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Process name: IIS Admin Service Helper

Product: Microsoft Internet Information Services

Company: Microsoft Corporation

File: inetinfo.exe

Security Rating:

"inetinfo.exe" is a component of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), the popular web server package widely deployed on the Internet. This process is used mainly for debugging purposes. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/inetinfo.exe.html 

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Microsoft Internet Infomation Services Alex
This is a web server for windows, it's not dangerous at all, but if you don't use it, better to stop de service, because is a vunerable windows service Edgar Donoso
nothing except it has slowed internet explorer down so much that it sometimes can take over 5 minutes to load a web page, providing it loads at all.
A process that runs on an IIS server and is a part of the Windows 2000 Exchange infrastructure B. Lemanski
IIS Admin Service Helper Amen
Windows IIS file CYarborough
Very problem Mike
Microsoft Datei - Kategorie "hilfreich"  See also: Link Holger Mu▀witz
IIs server file Scot
If used over a long period of time on IIS without a reboot it uses a considerable amout of memory. (This is 60 days)
Norton knows it as a virus c:/windows/assembly/inetinfo.exe Jmeijer
When this file is running your can't run any 3 party servers that use ports 80 and 25. Aaron
slows down internet connection Mustafa Saglam
inetinfo.exe is theMicrosoft IIS server running, handling ASP.NET requests among other things.When an ASP.NET request is received (usually a file with .aspx extension) Prafful Kambarkar
it doesn┤t destroy anything but you┤ll see its impact more and more with each app you┤ve installed.It lengthens the installation time of applicxations,the more apps you┤ve already installed,the longer it takes.I have so many applications installed that it now takes ages to install a new one.Strangely when i turn off inetinfo.exe,the installation moves on quickly after 5 seconds tom
It loops when running some Pervasive ODBC connections Ray Frye
It is using 99% of my CPU for almost an hour now. antigomike
Required if you want to run your own SMTP server DaveT
If your inetinfo.exe is getting close to 100% CPU attention, open IIS Console and check SMTP Virtual Server. Most likely your SMTP is wide open and used for spam relay. Peter Rospond
I have a problem too, with this file, and it slows down my computer very very much.I observed that I have traffic on port 53+25. Seb
IIS related  See also: Link Anand
Its a quantum process of the 13th micron layer of the virtual windows processing thread. Dr. Phil
inetinfo.exe is used through IIS when people upload or download from your website. It may also be used with your FTP, I'm not sure.
sounds like if your processor is at 100%, u have a virus that is exploiting it JR
inetinfo.exe is used primarily for debugging Microsoft Windows Server Internet Information Services. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated Costas
internet information helper service which hangs slows down everything slows down the windows startup programs all of it loops round on ip and holds evrything up till it gets reply not to mention the fact it dont get a reply fireicer
IIS Server Process. If it's causing you grief, try uninstalling IIS Keith M
Has been using about 99% of the CPU for about 2 hours. aruncg
Using 70% of my cpu, but no connection is made. LadyRoot
This process is running on FTP server with CPU consuming in range of 10-99% when FTP client (s) uploading/downloading data VZ
i used thei nternet plenty of times on my computer without this program or any IIS programs running. i installed a trial version of free internet which shows ads to support itself and uses windows messenger popups. Inetinfo.exe runs now that i used the free internet and appears to impair the internet speed alot. also IISreset and IISrstas are running with it, if you try to close inetinfo iisreset appears and brings back inetinfo. this program is non essential to windows and appears very harmful. Blake V
IIS base (iisadmin) - stop this and all your IIS modules (www, ftp etc.) go crashing down. If you don't know what IIS is, you should uninstall it. *root*
I have the same problems than Tom : it even freezes installation processes for new softwares. How to shut it down permanently ? Mat la classe
It's ocpuing CPU usage 85-93%. System function will become very very slow Suresh Kumar
Has been using about 99% of the CPU for about 2 hours. Phaeton
It uses port 21, so other ftp servers can't work misniax
Just found this : net start or stop / iisadmin  See also: Link Mat la classe
Windos Task Manager/processes Maiko
