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Process name: LexBce Service

Product: MarkVision for Windows (32 bit)

Company: Lexmark International, Inc.

File: lexbces.exe

Security Rating:

"lexbces.exe" is part of Lexmark MarkVision software, which is used to configure the internal network card that comes with certain Lexmark printers to allow direct net access. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/lexbces.exe.html 

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it is a Lexmark network server DoNe
LecBce Service
I have no lexmark computers - never have. My opinion - bad stuff
Part of Lexmark software for USB printers - unfortunately it also blocks anything else from accessing anything else over USB - like USB modems and such. Whoopi
Lexmark MarkVision - confirgures a Lexmark printer's onboard network server. Waheed Islam
Used for Dell Lexmark network printers
no lexmark, but its in the task manager, i dont like it beipaw
I uninstalled it.. now my printer doesn't work. I would leave it alone, as it obviously is a necessary file.
It's a Lexmark print spooler service. Dan Scott
Did not uninstall after Lexmark printer was deleted NetworkCharles
lexbces.exe is a process which is associated with Lexmark MarkVision. This should be loaded in order to confirgure a Lexmark printer's onboard network server. This program is a non-essential system process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. valu
lexmark Lexmark MarkVision - configures a Lexmark printer's onboard network server Michael Ebert
the lexmark process can be removed safety from the task manager it will load up automaticly at the next reboot, but if you can't remove it from the task manager it mean bad stuff
I does interfer with other programs (games, HP Printer, etc). Get rid of it if you do not have a Lexmark printer.
Lexmark Nope
I do not now have and never have had a lexmark printer, but it was in taskmanager - as "lexbces.exE" - my guess is that it is an unwanted program when it has the capital E. Dennis Hall
Even though I don't have a Lexmark anymore I have to keep it to allow my printers to work
If disabled under services it will compleatly romove all possible priting ability J.D. Kitchin
first time i found information istvan ormay
I installed an HP printer after uninstalling a broken Lexmark only to find the HP will not run without LEXBCES. Nesham
i have no lexmark printer either...wtf?
I find that if I load zone alarm w/printer off, the LEXBCE questions why apparently and notices a "change".
I have a small home network & lexbces.exe appear after sharing my Lexmark printer...
The print spooler service depends on it
necessary for lexmark printers,end at your own (and your printers) risk KAMI
I killed the service because I don't use a Lexmark printer anymore, and it kills the entire print spooler upon doing so. Amber
I know my computer was lagging back and it was using my processor big time so I ended it and it started it's self back up Matthew
Printer changes registry spooler dll. You cannot delete it or no printer will spool. spudcat
This file IS from a Lexmark (or Dell) printer. When installed, it makes the print spooler (in services) dependent upon it so if you remove it, the print spooler does not work, and nothing can print. Not a virus, but pretty nasty. It also blocked the install of my HP printer/scanner/fax. I had to manually extract it from the registry and change the settings that made the spooler dependent on it - very dangerous D. Swastek
it has appeared and i am not sure about it i have been tryin to find out what is causin my cpu usage to surge but cant find any thing Erin
It prevents me from opening Turbo-tax and Tripmaker. I see no need for it. mizja
Its screwing over my print spooler service, I can't even use my printer anymore.
