes it may skrew up your windows installer too, so when you uinstall it, your windows tries to install it each time you use the windows installer.. Normally this program ain't dangerous, thats why your spyware tools and antivirus programs don't remove it.. Thor Byrgesen
HP and logitech use this program to install updates to their software. It IS spyware but the legitamate companies that use the BW software arent using it to compromise your computer. it does leave security breaches in your computer and attaches itself to system files. that is why many of you are experiencing internet connectivity problems ie: winsock. the program is not needed to run ANY software that it is bundled with. Additionally, it uses too many resources on your system. Get rid of it. Jason
This File is from The Logitech Desktopmessenger Dir, but i recommend do remove, because the name is no normal. I advise you all to get Sysinternals Process Explorer. This tool givs many info, like path, dlls loaded and many more. Florian Trück
Spyware/keylogger/Trojan techniques should not be used in legitimate software. The fact that it is flagged by AV and Anti-spyware programs is enough for me to remove it. Mike
installed with logitech wireless desktop technology, attached to 2 dll files as well, inside a logitech folder\desktop manager folder R
I believe it only updates software. I have recentley removed it and now my Norton LiveUpdate does not work... HentaiPOP
It's a Logitech Webupdate. No risk! You will see a Logitech Logo in your Software ..... privateer aut
Since it was installed without my permission, I consider it spyware. Delete! Jean
came with logitech quickcam scooter
frezzes programs
I've been sourced.but the page has been moved. and updated.-----------------personally I consider the decision whether to keep backweb or not has to do with the company itself..it's their software on your machine..your a customer/client...try contacting them..try asking questions of them..You Will Get A Reply . so .you paid for your computer..you paid for the hard drive processor.and you pay for your Internet connection..somebody else is using it for money making purposes..and they don't want to talk to you... dump them  See also: Link Devilin
This program DOES collect information. Some versions might not be considered intrusive, but some certainly are intrusive to the users privacy. This is a shame for it would be nice to have a simple program to check for software/hardware updates, but this is obviously no simple program or it wouldn't be so CPU intensive (another big problem with the program.) It's likely CPU intensive because it's scanning drives and sorting databases. Skeptical
Came with Kodak Easyshare Bundle and because I sweep every day, I noticed it right away. One installation left 743 instances in my registry and that is unacceptable to me. I quaranteened them all this morning and if I have probs down the road with my Kodak I will put it back in service, but you can bet it will be only because the software will not work without it. Mgeeky
After a minute of so of "nothing" happening after downloading Kodak EZ Share 5 Adwatch was started. It came up in time to stop 7 attempted changes to the registry and one attempt to highjack my up-to-date IE browser; Spybot found BackOrifice.B on board and 56 registry entries made by Backweb; Adaware found 2 other entries into MS Media Player Guardian
Installed itself without my knowledge or permission. The fact that it can communicate without permission make it spyware. Who knows what it will do in the future? I delete registry entries using SPYBOT, then trashed the installed files under the Logitech sub-dir. Shame on Logitech for being invloved with spyware!!! Richard Nixon
my computer is a mess right now with scumware cookies i have spent 2 days trying to remove this thing and cant. not sure exactly what it is but it shuts off my mcafee and spybot has determined its the problem
Came with Logitech Mouse; Norton is flagging it- Haven't noted any other issues to date. Plan to monitor a few more days- and likely remove it Benders
came with hp computer spy bot search and destroy says to at least quertine it and see how compute runs this way and i have no trouble this way kip
Saw it in the Process List. Opened Logitech Desktop Manager, "unchecked" both options. No longer in Process List. Too simple? Walt
This caused MAJOR problems on my computer. I had to hire a professional to get the darn thing off. Teresa
Records, detects, and sends keystroke info from PC Jim
Vendor-ware calling home DJF
Its a dangerous logitech control file, used control panel, add/remove to delete it then deleted it from firewall exceptions. turned off pc for 5mins and restarted. had no problems since but will kepp any eye out for it. SenatorSinner
get rid of it very vicious and causes cpu to shutdown with out notice D
I know that Norton did not allow it in and I agreed. Don't need more problems, so avoid this crap. Miss Chic
Uninstalls Trend Micro antivirus and disables Norton Antivirus after uninstalling. Then you see a surge in network activity. Spying? John vander Aalst
BoClean identified it as Trojan Off of the cdrom during an install of mouse and keyboard. Told BoClean to remove better safe than sorry. Am familiar with backweb adawere has removed it before first time for BoCleanC CrashTestDummy
Installed along with my MX1000 Mouse driver/software... Why does my mouse need access to the Internet for god's sake! Add to that, NIS 2005 always prompts me what to do with it (and reports it as high risk) even though I have already told it to deny access. How do I know that BackWeb are not recording my keystrokes and/or obtaining information about me from my PC. Removal time for me, arse to that! Bri
It's a Logitech Webupdate(privateer aut). I suggest you to install Zonealarm a firewall which would ask you if you authorize it's access. You can simply deny the access, instead of having trouble to deinstall it. If you want to remove this feature, simply remove "Logitech Desktop Messenger" from Add/Remove programs in the control panel. (BillyBTall) Uncle Ray
Check out the Backweb Corporate website and read what it can do. It is powerful software that can keep track of everything you do on your computer and download it back to a server. This has legitimate uses for example in a business with a traveling sales force. On your desktop computer I doubt that it is needed or legitimate. It can provide updates but oh so much more can be obtained from you. Mine apparently loaded with Logitech Desktop Messenger. The Registry contains a huge Backweb section seperate from Logitech. It contains about 157 keys of which 33 mention Logitech.  See also: Link Monte S.
