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Process name: Microsoft Tablet PC Platform Component

Product: Windows

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Company: Microsoft

File: wisptis.exe

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wisptis.exe is a pen input device tool for the Microsoft Tablet PC Platform. "WISPTIS" stands for "Windows Ink Services Platform Tablet Input Subsystem". wisptis.exe is installed on your system when installing Microsoft Office 2003, an Adobe product, or Journal Viewer via Windows Update. You cannot get rid of wisptis.exe by renaming or deleting it: Windows File Protection will cause it to be reinstalled the next time you run Adobe Acrobat or Office 2003. If you don't have a Tablet PC and don't want an unnecessary process eating up resources, you can uninstall Windows Journal from the add/remove programs in the control panel. Alternatively, you could go to Regional Settings > Language > Details and remove Advanced Text Services. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/wisptis.exe.html 

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connected to MS journal viewer pbt
Tablet input subsystem  See also: Link Purg
www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1260 ms33
Component of TabletPC  See also: Link Picha Brava
IT will begin to cause instability on your computer
When Acrobat Reader 6 is started, wisptis becomes active. Arthur de Smet
You'll have this process running if you have Microsoft Journal Viewer or Adobe Acrobat/Reader 6.0 or MS Office System 2003 installed  See also: Link John Novak
Dangerous in the way that you should not remove it if you have Adobe Reader 6 and Office 2003 installed. If you delete it and try to open PDF document it will ask for Office 2003 installation source. Real annoyance because it doesn't have any value for desktop users. Igor
It seems to be used by my dell bluetooth stack COM server
wisptis.exe is running but I have not started Adobe nor do I have a tablet PC - CPU went to 100 for a few moments, prompting me to check the Task Manager. Mark
came with MS Office 97 standard installation
When Acrobat Reader 6 is started, wisptis becomes active. dorre
I do not have a tablet PC - I will investigate - on my machine the file lives in the \system32\ folder walter read - whread
is used for msn messenger handwrite plugin too
See other comments. This isn't dangerous at all, if it causes instability then there is something other then this going on in your PC (eg. bad installations) CookieRevised
Installed with Pen TAblet Graphire 2 Frederick Tronboll
Not a big deal... Just helps stuff run... duh www.b0rked.tk
Not dangerous...but also not necessary. I find it very annoying that even though I've never even touched a Tablet PC this process runs on my system. It's not too difficult for me to remove but I'm a LAN admin, my concern is the millions of people using Adobe/MS Office 2003 that have this process unnecessarily running. It should be a process that only gets called if you're actually using the Tablet PC stuff instead of just turning it on by default. Get on the ball Adobe and MS!!!  See also: Link Skye (random surfer)
It seems sometimes it crashes Opera.  See also: Link Max
I closes Acrobat Read but de process remains active Thaiger
Runs with MSN Messenger IM windows to allow handwriting with InfoPen for Outlook. InfoPen reinstalls itself when this file is deleted. Jason
Windows System File?  See also: Link Jack Mehof
In my computer, when wisptis.exe starts with helpsvc.exe, sometimes I will see helpsvc.exe allocating memory non-stoppingly (can be over 200MB within several minutes) and cause significant delay in response. I often kill this two processes together, but I am not sure that whether there is relation between them. Joseph Choi
It is frustrating when there are processes running that you don't know about. This one just "showed" up
Only usefull if you own a Tablet PC or need the "ink service". Deleting the file leads to problems with Adobe Reader and Office 2003 so best way to deal with this little bugger is to use XP's security features (only works for NFTS file system) and deny every user and the system all rights to this file. Aldatillian
It stays alive after Acroread is terminated Magnus Holm
I found 15 instances of this running for no reason, chewwing up a lot of resources Vincent
I've tried killing it, but it keeps coming back stummer_cake
In "Windows Task Manager" the "Base Pri" = High. Beppe
This process screws up my graphics tablet input (AIPTEK 8000U). It isn't actually dangerous, just annoying. Amos
It was installed with Adobe 6.0, probably as part of the Windows Journal Viewer. Edwin
Can interfere with Nisis tablets (namely when tblmouse is running), causing the cursor to locate to upper left corner of screen whenever the stylus is placed on the tablet. VERY annoying. Xanothis
Runs without being configured to run. Runs when not needed. Eats memory. warp-9.9
