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Prozess Name: Logitech Desktop Messenger

Produkt: Mouse/Keyboard/Webcam software

Firma: Logitech

Datei: backweb-8876480.exe


"backweb-8876480.exe" wird mit der Software für Logitech-Produkte installiert. Es prüft auf Software-Aktualisierungen von Logitech. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/backweb-8876480.exe.html 
Es ist unter Software als "Logitech Desktop Manager" vorhanden und kann dort deinstalliert werden.

Sehen Sie sich auch http://www.backweb.com/news/press_releases/102901.php an.

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  • 914 Anwender fragten nach dieser Datei. 48 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als harmlos. 13 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als wahrscheinlich harmlos. 51 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als neutral. 54 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als etwas gefährlich. 66 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als gefährlich. 25 Anwender bewerteten diese nicht ("keine Angabe").

Kommentare über backweb-8876480.exe:
logitech hardware zusatzsoftware
Von Logitech sucht nach neuen Updates für die Hardware
Wird mit dem Logitech Desktop Messenger für automatische Software-Updates installiert. Bei mir wurde sie mit dem Programm io-Software für den iopen installiert.  Siehe auch: Link Robert Wiesendanger
Logitech DeskTop Software  Siehe auch: Link Dirk-Jan Eising(NLD)
Not enough, which is the problem. I know what the major software companies are saying, but the one thing the haven't provided is the information in the packets transmitted by this program. If the use is legitimate, they need to prove they aren't sniffing any other information without a users consent.
LOgitech driver update prog Niall
Any file that acesses the internet without my knowledge I consider dangerous. If enough of these kind of background programs are installed they will eventually slow down even the fastest computer. I am also not happy that Ad-aware spyware removal tool does not consider this spyware. I am very computer literate, but I have no idea how this uneeded code got on my machine. If I did know I would be complaining to the company that distributed it. Shame on Logitec if they are responsible! Matt J
I had a problem with it via net zero, only when i tried to take it off. Norton does flag it, which is odd because norton is packaged with earthlink, which uses backweb processes. I think the particular backweb Norton (medium!) blocks now is from logitech installs, but I'm not trying to take it off! I run win98se, so i have enough poblem as is. Radar
Norton mag es nicht...aber keine Sorgen.....harmlos K3NNY
A new file 873374_eng.exe ??? Avi - avi_pesach
Spysweeper hat Backweb gefundenm ist abe nicht als Preozess aufgeführt. Vor Beseitigung lag die CPU auslastung bei knapp 100% Malcolm-Justin
Program is a part of package which comes with Logitech Mouseware - most likely - so called: Logitech Desktop Manager. Because it downloads packets without owner's knowledge nor permission - some anti-spy application classifies it as "downloader". Even I do not have any data supporting any potentially harmful or unwanted purposes of this software ...still company’s (Logitech) practices concerning installing and downloading software into clients computer seems to be at least questionable. Robert K
Das ist eine für die Logitech Maus verwendete Datei, jedoch sehr nervend MasterOlek
Trojan can piggy back on carrier yet Backweb does not intentionally moniter keystroke. Zonealarm Software rates BW as not a threat, but streaming software. Streaming is the problem, the port is monitored and open to hack. Wilhelm
The fact that Logitech would use suspicious driver names containing the word "hide" in it and also the suspicious sounding "backweb" is enough for anyone to clearly label it spyware. This spyware is alot more malicious than you think. Jonathan
I've done a ton of research- there are a ton of websites saying that it is dangerous and should be removed immediatly, yet as many again saying that it is fine- better safe than sorry, though. And the less background tasks, the better. Dylan
Sometimes, I can't start any progams or folders after windows xp startup. The harddisk is running..only rightclicks on the desktop area works (refresh does work). After opening task manager and cut off the backweb shit in processes... my windows work properly. Shame on Logitech!! It shouldn't be legal to bundle it to the hardware. Yez
I agree with Patti - better to be safe than sorry... But I believe the vendors should give a warning and let the end users make up their own minds as to whether or not the product is installed. Lets face it - you can always download a software patch from a vendors website - you don't need constant monitoring for new drivers of a keyboard or camera Sarge
Installed with Kodak EasyShare software. SP2 firewall immediately blocked it which was a nice surprise. The danger potential is great because you don't really know what info about you they are transmitting. Robert
Caused serious malfunction of 98SE OS. Installed with Logitech WebCam, that's when the trouble started. Uninstalled Logitech Cam and removed related software but "BackWeb" fragments remain on hdd. Disabled it in MSCONFIG, and returned product and purchased Creative WebCam. Runs without the problems as experienced with Logitech Cam. I feel it is "spyware". I won't buy anymore Logitech products, and will not support any manufacturer that uses spyware with their products. . John
