What is jusched.exe? Is jusched.exe spyware or a virus?

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Process name: Sun Java Update Scheduler

Product: Java

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Sun Microsystems

File: jusched.exe

Security Rating:

"jusched.exe" is a part of Java, which is an OS independent application environment.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/jusched.exe.html 
(http://java.sun.com: Java technology is a portfolio of products that are based on the power of networks and the idea that the same software should run on many different kinds of systems and devices.)

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It's Sun Java's automatic update scheduler. It periodically starts another process that check for updates for the Jav VM. David G.
You can disable it with jucheck.exe in the same directory. You usually dont need the scheduler. Lucas B.
It's unnecessary and annoying. It slows your PC down. Kaaos
Open Java Plugin from WinXP's Control Panel, click Updates tab, uncheck the option to check for updates Rob H.
unnötiger Ballast cbi
It corrupts memory and slows down the PC and changes passwords and makes things run slow. No link to delete it! I know more
The jusched.exe automatic update scheduler is relatively new [j2re1.4.2_04] and by default is loaded set to check for java updates from Sun every month after installation. The process is nearly always sleeping, but eats up 2.4 Mb of RAM . Rare problems when it attempts to phone home for updates. Default behavior easily changed through the Control Panel - Java Plug In - Update tab - uncheck "Check for Updates Automatically" and be sure to press the "Apply" button before closing the applet.. Can also be disabled in registry HKLM \SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run . Thomas M.
Java update scheduler from Sun Microsystems. Not dangerous, just wastes memory. Bert Q.
Keep my java update quicker. It good if you use alot of java. Justin
goto to java icon in control panel select deselect auto update and whalha gone Vansin
I need more ram so I'm disabling it. Thanks for the info! Mark C.
It is simply an automatic update feature. If you want it, keep it if you don't want it, disable it. Martin Hanson
2.5mb memory, doesnt even take 1s cpu time in days...so no problem (and it's not dangerous) Cen
Its a pain in the tail :( Turn off auto update! smaxx
It's a memory and resource hog Barney Fife
Could possibly be exploited to allow access to a system. Aka Trojans Port Sniffers would be looking for a way to use it as an exploit. Start makeing programs that tell you what their doing and why their doing it. Sir_EOT
Well, it's not dangerous but the file is dated 2068 which is weird!  See also: Link Danny Lau
Have limitted tech knowhow . Want to disable for more RAM Vansin suggests deselect auo in control panel but can't find Jarva icon other than in Add/Remove. Welcome clearer explanation ??? Tricia
sunjava app. Star Jones
If you wish to disable this prosses the easiest way is to do it from the system configuration utility. For those of you who do not know how to get there Win XP: Help and suport, tools, system configuration utility. Star Jones
I disabled it, just because I don't these "automatic" updates. There are enough with windows as it is. And if it works don't fix it.
Java Autoupdate. If you don't want it, Control Panel - Java Plugin - Updates tab, uncheck the option for automatic updates wise_guybg
Can cause WinXP to hang on shutdown. Best bet is to disable auto updates and peridically check for updates manually. TopDog
What's weird about it is that it runs very rarely - just pops up out of nowhere... ballslap
just stop it from running at startup, using msconfig or regedit john
jo harmlos
i hate crap like this that just sits in teh background and eats resources, but seems harmless Gahhhagahgg
Comes along with Opera Browser (and other Sun Java products). It is necessary to give Opera the same possibilities as Internet Explorer (but does not have the very serious bug with the mouse scroll bar that can invoke whatever script on whatever site (use the PUSH BUTTONS of the mouse, not the scroll button). VAN BELLE Jean Marc
when i start up computer and do NOT close this exe my pc crashes for some reason kenny
We always recommend against having any software updating itself automatically, even if it prompts the user before applying updates. Stay in control of your PC and disable this task as follows : double-click on the Java plug-in icon in the Control Panel, go to the Update tab and uncheck "Check for updates automatically", click APPLY - this will disable JUSCHED from starting at boot-up. If you want to update Sun Java at a later stage, simply go back to the same Java plug-in icon in the Control Panel, to the "Update" tab, and click the Update Now button. SeanT
I found linked with Trojan Byte.Verify, a memory leeching sleeze of an application. Unsecure and very exploitive of your system without manual initialization. Can also disable using "msconfig" in RUN menu. Go to startup tab and uncheck. yohannes_
Easy to disable; good for development/test machines; should be turned off on production servers as most production environments would not have open internet access to allow this to run anyway. RichM
Nothing wrong, from SUN DabuR
The Java SUN update scheduler. Just a RAM robber. Unnecessary Black Dragon
i dont know .. it showed up on my comp out of nowhere.. and i have deleted 15 viruses since..i have to find a way to get rid of it. kim j.
