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Process name: Microsoft Office XP component

Product: Microsoft Office XP

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Microsoft Corporation

File: osa.exe

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"osa.exe" launches common MS Office components to help speed up the starting of Office programs. Some users claim there's no difference with or without it, but it isn't required anyway. It is not required at Startup. Note that Osa9.exe is the Office 2000 variant. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/osa.exe.html 

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Average user rating of osa.exe: based on 81 votes. Read also the 70 reviews.

  • 695 users ask for this file. 25 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 19 users rated it as neutral. 9 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 24 users rated it as dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about osa.exe:
Office Startup Assistant Alex
Microsoft Office Startup Assistant that is loaded at start-up and improves performance by handling automation, Office fonts, certain Office commands, and Outlook notification. micxz
it's next to useless
One wonders why Microsoft developed it Hunter
One wonders no more. End task and rename/delete executable. :-P no more
it causes cpu to run at 100% robm
Yes Why???? It's the more useless program of the history of computer science! Paolo
I was running the word 2002 Help- Detect and Repair command and a pgm I have that watches over the start-up menu advised me that OSA,exe is being added to the start menu. ****
it is a waste of RAM and CPU. disable it! one wonders...
What is being referred here is about the time,when you are closing any application. Nebie
It's worse than useless. Sometimes it's a resource hog, taking up all your cpu time at startup.
Buganfällig, hohe CPU Auslastung = 100% Benchmarker
It's the best to search whith properties and paths Sole_72
it runs with no problems
it delay the open of all office file however the file will be opened faster once I kill the service Eric
Causes CPU to peg at 100% with no visible gain. And no loss when you remove it from your startup folder. Bruce Johnson
my ms word and excel sometime hang when opening - killing this process makes them work fine. other times it is okay. This is on windows 2000. brian
Even though Microsoft wrote your operating system, and you are at their mercy, this item is removable and not well documented. Who knows what they are messing with, Get rid of it! Fox Mulder
Not dangerous, but annoying. Hogs resources & as others said: Disable. Aaaalex
Useless and it wastes your CPU. I disabled it. You should too.
Its Useless Gerardo
It is not needed and just puts kills machine performance. DGreth
it change window title as chaatan Parthy
I thought it was useless, but if I handles outlook reminders in the background without having to have outlook open, then I'll use it. Alexxx
Forces 100% CPU usage, freezes computer. Can take 3~4 MB of RAM Get Rid of it
It does have a performance gain but while it's indexing data and 'optimising', it eats resources and seriously degrades system performance while running - and it can run for some time. DiskJunky
I agree with repoeted use, but when I removed and disabled the service, my office apps actually started quiker- and I mean much quicker. For example Microsoft Word now starts fully in 4 seconds instead of the usual 11 seconds. Readers must remember that often these differences are machine-specific and may not produce the same resultd on your machine Smiling Carcass
It's useless. I've removed it from autostart folder immediately after having completed the Office installation. Adler
Without OSA.EXE I could overclock my Opteron to 3.48 GHz!!!! and stable!!! Reinvented
Office 97 vruy slow for no apparent reason. Problem re-appeared afetr full uninstall and re-install. Stopping OSA.EXE in task manager solves the problem. Simon Fanshawe
This file isn't visible in my drive but it's a listed application in my registry at HKCR & HKLM. Since this is a Windows 2000 (sp4) box without Office installed I wonder if it's used as a malware exploit tool. Tom
a shortcut to OSA.exe with a "-s" option runs the curent screen saver as used to be in Office before 2003
Everyone says his bit but nobody states a solution - what a crummy page. What a dump
Makes my comp CPU to peg at 100%. Not sure if its safe to get rid of it tho. sac_of_suc
automatically ejects my cd drive continously jacob
Killed the process and now my whole system crashed. Coincidence? I think Not Would'nt you like to know
it makes my computer very slow... Gerrit
It supposedly helps to launch Office faster, but I disabled it and if anything, Word launches faster than before. However, if you use the MS Office shortcut bar outside office applications you should leave it enabled, just FYI!  See also: Link Emma
It is not dangerous but it consumes cpu and ram, and Office runs the same with or without it. My advice - disable it. Isolytic
