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Process name: RealNetworks Scheduler

Product: RealPlayer (32-bit)

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: RealNetworks, Inc.

File: realsched.exe

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"realsched.exe" is part of RealPlayer from RealNetworks, Inc. It is the RealNetworks Scheduler, used for playing sound and video files on a Windows system. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/realsched.exe.html 

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All comments about realsched.exe:
RealNetworks RealPlayer Alex
Used for updates probably, part of the Real Player- a media program Nat
real player update file, runs everytime you start up
It is Real's Pop Up Generator Pop Up = Pest like a fly Nocturnal John
Starts everytime you boot through a registry key which if removed will come back again ! HaNi
Monitors RealPlayer activity. Generates pop-ups, not RealPlayer related though. XGS
You download/buy real player :- you get Realsched.exe. It's part of the program. It's in the Task Manager Because it's doing something!  See also: Link David Whatley
nothing wrong with it, super safe, doctor
just for updating realplayer (super veilig)  See also: Link doctor
spyware - passes personal info about. Thanks Real!
Tries to insert itself, in RUN section of registry. Runs with realvideo/realaudio, but not required, just an auto-updater. Nagware. Mike
It is an automatic update utility for Real Player. You can remove first by disabling the auto-update feature in your Tools- Preferences- Automatic Services- AutoUpdate (In RealPlayer). Then search through your registry for 2 locations of "realsched" (Type "regedit" after clicking on run in your Start Menu): The first will be a "(Default)" key, modify the key and erase the path; the second will be in the 'HKLM- Software- Microsoft- Windows- Current Version- SharedDlls' folder. Modify this key to "0". And lastly, open you "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\" delete "realsced.exe"
On my athlon 2400+, caused 100% cpu usage just for that process when it was running radchilies
There doesn't seem to be a way to prevent RP from launching it on computer startup. :( Sulan
real player auto update program erkan
using 99% of CPU and slowing system to a crawl
It's just an updater for Realplauer, it does no harm Anthony
Has caused errors when it runs during a windows update. Gedda
uses too much cpu
i do not run Real, and it has appeared in my processes yesterday. i dont view movies or streaming with Real. Its not using CPU and minimal MEM, but it should not be there. Karl
Causes 100% CPU usage. Annoying- cause my drive to only defragment to 50% after running all afternoon and night long Armandine
the one process takes up nearly all of the cpu, and slows usage 2 much
it will not allow certain programs to open and run while its running catman
Caused windows updates to be very slow and used 99% CPU Bryce
It uses up my processor resources Ninpolearner
use 100% CPU when run on win2000 ???
using 98% of my cpu on win98 Jon
Turn off the Message Center checking and Auto update will stop it. Dave
It causes 100% cpu usage on my computer. Slowed the system to a crawl. Kill it. Potrod
using up 100% of cpu brenda
Can use up a lot of memory and bandwith. Unnecessary - just check real.com regularly! Sallyann
Realplayer uses this file to copy info and save it for when you are online, then it sends it to real. It copies info like the movies you view to how many drives you have connected and much more. real claims not to use the info in a bad way, but it is spying on you. You agree to it when you accept real player install agreement. Don
Unstable, badly written malware. Get rid! GR33DY
I shut it down with justshed and lvcoms everytime I login vocatude
just stop message center checking and auto update, do not need to edit registry Guil
Comes from realplayer and uses up my CPU usage Garrett
I don't want any extra programs to run on the background, especially not when it's using almost all my CPU-power, while doing nothing. I'm going to try and find and delete everything in my registery on realsched, and disable it unsing msconfig. Then i'm going to delete it, and when it's running again after my next boot, i'm going to use another player wich does NOT let programs run hidden on your pc. It's just simply annoying. Ceristimo
Real Player Scheduler... Kill process then delete the entry from the registry! Farah
uninstalled real player to make it go away. was taking 100%cpu mike
Another very good reason not to use annoying Real Media / Player Oz
It's nagware. To turn off, open real player, go to Tools- Preferences- Automatic Services- AutoUpdate and click off "Automatically download and install important updates" TP
It's a major pain in the CPU! Mel
I managed to get it to not load on boot using msconfig but couldn't find it in the services list. Took very little cpu usage on Athlon xp2000 and Winxp
If it's eating your cpu, then its most likely not the real realsched.exe that is showing up in your task list. A lot of spyware files are named "realsched.exe" to try and trick you into thinking that it's part of realplayer. Rob