I agree with all of the above.... I love these forums though! Very helpful
Creates application error on start-up. Jack Bennett
As you disable jusched please take a look at CACHE tab and see how much sensitive data Java is caching in your computer without your knowlege. Disable it too. Roitberg
I discovered jusched.exe running when I was alerted for having a virus on my system. The virus was only a spyware, bypassing the IE program execution prompt. I immediately turned off the internet connection started the virus checkr and checked the process table. jusched was running and two empty IE windows were open with the title "jusched". Must be some funny coincidence... Maybe it was triggered somehow johannes
All part of fun in the Sun -- but if you don't want to go chasing Java version conflicts (yes, they do happen), switch it off ! RewStar
it's useless. just remove it from the registry durant
eat memory, not need djidji
not alot, but gonna disable it on start up. should not do things without asking first, its not polie Jonas
No harm pete
UPdate-Acheduler for Java-Runtime Environement.
I had a lot of memory errors and several other data corruptions. After turning it off (in "msconfig") it all stops. It may be a backdoor for bugs :/ Tom
To save confusion, the link in the control panel to get to the Java Plug In (and disable the auto-update), is through the "Other Control Panel Options" link on the left hand side under the "See Also" menu. Once you have clicked on the "Other Control Panel Options" menu, you should be able to see the "Java Plug-In" listed there. Click on it and go to "Update" and untick the "Check for updates automatically box". This should solve the problem. This is for Win XP. For Win 2K e.t.c. you will be able to find the "Java Plug-In" listed somewhere else in your control panel. Good Luck : ) Dodder
It takes over my CPU usage Scenario Detector
It only takes 1,5 mb ram. Sun microsystems is a trusted corporation omer
I don't know how this file got onto my pc because I don't have java installed. Now the w32.mytob worm infected it and it can not be cleaned. I can't disable jusched.exe from control panel because it is not listed. Would it be advisable to delete it from the system32 folder? Jin
seems to be related to a javainstallation dan
It´s a Trojan!
automatically runs viral code me
Automatic update, disable using control panel java or uncheck in msconfig. Dosent show up in my registry software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/run so i cant get it off msconfig startup list. anyone know why? BBoyd
Holy crap this thing formatted my computer and made me pay $1430 for a new computer! xileF
It uses up memory and slows my pc down. KellyB
Every time on start up it says that it cannot find jusched.exe... T?
Easily removed with new download on CNET, "Computer Inspector". Works great and got rid of it immediately. Cuzron
Sun's Java Auto Updater, most likely not necessary.  See also: Link www.PC-Component.com
Well, from my experiences it is harmless unless you consider not being able to load certain programs, or having games crashing while it is running in the background harmless. Disable it, it's pretty much a worthless resource hole. And for those others that automaticly assume because it is from SUN it's not harmful or can cause no problems, please don't be so ignorant and realize you can't trust programs just because they are from a known named corp. Limelight
creates application error an startup Corneliu
Sun Java Update Scheduler - jusched.exe is a process installed alongside Sun Microsystem's Java2 suite and, and checks for/installs Java updates. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated
My jusched.exe just popped up after I was stricken by a virus. I have cleaned my XP SP1 system manually by going through msinfo32, regedit and msconfig. Deleted all viral files including those hidden in temp and prog_files_common directories. I have no Java icon in my control panel so this jusched.exe is very suspect because it sits in my %windows%\system32 path measuring 160,676 bytes timestamped 8/29/2002. I can't find anywhere why its starts - none in HKLM/HKLU...Windows/CurrentVersion/Run nor in the startup folders but it starts at boot up. I just renamed it for safety reasons.  See also: Link Loloy D
thanks dodder!! but, i can´t believe it!!, i did what you say, in other control panel options i only have two icons: 1) about the sound efects and 2) about symantec update(the antivirus norton of symantec), so, could you help me???, please don´t think i am a fool or something, my little problem i that, i don´t have the java icon in my control panel, well, that is what i think.... max.
