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Process name: SoundMAX service agent component

Product: SoundMAX service agent

Company: Analog Devices, Inc.

File: smagent.exe

Security Rating:

"smagent.exe" is a SoundMAX service component from Analog Devices, Inc. Is part of the audio drivers on certain Asus motherboards and possibly other components. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/smagent.exe.html 

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All comments about smagent.exe:
Soundma Service Agent component. Drivers/Programs for speakers. Anonymous
installs on most modern asus motherboards with integrated sound  See also: Link James
"smagent.exe" is a SoundMAX service component from Analog Devices, Inc. Is part of the audio driver on a ASUS "P4C800 Deluxe"-Mainboard. Pat Estrada
as above - on vaio laptops is common
Comes with drivers Carlos Averett
it appeared with the installation of a new ASUS motherboard. it is related to the sound drivers. can be disabled without system problems.  See also: Link Pablo Dopico
i have a Sound Max sound card and the process Smagent.exe starts early in boot shorty after explorer.exe puls i see a 64k mem usage J Parker
Believe it came w AC97 / SoundMAX sound devices. Probably to alert U of audio driver updates.  See also: Link Rock
IBM NetVistas use soundMAX .
Also on Asus NCCH-DL Andy
It comes installed by default on Toshiba M200 series Tablets keshozeto
On compaq d530's as well .. moggle
Sound subsystem driver on many asus MB's  See also: Link Ben!
SoundMAX Audio Agent John(xtrance)
audio driver for Asus K8VSE deluxe motherboard, not harmful at all!  See also: Link M. Jordan
SoundMax background service David
Not harmful at all. It's just for onboard audio and such. Dav0
also present on HP nc6000 laptops
Comes up on Compaq Evo notebooks as well enzuigiri
as everyone says, part of the soundmax applications that come with many Motherboards that use the soundmax ac97 codec Will
SoundMax Drivers  See also: Link Nisroc
agent for the soundman sound system, found on ADI and Intel chipsets/motherboards  See also: Link Karl
nothing, just it is a siund card driver Ahmad
Part of the drivers for the SoundMax card. If you terminate the process, the soundcard still works fine, though. Leandro
Presario R3000 system standard installed Sander
It's on my Toshiba Tecra too. Ken
Is it possible this is used with the type of spyware that enables somoene to remotely listen through a computer's speakers to events happening in the room? Scary but that stuff exists- please post if you know answer- from someone being hounded/hacked by their abusive ex :( thanks :) help me with this people please..
This is related to the soundmax driver agent, running on exp it should be running as the SYSTEM processess. As user process it may be something else. Shadus
same audio driver on Asus K7V880
I need this for having full sound effect at world of warcraft, that why i keep it. Bio
Installed with SoundMax driver Dox
sound application :) PabloZ
This is the SoundMAX agent which detects new input of audio devices and brings up the "what did you plug in?" if you dont have it or have it disabled or dont want it, disable this service. tsr
It's on all notebooks that has the chipset i852GM... Ricardo Becker
Soundmax. To the guy being haounded by his ex - Put on your foil hat so the aliens can't radiate you musicfix
HP compaq NC6000 uses it also for sound Joost
Just sound card driver Thomas
This process is not required and can be terminated from Services list in Windows. BitBurn
Important driver for Sound Max software to run properelly. Benjou
Soundmax driver Craig
I'm also running an ASUS P4P800E board, no problems so I would agree with it being a sound Max driver :-) Purple_Ice
SoundMax driver pratz
Compaq presario r3000 laptop sound drivers Spiffy
Installed with HP pavilion zv5000 too. Seems not harmfull but it takes 1.5 MB of memory ghostnik
just a driver file for Soundmax soundmax user
Installed by default on Toshiba satellite Pro Motherboards. amenable
Compaq presario r3000 laptop sound drivers Spiffypratz
Audio driver for Asus K8U-X motherboard. kiri_9
audiodriver of Asus A7V8X-X mainboard Prototyp3
as user , its a virus i know everything
Is installed by default with any AC'97 / Soundmax audio interface Teh
unnessesary sound driver agent, remove it from services Killer
This is the soundmax driver on IBM Thinkpad T43. dcc
Soundmax driver Taylor
its a sound card driver Ronan
Downloaded with Compaq Drivers - Constantly Infected Since. Demon
I dont know why it makes a lot of connectios from my pc to others (saw it with netstat command). The internet browsers may not work fine Felipe Forero
It's installed as a part of the SoundMax drivers also with an ASUS A7V8X-X Reboot
compaq presario r3000 laptod sound drivers
to musicfix and hounded ex: I was wondering the same thing. That is how I got to this page. I think my ex is somehow listening or getting into my pc remotely...please help if you know anything about this kind of stuff. please dont joke this is serious. shadowallikatt
Soundmax audio driver :) Lina Achjijem
to install soundmax. audio driver shiva
One of Soundmax Driver extensions, Nothing to worry about Rick
Motherboard Asus A7V600-X uses sound chip AD1888 (is a VIA AC97 too) and uses a Soundmax driver with SMAgent.exe Solomon
Sound works perfectly well without it (services are not drivers), so no idea what it's supossed to do. Since SoundMax have the audacity to install it without permission or explanation, I suggest keeping it disabled. Dave
HP/Compaq DC7100 Small Form Factor PC audio driver Bob
not required
anything that reports data from my computer drains it by by
IBM Storage Manager Agent - IBM SAN Storage interface. Mark
It's runing on my Compaq Evo N410c Vagus
Sound driver
Soundmax... if your antiv. software finds it dangerous then you should update it, I mean both of them. Én

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