This file is also need if your using these plasma screens that is why it loads with office 2003, adobe and Messenger. so it really aint usless just should only load for these type of requirements, and I agree Micro$oft and Adobe need to get with the program, and in my book any program that is left over after a program that called for it is either a virus or a memory leak. Zeus (the god of all gods, greek that is)
wisptis (Windows Subsystem Input) is a generic process of Windows NT/2000/XP used to manage the entries used by graphics tablets. The process wisptis is not in any case a Virus, Worm, Trojan horse, spyware, nor AdWare. geeky g
Causes problems when Aiptek 8000U tablet installed and Adobe Acrobat started. Cursor jumps to top left and displays MS mouse image when you 'left' click with the tablet pen. KVR
It interferes with the pointer position for several popular makes of graphics tablet (Nisis, Trust, and more). It gets started by Adobe Reader 6, but can be closed from Task Manager with no ill effects. Apparently one can stop it causing problems by marking the wisptis.exe file not accessable by any user or the system.  See also: Link Alex Churchill
Adobe, as usual, does not clean up after itself in its bloated software M. Aldin
I think it is used for MSN Messenger Plus Handwriting Plugin....! $š]-[§II!
Used by my Wacom tablet. If i kill this file from my memory, my tablet isn't working anymore.... Rinus Leeuw
It's annoying, it's active when winamp crashes after opening other programs Markus
It start if you use MSN Plus and the HandWritting Plugin Charlie
slowes computer...
It starts when you try to set the printer type to pdf distiller. This started noticing it after installing Adobe pathc and upgraded to Office 2003 SP 1 Jacob Asariah
all i know is that i have been using acrobat reader for a long time now, and also office 2003 and today this process appeared for the first time, trying to connect to the web
you've read the comments, it's not too bad, but I'm a fanatic about unnecessary processes, here is how to remove it safely  See also: Link omar
it starts with Outlook or when writing a new email when using Word as the email editor p.o.xp!
cannot be shut down, it reappear within seconds of being shut down jim
running in background, but serves no purpose tysonius
start with Adobe Acrobat Writer val
Open "add/remove programs", select "MS Front Page 2003" and click "change" button. Now chose "Add or Remove Features" and click next , there expand "Office Shared Features" and click on "Microsoft Handwriting Component" and select "Not available" and click "update". If that's no help then expand in the same tree "Alternative User Input" and do the same for "Handwriting" option. Niksha
GDI Object leak causes Windows to eventually stop responding. (Unless wisptis.exe is killed) Tim V
Most people have this because they installed Journal Viewer from Microsoft update. Generally not needed so just uninstall and it goes away! jlib
I have a program that analises all running processes and it says it has something to do with Microsoft Visio 2003. Vanda
Not dangerous at all... just used with Word 2k3 and MSN Messenger Plus! HandWriting plug-in. EepP
When/If you use MSN Messenger 7 it uses it so you can handwrite. It's fine. MarK - UK
was installed as part of a handwriting addon to msn messenger
It starts to run with the MSN Handwritting option... doy
start with msn messenger 7 (handwriting) MensRea
When my system slow: I issue "taskkill /im "wisptis.exe" /f from the commandline - that can be done without destabilizing the system CW
it takes over 6 MBs of my precious memory, what a dumb software design decision by Adobe and M$. Sonny
Starts with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 and causes a performance loss in IE6.0 that is noticable with Flash media apps and animated image files. On larger files this can cause lag in bringing up menus and other such fun annoyances. Knitting
it blocked connection via RDP mirek
its horrible, its not a cause of issues, but rather a system hog, it grabs USER and GDI objects like they are going out of style, not a probl for home, but in an office with heavy 2d windows (financial markets) once your system runs out of user and gdi objects, you run into odd situations where programs wont start or right clicking wont work - this of course is just symtomatic of the system being able to render an more 2d windows for new or existing apps -- killing a task with a few hundred (add view in task mgr) of these objects gets around it but, since this little sucker is using 1200 GDI.. Adrian
MSN Beta(7) handwriting and stylus purposes gerard joseph
Acrobat 6 the culprit Ron
hes not open before i open one zip file atach on mail, now he run if msim (outlook express) is started
Not much exept that it;s some M$ file theeta
i don't know how it's dangerous soncao
starts with msn plus handwriting plugin st
Installed with Acrobat 7 Professional Sailor
When Acrobat 6 is started this file starts, cause system instability
Messenger 7.0 Jackie Cao
Used in MSN 7.0 MrSh0cKeR
i just kill it on start up via. task manager rilma
truns off with task manager or process explorer turns on with Acrobat reader 6 but not with photoshop elements 2 albert
Runs without being configured to run. Runs when not needed. Eats memory. David fefko
I think it came with windows journal viewer, i never had it b4 then, so im not conserned Diabllo