Dangerous ! There is spyware which uses the name "jusched.exe". You can identify it by looking in the system32 folder. There is a hidden file with the name "jushed.exe". Terminate the jushed.exe process in the task manager and delete this file ! (You may need to terminate the real jushed.exe and the backdoor jushed.exe cause they use the same process name) David
Nicht weiter gefährlich, benötigt bei mir (NT5.1) 72K und max. 1,8 Mb dazu ~450 Kb virtueller Speicher. 1 Thread, 1UserObject und ~25 Handles auf Objekte, die ich nicht (den Datenstrom) parsen kann. Dangerous onyl if the update files are corrupt or not completely tested. - AutoUpdate... always the same prob. .::TRON::.
Extreme Caution! Can corrupt Partition table. Two machine with extende drives had the extended drive Partition table overwritten during the course of an 'update'. I don't care if it's Sun software, it breaks machines severe. Quacks like a duck, is a duck. Delete the infection - updater now! Blitzenn
I have a dial up connection and whenever i connect to the net it hogs up my limited bandwidth. I tried disabling via the control panel but i dont have a java plugin option. Also the system configuration utility did not help. Can you please tell me another option. It would be grateful. Avinash
Grisoft AVG caught trojan process, "PSW.Banker.45.BC" using "jusched.exe" to access internet. AVG did not see it two days ago, but picked this up with most recent (6/13/05) virus def file. Not much info on this yet, but all Banker variants are password stealers.  See also: Link Trampen
If you can't find the Java Control Panel in Windows Control Panel, simply go to the same directory that jusched.exe is stored, and run the file javacpl.exe, you'll find a checkbox to utick in one of the tabs. Iain
I think somebody started to use jusched.exe name for a new virus. I don't have Java installed but it was there attempting multiple connections on port 445. cbasoz
this is file related to the java and nothing to do with virus ,this is nedded for a type of sites which uses Java console ,and for active x controls, Deva Prasad
An auto-updater program for Sun Java (only auto-updates if it opens on startup)... checks for update when the application is launched.
Non-harmful, java auto update. Can cause problems. (made explorer crash when checking for updates). use javacpl.exe to turn off. tom
Java Update Scheduler: Can be disabled via Control Panel. Asks before installing, asking before downloading can be disabled. Gwyn Evans
It IS just a scheduler for Java and you can turn it off opening Java from your control panel where it says check for updates Cheech
Annoying little Ram thief, I get Java based viruses appearing in my AVG scans, in one of the Java root folders. Kain Thornn
As many other have said, it's completely harmless and you can disable it yourself... Leiffi Plomeros
I couldn't use ctrl and alt until I terminated the jusched-process! David
it always appears when I start up my computer Frank Cassady
It erased my hard drive and raped my dog Ryan
Useless,disable. BunnY
It is for Java updates. Completely not required. Uses memory and CPU time. It is not required or important. It is also very annoying because if you turn off automatic updates with the Java settings in the control panel the stupid program still runs.
I belive this is a CLEVER "new age" trojan aswell ... very suspicious as it is a useful tool for video chat ~ this buisness however is lucrative & definatly corrupt / along with the PREMIUM rate phone line scam etc ... be suspicious  See also: Link LiQuid
Important to apps that require it (games, some animated images). can you re3member to update the Java process at least once a month. If not, leave it to take up less than 1 per cent of computer resources in background. Ra3raga
It checks for Java updates but because of legal wrangling bet Microsoft and Sun Win XP can not load it. You can disable it, as mentioned by Rob H, from the Java Icon in the Control Panel. Ike A.
