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Process name: MSN Messenger

Product: MSN Messenger

Company: Microsoft Corporation

File: msnmsgr.exe

Security Rating:

"msnmsgr.exe" is the main executable file for the MSN Messenger program from Microsoft; it is one of many popular online chat and instant messaging clients. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/msnmsgr.exe.html 

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  • 1619 users ask for this file. 43 users rated it as not dangerous. 15 users rated it as not so dangerous. 33 users rated it as neutral. 11 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 22 users rated it as dangerous. 14 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about msnmsgr.exe:
Microsoft MSN Messenger Mr.X
It's safe enough providing you dont use hacks or add-ons from mess.be and similar sites.  See also: Link tag-world.com
Microsoft MSN Messenger. Can be exploited by hostile programs to connect to IRC and communicate privileged information, as well as potentially recieve directions from an unauthorized user. Bard
As dangerous as the user using it :) Phantom
I also shut this down when online or just playing it uses too much and returns in minutes or seconds vocatude
can be used for hacking purposes but only if you use tweaks and stuff like plug-ins.
download file buno
MsnMsgr.Exe-Entry Point Not Found, elvin
I like seeing its icon when I go online (I am an MSN subscriber).) As soon as my emails are taken cared of, I then end the process and continue web surfing. I don't need it because I don't chat. Rose
outlook express doesnt load while msnmsgr.exe is running, when i stop it in the windows task manager outlook express loads ok
It can be used for checking if you have ilegall songs on your pc - msn messenger status plug-in StarLife
process's memory size (77Mb) looks very big for me... how much MBytes is for you??? kae
S.O.B of a program if used with Plug-ins... Aggy
it's the microsoft's program for chat VeNaLe
ok in the folder Program files/msn messenger. but in the windows system folder its often the W32/Mytob-A Worm  See also: Link D-Leria
This one is MSN Messenger, its level of threat depends on how sloppily Microsoft put it together before distributing it. File name should be msnmsgr.exe EXACTLY, no upper case. Only use this one to communicate with those you alredy know due to frequent Microsoft security issues. DJ
Violates privacy of the users as many other products from Microsoft , even with the new recent updated versions... The damn adware... Dustspell
Used for instant messaging, chatting, filetransfers, it's not dangerous (ya well its microsoft ;-)  See also: Link t4k0
It works fine on my computer Denise Lajoie
ITS missing from my mesenger and I cant get in to msn martin
Been using it for over a year & have had very little problems americankat
Its MSN Messenger of Microsoft .... s0xs
MSN Messenger Shalianahe
its just instant messaging  See also: Link Josh D
My system(win2k) cannot run this file, is it serious? Nathawat Kidrai
Messenger runs on my system at 28MB. I've got 1.5GB memory and I still think thats Bloatware! Wespe2k
My freind's account was hijacked and a message was sent to me saying "LOL u gota see this" or something and it looked weird so I thought I would check it out anyways. The link automatically downloaded an unknown file that turned out to be a freakish virus... long story short, I no longer have MSN messenger on my computer. Use GAIM. Infurnus
MSN Messenger. Not dangerous, unless the user is dumb enough to get a virus through MSN. Kisara
MSN Messenger - Safely run by Microsoft  See also: Link James'World
this file open some ports for trojans, try connect to : vert3.es.mor1rse.irc-sgo.org and moore Darek
It's good enough. The adverts and un-needed features like web-search and the yellow infobar are annoying though, easy to get rid of with mess patch though, which isn't adware either.  See also: Link aaronjones3593
Gate of key at MSN Messenger Sidsel Simonsen
It is a MSN Messenger from Microsoft, an online chat A. BENAKCHA
Messenger. Only dangerous if you download viruses from other people! Paul
MSN Messenger  See also: Link Ich
Messenger...can be used to send viruses and stuff MSNGOTHACKED
Windows Live Messenger
well great chatprogram but it takes around 50-250mb in taskmanager :o
MSN is not the best IM client, but not terrible. It's no more dangerous than most programs that connect to the internet. It's main risk is filling up your RAM, or allowing you to get hacked, but that's a potential risk with most things. Caity
looks like bunch of newbies using msn messenger and complaining for nothing Plex
must be ended by ALT+CTRL+DEL, if you have one of the so called aps running that are using its so called features. starts without permission. Uses about 19MB of RAM. BFR2
This is Windows Messenger, used for chatting with friends and file transfers between the users, also used in SIP  See also: Link Vai
msnMsgr.exe image incorex des11g
Hosts potential danger. Some viruses going around can be sent to you from one of your well know contacts saying "Is this you in this picture" and then a link to download the virus, but other than viruses being send across it not much actuall computer exploit Rob
Sometimes its also the Trojan Horse "Bitfrost" lolio
Safe if you don't install non-microsoft addons Mike (IT Specialist)
its a fire wall rui meier
isso é muito bom...!!! slim shady
Windows Live Messenger. I have to say that it's not a very secure instant messaging program. Cookie Monster
is a fierbull emily
msnmsgr.exe is the file which is used to run MSN messenger chat client but can also be copied by malware and when you run msnmsgr.exe a copy like MsNmSgR.exe will be msnmsgr.exe's replacement. - Spyware Karl
Is an antiupdater virus that is i canīt to remove instead i clean by norton Manuel Garcia
if useing 26mb of system memory is real MSN application. If using 748k is MYTOB worm littlejib
Live messenger, viruses inject themself in this program, so it could be dangerous
unblock firewall frondely
In Win XP SP3, the file is in folder "C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger", Size 3,885,408 bytes, Size on disk 3,887,104 bytes. Installed 6-Feb-2009. Gene Millsaps, NC, USA
WLM exe. bloatware microsoft live messenger sedman
.EXE of msn/live messenger. DoN't remove it if you wanna keep msning Powerslave
sec_error_expired_issuer_certificate blue
program files
It's for windows live messenger nothing to worry about unless you dont have windows live messenger install on you'r pc. James
msn messenger ashley parsons
This is the process of Microsoft Windows Messenger Favico
If you are sensible and do not click on suspicious links on chat while using this program, you'll be fine. However it's really not that hard for hackers to wreak havoc. Green
task mgr showed it as a component of auridrion (malware)
shows on computor as system error David Langdale
can be dangerous if installing random plugins and file transfer D'oh
I Do NOT Use MSN Messenger At All, I Don't Even Have An Account & This File Keeps Popping Up Trying To Get Me To Install It. It's Most Likely A Virus, Since Everytime I Close It, It Comes Right Back.
Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger is a Microsoft software, so DUH, it isn't bad at all. luigi442wii
It is a useless file. Jeremy

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