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Process name: Bad download blocker

Product: Spybot S&D

Company: Safer Networking Limited

File: sdhelper.dll

Security Rating:

"sdhelper.dll" is part of Spybot Search & Destroy. You should not terminate this process if you are using Spybot to check for and remove system security threats. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/sdhelper.dll.html 

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All comments about sdhelper.dll:
is part of SpybotSD (tool for spybot removal)
Anti Spyware Software. Spybot Search and destroy Andreas
ANTI Spyware Lothar Röpkes
Spybot helps to keep spam off my computer Ladyhoss
Component of SpyBot Search & Destory (SpybotSD)
SpyBot Search & Destroy - It's a anti spyware - Não oferece risco, é parte do programa de remover spies Alpha
Prevents changes to IE from external sources. Good utility. BillD
Anti Spyware Software. Spybot Search & Destroy Joe6pack
SpyBot ok...Adaware much better Todd Van Winkle
Den tillhör Spybot - Search & Destroy och är inte alls något farlig utan däremot något väldigt bra. MS security agent
Compliments other programs like Ad-Aware Bataraziz
Part of spybot S&D. Not dangerous  See also: Link Paul
Uninstall Spybot Search & Destroy if you don't want it ! But, it's an Anti-Spyware... Yotaz
SpyBot helps keep me clean. KatoomRXC
Adaware ok... SpyBot much better John Taylor
this is for SpyBot SD and no Adaware isn't better knows what he sais
Spybot Search & Destroy is one of the best spyware removers there is.
Spybot Search and destroy PP
very good.run it after every dl even from msn. Ad-aware targets mostly ad crap, not from programs. Best used together with Spybot. Petra Polestar
spybot S and D
yes, that is a spybot file  See also: Link Aph0
This is a utility included when you install Spybot that is designed to help prevent spyware from being loaded onto your computer
Part of Spybot - Very good thing! You can disable this through spybot program. This helps block crap you don't want. LikethegroundhogPhil
This file is a part of SpyBot a program that protects your computer from spyware and adware.  See also: Link Andy in Sweden
I have used it for a long time on several PCs with good results. Prenaud
Part of Spybot Search & Destroy. Good stuff. Use Adaware too. Dharmacat
Prevents changes to IE from external sources. Good utility. Nigel Smith
anything that keeps spyware off my computer is a good thing ace
I use both Spybot and AdAware, both compliment each other Bob in NC
super anti spyware christ
It's gotten me out of trouble a few times.. Spybot S&D is the bomb!  See also: Link TomGab
This is a security utility included into Spybot. Marcello
Part of Spy bot search & destroy, blocks spyware. UnDeaD
THIS is part of spybot search and destroy spyware removal program. Under this program when you immunize your computer this is the file that constantly is open in order to protect your computer from the spyware that you have immunize your computer from.
part of spybot Bret
Spybot Search & Destroy Face
This is a good utility designed to help prevent spyware. I have used it for a long time Ken_Sweden
Spybot S&D resident IE protection, bad download blocker. All Good! Mr Big
this is a part o spybot application, don't worry it's safe liscu
Showed up on hijack This! Trust SpyBot completely!
SpyBot Search anD Destroy. Very Good Storm
SpybotSD good program PC madman
Excellent protection software, must be updated regularly Paul
Spybot Search and destroy zbuckone
Spybot Search and destroy zbuckone
Spybot S&D process monitor reconfigures
from spybot s&d not sure why it shows higher rating in the prog greekpimp
Spybot - good program. Adaware and HijackThis are also useful.
anti spyware Slaper
File di Spybot - Search & Destroy Salvatore Scognamiglio
spybot search and destroy beni
Part of Spybot Search and Destroy  See also: Link Mark
Part of SpyBot Search and Destroy send him a donation  See also: Link Doug
Explorer does not functionieren any longer. Can't find sdhelper.dll Anti-scumware installer
Part of Spybot Pete_Toronto
Part of spybot S&D BeachBum
Its good not dangerous Ticker
SpyBot Search and Destroy - anti-spyware tool Dino
Part of Spybot - This is a good guy!  See also: Link Jim
Spybot cannot imunize this
i'm just using this program till so far not any problem
Part of Spybot - Use more than this prog - Spysweeper, Adaware, etc. Fran McLoughlin
It is usually part of Spybot, a good anti-spyware program. Unfortunately a virus recently has begun to infect sdhelper.dll files. It is pretty new and Trend MIcro refers to it as ADW_SDHELP.A or something similar. Ben
Kill spywares and trojans Maelia
SpyBot Search and Destroy is a (as mentioned) spybot. removes spyware. completely harmless WebPsycho
This file exist in progrmama files First I moved it out my configuration window. With the search window I removed all extensions from surch & destroy program only this map in my programma files will not be disappear and the dshelper is in a blue color walter Decaluwe
Wouldn't be without it! Seriously! Please don’t connect to the net without it. If you care about security...you'll get it! Also, if your really searious about keeping your system safe, get Spywareblaster as well.  See also: Link Dan McCarthy
Spybot search & destroy DLL file. Microsoft anti-spyware beats both. uberWOOT
this is helpfull Johan
Bad script and registry change blocker. Safe. Coral
Great software SpyBot Search and destroy Nasa
removes spyware