"Java Update Scheduler" - schedules java-updates. harmless and eventually useless if you are able to update things manually... dfm
It`s my PC and I didn't order this program. Deleted. Salvador
It opens after I use Java on Firefox. Luis
It's a part of java environment.  See also: Link amida
It just slows your computer down Insanity
Converted all my 192kbps mp3s to 18kbps mono ProUser
java updates hank
not dangerous...just use up alot of pc power chaos
Java Update Program - deactivate it - possible slowdown Carnivore
Just to let everyone know and to stop ALL confusion. It's not dangerous at all. I've used Java countless times and it doesn't give any errors, if there's a problem then do what everyone else has suggested, disable it. It's completely harmless and it doesn't cause viruses or anything of the sort. Deranged
If you ever use Java, you HAVE to leave this enabled. Unless of course you plan on manually checking all the time, then by all mean disable it. Just don't be stupid and forget to check at least bi-weekly. It's very important to keep your VM patched. Java has served as a virus gateway on several occasions. Stinky
java update ( disable if you like via CP) Shalianahe
Is the "Jave Update Scheduler". Is completely HARMLESS, and uses miminal resources. If you don't want it to run,, (Win XP) go to control panel, use search assistant to search control panel only, find Java, open Java Plug-in control Panel, select Update tab, uncheck "Check for Updates Automatically". Samantha
It uses system resources, but doesn't appear to eat CPU cycles once it's determined that there are no updates available. Daniel
Java updater for Logitec Harmony remote control
jucheck seems to run on port 1098, which is the default port for jboss, thus jboss was not deploying war and ear files Cheese
Do not confuse it with viruses which may use the same name. I do not like memory-eating programs which do not ask me (one ant is no problem but many can be annoying). But you should not forget to update Java - an old version can also be a security risk. jippieyeah
opens after I use Java on Firefox. sakis25
Java-Updates Knödel
It slows down you network and internet drastically if you have Norton Internet Security Firewall installed. preetham
Literally takes up 28 K of memory on my system, so I don't mind. nolookingca
it does nothing its just for java automatic updates moh27
It's unecessary and slows down the computer, it can also crash the computer while running programs that using high amounts of memory because it randomly checks for updates. Updates for Java seem almost pointless because it's not likely to find websites with java programs. End process with taskmanager or delete entire program. WetWilly
It stole my microwave Blank Reg
Is there a way to prevent Java from installing the jusched.exe during installation itself? Sharad
If you want your version of java to be old and not have newer updates as they come out, thereby plugging any newly discovered security holes, then you should get rid of this thing. bob
It's very annoying on a production server and compromises stability. On a production server running custom applications you never want an automatic update! chuck ross
This file is used for the java engine to update, there is nothing wrong with it at all and does take near to nothing resources. If it matters all that much to then you can delete it if you want. Matt
It refuses to let me open Flexisgn, which i use for my business. It is costing me money.If like suing Sun! Thankyou every one for the tips Mark
well this file is used for auto updates in suns java2 and is completly unesscary so I just disable it Amean Dude
This process can facilitate install of byte.verify or other spyware/virus processes. Disable it, and if a java applet doesn't work a year and a half from now, enable it, update, and disable again... Ben
doing weird crap on my winXP desktop. Looks like it is compromised or just suks right out of the box hammer
This file has corrupted my power source somehow and now my computer needs a new battery G
does java even need updating wont it prompt me when it needs updating giovanni
Every time on start up it says that it cannot find jusched.exe... Will Lowry
kaspersky fonud this file as a trojan downloader. Also hogs all resources and slows the computer down. Not essential and easy for hackers to exploit. ThE HaLf-Bl00D PrInCe
Java updater, komplett gefahrlos MnGachl
Had memory related problems from the date when I installed JRE. This service promote the failures occurs continuously. If disabled, the errors only occurs when using Java Applications.  See also: Link Ale
Regularly disrupts the windows shut down process by refusing to close. DialupDyna
Seems to be not dangerous,if u don't want it disable it , simple. Aussie
Safe. Non-critical. uses ~2kB ram ~512kB swap. Automatic updater for java virtual machine. Most endusers are best to leave it running if they have +512mB as 2.5mB makes little difference. serious users should disable it to maintain a minimilist configuration. Mirddes
it is java updater.not required,so once u update ur java stop this process from statup. nitin khandelwal
It's pretty useless since you can update Java version manually by visiting http://java.sun.com Tuomas N
Is just the Java Update Program, and it doesnt take CPU time and eat RAM unless u are on 90Mhz Pentium and 16MB RAM. iluvala
It takes up 92K mem usage on my computer, not quite the 'hog' people accuse it to be. Wendy
comes with a free tree frog if you install the Japanese version Neil Seal
just because its annoying doesnt mean its a virus
If you disable it via msconfig, it still loads every time a Java app(let) starts. Disable it in the Java control panel. Problem solved; 2MB of RAM reclaimed. Greg
Not dangerous but annoying. Anytime software is installed it should tell you that "whatever".exe will run, and get you to "opt-in". Most of this crap isn't anything you need, at least not all the time. Whenever I boot I terminate at least 15 processes so they don't tie up resources. NotSteve
I don' think jusched.exe is dangerous ..just another update program, I just disabled it from running at startup thanks to your forum pikachu
Java Updater, SUN software, not dangerous but eats RAM and sometimes little of your dsl/modem/T1 or what ever you have Xphome
Sun Java Updater, doesn't slow down or causes crash bomme204
Java-Updater, aber wenn man als Nicht-Admin User eingeloggt ist (empfohlen), kann sie nicht mal updaten (siehe Errormeldungen in jusched.log); Java updater, but if not logged in as user with admin-right (recommended), it runs but cannot update anything. See errormessages in jusched.log Lungenwurm
This is a simple helpful utility from Java install which helps you keep Java software required to run applets/applications written in Java language updated. pariti
I turned it off via CP & when I want it I will turn it on.  See also: Link John
As far as we know, this is not in any way, a critical problem. I don't know why anyone would rate this as dangerous. It can on occasion use up a considerable amount of physical memory but it should never use up too much that it causes any unstable activity.  See also: Link ©2006 Microsoft Corporation.