I have a dell printer on a network. I have never seem this file before but it appears on all my network computers now. So far I've had no probs with it. I ended the task and I can still print. Leaving it alone for now. Airboy
it is loaded with some dell printer, a lot dell printer stop screen savers from coming on so i disable this stuff if i don't need to use the printer Ramon
This service makes the print spooler dependent on itself. If you remove the dependency, it can be removed. DarkAesir
wtf. I dont have Lexmark printers, so why is this still running? Kill lexbces and the spooler stops too. Lexmark tech Support has no clue of what to do. POS Ram
the exe program is in the system 32 folder. My Hewlett Packard Printer uses it now (2110 v All in one printer). When I bought my Dell they gave me a Lexmark Printer with it as a package. This may have been installed by Dell since they were giving the Lexmark x_73 printer away as a package deal. Chuck
I did have a Lexmark printer, I find it strange that this file is still around. I stopped the service in XP and my the other printers still worked, so doesn't seem to be critical. dearsina
I killed the service because I don't use a Lexmark printer anymore, and it kills the entire print spooler upon doing so.  See also: Link csavage
It's installed with our Lexmark C510 network printer Darek
Driver for Dell Printer Dr.Pepper
In an environment where a Lexmark (and Dell branded?) printer is installed it seems to be necessary. When installed it creates a dependancy so that the Print Spooler service will not run without it. And refuses to revert to the original state when the Lexmark printer is uninstalled. If it is removed, whthout the dependancy having been removed, Print Spooliing will not work, and printing will not work for any printer. It is a service tied to an internal network printing feature with a Server, and it causes Print Spoolet to request access to the Internet! I have blocked that access in ZA  See also: Link Jim Pivonka571
i installed drivers for dell printer and lexbce service appeare! when I disinstalled dell's program lexbce service stopped and also spool service stopped! all my printers configurations disappear! when i installed and disinstalled another time dell's program all came OK! sorry for my english!
Recently installed drivers for HP1700n printer and lexbces.exe was installed too. It's causing my computer to slow down / hang, but when I stop the service or remove it, the print spooler won't load. Anyone have instructions on how to prevent the spooler from depending on this file? Frustrated
To get your printers working after removal do this: Delete all lexmark services with the "sc" command at the cmd.exe prompt. Then remove all the lexmark dependencies from the "spooler" service (again using sc). The "spooler" service should only depend on "RPCSS" and not "LexBceS". YConan
I used to have a lexmark printer, but I have a dell now. I unistalled the old printer but it's still here. I was being stupid one day and deleted some lexmark files in the system32 folder and wrecked my printer spooler, so I had to re-install windows. Mike
to get rid of this badly thought out program dependancy, remove LEXBCES from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Spooler\DependOnService so that only RPCSS remains. Stop & Disable LEXBCES service & restart your computer. Justin
Once again, it's not a Microsoft file, yet it's in System32. It will not allow me to delete it. Access denied. I can't even delete it from Task Manager. I think, but not sure, it's bad news. Doug
It doesn't uninstall with the uninstall program. Why would Lexmark do this? That I don't know, but the only way to remove it is to eliminate the dependency, and then delete the file. Tony
Had lexmark, printer cartridges were more expensive than a new printer, so, I bought an HP. HP will not install now! When I kill lexbces, nothing works! Arrrrgh... Lexmark sucks. loaded
i uninstalled my lexmark printer, but its still there, so i got into safe mode and deleted it and im better! It was just taking up space... bob
Not dangerous, but a bitch to uninstall. It doesn't go away when u uninstall the printer. phil
I kow it's using 99% of my CPU, and it's a bloody PRINTER!!! chad davis
It was installed with my original lexmark multiifunction. Now My epson printer won't function without it wanglese
It's like the files Sony puts in our computers, why would Microsoft let Lexmark take control of our printer spools, printer spool won't run without it now Willa
Appears to be associated with Dell printer; however, on a previous installation it wasn't there and things printed fine. I don't like the fact that the extension is .exE either..... gonna try to get ride of it and see if I can still print. Homefry
This is a quite annoying print spooler that prevents me from printing. csavages link was the appropriate solution, if a bit technical [ which was what i wanted anyways]  See also: Link PidGin128
a service running for lexmark printers.  See also: Link Brubaker
nothing i dont even have a lexmark printer and now i can not use system restore or internet exlorer
it's a real pain, but I found something to fix it  See also: Link GB
It's a real problem after the printer no longer works. Very hard to get spooler32 to unhook from it.......pretty much stinks Ralph
possibly that it comes with comp, as its needed for many printers.