The inetinfo.exe process contains the many Internet services (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, NNTP) provided by IIS. Inetinfo.exe receives requests from the TCP/IP subsystem and directs the requests to the respective services, which in turn interpret the requests, execute them, and return the results to the client. Because all of these services run within the same process (inetinfo.exe), they are able to share cached data such as file handles, account information, and log file data.  See also: Link splus
Peter Rospond said the smart thing: if your inetinfo.exe is getting close to 100% CPU attention, open IIS Console and check SMTP Virtual Server. Most likely your SMTP is wide open and used for spam relay. All you have to do is add/remove windows components and uncheck the SMTP option, since I can't think of anyone that needs it on their home pc ;) b´÷Á´ó
Major resource hog, on P4-2ghz with 512mb ram, this was pulling 80%-90% CPU according to task manager, and I dont even run a webserver. So I killed it and now my machine runs SOoooooo much faster, and My internet connection is also Much quicker. My advise... Ditch it. If you want a web server, use Apache. HomeDaddy
This file if running controls port 80 for iis. This can cause an error in Dreamweaver that stops you using the site definition requester to edit site info. if this is the case or if you don't need iis active then end this process in task manager and dreamweaver will work fine
Manages ISS, SMTP and IIS Admin is not needed for normal operation of your computer, can be a memory hog, if you are NOT using any IIS/web/smtp service, disable this process Jim
Takes anywhere from 1 mb to 20mb+ in system resoures. It is a waste of cpu power, unless you are running a server. Addy
I cant open the property window of a folder in windows explorer before i shutdown this process.... Very anoying. Morten
my computers hard drive is running like crazy. I just installed it, it's coming right back off again. dug
Microsoft IIS if you use apache turn off this file from Service Manager at Control Panel Irwanex
"important for the stable and secure running (..)" BIG ROFL - greets to MS !
Seems to cause CIV3 to crash on intranet after an hour Lurker
IIS Helper file used by MS to make our lives difficult Oprah
this file related to IIS service Mohammad Nadeem
slows down system dramatically just me
omfg... CPU Usage: 100% subby
It really slows down my computer and When I attempted to terminate the process it didn't stop at all Loc
IIS Admin Service, somehow seems to make the Microsoft Update hang on Exchange update. No harm done, after killing it, everything restored to normal. Fludizz
Microsoft Internet Infomation Services
Is used to host sites direct from your computer and IP. If you didnt install this yourself, it may be the virus version. Use anti-virus software to determine. Paul M
Shouldn't run at startup Joe
It is an easy target for Spyware. Malevalent programs latch onto the file and windows protects it from most anti-virus. Untampered, it is low risk, but the file can be accessed remotely through IE and viruses planted within the file. Norton will not even identify the viruses, most anti-virus/anti-spyware won't be able to disinfect. Kaspersky is the only anti-virus I've found to work against it. Syllus
this exe have too many dll's like world wide web publishing Mradul
stops processing application completely and 100% cpu usage jump
Causes installation of visual studio to hang amj
I was on the Microsoft Windows team for two years, and this is a horrible file for what it is supposed to do. Remember, NEVER DELETE SYSTEM FILES, unless YOU know what you're doing. I would say, go to the prefetch and delete the pf first, then delete the aplication after removing it from msconfig.exe run command boot.ini. Thanks, Tom Mead Tom Mead (Now working on Linux)
It's a wide-open gate to hell, if CPU usage reaches 100% it will summon satan all over your harddisk !!! Can be removed by dropping your computer from the 4th floor, maybe even from the 3rd, but i havent tried that by now. erSitzt
IIS... nothing more Simba
MS tool for checking ms product genuinity....you got dodgy windows then it's gonna cause you hell....i never had it on my machine until MS put it on there after my machine reported a dodgy serial to MS......now i gotta reformat the machine or i cant play dodgy games etc Spa
very high memmory usage
It is the service that runs for Internet information Services. It is used to hose a Net Server. also could appear due to install of Virtual Machines. Nick
It looks like a spyware of Microsoft. It exploits 99% of CPU even when there is nothing to do with IIS. Heysem
"IIS Admin" services, in services cause these processes to exist. just stop this and they all go away! goozay munanos!