As others have started, it's also taking 98% CPU on my Dell w/XP Kevin Dibb
bin it , nothing but trouble and resource hog SloPoke
real player , annoying update
Shows 100% usage - if multiple users logged on it will spread across all users to dominate the clock usage. freedomcs
Real Audio autoupdater. HP and Compaq owners from 2001-2003 may have it bundled. DiamonDt
Not needed. Not helpful. BruceK
has to do with real player jones
Note: Turning off the Message Center also disables realsched.exe, the RealPlayer automatic update utility. To disable the Message Center: 1. Open RealPlayer, and click the Tools menu (upper-right corner of the player). 2. Choose Preferences. The Preferences box opens. 3. In the Category pane under under Automatic Services, click b Message Center. 4. Click the Configure Message Center button. 5. Uncheck ALL items in the window that appears. 6. Click OK twice to save your changes, and close any other windows. 7. For best results, close RealPlayer and restart your computer. Craig
using cpu at startup Norman
uses 100% of my CPU (XP, 866-Pentium3). Henrik
Sends information to Real; loads at launch even when disabled Drbb
It prevents the Autoplay camera wizard from running on RealPlayer V10 dcmccunn
this realplayer updater continually wastes cpu cycles, ok to remove it from the registry startup run list paul
The RealPlayer updater... just go to Tools-- Preferences-- Automatic Services-- AutoUpdate and turn it off! PhantomSteve
It definitely uses too much CPU. I uninstalled Real One Player since it proved to be such a pain. Helium
eats CPU like cake, uses 95-100% Mac OSX User
Thrashed my CPU, made system nonresponsive. Kryztoph
a nuisance at best and a backdoor at worst
Realplayer 00 % cpu 189 kb speicher StarFleet
I run older machines (P2s & P3s) and I notice that while it's not a trojan it is a resource hog. I like realplayer to the point of having it as the only media player on my computer, but realsched.exe has to go. I can update it myself w/o having a program do it for me.  See also: Link Radzero
It's not really dangerous it's just junk that you don't need. Realplayer sucks and if you use RealAlternative it's much better. camo
i think it´s not good and i take it away! Amui
disable it using spybots teatimer!! "its reals manual update scheduler" scott808
Runs even after RealPlayer is shut down. Gecco
Im uninstalling, I recomend finding a rm player that has no net/spyware feature NH
Real player's apocalypse plug-in. Delete it or your comp will blow up!
This file is using miximum available processor speed. Dangerous one Abhishek
It is very dangerous and an immediate risk because it makes you pick up your PC and throw it out the window Spencer
Uses 99% of my CPU - poorly designed Jrg
It's Killing the CPU while on Get Rid of it A S A P ! Yaniv
I know if I did not install it to run in that nature then I dont want it using my CPU time.Thanks for tip Craig. Jose
I know very little about realsched.exe. RealPlayer starts up on its own accord and I don't want it to get ahead of other programs during startup. If I want the program to play, I'll double-click it. It's an annoyance! hueygunner
Real Player 10 default settings will disable Autoplay. For example, if you plug in your camera via your USB, you will not be able to access the autoplay wizard. Turn off the message center and auto updates in Real Player 10 !  See also: Link Larry
This file is a damn nuisance. Gobbled up 100% CPU usage. We have limited access rights to tamper with our networ and had to call in the technicians to get rid of it from the startup menu. Real player??? I think not Philteach
It's an unnecessary nuisance file installed as part of RealPlayer. As others have already noted, it's fairly easy to get rid of it.  See also: Link DevNull
this is not getting deleted...dangerous only kishore
it sucks like eveyething does with real hellie
i'ts like virus?then it is virus Tomek
Installed with Real One Player Spoiled0503
Update file- safe Elijah
Realplayer update utility. Bloatwarez program that hogs system memory & may dominate CPU usage. Can disable this through the System Configuration Utility - "msconfig.exe" on windows XP systems or through Realplayer's preferences or through the registry. Jo Mamma
It's a virus. (Gaobot). Run antivirus software, hides in C:/, AKA:W32.HLLW.Gaobot, hvlsvc32.exe, bcvsrv32.exe, arun.exe, realsched.exe. I found it in the C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\ALL USERS\DOCUMENTS\ Devik
Mine is the true Realplayer scheduler. I didn't check CPU usage but my Athlon 2600 Win 2000 machine freezes at random with it running. I uninstalled it. HC
This thing is running 99 on cpu usage.....guess i'll delete it since everyone said to...hope it stops my pc's slowness. Matt
Yet another 100% cpu customer. This damn thing eats all available cpu. By By Real i will never use your Player again. Matt
RealPlayer is evil
Spyware. Someone
nothing, except my computer was useless for 4 days till I figured it out. Real Player is gone...don't know the last time I used it anyway. Peruvian