for the last time its nothing dangerous.. its just a JAVA application that looks for Updates.. disable automatic updates on java and you wont see it again.. petit fille
Its a RAM robber but its just an updater for Sun Java. It does not do damage to your computer, the only thing it does is it just sits there and robs ur RAM. I think you can remove this file manually.(i hope) mike
OMFG, this is harmless! cripes, this is so funny. seriously. Jim
If you have any java-using applications (Limewire, azureus) installed you will see this file. It checks for updates and is usually neutral. But if one is paranoid, they may turn it off (but don't forget to check for updates manually) KoHaN69
about one 4th of these comments seem fit for deletion. The program is annoying, but seems harmless al gore
Java update service, can be deactivated in the controlpanel to save memory and truble. Mattias
This file causes my XP desktop to lock up. I thought I had this disabled from the last time this was happening, but I just checked the control panel Java control, and sure enough, it was activated again. I disabled again. I don't care to have anything else eating up RAM, and bandwidth without me OK'ing it. I don't appreciate Sun writing it this way. Sherb
Part of Java as update sheduler. You don't really need it and I did place it in quaratine to disable this feature.  See also: Link Bert
Java Auto update anasazi
It's JAVA al least not a microsoft freak stuff microsoft er
Never had a problem with this program aside from a harmless glitch in the taskbar icon toby
Its not dangerous at all, but does use system resources like all programs. The people who say it doesnt use much cpu time obviously havent had it stop responding. Chris Smith
Java Update CHEDuler by Sun Microsystems, comes installed with java - This process is considered harmless as long as the process executable runs from your java [bin] directory. As java update scheduler it can be permanently disabled through the windows java settings (control panel- java). If this process is shown as running from anywhere else, it is most likely a process cloaked virus and it's time to get yourself a better firewall, virus scanner, and most importantly a new approach to using the internet. Mike Kamermans
Under normal cirscumstances, this is the Java Updater, just like what people is saying. You can always deactivate the update checker using the Java Control Panel, which is the javacpl.exe app in the same folder, under the 'bin' folder on your Java installation folder. Go to the Update tab, and uncheck the related checkbox there. Done! You don't even need to mess with msconfig for that. DavidCS
The file is for java scheduling, on my PC it seems to crash or hang during shutdown more often than an app should. I am disabling it. noot
If you can't find the Java Icon under Control Panel, click "Switch to Classic View" if you're running XP. You should then see the Java Icon, double click, go to Update Tab and desselect Auto Updates. Click Apply Greg
go to run, type msconfig, click on startup and uncheck jusched. now it won't run when you satr you computer and you don't have to delete anything. your mom
it can be discussable but just to be sure, disable it and check for updates manually. What's so hard? Adriana
Just an auto-update file using less than 2K of memory. Dirty Ed
It is the automatic update for Java. If you don't want Java to check for updates automatically, just go in to Control Panel/Java and disable it. You can always do updates manually GeeWhiz
Open ports on one's computer are never a beneficial circumstance unless they are in use by the user directly. danger
Contibutor - Does not slow down your machine as long as it's pIII+ , live with out it if you don't want it, but be prepered to miss out.. Jay Dee
It can cause Windows XP to hang on shutdown. Disable it in Control Panel - Java. JD
I just installed java butundo
Is not dangerous, but infiltrates into startup without your agreement and uses some memory. Useless. Fortunately, can be removed simply.  See also: Link SQuiD
Unless it's been used in a recent attack jusched.exe by itself is not harmless. However, as there are many java viruses/worms, this program could download and install an infected update. As said before, turn your auto updates off and get them as your browser/programs prompt for them. A clean version of this file does not use much of your resources.  See also: Link Meshif
Java Update Scheduler om-shanti
An automatic update that CANNOT be disabled for all users. Even when you turn off automatic updates it continues to run and presents users with the option of an update. Check out the problems it causes for network users on the Sun Java forums...  See also: Link JM
ive been attacked several times using the port that jusched uses, also it is an obscene memory hog. luckily i have found a way to make my crash everytime windows starts so its as good as dead to me. MIT suprusr