Windows IIS file Muthukumar Siralan
maybe the SMTP is wide open. take a look at the queue directory and check if there a thousands of mails inside. stop SMTP service, delete the queue and secure the box :) rul
Unless you're running a web server on your computer (you'll know if you are), this should not be running. If you want to run a web or mail server on your computer these might be useful. But if you did not choose to create a web server someone else could be using your computer as a web server for malicious purposes. If you do not want a web server running on your computer, stop and disable these three using Control Panel\Administrative tools\Services: "Simple Mail Transportation Protocol", "World Wide Web Pulbishing", and "IIS Admin". Make sure you set the Start up type to Disabled or Manul Tim
Microsoft Internet Infomation Services, used for testin asp sites with no internet connection... but it also uses10mb of ram with no reason.. when u dont use it, u cant kill the procces without its starting again Tabsss
IIS Admin Service cokkiy
If you want to set up your own server, goto Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services and disable this service (IIS admin). vieiralisboa
inetinfo.exe is Microsoft IIS file which handles ASP.NET(usaually page with .aspx extension) requests. inetinfo.exe is an IIS process inside which runs a ASP.NET ISAPI ie aspnet_iisapi.dll. This handles the request from the ASP.NET file, which intern uses named pipes to communicate with WP(ASP.NET Worker Process).  See also: Link Srinivas Jadhav
It is supposed to be the a service of IIS. It allows you to host your own website from your computer among other things. Unless you are hosting your own website, you should disable this service or even uninstall it. It has vulneratilities to attack. Also, a trogan can also masquarade as th inetinfo.exe. Mike M
It's a part of IIS. Disable the SMTP service and everything should be fine. Olaf
This is the IIS admin service. For some reason unbeknownst to me, it seems to be very problematic, and most of the time will die just when you need it. No real harm could be done by stopping it if you're not going to host websites. Java EE Developer
Use a program like Process Explorer from SysInternals (free prog) and check where it's running from, if it's not running from C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\inetinfo.exe then get rid of it. If it keeps using 90% CPU type IISRESET in your start run, this will reset IIS and return it to working normally LordWabbit
inetinfo.exe is used primarily for debugging Microsoft Windows Server Internet Information Services. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated
I have been trying to uninstall this for a while now, it just keeps coming back. Sheena
From the control panel (add/remove windows applications) you can disable this file at the IIS (Internet Information Services). Just disable all the items. It' s not dangerous and if you don' t need then its better to disable it. tolga
I don't really think it's dangerous at all but it uses an abnormally high ammount of cpu and after I stop it from starting my computer started running MUCH faster JaReD
It's Microsoft Internet Information Server... In other words a HTTP/FTP/SMTP server. If you know you are running one and know how to manage it properly then it's legit. Otherwise check for spoofs or disable it if you don't need it since it's a common avenue of attack.  See also: Link btag
It's a completely safe file which is required for the Windows IIS Service. Disabling it means that the service ceases to work. It occupies port 80 Dan
If your inetinfo.exe is getting close to 100% CPU attention, open IIS Console and check SMTP Virtual Server. Most likely your SMTP is wide open and used for spam relay. Mine was 100%, I shut off the SMTP and it's using 0% now... thanks Peter trip
Its required for IIS(Internet Information Service) to run on Windows 2003; (Hosting sites etc) There is a conflict that will cause the CPU overload, ( i think with the smtp server, and probably others) and if you dont have the latest security patch it could be vulnerable to malicious coders. In itself it is not a dangerous program.  See also: Link Timothy Murphy
IIS Admin pff!, it states that SMTP uses this service, but, thunderbird happily sends emails after STOPPING it...jeez man, can't anyone tell the truth?!
