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Process name: Winamp Agent

Product: Winamp

Company: Nullsoft

File: winampa.exe

Security Rating:

"winampa.exe" is the Winamp Agent, used for playing MP3 files.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/winampa.exe.html 
Note: Any malware can be named winampa.exe, so check to be sure that winampa.exe is located in the folder C:\Program Files\Winamp\ (or wherever you installed it.)

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Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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  • 629 users ask for this file. 61 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 24 users rated it as neutral. 13 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 28 users rated it as dangerous. 4 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about winampa.exe:
this is a normal file for me Julián
This is a Winamp Agent to help associate the file type to play with Winamp Kev
It is an agent which Winamp uses to ensure that Winamp is the default player for the file types that you have specified. Ben
I do not have winamp and have never downloaded or had winamp on my machine Melissa
located in c:\program files\winamp\ Michael
Is used with Winamp just fine, no problemos Jaymon
I think it can be dangerous, it came from .scr virus (.wmv icon, I accidentaly clicked) to system32 (company: "zonealarm") 30,4 kt mmm
Definately a trojan I do not have winamp and have never downloaded or had winamp on my machine...however my antivirus is not detecting it, and it is up to date....
Part of winamp. Not dangerous, but also not needed, just another icon down in the system tray. I just quarantined it, didn't affect winamp.  See also: Link Stuart
Winampa.exe stands for winamp agent it is like a short cut to the resal program you guys are noobs QuietK
This showed up in my system32 folder and is a trojan that I'm having a difficult time erasing dwansley
It's part of winamp. Nothing more, nothing less.  See also: Link xI
it is winamp agent service, not dangerous you are stupid mmm and melissa is stupid too
Harmless ! TB
not needed to run winamp - tries to keep file associations App
Task Manager listed "winampa.exe" running as a process. However, I don't have Winamp Agent nor does any such file exist on my PC. I ended the process. SteveL
Associated with Winamp. If you are not sure yourself, then check your program files, you'll find it in your Winamp folders. Duh' If you are still not sure, then uninstall & reinstall Winamp, watch for changes. Deek
It a winamp agent service are a quick start for Winamp Goofy
Can be removed in winamp options Tof
it could be an agent file, but I detected a process running on my computer (a virus) and when I opened it in textpad, it pointed to this file, which was NOT in a program files folder. I've also never had winamp. A virus can be named anything, so don't assume a file isn't soley based on name... MK
It seems to come together with a file called bla.exe, it's seems to be download due to a bug in winamp 3 to 5. Much more than harmless, winamp users should upgrade. Reas
This is a trojan app. If this is running, especially if you do NOT have winamp installed, watch out! DB
A worm called Agobot sometimes disguises itself as winampa.exe
It *could* be a Trojan. So both those who insist it is and those who insist it isn't are wrong. Always check properties, location and just plain common sense to see if it really the Winamp agent or a trojan. Shallimus
winampa.exe is a program to start quickly the winamp player. it resides in the system tray and have no user interface. only this! Blau
it´s a winamp agent... Emilio
my computer was running while i slept and i woke to an announcement from Symantec that it had been found during a realtime scan. WTF? barbara
Certainly part of winamp on my machine. Bear in mind that winamp is often bundled with other software, particularly older browsers etc bpatterson
This file is linked by another application on my pc (C:\bla.exe) which I did NOT install, Norton scanned the file and claimed its harmless....but even "legit" programs can be and are not always for "legit" use butane216
This CAN be a TROJAN VIRUS!!! 30KB size in C:/windows/system32 file arrange by size to find it hover mouse and it will say winampa.exe but it will be a video type icon.... took me forever to find this bugger! Charles
As long as it's in the Winamp install directory, it's a harmless BUT useless program wasting cpu and ram, only slowing down your computer. Supposedly it keeps file associations with Winamp, but you shouldn't have any problem with losing them, when you install other media players they ask what files to be default app. for. But this might as well be some kind of spyware/malware/virus if it's in the wrong directory! Serge
If Winamp is installed it could cause instabilities in Internet Explorer and Netscape. SHerold
its more than harmless menni
Normal file. No problem!
"winamp.exe" is an IRC backdoor Trojan and network worm. frank mulligan
It can be either real or a trojan - read these! http://secunia.com/virus_information/13623/win32.reckmess.a
IMHO, also if you have Winamp it's a waste of memory, so just remove it from Winamp config and don't let it occupy any slot in Task Manager window. syntaxerrormmm