In Windows 98 SDHELPER.DLL creates an exception error which prevents Explorer from working. I had to uninstall it in order to get IE to work again.
part of spybot. alerts you when changes occur to your registry or browsers BabyCakes
has recurring problem with DSO exploit.Seems harmless,possible prog error Robert
I unistalled Spybot SD over a year ago and found it in my IE "Manage Add Ons." None
It's a part of Spybot. Use it. Spyboi
Anti Spyware program, very effective. Does not install any adware itself. Weeky updates G Graham
spybot S&D anti spyware fred
Part of Spybot settings I have chosen? Annie
spybot search and destroy
Installs when you use the immunize feature in spybot S&D helps to block out some known websites that distribute spyware/adware/trojans/keyloggers it is  See also: Link LocoWeed20
This just keeps I.E from sucking down garbage from the sewer that is the Net! Use together with Microsft Anti-Spyware Beta 1 - Is awesome !! And use Spyware Guard, which keep websites from hijacking your home page homboys!!! Enjoy ! GraveFiller
A part of the anti-spyware program SpyBot. SDHELPER.DLL monitors Internet Explorer to prevent unknown ActiveX controls from being installed. Peter
Part of Spybot Search and Destroy - perfectly Safe - blocks bad and potentially dangerous URLs from being accessed by IE  See also: Link Robert
Trend Micro, McAfee, Sophos or SARC DO NOT show SDHelper.dll as a virus as previously posted by Ben Fuzz Buster
Trend Micro, McAfee, Sophos or SARC show SDHelper.dll as a virus as previously posted by Ben Fuzz Buster
helps pepople stay out of my computer and makes shure my regrestory doesnt change alex man
This just keep I.E from sucking down garbage from the sewer that is the Net!
its a beautiful programm to find dailer and somthing :)) the-bean-ladens
Part of a capable Spyware-Remover  See also: Link Lars Loschwitz
Part of Spybot S&D, and upon installation of the program, it gave option to install the SDHelper to protect ad-aware or other junk, by asking you if you wish to allow entry of information to the registry every time you install something that require registry entry. Bruce
I *believe* this is part of the "immunize" feature of Spybot. It blocks IE from downloading malicious ActiveX content. esuhl
keeps computer safe, no need for firewall and virus software (the REAL Power eater...) if installed properly Chris Schuman
Sptbot S&D is Anti-Spyware SDhelper is Mal Download blocker  See also: Link Mapman
Spybot S&D component Paul
Part of Spybot
I removed it in SpyBot Tools section Ranger Gord
SpyBot S&D Browser Helper - prevents connections to know potentially harmful websites.  See also: Link Richard
Part of a superb Spyware Remover - far better than Adaware RJ
Spybot Search & Destroy (good program) Shalianahe
Spybot S&D MS IE Helper , Nice Security Tool Stephan
Chris You always need a firewall! Part of Spybot SD James
Spybot Search and Destroy.. is an awsome program that shows ANY changes that are ocuring to your regestry... altho my NA06 has picked up some virus or torjan in a DLL.. not sure what its about.. DJ The Chemist
this file is put out by safer networks .org and it is an amazing part of spybot antispyware freeware this file monitor internet downloads and browsing to protect your from bad sites and downloads that would otherwise put your computer at risk. terminating this prosscess will kill the file OLT
A BHO from spybot search & destroy. Block malicious software to download ,block malicious web pages to load. Part of spybot search & destroy, no memory hog, it should not be terminated if you want your system protected. George E.
Great protection,doesn't miss much only some..If you got it keep it.  See also: Link Shannon C.
After IE updates in mid april '06 I had to disable it to keep ebay from crashing. First problem I ever had with Spy-bot Geoff
Teil von Spybot Search and Destroy. Programm gegen Spyware! GreenBastard
Spybot Search & Destroy - Internet Explorer Addon - So far, it's Harmless Guru
The best, safest spyware crusher around Mark G.
sdhelper.dll is completely safe. It installs as part of Spybot Search & Destroy and is the Browser Helper Object mechanism for Internet Explorer. It prevents an ever expanding list of 'BAD' web pages and downloads form downloading to your computer during surfing. ilcaster
keeps interrupting tasks and processes  See also: Link ali maghrebi
Useful part of Spybot S&D John C
found a trojan after installing this caroline mary feather
Spybot S&D - Enables permanent blocking of bad IP addresses in Internet Explorer. Clifton a.k.a. aNgRyDaD
spybot is totally safe. get malwarebytes also its good for malware too mitchie mitch
It causes IE to error out on load
best to stop implanting some crap to registry A++, much better than win Defender ZS
Is indeed a part of Spybot Search & Destroy. I have used it for years. Watch for the spoofers that try to mimic a good file. Michael L.
I can't comment on what SDHelper does for my computer's safety, but it will shut my internet down at random times when I'm working in several tabs and I'm just about fed up with it. JasontheFuzz
This is a file from Spybot; but, it crashes my browser all the time! Wft! Spybot used to be a great program, but it sucks anymore!! WTF Spybot!
This File is installed with Spybot Search & Destroy, which is the best Anti-Spyware available...period! The File is not harmless in anyway, again...period!   -Chad -Chadwørkx™ -Chadwørkz Prøductiønz™  See also: Link Chad S. Roe (Tekk)

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