Uses memory, haven't seen the value, stopped it from running to save the memory Paul
eats up loads of ram, also a virus going with the same name. screw the ppl with auto updates. monk
My PC crashed several times before I found this forum. Now I'v stopped Java from automatically checking for updates it's a lot better. Thanks! Keep up the good work! Pete
I use Java in a production environment and can't update java because it breaks the custom app. I have disabled it via the control panel. copied the profile to the default user profile and sysprepped the pc. when i reimaged a PC and login, the jusched.exe is running again! I can't find anyway to disable this process permanently for all users! Sunny
My PC used to get stuck for several minutes during startup. It took me weeks to figure out that it was jusched.exe that did it, because it didn't close properly at shutdown. Lausianne
Sun finds bugs in Java that are security holes, they fix them, release a new version, you don't get the update because you wanted to save (only 2mb!) of RAM, so you still have the hole and somebody exploits it and gets in. Get a grip, it is harmless, disable it if you want to. David
Have blocked it from accessing the internet. using windows live onecare anonomous
java update, ITS HARMLESS me
I could not access the internet until I terminated the process
Processlibrary.com says "This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer's Internet browsing and Java usage and should not be terminated. " Bleepingcomputer.com says "This is an undesirable program." Auditmypc.com says "The jusched.exe process handles the scheduling of updates to your Java runtime (virtual machine). This process will occasionally run the jucheck.exe process in attempt to keep your Java runtime files current. You should not terminate this process unless it is causing problems for your system." robert
Java update scheduler - Enabled by default without asking and can potentially create compatibilty issues thru forced updates
Harmless. Java Update Program Cookie Monster
Java is available in the control panel, and automatic updates can be disabled csr
Java updater oiram
Just a harmless background updater, use very few memory Smanux
Unnecessary Updatechecker for Java. Updates can also be made manually when needed, so not much use imho. Disable via Java Options "Autocheck" to save some RAM. Raucherbein
needs memory and slows down computer, better update manually if you need Walter
i do not like software to do any things without my permission. i looked up netstat and was a bit surpriesed to find it with the ip port 80 to communicate. but for the iplocators this ip is unknown and also not responding to http request..... very disapointing for a SUN service. Manne
It is the Java Update Scheduler. My computer was running out of virtual memory on a daily basis. In task manager, under the processes tab, jusched.exe was always at the top, with memoory usage over 600,000 K. and my commit charge was maxed out. Once I terminated the process, things went back to normal. It seemed to use more and more memory as the day goes on. So I disabled it in the Java Control Panel. Jonathan
LOL! Some of you are really paranoid. It's completely harmless and can be disabled in the control panel. Open Java, click on update tab and uncheck updates automatically. It will go away. Allan
This is an Automatic Update program for JAVA...to DISABLE IT go to SYSTEM CONFIGURATION in Vista and Uncheck the Java...that should disable the [email protected]%ker Java Sukz
Harmless! Dont Worry about it!!!!!! BTHC
through Control Panel you can set it to check for updates once a month at a specified time. go to advanced tab. Paul
Macht den PC langsamer Jacky
Saying "never check for updates" won't get rid of it. You need to go into MSconfig. scwizard
das is für java update man sollte es erlauebn dieses java sich upzudaten, wer empfohlen ergvh
Not a direct threat, but may cause problems due to imposed updates. Even after disabling updates via the java control panel applet, inevitably, updates are re-enabled at some later time. Have tested this on dozens of XP and Vista computers. Java records the updates enabled/disabled state for each user of the computer. No builtin mechanism to enable/disable for all users of the computer. Not IT admin friendly since cannot control through normal policy. Have had to resort to other policy solutions in order to have control of java updates.  See also: Link jusched
bluetooth authentation agent
java update checker, u can disable from cp - java - updated - uncheck check updates asdfghj2
This process made my computer's middle mouse button click randomly. Don't understand why. Limberg