The Winamp Agent, harmless and usefull. Be watch out, those who don't have winamp installed or ever had installed, this might be the trojan. Just check the location and decide wether its the trojan or not. Zero
Installed with Winamp. Its the Winamp Agent. Used for the Tray Icon. Don´t know, why its running, even if winamp is not running, but Winamp still works, when you shut "Winampa.exe" down...so I deleted it in the registry
About bla.exe ... SUDDENLY --- after residing on my PC for weeks, Symantic called it a Trojan and quaranteed it. I trust their judgement. DemonMoon
This file installs itself after winamp is installed. Winamp does not require it to run. I say get rid of it as soon as possible. cannamantoke
it came up after I installed a strange mirc version... Oli
This is the file for Winamp. If do not use the 'Winamp', you can erase it. shauna
its only winamp! if u dont have winamp. then your in trouble  See also: Link illicit
If it remains also uninstalling winamp (or if Winamp is not installed), it is a trojan. Lore
noticed it in my c:\ dont have, never have had winamp on this machine. the statup key in the regisrty was named j01.4 or something similar. suspect... thefamousnomo
Found this in windows/system32 folder - dodgy file as far as I'm concerned as winampa.exe is also in the winamp folder! AND it was running when I didn't have winamp open. Kev
Winamp Agent - *Harmless* - Also Not Needed But Deleting Can Cause A Small Glitch In Older Winamp Versions - However There Is A Virus With The Exact Name So Make Sure It's In Winamp Folder Not Windows Dyrekt
Usually safe if run from \program files\winamp directory. If running from anywhere else....check it out!. Winamp often is bundled with other software installs. If not sure...scan file here: http://virusscan.jotti.org/ having bla.exe and winampa indicate probable infection if winampa.exe is in system32(XP/2K) or System(98/ME) Tammy
it a file that initiates a virus. i was getting Hackers:Rootkit virus, which i was unable to remove using Nortons antivirus. But when i removed "winampa.exe" from processes of Task manager, That wirus did not po up again. Y.Praveen Kumar
Never had any issues with it, but keep in mind that, if you do not have winamp installed, it could be virus hiding under that file name. compwiz
It's distributed with bla.exe and winamp.exe in folder C:\ It's part of a trojan virus. DELETE ON SIGHT.
ur instalin every shit software offers. only lamers do full install Arachnid
trojan.win32mVB.wh.... Juke
if you have winamp installed you shuld be fine as long, however a virus with the same name is out there. To check, open up your process windows and check to see if there is a winamp.exe running. Kill it, now open your registry, and navigate to HKLM\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run and see if it is starting up by itself. A good way to tell, before doing all of this, and to see if it's resident in c:\winnt\system32\ . Virus programs won't catch it, for some strange reason. blah! tonio s. of Technoguyz
Just did a clean install of XP, NOT installed winamp. Connected to try and get service pack 2 firewall and a coupla nasties piggy backed in, now ZoneAlarm reports winamp.exe trying to access the internet. mrhyms
Does not start winamp faster. Only maintains file associations, but do you really need that done 24/7? Reminds you to run Winamp and heel to your audio masters. codeharrier
Safe usually, only dangerous if injected by another file or a file is distributed with this name maliciously. Tee
winamp agent can be shutted of from winamp options name
Appears in system32 on a server2000 machine. H
winamp agent, not needed Nag
*Winamp agent* kaneo
I just hacked it out like I do the chop to pretty much everything I have. funny how the files are at least 50% smaller and usually hellava lot more stable!!!! AntonDaHooD
Its trojan! I've got this file without install winamp :) Joshua Kowalsky
For those who think it is not dangerous, you may be right, you may not. The Reckmess.A trojan, if it is running on your machine, will be running as a process called Winampa.exe!  See also: Link Graeme Falkner
Related to winamp, but will not shutdown with it, and keep the port open. Beware Pablo
es buen reproductor jose manuel
Installed itself alongside with al lot of other malware...such as msbb.exe and view.exe and ad.exe and several others. Date and times of it installing all point to deffo trojan/spyware on my comp. was 50kb in size and intalled directly under C. Never had winamp.exe on my comp. Reg 126
If you have winamp installed (I got this by installing good ol 2.91, which is clearly superior to the ever-crashing last verion), and want to stop this from starting when your comp boots: turn on winamp press Ctrl + P to open Preferences under [Setup], click [File types] uncheck [Register types on Winamp start] Click the [Agent] category uncheck [Maintain file associations]. Now, if you'll ever need to fix the file association by installing something notorious to screw file type association (like Quicktime), double click winampa.exe from the winamp directory. If it's elsewhere getrid Kain Xiorcal
all that this agent does is slowing down the computer, like osa.exe from m.office. i never install it early_misty
Noobs... nothing wrong with these programs. Always download from winamp.com. I feel like slapping some of you IDIOTS. Xavier
Winamp agent
It's from nullsoft, it's safe dave from spain