Never had a lexmark printer - but installed by Dell AIO Printer 920 - with Lexpps.exe Tom
spyware crap for lexmark printer, I was able to uninstall the lexmark and use a stantdard microsoft printer driver to print jeff
Not dangerous, but this is a veryly poorly designed and implemented piece of software. Have to manually amend the Registry to get rid of it. neoyhng
I got this .EXE by installing a Dell (Lexmark) All-In-One printer/scanner etc. Printer is junk, so I removed it and uninstalled the Dell software. I found a bunch of Lexmark EXEs and DLLs in system 32, so I deleted them. No print spooler. I finally was able to get the print spooler back up by restoring LEXBCES.EXE and lexbce.dll and starting the service through Admin Tools. THIS SUCKS, Lexmark!! Now it looks like I have to go in and screw with the registry, something I prefer not to do.... Timm
I had a lexmark instaled on my computer.I didnt know how uninstal this,so I solved delete the files..it didnt work on first time,but on other day it did and now Im trying to install my HP and I dont get :( the Spooler doesnt work.I need LEXBCES.EXE Vox
tried to erase it, messed with permission entries and it finally seemed null, then replicated itself into current printer (a dell); long have had NO lexus printer on system. A DEFINITE virus. Lexus printers should come with warnings. now linked to dell printer. in process of consulting with tech to completely remove. This was linked to NETWORK as seen on task manager! We NEVER shared printer over network. m
if you try to uninstall lexmark printer, it messes up Spooler in XP Sammydad1
Dell uses lexmark printers. If you have a dell printer it should be there
Not dangerous, but uses resources. I removed it. If you don't have a Lexmark or Dell printer, you don't need it. Removal: disable Lexbces.exe and print spooler in msconfig. Restart. Open Rededit, search for "Lexbce." Will eventually find in registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Spooler\DependOnService. Will be in CurrentControlSet, plus 001, 002, and 003 if you have it. Delete them, msconfig to check spooler, clear Prefetch, delete lexbce.exe (and .dll) from System32 file, restart, and it's gone. Good ridance, too. Old Guy
Had a Lexmark printer installed temporary and got my Epson back, deleted all Lexmark stuff but my spooler got "damaged" and I cant install my epson now. Neither can I install the Lexmark as I gave it away and the service is shut down and I cant start it. Mark
Deleted my lexmark printer and it stayed on using 3 MB ram or so... Scott
It's a file from Lexmark - for the printing system. This File installs itself while the windows installation(you can find it on the WindowsCD), so it's ok EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE A LEXMARK PRINTER! :-)  See also: Link Mirra
not hard to unistall.you will need to go into safe mode to remove it.once done go into your start up and stop it from running.2 go into your hkey and find the lexmark key and remove it manully.reboot and install new printer.will work. william
i dont like the fact its in the windows folder and its not a system file(thx Security Task Manager; mad props)and also the exe that this one starts(lexpps.EXE)opens ports and has record input functions and also the fact i havent had a printer since i wiped my hard drive thats kinda odd too... Ian
Picked up by WinPatrol. Investigated and seems to be okay. Vonnie
Poorly written Lexmark app that causes problems. * don't put it on your print server whatever you may do! * It can hose up all printing. Instead, tell the server (or PC) that you're using a HP printer and try one of the major drivers until you find something that works. Scarecrowe
Anything that causes this much trouble is dangerous and should not be installed on any computer Postamble
The most pratical way to remove this is: To click Start, Run, Type CMD (To open a command prompt) Then on this type: "net stop spooler" (without " "), than type: sc config spooler depend= RPCSS (note the space after = but not before) than type: "net start spooler" THAT'S IT. Carlitos
Because I saw no reason to have anything Lexmark after I bought an HP PSC, I just wanted it out! HP finally helped me to start my printer and scanner again after following someone's advice on this site to rename it old. Well, don't do that! A
Dell printers are Lexmarks in disguise. As for this file, I quit using my Lexmark Printer over a year ago, and this file still loads. Oy! Shadocat
It installs itself as a "DependOnService" for the print spooler service. If you stop or disable it, the print spooler also stops or won't start. You have to remove it as a depedency. To do this, use regedit and go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Spooler" and right click on the value "DependOnService" then select modify. You will see 3 columns set out in the screen. On the far right, highlite all alpha and numeric characters up to but excluding the "R" of the service "RPCSS" and delete them. Restart the computer. Scorpiosez
It will not let my print spooler work and now I can not print anything Big Red9661
not dangerous unless you delete it and still want to print this website has instructions on how to restore your registry to the origional pre lexmark state  See also: Link jed
LexMark printer component, also used for some Dell printers. It is ok - until you want to remove it. The Lexmark software adds itself to the dependencies for the Windows Print Spooler. There is a workaround to unhook it and remove the drivers. You can search for some recommended fixes. Link to related Microsoft item is listed here.  See also: Link Greg
This file is part of the suite when you install Lexmark MarkVision on a print server. It has hooks into the spooler service and cannot be removed easily. Microsoft has a Q article on how-to remove it from an NT 4.0 server, but still looking for comprehensive instructions for removing it from a W2K server. It is not a virus or a dangerous program, just a BIG resource hog that is unnecessary. Peggy
It was activated after installastion of a lexmark product such as a printer
This worked for me: remove LEXBCES from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Spooler\DependOnService so that only RPCSS remains. Stop & Disable LEXBCES service & restart your computer.  See also: Link Bhakti
If you've ever connected a Lexmark printer to your computer, you're stuck with this useless, backfiring monstrosity. To remove it, you have to mess around on the command line and in the registry. See instructions in various posts below. Very, very dangerous.