Its our computer. Business is our predator. John Vance
Holy Crap! I removed this and my machine sped up considerably! BML
I noticed this after installing a Logitech MX310. Don't know how harmful it is, but from all the comments I've seen here, I've uninstalled the Logitech Desktop Mgr and also the Resource Center. Hey, one less process is always better if you don't need it! BML
Mit F-Secure BackWeb können Benutzer Aktualisierungen der Antivirus-Datenbank sowie Informationen herunterladen, ohne dabei ihre Arbeit zu unterbrechen - also F-Secure uses "backweb" for instant updates. May be used for good and bad intentions  See also: Link Alois
Common sense dictates that as simple thing as mouse shouldn’t require anything calling home all the time (despise what many big name companies will want you to believe). All even caught red handed spying firms (even successfully sued: Netscape, Real Player etc – see www.grc.com) always claimed that they never collected any data on users form calling home appl. Since blocking it produces problem perhaps reinstalling, mouse softw and declining Manager installation (which I did) will remedy problem better. Persistence in which Logitech want to put this on users PC (during installation) at very l  See also: Link Robert K
Once I remove it a 1GHz PC goes 50% faster. Also the OS in same PC vendors (like Compaq) stop working right if removed. These are strong hints for not to trust this software. Marcello
Can cause intermitten web access.  See also: Link Bedub
it is attempting to listen for incoming connections, which makes it really dangerous. any software to aid in finding updates should stick to peering at manufacturer's site. norton internet security immediately reported risk. microsoft antispyware just changed the rules. what does ms mean by security. familiar question i guess Arjen van der Meer
used by logitech wireless keyboard to show keyboard status
Installed with Logitech CordlessTrackMan Wheel.
Came with Logitech Notebook Webcam. Picked up trying to access Internet by ZoneAlarm. Initially alowed it when I discovered it was a Logitech file, but based on the comments here, subsequently removed it. TFL
the file is on my computer rvw
came with logitech for updates (it says). It´s not needed. Mouse works perfect without it. So why should I install it? There´s too much sh** runnning in the background NOW. Just slows the pc while booting. bergy
its a tarantula, it will destroy your life
My AdAware removed (most of) it; I haven't lost any functionality; still get prompts to update Logitech, but no probs. chas
It was only announced by Zone Alarm after I upgraded the Logitech software for my webcam Martin
all i know is my comp was running fine until it began to slow down tremendously just now so i opened the properties box to find backweb (i know from logitech for keyboard and mouse that i have) running and once i shut it down the comp started running fine again. i say get rid of it. annoyed
Monitor users activities & could upload to their center is a dangerous behaviour, though they claim they don't. There are lots other way to let user check for software updates, but not sits there silently, occupying 1.5MB of valuable memory, and doing things that users are not aware of. Unc. Pottato
I was having weird issues where my computer froze every minute and i heard weird clicking sounds. I opened up Task Manager and killed backweb-8876480.exe, and the problems went away. I think this is a legitimate program, but spyware was piggybacking off of it. Very dangerous! Alex
It does not notify you or even mention itself before installing on your machine. If it was any good they would be they would be advertising the fact that the softwear is genuine and of good quality DaleJ
It came with an internet type, one touch keyboard Mr HP Sony
Came with Logitech keybd/mouse and really gets in the way. Uninstalled it conventionally Spike
Came with HP Printer! It Is for updates But it uses way to many resources for me. I deleted it . Now When I Boot I get A Text Box Stating Parts of Backweb are missing.I simply click OK . Everything still seems to work OK.System runs Much faster. I manually update and monitor this system as Administrator. I recommend removal.I'm much happier without it myself.Lots less work trying to monitor this moster on top of everything else. Maelstrom
Locked up Internet Explorer, best to remove it Paul
it is used for logitech products to look for updates and informing you of new products, in logitech desktop messenger you get the option of turning it off. Vidar
Crashed my Windows XP machine after I installed Logitech Desktop Messenger. I immediately uninstalled it. Sheesh... Using known malware? JWedg
It has slow down my connection to online game on Americas Army. jon
Shortly after finding this file on my computer i got a trojan warning from Norton. I think it is probably from the logitech software that came with my keyboard but from what I've been reading i don't want to attempt to remove it.. It sounds like they have you between a rock and a hard place, danged if you keep it on and damaged if you try to remove it. Just be careful and make sure your anti-virus software is always up to date to stop any possible intrusions through this process!!! Justin
Installed with Logitech Mouseware. I was given the option to choose for autoupdate and did. Judging by what I have read I may or may not regret it. KillJoy
It is sneakingly accessing your PC so i would consider it a dangerous thing, its like been connected with spyware that is tracking you, for allow know they could be monitoring all we do, so i'd rather it be blocked permanently, if we want updates we'll go to the site for updates! Pikachu