uses 98% of cpu I just went to task manager and ended process Jack
If it's got to sneak in it can't be good. Random access to the network, what's it sending? Nerd
not necessary - you can turn it off somwhere deep in realplayer's settings (otherwise it will reinsert itself into autostart registry entries). It might send usage statistics to real. Matthias
keep my cpu running all the time jon
It consumes CPU Donna
I don't like unnecessary process running, it's a Real updater, just rename the folder or deleted, it wont start up, but some stuff will not load either, that why i rename it dvorack
to craig- thank you very much for the instructions on how to end the update, it is rather annoying emi
I just dubble klicked at the top right pixel at my screen. Then the CPU-meter kicked in top and it was realsched.exe that caused it. i need answers! Johan
lol it just scans real network for updates no virus, spyware, trojan Bubba
My Camera autoplay stopped working. Read this webpage. Uninstalled RealPlayer V10 and now no more problems. I will never use this product again! BW
and another 100% cpu damn thing screwin everything up! matt ur right EVIL!!!! tom
cpu hog... lags internet connection Steve
It uses far too much CPU time when it should be sleeping. Daniel
97% System usage... Christoph
using 99% of cpu for seemingly no reason shane
realsched.exe is a program which schedules for manual update checks for Real Networks products. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling this is down to user preference however disabling may prevent notification of updates. pboom
thanks realplayer another reason not to use realplayer
ITs for updating Realplayer. When people say that thier CPU usage went up to 100% it was because it was updating, this programme wouldn't be the cause of continus maximum computer usage over a period of time. Spyware destroyer
You can be disable it under "Tools- Preferences- Automatic Services"; just disable anything, especially under "Configure Message Center". The executable is at "%CommonProgramFiles%\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe" and may be deleted, I get no errors. If you find realsched.exe anywhere else it may be a virus. Evil
uses too much cpu and slows system to a crawl kk
sheesh if you dont like it just uncheck some boxes under preferences. Craig's instructions got rid of it for me. kk
It's as everyone is saying a CPU buster. Unistalling now - and looking for an alternative to play these files -BP-
it's a realOne file. My system turned off so i have kill it in the msconfig , now my system boot normally. Arnid
From RealNetworks. Personally don't like them. It virtually takes over your system. But hey, if you want it, it's your funeral.  See also: Link Kisara
this file isn't spyware, and the reason some spyware programs might think it is, it is because it sends the info YOU provided it when you first started it... it also checks for updates.... that and nothing else... there is absolutly NOTHING wrong with it, cept it being annoying... guy with lotz of STM programs =.=
the update just keeps resetting itself. Have to use msconfig, clear cookies, and manually stop the process each time I want to listen to BBC radio on the internet. Oh, and if I try to listen without doing that, it jacks my internet connection. Scott
Installing "CodeStuff Starter", will stop it from running crazeebob2000
I normally use RealAlternative (latest version), but had to install this nasty piece of "legitmate" spyware. Removed it immediately after finishing what I had to do, Get rid of it!!! NYCGriff
If BBC wouldn't insist on useing realplayer for their trailers and Doctor Who clips I would have got rid of it ages ago. I've been experiencing problems with popups but believe I've found the cause and it wasn't this. Uses the least amount of CPU of all my tasks on this machine. Claire
Uses 100% CPU time and possibly calls wscript.exe Wo
Aggressive marketing
It keeps causing the screen to change every time it cycles an update check. very annoying mid combat. Gary
Just disable it. Nothing wrong with this. Follow instructions. And you're done.  See also: Link Azygos
To keep this pest from reappearing, Install Startup Control Panel (No I dont work for the guy) and just UNCHECK the process. That way Realplayer thinks it is still in the startup section but it will not load when Windows starts. It is not needed as most have said. Pain in the butt.  See also: Link Techware Computers
Its the msg center and updater of real player. Disabling the message center and the automatic updates in Real Player let it gone. Roberoto
It may be crappy software, but it is NOT DANGEROUS to your computer. All kinds of programs can have memory leaks and use too many resources. These programs are crappy, which is what this is. But it is NOT a security risk. I do recommend that people remove this buggy piece of crap though. Ethan
Not only annoying and a memory hog, it isn't needed. Real Player isn't even necessary at all, with the exception of a video link from a website that doesn't give WMP or QuickTime as another option. Use Media Player Classic for video, and choose a different player for music.