yes it is a lexmark file and is loaded from the disk when installing a printer, its used when you have a network for printer sharing, it lays dormant till putting it to use. as for not being able to use iexplore due to it! ...i think you have pc issues you have no control over....sure delete the file if you dont have a printer its useless to you and wastes space on your harddrive, however keep it if you own a lexmark and running a network! if you dont have a network well keep it if you have installed it, its not the cause of any problem thrillseaka
I removed it because I don't use a Lexmark printer anymore, and it kills the entire print spooler upon doing so. I can't print with any printer anymore and now I'm searching for a solution to repair this problem. Diego
I installed a canon printer after my lexmark broke and discovered that LEXBCES was still needed as a service to allow the windows print spooler to run. However, when I renamed the system32 lexbces.exe to lexbcesno.exe, I was able to print successfully. I agree with old guy that the dependency was the problem and also that it's probably cleaner to use regedit, but for those who don't want to mess with the registry leaving the service enabled but disabling the file seems to work just fine. I can also rename it back if I discover it was needed. I also renamed lexpps to stop it from running. jim
Completely hosed my install of XP Pro, while attempting to install a Dell printer, correct XP driver downloaded directly from Dell. 8 minutes to boot, No taskbar, No Start menu, windows key broken, Windows installer service thrashed, No IE, No Outlook, etc. Tried every workaround here, plus a few MS knowledge base articles to fix, irreperably broken. Had to repartition and install Xp again, to even get my files back from C:// partiton as no DVD write, or USB transfer was working in current system state. Worst piece of crap driver I have ever seen! BEWARE!! Squidward
It may not be dangerous, but it sure is a pain in the butt. Took me forever to figure out that this is what was wrong, and I'm especially annoyed that I have to go in and edit the registry. Thanks for the helpful information you kind folks have posted here, esp. to "Old Guy" for instructions to fix it!  See also: Link Finally
It mysteriously appeared after a windows update. WinPatrol caught it and I refused startup until I checked here. Checked task manager & it was there anyway. I removed it and my HP still prints. I do have a Lexmark & Dell installed that I haven't used because they drink ink. Guess I'll just keep removing it every morning. Sandra Q
Once you install a Lexmark printer, you'll never again be allowed to use a different printer! Michael Miller
instalacion lexmark 1270
This file is installed with some HP printers too. Print Spooler becomes dependent on this service. Kill it, and you can't print. G3iMacMan
one of printing spooling driver mstuczko
it turns any lexmark or dell printer offline in windows vista but works fine with xp. verdict? remove this file if you are using vista but keep it if your are using xp mixmasta [ certified pinoy tech]
This really helped me out when I couldn't start my new Canon printer : first do the Microsoft procedure under the link and then "It installs itself as a "DependOnService" for the print spooler service. (...) use regedit and go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Spooler" and right click on the value "DependOnService" then select modify. You will see 3 columns set out in the screen. On the far right, highlite all alpha and numeric characters up to but excluding the "R" of the service "RPCSS" and delete them. Restart. Now all is doing well. Eduard Heyning
carlitos explains it perfectly above. i tried it works great now! thanks!!! lexmark strikes again. wastes resources and not needed. mustang
Part of the Lexmark Print service. If you use something like PCmover (for a new PC without any Lexmark product) you might find all instances of this file get copied over. Provided you are not using anything 'lexmark' just do a search and remove all instances of the file. Good idea (free for personal use) is to get a copy of 'Belarc' and run it.  See also: Link Michael L