installs with Logitech Desktop Manager, to keep Logitech software up to date. If you "very computer literate" people don't want programs running in the background, then take the time to do a custom install on your new webcam, and uncheck the box for desktop messenger. Chris K
I shut it off on a machine I was working on from remote in the webcam desktop messenger menu and it sped the machine I was working on considerably. This thing has got be a security risk. Thanks for the advise in this forum! :] Dead N Bloated
Not very much, but I think it highly suspicious that it tries to act as a server on the internet. I don't think that should be necessary when it only needs to check the current version of the software Jasper
Logitech product update software. Not dangerous. kismatt
came with 1) Logitech webcam 2) Compaq trackball/mouse 3) Kodak easyshare s/w . Is being continually blocked by ZoneAlarm, either in trying to send info to the web, or to 'modify a file so it can run at startup'. This is nusance-ware, and does stall the XP system while it tries to run and gets swatted by ZoneAlarm. I'd say remove it, none of the software it is spawned by needs constant updates. ozerob
cant uninstall logitech webcam from add/remove programs steve-o
If you didn't get it from Logitech, Kodak (or such), then worry about it. If your anti-virus or anti-spy software is telling you something, then listen to it. At best, it’s harmless spying, but way too sophisticated to be doing only what the company says it's doing. Perhaps far worse, it offers an exploit to hackers who aren’t pretending to be helping you. In my case, it came with a Logitech keyboard. Bottom line I've discontinued using all Logitech products now and forever. In the future, I’ll check with the vendor before buying devices that are bundled with software.  See also: Link
Installed without my permission. Stalls programs, slows down the system Thunderbird email program, dumped part of computer programs used. Is not caught by SpyBot. PopUp claims to be a HP certified program according to HP it is not! Will not let you delete the program. Ghost
It take control of your computer . Crashed my Windows XP machine after I installed Logitech Desktop Messenger. I will not install any Logitech product with backweb embeded Nguyen
it came up after i installed the latest version of messenger. i don't think it has done anything yet. i don't even now if it is still on my computer. Confused
"HP version" uses an RSA cert with 2005 expiration date. Makes me wonder whether it's actual BackWeb or something trying to spoof it. Without providing proper proof of authenticity it can be spoofed and for what it does, I say very dangerous. TheAphro
It is definately no spy-ware. However, I should control what my PC is doing on the Net and not some plugin from hardware manifacturers  See also: Link Da Jesusfreak
Part of Logitech Manager Update . Have not had any problems with it., althought anti-spyware identifies it as spyware along with other useful cookies .Shut it off if it worries you it doesn't worry me... Trig
could be used as spyware though most claim they don't use it in this manner chuck
It's an app for updating, but looks like an trojan... Adonkey
I trust Logitech and I think it's harmless, but I terminate it anyway Hugh
I know i can't uninstall it with add/remove...I got ban from logitech because of this software, i became upset with them after they had no info on how to remove it. We as consumers should file a claim against them. LDM Stinks
Everytime this kicks in, I might as well throw my PC in the bin. It's not dangerous as such but I really hate how ir hogs the processor yobbo
Since i uninstalled all programmes related Logitech, backweb dissapeared. Rox
microsoft live blocks this file as potentially dangerous  See also: Link Glenn Robinson
It's definitely spyware but it's not too malicious. It came installed on my HP computer. Once I took my computer in to be fixed, and I had just down a complete recovery so Backweb was still installed. The tech guy refused to believe that it came on my computer! I'd definitely get rid of it, unless you really want whatever service it's providing (on HP computers, it's used for pretty useless updates from HP). It uses up too many resources. Emily
Well it is a pain to unistall and the company is claiming that it is not spyware, call me paranoid but I think they want you to keep it on your computer. I think I may just end up pulling the files it out of my registery (this is a bad idea though) and hope it goes away
It has been able to change my Zone Alarm settings. When I "kill" the process it somehow re-allows itself and gives itself full access to the internet. impgal
I have Norton Internet Security 2007 and it does not recognize Backweb as malicious. I used a-squared online and it said it is malicious. The process is apart of Desktop Messenger from Logitech. When you put their software on your computer, it does not say anything about Backweb, but it does give you the option of installing Desktop Messenger, which is what Backweb is a part of. If you do not want it on your computer, just do not install the Desktop Messenger. Caleb S
Backweb installed itself with the logitech mouse, Kodak software and f-secure without asking if that was ok. I found over 800 enteries in the reg. It used 45% of cpu and made the computer unusable. I say delete it. This is the worst kind of maleware because it comes from big companies that should know better. Owen (computer rebuilder)
Windows firewall flags it and gives option to block it. But windows does not recognize the publisher name because it shows as unknown.