mouse & keyboard software
Backweb is used for legitimate purposes by trustworthy companies, however it is also used to record keyboard stokes and internet habits in order for it to determine what is "best for you". This is MY pc, not theirs. I do not want my internet habits being sent to anyone. I suggest you remove it from your PC and simply update any programs that utilize Backweb manually instead. If you are really not sure you want to because of the hype that some of the software manufacturers spewl............ firewall it. Backweb is trecherous. Don't believe it? Remember C-dilla! Diverse-Simplicity
definitiv Mouse software ( update des treibers) wufli
When I allowed this file to access the internet via my first firewall, the second showed that it was about to transmit a binary containing the last URL visited. I can think of no good reason why Logitech need this information. Fred
Norton calls it malicious. It slows my XP Pro startup process. Logitech did not give me any notification that it was being installed, let alone the option to opt-in. Run a search on your machine for it, then remove it.
Part of the Logitech Desktop Manager. Not needed to run a Logitech webcam. If you want to remove this feature, simply remove "Logitech Desktop Messenger" from Add/Remove programs in the control panel. BillyBTall
i got it after installing logitech camera.... you dont need it at all, look in add/remove programs uninstall uneeded Logitech utilities installed with their products...Blackice firewall does not like it, and suggests blocking. (thats good enough for me ) ColdStone
I havnt had any problems. I didnt uninstall it just to avoid any problems. I blocked its access to the internet with ZoneAlarm. Whenever it tries to access the internet I get an alert from ZoneAlarm and my Firewall with the options to block or allow. COLONY71
My Norton AntiVirus Program was halted, LiveUpdate would not run, and my computer's functionality was compromised due to a Trojan acquired through Logitech's Messenger service/Backweb. I would highly recommend getting rid of this! I am still trying to reinstall my Norton Antivirus program and activate its Live Update capabilities with very little success as my Logitech Desktop Messenger is blocking all communications. Alicia
installed (had no choice) with a logitech quickcam messenger webcam, the moment i removed this my IE prevented me from browsing the web, after many hours of troubleshooting, uninstalling reinstalling logitech software and IE, eventually had to reformat and reinstall XP as it just wouldnt let me back on, it wasnt a prob with the broadband as my other comp worked fine as usual, this backweb really pissed me off, logitech are no longer on my product wish list. adz
appeared after I installed Logitech webcam. I just did a search for more info about it on the Logitech website, but there is no help from them. So I guess I don't trust them on it and it will stay blocked as SP2 did with it in the first place. AkuTyger
Logitech Harmony Remote Update Program Michael
frezzes programs
Sie müssen backWeb un backWeb-8876480 nicht vertauschen. backWeb ist eine Spyware und Adware aber backWeb-8876480 ist ein driver update programm von Logitech.  Siehe auch: Link Commander21
Es ist die Software für die Logitech X700 cordless Tastatur und Maus Fabio
Vendor-ware calling home DJF
Sucht (glaube ich) nach Updates für Hardware Silverline
gehört zu F-Secure Antivirus Volker Hett
Wirklich viel weiss ich nicht, aber kann mir nicht wirklich vorstellen das es Gefährlich sein soll, zumal das ich es schon länger habe und es keinerlei Probleme ausgelöst hat, wo sind die Probleme? Marc S
Ich weiß dass dieser prozess so ziemlich ungefährlich ist. Außerdem kann man ihn wann immer man will im Taskmanager unter Prozesse ausschalten. Der Prozess wird aber erst wieder nach einem Systemneustart wieder gesartet! Oder sie gehen in das Systemkonfigurationsprogramm (Im Start auf ausführen und dir "msconfig" ohne die "" eingeben ) um diesen Prozess dauerhaft auszuschalten. Fabian K.
Wird mit F-Secure installiert. Dient unter anderem der Aktualisierung der Datenbank und checkt auch ob andere Updates das Programm betreffend vorliegen.Allem Anschein nach tut es auch nur das.Geloggt mit Kerio Firewall4.2.2 Pro,TrojanCheck und TuneUp(für die Dienste).Mit AdAware oder SpyBot nicht geprüft. Man sollte aber nicht vergessen das Antiviren-Programme anders auf das Internet und die Hardware zugreifen können als "normale" Programme Random
zwei Backwebkomponenten: zum einen ein Programm, welches im hintergrund updates lädt. Dies ist harmlos, wenn es zu einer existierenden Software gehört. Zum zweiten die IadHide3.dll, welche offiziell nur feststellen soll, wann zum letzten Mal der Benutzer etwas eingegeben hat (damit die Downloads dann passieren, wenn man den PC gerade nicht benutzt). Das ist im Prinzip auch OK, kann aber als Risiko angesehen werden.  Siehe auch: Link foo (the one and only)
78 Einträge in der HJT.Log, verlangsamt den ganz. PC McFly
update-tool für logitech
logitech LS11 zlatatursic
Ja ... Das Design ist klar musste geandert werden :) Was ware heller, nebudu ( Menelom
Auf dieser Website finden Sie in der Lage sein igovye Maschinen kostenlos spielen Sie müssen nur auf das Bild mit dem Spiel klicken und warten Downloads. Viel Glück an den Tischen! igrovieavtomati.net  Siehe auch: Link Zjnabgsl

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