It's a Real Player program - not dangerous, but very annoying
Real player execs should be lined up and shot
It apparently deals with updating RealOne Player, but I'm not for sure on its authenticity. Rod
It's a default, but not needed. RealPlayer Support site tells you how to turn this, and tkbell.exe off while leaving everything else just fine. (Search for "realsched.exe" from the support page.) Munsel
RealPlayer message center. Pop-ups from the taskbar and shows random ads, sometimes causing the processor to run out of resources, but it's not really a spy- or malware. Pytak
Eats up CPU cycles. RM should be sued for using CPU power and energy on millions of computers for this tool which is useless for the majority of users. Most of them run it constantly without knowing about it. There are better approaches for updating a piece of software. Pewe
Slows down internet browsing and tracks your online activity. It is also an auto update utility for Real Player. Baneste
I have to kill the realsched.exe process before Creative MediaSource 5 Origanizer will open properly. So bin realsched. ShellShock
Any background program that can transfer useage info to somewhere else is potentially threatening. Who knows what could be done with this info?? Do you ever play a rip through RealPlayer? Do you want someone else to know. There are other media player programs available. Information gathering ... No thanks. I'm voting with my feet. Alan
It is an automatic update utility for Real Player. You can remove first by disabling the auto-update feature in your Tools- Preferences- Automatic Services- AutoUpdate (In RealPlayer). Then search through your registry for 2 locations of "realsched" (Type "regedit" after clicking on run in your Start Menu): The first will be a "(Default)" key, modify the key and erase the path; the second will be in the 'HKLM- Software- Microsoft- Windows- Current Version- SharedDlls' folder. Modify this key to "0". And lastly, open you "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\" delete "realsced.exe" Tartooob
Block it with ur firewall..Easy CW
for update and message...disable auto update and message center..and he goon... Aleksandar Cajic
realsched.exe is a CPU hog. Just watch what happens to you cpu usage when you "end task" in the processes tab of windows task manager. Follow the instructions to turn of auto updates and the message center as proposed above. If this doesn't work - uninstall the program from "Start Programs Real Realplayer Uninstall Realplayer. Too bad Real doesn't offer a resolve for this issue TW
This file will prevent the deletion of a folder after running Lance
It is not dangerous Guest
annoying since i dont use realplayer. I disabled it through msconfig (go to run, type msconfig, hit enter, go to startup tab, uncheck realsched) Shade
Has installed itself four times on my PC and is impossible to get rid of, even after uninstalling RealPlayer, source of this "gift." RealPlayer is a real disaster! vitaplena
it causes system hogged to really slowed down
eating my internet speed darkangel
Considering realshed.exe isn't a malware yet. On Windows XP it does cause any problems. But sometimes it eats alot of CPU power. It's kinda hard to get rid of but mostly you can turn it off in the Task manager(Processes). Task manager + msconfig can help out a little. Richard
Part of RealPlayer , not dangerous. Dron-e
If disabled from within RealPlayer it does not load on start up, does not use CPU runtime and does not connect to the net. It does load when the main program is loaded and consumes ca. 1 MB of RAM. MXB
Mine only uses 112k of memory - the others could be viruses PieGuy
Keeps replicating itself if disabled. Slows system down to a crawl from time to time. Archone
Real player's built in adware
Per Real Live Chat support, " It's nothing to be concerned about. You can even end the task manually… The "realsched.exe" process has something to do with the Message Center on RealPlayer… this process does not in any way affect RealPlayer processes… It also won't consume significant amount of memory." David the IT Guy
its good. my parents need it
to delete realsched.exe, just go to task manager, go to processes, delete from there, then go to file and try deleting again. haidee
resource hog - deleted its registry key, works fine Moe Badderman
It's nagware. How I got rid of it was go into "Task Manager" look for it in "Performance" and look for the "realsched" file, disabled that, went through my computer local disk C: real (The name of the file, for me) Shift + Delete, Yes to all. And then it's done. I read the rest of what others had to offer on these comments, as well, so if that doesn't work try the other's and good luck. Bampire
It make my computer crash after i upgraded/renew this thng! Arashi
When I was playing a game with Task Manager opened, I noticed the game slowed down and then looked at Task Manager. There were 135 processes, most from realplay.exe. When I ended realsched.exe, it turned back to normal. I deleted it on my registry and all's well now. Pizza Pie
it eat up your harddrive when you want to delete files you cant but you can download ive just had to put a bigger drive on 320gb might not use realplayer it has to be the cause on the computer it freezes things personly i dont think they should put realsched.exe things like that to mash our computers up thats not fair its a no no i need another program so i can download music off youtube and to convert all files anybody got any answers necromonger
Run realplayer and go through all preferences and options de-selecting automatic "Updates". Realshed should not run then. If it is, try again but go through every option!!! Realplayer is destroying its own reputation by poaching CPU time from millions of PCs. Hope they go bankrupt. Rich Kightley
Real player scheduler has a number of auto start execution points (Startup files (all users) run, Autoplay handler).  See also: Link John A.
RealNetworks, a part of RealPlayer  See also: Link Ahmad

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