I've read the information about this file on this site, my opinion is: if this file is included in your startup entry for the first time when you have installed the MS Office - it is not dangerous. If there's more of them - then you should be warned. Eleave
Started via 'Autostart', everything in Autostart folder is useless Gerrit
Part of Microsoft Office XP, if you disable certain services in Windows (Task Scheduler?), this process may get stuck upon windows startup and consume all free CPU resources (Task Manager showing 99% cpu usage for OSA.EXE). Sonic
From the Microsoft Knowledge Base: The Office Startup Assistant (Osa.exe or OSA) is a program that improves the performance of Office XP programs. The Osa.exe file initializes the shared code that is used by the Office XP programs. When you use the Osa.exe file to initialize shared code, the Office XP programs start faster. You can safely remove the Osa.exe file without causing the Office XP programs to fail. However, if you remove Osa.exe, you no longer benefit from the performance advantages that are provided by running Osa.exe.  See also: Link Developers developers developers
it makes the office progs start faster. can safely be removed  See also: Link myself
I renamed it but it still starts. But when I close it I seem to get an error every time I open Word about a problem with links to other programs sttav
This causes my school computer to be unuseable. If you have it, remove it from the proces list Skr3d3
Logging in and running office are faster after I removed the shortcut from the programs- startup folder. I guess it's only good at hogging CPU since office runs better without it. The shortcut was called something like "microsoft office." Austin
hangs the computer at shutdown Erika
i was reading this and i clicked the "end task" button and my comps CPU usage went from 99-100% down to 5% then 1%, that might just be my comp but i doubt it, ctrl+alt+delete, processes, highlight it, then click end task Joe
Useless resource-hog. I deleted it altogether. Veronica
Win XP
Win XP, SP2, Office 2003. With osa.exe disabled, C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Source Engine\ose.exe does not initiate, which disallows windows update "Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB925534)" from installing succesfully. Be mindfull of this when choosing whether or not you will disable osa.exe. Link to simple way to enable OSE from command prompt:  See also: Link Braeden101
I have run Ofiice applications with and without OSA.exe and there seems to be no performance difference, (Other than freeing the resources it uses - 4MB Mem, 1.5 MB VM, 0% CPU) I have experienced no crashes, hangs or delays without it. If it is using alot of your CPU, it would be advisable to scan the file for mal-ware. MCDST 3844559
osa = office shortcut bar mark
my office 2003 don´t opens, it says osa.exe error Trab Nitnelav
Not dangerous, but it consumes too much CPU time & slows down OS. It is useless, as well as FINDFAST. Recommendation: disable it. ip
Should speed up MS Office startup. Like every "quick launch" tool, if you're not using the related application every given time you boot your System, you probably don't need it: why consume system resources to improve the performance of something you often don't use? It can be safely disabled. To prevent it from running, choose Start, Run, enter "msconfig" (no quotes) in the 'Open' text box, click OK. Select the 'Startup' tab, uncheck the 'Microsoft Office' item (its line has ...\OSA.EXE in the command value). Hit 'OK'.  See also: Link danjar
Uses all my CPU Someone
It makes computer slower. Hence when anyone wants to run eclipse,weblogic,tomcat or any software development,then make it disable.After disableing eclipse or any software will run fast becauseof consuming 0% cpu usage rather than 100% cpu usage. sanjay kumar gupta
This program uses all of your CPU. When my computer was running slowly I tried to open Task Manager and it took almost 1 minute to open. When i say that 'OSA.EXE' was using 99% of my CPU and other programs that needed the CPU were figthing for it, I ended the 'OSA.EXE' process. Plasma Ball1
Uses all my CPU (90-100%) shut down this process Mrkvo$rot
On XP, sp3, OSA.EXE consumes 99% of CPU time and takes too much time to finish. Zotty
Not dangerous, but Office 97 won't run until I disable it. Anon
do not delete file. Simply delete its shortcut.
100% CPU upon startup, a serious computer slow-me-downer staticpunk111
End the process by going to TaskManager- select OSA.exe - Right Click- Endprocess. Your problem will solved. vijay
After loading, prevented my pc from shutting down proper, repeatedly forced me to power reset, searched under SAFE boot multiple times, downloaded new antiviruses, didn't know it existed until loggedc in under 2nd admin acct and found it on dsktop. 2nd acct was not running it , and worked fine. installed as part of Powerpoint update, I don't have powerpoint! Gary - Minneapolis Minnesota
Hasn't been used in Office since Office XP. Not used in Office 2007 and above.  See also: Link Franklin
I dont have Powerpoint,Office,him uses big CPU usage disable him! NicN5ering

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