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Process name: Services Any

Product: Windows NT Resource Kits

Company: Microsoft

File: srvany.exe

Security Rating:

This utility allows the running of Windows NT™ applications as services.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/srvany.exe.html 
The benefits of this include letting applications survive logoff/logon sequences, hence saving the overhead of re-starting them for each new user; allowing server apps to come-up and service requests even when no user is logged-on; and running and performing a task in a specific logon account, different from the currently logged-on user.

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  • 23054 users ask for this file. 51 users rated it as not dangerous. 5 users rated it as not so dangerous. 19 users rated it as neutral. 7 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 17 users rated it as dangerous. 4 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about srvany.exe:
used to run normal programs as service under windows nt/2000/xp and so on... puppet
enables integration of trojans into system,even when SP2 is installed SinT
This is used to hack ppls computers when they are turned into xdcc bots on Mirc Anan
in a server environment where you know what you're doing, it's legit, but for a home user, not normal idunno
Administrator users should only have access, Nobody else should be logged in as Administrator, people should log in as a basic user. JIm
i got it when i installed a pocket digital camera
Some programs use this as a legitimate service, such as United Devices Grid.org projects. For general use, it could be a security issue if you aren't careful, but the same can be said for even being connected to the internet.  See also: Link Taylor
Microsoft Resource Kit has provided this since NT4 days
Allows you to run a non-service program as a service.  See also: Link martian
Panda Titanium Anti-virus 2005 detected it as a hacktool, name: HackTool/SRunner.C . It deleted this file. Diego
Running services (jobs) is so easy under Linux... M$ had to make it hard. Marek
i try to up with java services ibrahim
Legt Computer lahm Helmut
potential privileges escalation on a user pc. If the user can start the srvany service, the user can become SYSTEM. mtoadmin
AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic v.7 detected this as SPR/Tool.SRunner.C4 earthsound
Bewegt Affen selbstständig Romulus
schnell fort damit
used by pervasive sql, which is used by peachtree accounting. sjohns
It's a file in the windows to run program as services Vishal
could be anything. used to run regular applications and scripts as windows service.
It runs on my desktop server. It's part of my MSDE SQL services. Gary
very dangerous....used to hide netcat which can be used as a back door for remote access.  See also: Link ?????
nothing suspicious about about this. It's Windows program. If any AV software detect virus in this file then delete this.  See also: Link bcdalai
It erases your Motherboards bios on January 1, 2012 The Virus Maker
Causes restart after 20 secs on logon screen in xp Frank Zimmerman
File appeared recently, after some downloads, windows xp sp3 was running without it. walid
KMservice crack installs patch on srvany and it deliver Stuxnet on your pC Doobly
If install Windows Resource Tools Kit it is included in it  See also: Link Milissa Loughrey
Unless faked, normal Win O/S process tool Palindrome
microsoft stuff Ranger
It seems people have it if they pirate Microsoft Word, no danger though i'd say KMS
creates thousands of task without permission although we have a "GUEST" account. Perhaps a virus Fariz Luqman
Convenience file for Win NT switch users' services, not essential Palindrome
Runs basic applications as a service. This does not mean it is bad but if you see this on a home computer with a non savy user be wary. Not really easily.
Beim Online spielen (z.B. Call of Duty) laggt es richtig heftig!!! c1BlY
overload the memory in a long time talaman
I have never seen this process before I downloaded a KMservice crack. Since then I have lost my internet protocol settings and my defense software was disabled. Not needed for normal pc use Steve
This file was deleted bu mcafee software, but its usefull file. This is tellar application related file. JS
If you have installed the Renault AP2AP or Dialogys Spare Parts software then its normal. The size of the file is about: 13312 bytes. File is called srvany.exe. For the AP2AP software its default located at: C:\A2A\install\bin. For the Dialogys Software its located at C:\Program Files\Dialogys\data\ServiceInstall\bin. This file is for registering the AP2AP and Dialogys executable files as service. Nothing dangerous although some anti-virus software might think that its too dangerous. Hijran Guliyev
Older application from Microsoft for running a regular exe as a Windows Service  See also: Link CoreTech
installed with the o2micro drivers Scott
when i start sql server services manually..srvany.exe appears keith
I got this file as a part of a USB Wireless Antenna kit. It was with a ZyDAS Tech. Corp. install Collyman
Scanned by multiple antivirus programs - including Norton 360 Premiere, Malwarebytes Antimalware Pro, Spybot Search & Destroy - no issues found with this particular file. Also analyzed the code, verified it is a genuine Microsoft file with appropriate digital signatures to show it is part of the operating system or other Microsoft programs (Office, SQL, etc.).. J.J.D.
very dangerous Mukkkkk
Normally process Kacper
Found it installed in a license hacked PC. X X X
This is a MS Office Crack
I install it to have an .exe file running as a Service Paul Tulkens
Office license updater Ali
this is MS Office Crack Jim
One of Windows' process. It's safe as long as it's not infected. Albert
If you have cracked Microsoft Office with KMService. It Should be there. ABCD
used to run normal programs as service under windows nt/2000/xp  See also: Link Marcelo

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