As many say above - its a Lexmark file. I tried to manually start spooler but was depended on Lexbces being started, When I tried to start this via sevices it gave me an "Error 5 : Access is Denied" warning. Tried deleting file using some of the above - regedit commands but no joy. Finally used details as explained by "Scorpiosez" above and hey presto everything working again. Lorry31
listens continuously as a "repeat server program" according to Zone Alarm. SRG
It is ridiculous for a stupid printer to require a service task and near criminal for it to make it a dependancy of the spooler. Lexmark ought to be sued. Stay far away from Lexmark printers! Mr Cranky
Carlitos FTW - thanks man...how simple! mOOse
this works: open regedit and remove LEXBCES from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Spooler\DependOnService. Stop & Disable LEXBCES service & restart your computer. Hepe
Printer Service for Lexmark or Dell printer. TO REMOVE: Uninstall all programs to do with this (printer programs, drivers etc) if possible. Then type "cmd" in Start run..., then type in the command console "sc config spooler depend= RPCSS" This will remove the PrintSpooer's dependancy on the service. You should then be free to delete its files in WINDWS\System32 and WINDOWS\System32\spool, and the registry. As always, be careful not to remove anything else. Matthew
Absolute crap. Not necessary for a printer to require an ADDITIONAL service and FORCE the spooler to rely on said service. When this service fails (and it does all the time) the spooler dies, and takes a long time to fix. Kill it, but kill it carefully!
It belongs to a set of files coming from a Lexmark printer installation. I did the same as Bhakti but in addition deleted the service. Worked fine, I thought that it would be the end of it but after a few restarts of my pc, the service is up and running again. So now I am looking for a way to totally remove the files that initiated the service again. Elianaa
It runs but my Lexmark printer has been mothballed for many months. My worry (which admittedly may be paranoia) is that the Lexmark spooler could be hijacked by an intruder on my unsecure network and used to transmit content sarge
lexbces.exe is not necessary unless using a lexmark printer. That lexmark made the print spooler dependent upon it is ludicrous Earl Keith
Took a combination of the details listed here. The lexbces.exe was not on local machine, Removed reg entries for it and cleared up service and dependencies to get print spooler back on line,
it is a windows service that can be access and started by using msconfig or going to administrator tools in control panel. cesar matz
On my Dell laptop (circa 2001 model) my print spooler service is dependant on the LEXBCXE service. I'm guessing it was shipped from Dell that way. My background is 35+ years of computer programming. mrpete
Lexmark are complete fools to have ever made such a program! I can't believe the inconvenience that file ahs caused for so many people including me. Any program that wastes so much of your time is dangerous - to your sanity. Go with Old Guy's advice! BGS
Uninstalled Printer & services still running Michael Johnson
It has taken over my computer, it's saying it is a trojan tmb
After uninstalling lexmark printer driver, the print spooler is not working and is givning the exception 'The print spooler service depends on nonexistent service LexBces.exe' Sunil
is required to run in order for you or at least me to be able to print to your Lexmark printer scott
I uninstalled a Lexmark and was also totally shut down for printing. Using the above steps to remove the dependency in the registry was absolutely all I had to do and full functionality was restored. (Acer laptop using XP Pro.) Smitty in VA.
I got an old Lexmark printer that I wasn't using anymore and I wanted to get rid of its services. When I did so, none of my printers worked again (HP, Epson). After doing some search I have found a solution at the given link. By doing the steps mentioned there I was able to put the Print Spooler on its feets.  See also: Link Bogdan

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