Many websites, even Java.com and Java.Sun.com suggest the process mentioned here: go to the control panel, open Java Plug-in, select Update tab, uncheck "Check for Updates Automatically". It didn’t work for me as I found out every morning when I cleaned out my temp files. You can check by going to Start, Run, type in the command %temp%, and look a the least of temp files. It'll be there. Instead, in XP at least, use the system config utility. Go to Start, help& support, then tools, click on the startup tab and scroll until you find it. Then just uncheck it. Click apply and reboot or no Clare
I know its hard to get rid off. If you dont want it in start up read this... Go to c: , users, you user the click organise and folders and search options. go to hidden files and folders and click show. close that windows and open app data. go to roaming, microsoft, windows start menua, programs then right click on jusched. open it with note pad and delete everything there. now you can delete. Give Rep+ Josh Earl "The PC Wiz"
Java updater  See also: Link Milli
It's no harm, but can be removed from start up in order to speed up PC. Pasan Indeewara
I hate auto updating, but Vista now will not let you toggle this to off in the control panel. So go to javacpl.exe in the application directory, run as admin and turn off auto updates. Wes
from java , makes my firefox crash Kuldar Persenöör
It's still in my processes after disabling auto update and restarting. sovereign
I was getting a ton of brower re-directs, even to the point where if you entered an address in the bar, but didn't put in the full http:// on it, it would still be re-directed. Once I quarantined jusched.exe, the re-directs stopped. I use the WOT add-on for firefox, which luckily stopped most of the sites the re-directs sent me to... so it was only a nuisance, but for someone without an incoming http blocker or some other program running interferance, those re-directs could cause big problems. Kyle
this process is a java script updater. I disabled this in the control panel also disabled it in the msconfig under run but it still runs on boot up dont like programs that do what they want jave programmers need to get it right or ill just not use the damn thin hated it
Blocked my sharefolder in a workgroup .After removal from registry & task manager , the system back to normal. Anti-jusched.exe
Interesting forum. The sole purpose of jusched.exe appears to be to run jucheck.exe occasionally to check for updates. You could avoid whatever security hole it opens up by running, and still keep Java updated, by disabling it and running jucheck directly. You could do this manually, but then you have to remember to do so. The How-To Geek (see link below) suggests running jucheck.exe as a scheduled task once a month, and gives detailed instructions. He gives Vista instructions. To open Scheduled Tasks in XP: Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Scheduled Tasks.  See also: Link BillFB
Only Uses 2.5 Mb of memory and probably a couple seconds of cpu time...id rather keep my java upto date personally than gain 2.5mb of memory Jake
Java Update Scheduler - Macht Updates in regelmäßigen Abständen Lynx92
automatic schedule updater for java - harmelss low resources 2mgs in hybernation. Leave active need resources buy more RAM cheapo! Arniceous
Java Update Scheduler (J-U-Sched) ... useless tool that randomly checks for java updates. eats up 2 - 8MB of memory for basically.. well.. NOTHING.. deactivate it in the control panel (Java icon, update tab, uncheck "Check for Updates Automatically") Patrik
jusched.exe does not disable in vista if you "disable" updates. To disable jusched.exe in Vista, go to C:\WINDOWS\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin and right click on javacpl.exe ... click on Run as Adminstrator ... THEN disable the updates, and jusched.exe will finally be disabled and not run on startup. angelic
Really not something to worry about, its a Sun Java updater to keep your java up to date.  See also: Link groovyPost
Uninstalled sun java, reinstalled and jusched.exe will not go, regardless of unchecking CHECK FOR UPDATES AUTOMATICALLY thus Sun Java has been deleted.. Nice buggy crap to further ruin your computer. Better luck next version.  See also: Link Hostile_Scout
Sperrt gelegendlich USB-Zugriffe DjHome
Java update scheduler, checks for newer versions of java  See also: Link Neil Crow
No matter how many times or ways you disable it in Vista (including thorugh it's gui or msconfig or registry), it will continue to restart itself to do you the favor of continuously popping up asking for permission to download updates. These symptoms are indentical to those of spyware (unwanted popups that you can't permanently disable, and as such should be treated as spyware and deserves the "5" rating. John
Unnötiger Ballast Paddy
Java process, im running it on Win 7, but it slows down computer. i simply open taskmanager, and "processes" tab and stop it. MalkKnight
despite unchecking it in the startup menu and disabling the the update in the Java panel justsched continues to start after every reboot.
