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Process name: Macrovision RTS Service

Product: SafeCast Windows NT

Company: Macrovision

File: cdac11ba.exe

Security Rating:

"cdac11ba.exe" is part of the copy-protection software “Macrovision Safe Cast”, which is used by software makers to stop piracy. Removing this process may cause protected applications to stop working. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/cdac11ba.exe.html 

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All comments about cdac11ba.exe:
Associated with MacroVision’s SafeCast copy protection software which enables other software manufacturers to protect their products from illegal copying.  See also: Link bubbles
Takes access of the PC. Check your Task Manager for the exe Surinder Rinku
It is, in and of itself, not dangerous & is bundled with SafeCast. Necessary for newer ACad systems.
(C-Dilla, bought by MacroVision) // Background task which is an integral part of MacroVision’s SafeCast copy protection software (software which enables other software manufacturers to protect their products from illegal copying). SafeCast is used in many products such as Intuit’s TurboTax (from version 2002 onward) and quite a few games.  See also: Link Zerch
Key provider for software, no need for original cd. Chompie
Used with AutoDesk, AutoCAD 2004 Tom Stephens
In my task manager appears like CDAC11.BA.EXE MAR AVILA
if you kill tath process you can't start any program depended on it (3dsmax) Stg
i have a archicad and use this JuvE
It came up for no damn reason and it wasn't there yesterday RoB
comes and goes with installation/uninstallation from AutoCAD 2004 Mirrakor
Used with 3DS Max 6.0, no need to worry if you got licence for product. Pit
it's been on my computer for quite a long time and caused no problems. i also use autocad and inventor, which probably explains why it is on my pc.
Came with Auto Cad 2004
Part of licence management/copy protection for various 3D progs. Mine came with 3D Studio Max. Not needed if you don't use one of these programs. Artmonkey
Appeared after I installed my (cracked) copy of autocad 2004. So much for copy protection :P toy boy
also used with Studio Max 6 mandarin
In my task manager appears like CDAC11.BA.EXE bender
It appeared in my computer two days ago. I noticed it after being infected by spyware and adware. I deleted them but the process remained. I don't use AutoCad and that stuff mencioned above... I don't know whether it is or not dangerous :S Pam
Part of C-Dilla's copy protection spyware. Prevents you from performing tasks that have nothing to do whatsoever with the software that it is bundled with. Avoid.
it's actually part of the flexlm license manager....i believe you need it to run the flexlm license manager, im not going to turn it off, since im using the same flexlm prog for 3 different programs, autocad 2004 being one of them Grant Huntington
This is the SafeCast application used for Autodesk & Discreet software. If you have an legit license then you don't need to worry. MMIC
dont know where it came from and i want it out of my computer
Slowed down my system appears to be malware/spyware. gianni
It´s an Autocad file. Not to worry Miquel
erschien bei mir vor einiger zeit auf dem computer ohne irgendeinen grund. in den diensten gestoppt und deaktiviert und ruhe is ladyjamanay
For the life of me, I can't get the damned thing off my computer! G. Woods
It is installed by an application. Xi SHI
appear with firegraphic 8 (an image viewer)  See also: Link aimster
This come to me along with the Longman Dictionary 4th Edition.
It is soemthing that does not belong on anyones computer.  See also: Link Cody
Apparently caused problems. Halted explorer.exe, Windows GUI didn't work and I couldn't end process explorer.exe. After disabling the C-DillaCDac service, everything worked fine again. Erik Allik
Kommt auch bei Pantone Produkte vor. Stéphane
Came with Auto Cad 2004
I'ts from autocad Dieter
Well I dont use Autocad Nisse
Should be considered malware, as it doesn't ask user permition to install and is very hard to remove. A software which insists to stay on my system even if I don't like it should be considered extremely dangerous. Cristian
Associated with AutoCAD license system – no thread. norBy
Easy to STOP. Just right-click on "My Computer", then click on Manage and find it under Processes and 'disable' Danny B
came with autocad ... might be evil :D mla
Installed by 3dsmax 6. It checks the license and you can't run the software unless you restart the service. Bisturi
All my SW is cracked, its just part of ACAD/§dMAx and some other tools Zgembo
Potentially in itself is a harmless file, but can be fatal as it freezes many system resources. As a consequence, the system might become vulnerable to other malicious programs.  See also: Link Shashank Hariharaan
i have studio max 6 installed Mr E
While doing a search of my registry I found this file to have been a part of the game demo for Red Ace Squadron by Boonty Games. FiarHors
I found C-dilla came with "Magix Audio Cleaner" a few years ago and it seemed no problem, until I had to re-install Magix from a copy I had made as backup. The from what I could find on the web, C-dilla was stopping the back-up from installing. It kept asking for the original CD. I was able to delete c-Dilla when I uninstalled all signs of Magix but now have it again when it installed with WinPatrol from BP Studios. I think it's some sort of copy protection similar to Windows Validation , were it checks a serial number issued with each download of the program so you don't use it illegally. jimmyjacko
I think it comes with 3D max 6, as if i disable it in Task manager 3Dmax wont start FroZeNSouL
Following problems with slow response and lockups/blue screens I found it in "services" with no information as to how it got there or what it did - checked on web for details and found lots of warnings - disabled it in "services" and very slow running was gone in an instant - PC behaves like a fast machine again Nick Essex