MS IIS service P0rter
Like others said, its IIS related. Open IIS manager, find FTP Sites Default FTP Site - right click and select stop KevinR
link below solves the riddle. annoying file, i just killed it. Not needed for normal operation, unless U run a webserver.  See also: Link rob
this is an iis related debugging file; Due to some problem it may use up to 100% of ur cpu Jayakrishnan
Using about 500meg of memory and over 25% of cpu time. the server was open for relaying via exchange 2003. thousands of spam-mails are waiting in queue. gonna fix that now. daVe
Antivir define this process as a trojan horse, and it looks like a Trojan horse (Protect against deleting, recopie and hidden processes that restarts stopped processes) Michael
I have 2003 windows server/ Now some virus program make with my server spam-mashine using that file (inetifo.exe). i using kerio FW but it seems to be nothing for virus Alex
Used w/ IIS; would also like to comment on all the people that do not know about this process. Please do not add your 2 cents as you may cause problems for the others whom know nothing about this process as well. As mentioned above, if you are hosting a web server, you will know and you may just restart the service (usually almost last service listed "www"). If you don't not host a webserver, then disable it. Jason
It is necessary if you want to publish a website from your computer. I do this on our intranet. DougB
This File is responsible for FTP Server, HTTP Server, HTTPS Server and SMTP Server on windows. himanshu
It depends on your use. For web hosting it is fine; otherwise not Rick
Apache web server won't load with this service running Wutz
Microsoft Internet Infomation Services debugger. Consumes 100% of CPU. Just another MS buggy program. Filippos
A legitimate system file as well as a virus that will exploit this particular file to gather your emails and possibly install a trojan. Good luck figuring out which one yours does... Some Dude
Part of MS IIS on Server2000 with Exchange Server 2000. Consumes about 80% of the memory some times and causes the server to work VERY slowly. Microsoft knows this and wil include this in SP4 for Exchange. see this article  See also: Link ohm it
The version in System32 folder is used as a server connection for maintaining web pages. Ok if one is networked into several other computers, but if you're on a standalone, it's a royal pain in the rear. Tim has the correct solution. I used his advice and solved my problem. If inetinfo.exe shows itself in any other folder besides System32, delete it.! It's a nasty worm. Not the real thing. Either way, they're both nuisances. Heath
When my computer slows down I kill inetinfo process and then everything is ok. Like tolga said, just uninstall, if you don't need it. ergec
If your just an average surfer.. no servers or any of that extra that you runnen, you dont need it.. as above just goto windows add or remove programs, goto add/remove windows components, and you'll see it in the list "Internet Informations Services (IIS)" and if its ticked... then just untick it and click next and your done.. lol this thing was maken my desktop freeze on startup... not anymore ;) evo
Have been using it for years to run webservers. If you don't know what it is, you shouldn't be running it, as without proper security measures, IIS can be a way into your PC for virii (see link) Going into services and setting IISAdmin, and webserver to disabled will cure it for you.  See also: Link Chris
IIS uses 90 to 95% of cpu on older intel cpu's beast-usa
Blocks internet connectivity,restarts system repeatedly,Disable the cmd,regedit and admin previliges to the user re
inetinfo.exe is important file which helps to load and execute the web applications. It mainly helps in Versions of 5.x IIS. Suresh Dhanarajan
inetinfo.exe is used primarily for debugging Microsoft Windows Server Internet Information Services. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.  See also: Link Lorkanov
disable the services IIS Admin and World Wide Web Publishing JW
This process is not nescessary process Raktim
I activated iis on my pc, and only then i noticed the inetinfo.exe process running, it does not consume any cpu hardly and i consider this file in normal circumstances to be safe. Towelie
inetinfo.exe is a process utilised by IIS. If you're not intending to run IIS, you should disable/remove IIS itself rather than targetting this service. Rushyo
Belonging to Microsoft IIS. If you'Re not running/using the Internet Information Service, uninstall it and it will be gone. commander_keen
uses 100% CPU blocks antivirus start and setup files jd