Java Update Scheduler - runs even though I have the "Auto Update" check box unchecked. Checking it, then apply, then unchecking it works, the process goes away System_Macker
installed in c:\windows\, definitly not java related, virus disguised Jerome
Usually harmless, but may contain "Worm.P2P.Palevo.FP". Self-Distributing over Messengers.  See also: Link ~Lone-Wolf~
It's just a Java Update Scheduler. Doesn't hurt anything to close it. It will free up some memory. Freakshow
allowed a worm to bypass security.. took 2 days to find all it's hiding locations.. disable was not effective had to manually remove the file from all locations myz-28
i typed msconfig into the run progam thing on the start menu, and disabled jucheck and it has stopped it :) but also, if you have norton internet security you can block the update checker (jucheck) and the update scheduler (jusched) quite simply! Stan
In the Java installed folder, run javacpl.cpl and in the update tab, uncheck the 'Check for Update Automatically' will kill this process. Ranger
sets to run automatically w/no prompt or warning. in some systems, cannot turn off! j
Java updater : very good at nagging, slowing down and screwing up your computer. Solution: uninstall Java.  See also: Link Victor
Java Update Xiiderz
Tried to disable through the java "properties" screen - no matter what it would start up again when the system restarted. Manually removed in three separate locations. Maybe not a security threat - but very annoying. Meik
linked to trojan.Byteverify and exploitable. I respect Sun, but this file makes me nervous. Unless you are a Java developer or run Java apps, I would recommend disabling this on startup though msconfig. hyperthread
Blocked with my firewall. Freakin thing runs even when your running a game. swev
Java update scheduler - Enabled by default without asking and can potentially create compatibilty issues thru forced updates fff
Updates Java, easy to end, Doesn't harm when ending. IAmJesus
I've had success jamming it (but not removing it) by simply starting windows unconnected to the internet modem. Then when the start page is sitting there with what I am searching for typed in, then I connect and the jusched box does not activate. Personally I do not like anything that I have not installed and will remove it when I've got time.. John
Update scheduler for Java from Oracle.Calls home ones in a while at an interval and time the user can set.To avoid security holes in Java I think it's wise to keep it running.  See also: Link
Takes memory but its safe, its for update java 4544
If the file is listed %appdata% folder, then its probably a virus. It should stand in C:\Windows or in C:\Windows\System32
Computer was running so slow, 2 mins to start up internet. The second I ended this process it worked perfectly.  See also: Link Tycho
I cant disable it on Win7 HP. Always I do - Apply, but the checkbox is allways checked after opening the same update panel. Danijela S.
I did a narrowing down of programs using MSconfig, and found this file was the source of my woes! somehow when it is checked as a startup item, my internet WILL NOT load, with it disabled, my internet runs like it always had (around 100Kbp/s not bad but not extreme) all I can say is that I will not trust it! it is not worth loosing internet! and who knows what else it will do!!! I will like the process I used to find that this was the problem.  See also: Link Drummerman
This process is part of the java automated update system and checks for updates to the java runtime environment, disabling this process may cause you to miss important security patches making you computer vulnerable or at the least, causing you to miss the addition of new features to java meaning some java software may not function on your computer. It can be disabled without harming your computer and is not harmful while running. Bob
Slowing PC down. Disabling nearly impossible.
Every time I log in, I get a java-update screen, but when I check java, it ways I have the latest one. Last update was three days ago, but that screen has been popping up for weeks. I changed update notification alert to once a week. C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update Kara
Just downloaded Windows 10 and needed the Java update and this Jusched has slowed my PC to a crawl. Now i need to uninstall and find a solution. I knew i should have waited to install 10. Glenn Mcdaniel
it is "USUALLY" java updater... HOWEVER, it can also be a hidden BITCOIN MINER hidden in appdata... search your C:\ drive for jusched.exe and if there is one residing in appdata it is most likely a virus! (scan it on virustotal if you are unsure) AVIRA, AVG, AVAST and MALAWAREBYTES did not find it!!!! HawkX
Java update scheduler. The opposite of dangerous.

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