Found the Winampa.exe in my taskmanager, a qiuck search found the winampa.exe in an windows xp upgrade, so even if you do not have winamp installed, it will maybe come with an xp upgrade.
It's the Winamp agent ro quick start of Winamp. Can be disabled in Winamp options. Skamander
This file is normally associated with Winamp. It acts as a fast-start service, and it maintains file associations. If you have Winamp, and only one copy running, you should be fine. To disable it, load WinAmp, go to OPTIONS menu, PREFERENCES, select "File Types" under General Preferences in the left pane. Then, in the right pane, un-check "Enable Winamp Agent," and click close. If the program doesn't disappear, then end task on it. It should not show up in the future. Eric
This is a useless file that intalls with winamp. msconfig, then uncheck and you'll be fine. funkyfantabulous
this file may have been the culprit causing my desktop to redraw every 10 mins....ended process,,,,,stopped in selective start up...all is fine now taxi
I have wiped my whole comp and its there and it was detected as a trojan. Having a real hard time getting rid of it Denehey
This file is "Winamp Agent" It is not a virus (unless you have not installed winamp) this file is essental to winamp running. it may also run when winamp isnt running, allowing it to keep its file type management. this is NOT A VIRUS. do not attempt to remove it because it will cripple winamp. Mediarocker - IT Administrator
Winamp on tray. not needed on my conputer.
It's simple, if you have Winmp, disable the agent through the settings. If it fixes it, YAY!!! If it doesn't, you have the trojan. But the agent is harmless and easily disabled. Chris
hahaha i run winamp as my main player :) . it speeds it up. if u run winamp all the time keep it in ur taskbar. its worth it Robert
Maintains Winamp file associations. Can be switched of in Winamp - Preferences - File Types - Winamp Agent... C. Rogge
winamp agent option and move this
Its part of the Winamp agent and allows the winamp agent to start up normally. IFF however you disable winamp agent then this program is just using up your memory (although barely anything when you think about it). If you delete it however you will be unable to run winamp agent in the future but i guess you could just reinstall winamp. Dr. Funky Monkey
Winampa.exe is the agent for winamp that lives in the system tray. I think harmless. Matthewbratt
Allows Winamp to retain file associations; unnecessary, as Winamp can be set to re associate on app start. Allows access to bookmarks from tray icon when app closed. Normal part of Winamp - right click and choose 'disable' and it's gone if you don't use it. Takes about 2,500K of memory when running. Appears to slightly slow Winamp start?  See also: Link PVTele
Is part of WinAmp Jaap
This could be a trojan if it's not placed under the winamp folder, or you even dont have the winamp installed stclam
its a winamp agent, jeez, research something before creating a false sense of danger  See also: Link yomama
came with winamp but one of the online anti virus products still flagged it as a virus Abydos
Winamp agent, helps launch winamp and maintain file extensions verge
Winamp Agent, not actually essential to running Winamp, but preserves file associations when other media players try to "steal" them. Has never been harmful, in my experience. mcrouse
Agent for winamp lookin that MP3 e.t.c files are bound with winamp  See also: Link Adrian
Winamp addon
Harmless if found in your original Winamp directory. NOT otherwise. Harish
If this File is located in C:\Program files\Winamp, it is the Winamp agent which helps to associate file types. If it is located anywhere esle it is probably malware and should be dealt with Blank
comes together with winamp, called wimamp agent. Kai
Winamp Agent, not really needed, only malware if found in the wrong directory DmxDragon
Added by the LOONY-I TROJAN! Note - this is NOT associated with the popular Winamp media player. The valid file for the Winamp Agent resides in a "Winamp" subdirectory of the Program Files directory whereas this file is located in the System (9x/Me) or System32 (NT/2K/X mc_keym
in the registry it has keys totally separated from other winamp values... weird. I uninstalled winamp ith a professional uninstaller and understood this winampa is really a trojan. delete it! don't hesitate. funkynat
Any virus can be called winampa.exe
it couses pc, to run .mp3-s that i never had, and i've not installed winamp, this is a fucking virus, for this moment have no idea how to fix it out!!!!! Niutonchik!!!
I was running AVG scan , and at the same time , i opened task manager , this was the first process on the list...i dont understand why , and i have not opened Winamp for more than a day now , but when i went to see the location of this file , it was not in system32 folder , but it is where my winamp is installed.
this is Winamp. and for thoes who havent downloaded it. Winamp.dll ( process ) comes with windows package like "explorer" dose.. please people -_-* M0rph
If you have never install Winamp and this file is in your pc you have problem ... Anti-Spyware-Adware-Trojan-Rootkit
I have Winamp installed, but never used it. Why would Winampa.exe all of a sudden show up on my Task Manager on top of all others without me calling it? John

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