I did what evo said and it is no longer showing up on my antivirus program as malware trying to open ports. tvalger
Works Fine, for Windows IIS Services. Kyle
try iisreset /stop in command window. this stops the complete server that runs per default btw
IIS server process suroor ahmad
generated by IIS(internet information service), can be stopped at services.msc Danny
IIS SMTP. required if your pages sends emails Seb
according to my view this file is not so harmful but it only trubbles the main memory anuj
This file belongs to Microsoft IIS. On my machines, it appears to (amongst other things) handle outbound mail connections. If you are seeing high utilization it might be because of a virus spamming through it, or just a large email sent to a large mailing list. Check your netstat listing for connections (netstat -bn) and your Exchange queues as was the dead giveaway in my situation. Peter Kline
First and foremost, never ask your neighbor for PC advice! I have seen only 10% of the well-meaning contributors regarding INETINFO.EXE that actually knew what they were talking about! Second, SMTP service which is part of the INETINFO.EXE "process" does more than "just send email"! If you're a home user or just bought your first PC, then leave it alone. Third, call a local computer professional (not the Geek Squad) for help and advice. Fourth, if you don't know which OS (operating system) you are using, leave it alone- call for professional help! Lastly, click on the link below!  See also: Link The Computer Guy
IIS server process krishan
This inetinfo.exe open when a person browse any of the site from this server. This file transmit and manage data from the server to that specified client. It will automatically inactive while closing the connection with the site from the client. Sujas Aabasoft
sub process aspnet_wp sometimes do not release the access database. solution was to restart the process AS
it is used by IIS service. not harmful close process if consuming lot of CPU PROAN
Service Name RESvc 2003 Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine Path: "C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\inetinfo.exe" Provides topology and routing information to Exchange Server 2003 servers. If this service is stopped, optimal routing of messages will not be available. Werezwolf
I did one thing and it seems the problem is solved . Now ,before proceeding ,end inetinfo process ,and keep ending it if it restarts ,else it won't allow making changes go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv right click 'inetinfo.exe' ,click 'properties' In attributes , uncheck 'Archive' I also checked 'Read-only' so that something remains checked Nilanjan
this is a web server of microsoft KAMESH
it automatically keep closing my files even when I turn my computer on it closes it,
windows component, provides server functions like mailing, ftp etc, but no need for it on average home pc. if running anyway (see task-manager) may indicate malware infection (botnet)! See also IIS Admin service (deactivate if you don't host a server). Markus
its reduce my server performance. Pazhaniyappan.
This is a web server for windows, it's not dangerous at all. But some time this application create a problem for Web Designer & Web Developer's. Because this application use Port 80, and also Wamp (Apache) / Vertrigo (Apache) use same port 80. So Vertrigo And Wamp server do not run. If any user relise this type of problem then please follow the some step "OR" open the given like and solve this porblem. Reconfigure Apache to run on a different port::::- You might want to pick this path if you donĺt want to close the application blocking port 80. A typical reason might be that you want to run say, Apache and IIS on the same machine at the same time. 1. To configure Apache to run on a different port,. Go to : (C:\Program Files\VertrigoServ\Apache\conf\httpd.conf) Then Right Click On httpd.conf and open in note pad then Search for the following lines: a. Listen 80 b. ServerName localhost:80 Change both these lines, so as to have a different number instead of 80. I have chosen 8000 instead of 80. Make sure that this is a free port, not used by any applications. a. Listen 8080 b. ServerName localhost:8080  See also: Link Ashish Kushwaha
"inetinfo.exe" is a component of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), the popular web server package widely deployed on the Internet. This process is used mainly for debugging purposes. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/inetinfo.exe.html Get more detailed information about inetinfo.exe and all other running background processes with Security Task Manager. deepthi

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