File is installed by 3DS Max. I have version 6. It may or may not be in earlier or later versions. Andrew
it is bundled with other software (usually games) and it checks if the cd is original or copy. This software is developed and used by companies to protect their software (usually games) from copying. If you installed some software from an original cd, it may have installed also this (without any permission from user) - this is bothering. It's not spyware. nobody
I'm aware that this is also probably related to Maya, I use maya, which also runs on the flexlm licence system so I figure that based on Grant Huntington's post, that thats the reason its on my system. Rox
Came with a Data Becker Graphics Works 5 demo(!). After removing all services and files (about 1h!) a shareware game that previously locked up after a few minutes now runs flawlessly. I think I recheck all programs that show problems at the moment (2nd CD-ROM burner ...) Germerman
shitty DRM (digital restrictions management) Gabriel
Making troubles for Network Neighbourhood, files aren't copy.
It is used to protect copying and is run with certain programs and games such as BF2 (Battlefield 2)
CDilla copyright protection client. Checks the internet to make sure an identical product serial isn't in use. Required to use the product it comes with, removing it disables the game/application. Mitchpate
Behaves like malware (resists deletion, installs without permission), and is associated with Macrovision which I don't trust one bit. Recommend removing this and not using anything that requires it. Anonymous
windows now says its a device driver and my system renamed it *.vxd when i installed the update jon- jhemming
Was installed with Autocad 2004, its installed without permission, and causes autocad not too start very often requires reboot, although its a legal copy! gertoo245
i have auto cad and scanned over 30 win installs dont have this file zsukeljuma
Comes with Oxford English Dictionary on CD-ROM -- It TOTALLY fux0red my RAID drives, making some disappear from the OS at odd times. It's stupid and harmful and it took me three days to discover what the problem was because it doesn't uninstall when you remove OED. Criminal crap spam garbage. Sam
LONGMAN electronic dictionary trying to install it every time you run it Tanya
Kill the service if it bugs you, but I believe it's harmless. I'm completely legit (no hacked or cracked software) only game I've ever installed from CD is Mechwarrior from Microsoft, so it must have been installed then. Michael E Tibbs Jr
If you go to control panel - software, where you can add/remove software, you can see an entry with "safecast shared components" where you can remove it. If you click more information, you can see a list of the software related to this particular program. It appears it installed itself along with Proteus X (which I got when I bought a midi-controller). Its probably not a very big deal, but the fact it suddenly installed on my pc irritates me. Plaap
It appears from no-where, sudden turmoil and conflict follow, and there is no credits to acknowledge the programming genius or believeability as a reputable program. Just as drivers should be "signed" with credible information, programs that show up from no-where should be also.
In services.mmc it's named C-DillaCdaC11BA . I disabled it there and indeed 3DMax stop working... Uninstalled both :) vba
It come with some applications, I get it when installed an Electrophoresis Image Analyzer: Total Lab v2005. AndreuchiX
freezes the screen,keyboard,mouse.......everything.doesn't come back to normal even after 30 minutes......i use AutoCAD2004,i think it came with it......its really annoying. raviteja
I have only installed Warcraft 3 recently so it must have come with that. I killed the process and it didn't interfere with running of the game. Does it just stop your CD writer from copying? Bloody cheeky if it does - they're installing software on my computer to stop it functioning correctly. Keith Mould
Was installed with Mechwarrior. Suspect it's copy protection. Disabling it in services seems to have worked. Westie
It installed itself with a free game trial of DaveMirraBMX JL
E-MU Proteus VX software synthesizer uses the Windows service cdac11ba.exe and won't start without the service running  See also: Link Jess
Comes with Emulator X (for example Software-Bundle together with EMU 1212m Soundcard). Emulator X is an audio software sampler. Manuel
its come with AutoCad 2004 Shamim
Don't know where it came from. Appeared suddenly but I had not installed any new software. Disable it using services if you can live without it. It eats up resources and slows down the computer. Herbievore
Installed with Mechwarrior 4(any version). Prevents you from using disk images instead of the real cd, the "no cd hacks" for the game should be used and service + exe should be deleted/disabled Carl "bunnytaur" Stears
It showed up on my computer when I downloaded Adobe Reader X. Doesn't seem to have affected my systems - yet. Daryl
I think it comes with autocad 2004 as I also installed autocad and now I see cdac11ba.exe in task manager. Rizwanation
It is part of the Macrovision copy protection scheme. I have been using MathCad for many years and it came as part of the MathCad 11 Single user upgrade. It miss behaves occasionally and tells me that my license is already in use in another computer. It seems to conflict with Dragon Naturally Speaking version 10 which when I installed it MathCad died. Ruben
as with all autodesk files it seems to cause conflicts with dassault solidworks Jack
Most likely came to my computer with Mechwarrior installation. Without my knowlage or aproval installed itself to do something undesirable. Id definitely go out of my way to remove it. After removing the file and killing process, my torrent files are noticeably faster.

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