It is in your logitec folder, just delete the Desktop messenger folder. It makes your cpu run at 100%. Very dangerous for those who run their comps all the time. Delete it. It doesnt come back A$$t3stIcL3
logitech file. not dangerous.  See also: Link internet security guard
useless, annoying, causes tons of pop ups upon reboot or startup if you catch it while it's on the rag. Steve
As others have said, If you are used to making regular manual updates to all your software and hardware, all so called "auto-updaters" are utterly useless wastes of system resources..and worse, "habit-trackers" Matt
After installing Logitec desktop Mgr, computer speed was slowed considerably. Computer became unstable to the point that Not even sys restore could cure it. Finaly dug in and found "Backweb" and finaly removed all trace of it from computer, even in the registery. Computer now back to speed. That alone tells me that Backweb does WAY more than they say. Edward M.
Several links in your article are no longer valid, especially those on Backweb, and the following link is now a 404:  See also: Link Tony Smit
I call it dangerous because of 2 things: I didn't see it install, and it ate the driver for the onboard Atheros LAN connection! Not funny! Logitech should know better than this. Shade
logitech LS11 zlatatursic
put a logitech wireless mouse on my system and nearly ground everything to a halt. removing it all. brian
Its useless, Windows itself has an 'idle' timer built in that uses no extra ram or process (how do they think screensavers work) 1 line of code gets exact idle time, any program using BackWeb probably has some other motive, or incompetent software developers. brant
This file was introduced with Logitech desktop manager, without apparent incident for some time, though the CPU has been SLOW. Now for 3 weeks Windows XP is crashing repeatedly. Before each crash, Norton Internet Security blocked an intrusion, though security scans came up blank. Now my firewall has flagged this program. Either this program is malicious or is being used as a back door. So far: repeated inconvenience and ten solid hours to track the bugger down. Don't believe it is harmless! Bang! - It's GONE. Do likewise. Sirdar
It caused sudden unexpected "Desktop Messenger" runtime error and abnormal performance just recently after months of no serious problems so I am not entirely sure why. Gary
File came from logitech, Zonealarm caught it and I deleated it. A word to Logitech, if you want your trust back, drop this program. Good , bad or indifferent, your rep. is on the line. DR Bob
I know for sure that i saw that "security Stronghold "said it could remove it free download after it was finished scanning it said if i wanted it removed it would cost me $58.00 of course i declined then i removed "security Stronghold" and my computer crashed it was the worst i ever encounterd after 7hours i finally got it running fine i think that if backweb and companys like security stonghold are such scammers i think we should file a class sction laesuit against them and make them pay for thier false misrepresentation and outright lies security stronghold is absolute garbage and i will told that to all my IT friends and i hope that cnet realizes that and give them and all their products the lowest rating there is just remove it after a fresh restore while it has not gotten a foot hold in your system and can anyone tell me what anti virus or antimalware that can stop it? bye, and good luck! Ruben
Do not intall logitech software as it works without it!!!!! so why trouble poor antivirus software?? ...
I know one thing. I don't like it. It's not needed. My computer ran better without it. Zone Alarm has been screwed up since then. Anyway to remove it. Anthony
Have a Logitech webcam. I went to services and stopped UMVPFSrv, changed it to manual. Then went to system config and unticked Logitech Webcam Software from running at start up. No problems using webcam, and I have control over what the software is doing. NYC Girl
Easily blocked via Windows Firewall. Go to control panel, security, firewall, and uncheck the backweb box. Saves hassling with system files or registry. esdguru08
This program installs over 90 (!) different versions of itself. If it were legitimate, it wouldn't do that. Since it is impossible to easily uninstall, and it is clearly masking its intent, it is a bad thing to let stay there. I used "Autoruns" to delete all of its entries, deleted its service and tasks, and then deleted all of its directories. Bob

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