Everything that comes with Adobe Reader sucks, this is no exception adobe
i run 3 pcs i have the handwriting on 1 and what charlie says is 100% correct so nothing to worry about. no it doesnt slow pc down its just a plugin thats all icky
I have handwriting installed for MSN Messenger Plus!, so I know why it is running. mulrich15
Eats a lot of GDI resources. Can quickly reach the 10k application limit and will drain the 16k System limit (W2K only) which causes a system crash. Brody
installed as part of windows tablet viewer. installed from windows update. you need the files if you ever decide to view files created by a tablet pc application with handwriting Roc
Runs as a subtask under SVChost.exe. I dislike bloatware and any type of app that runs without the user's knowledge. When is MS and those other freaks going to realize that not all users are stupid? Steven C.
For MSN 7 BETA,: kill process and see you won't be able to draw no more in MSN 7 BETA. Dave
It eats up system resources, and has little or no use, below link can be used to remove it safely Richard Colletta
It's completely useless since i never had tablet and probably not getting it anywhere in near future. it wastes my RAM and CPU which I really don't like, so I blocked it from running Serge
something to do with msn7 beta, first noticed it after installing this prog anyway stimp
starts with adobe acrobat reader (free one) mombala
I have a beta copy of Messenger 7 which features a built in handwriting function. This process has appeared since I installed that. Tony
Intefered with my wireless connection - closed it and everything was fine Jimmy
Becomes active when you use "virtual pen" on powerpoint
If tampered with, it will cause Acrobat Reader to start up extremely slow of freeze at the splash screen Louis
Appears to be installed as part of the MSN Messenger Beta, and is used to provide the functionality of the "handwrite" tab.
Cursor freezes when expanding and minimising windows when this is running Chris
I found it running recently after installed the MSN Handwriting plugin. It's not dangerous. -
The number of open GDI handles by wisptis.exe was above 1000, which is unacceptable.  See also: Link andrikos
Agree with Knitting. Also starts with Photoshop. Kills IE and takes awhile to end the process. Uses a lot of disk activity. Bytemite.Com
Resource hog, bad design. Let's start calling these things what they are; I didn't ask for it to be installed, it is detrimental to my system and nothing I want on my system requires it to run. It's a virus. I don't care that it comes from a company. I should be given the option to remove it easily or to not install it in the first place. M. Spurlock
it's not spyware etc. as others have stated but seems it can cause problems; i've used acrobat and msn messenger for a coupla years and i only just saw it in task manager, even though now acrobat is closed (and i don't use handwriting stuff or have a tablet or have journal viewer installed). In this case it seemed to cause Winamp to jump on a normally fine music file, i killed the wisptis.exe process and it's fine now. Stupid MS and Adobe =+( jadester
it showed up after installing Acrobat Reader 7. Adobe insists on supporting off-brand operating systems and seldom gets anything right jimzone
After a while it soaked up 8000+ GDI Objects (as reported by the task manager) and caused haywire on rendering of all windows. Erhhung
Simple program used for features in MS programs. If you have a tablet it will over run your tablet's manufacturer software. Caused probelms for me since I'm running a dual screen setup which specifies special configurations on my tablet. If you have this problem, this link provides a script that will disable WISPTIS and not allow it to install agian.  See also: Link WebGuy
Those of you complaining about memory usage by this file, if you understood the data that goes into creating an RTF document, you would know why the memory usages is so high, if you don't know anything about an RTF document, don't worry about it. It is part of the Windows Journal Viewer, most people get this update from either tablets or the windows update service. To have handwriting in MSN Messenger, you need Windows Journal Viewer, if you don't want it, uninstall it. It's like having a pet, you have to feed it, if you don't want to feed it, you shouldn't have a pet! Jevian
Not really dangerous, its a acro read file indeed. No harm, wdfmgr.exe is much more annoying! pff J!km!l
Linked with MSN 7(beta) for handwriting Andy W
Installed the windows journal viewer today and now it is present. Used for MSN messenger's handwriting messages Rob M
From MSN Shell Program of 'Manu-Writing' Kuro
when running firefox, this process can cause firefox to run at a high memory usage for no real reason. eric
MSN 7 Handwriting.. Borg
The file is reinstalled by microsoft office 2003 every time i change its name to .bak Ron
It opened with Acrobat 6.0, but Acro doesn't clean up after itself. Joe
I got a message on MSN Messager, so it could be msn messenger handwrite plugin
Starts with Adobe Acrobat Ben
Causes Sonic Scenarist 3.01 to Crash ZD
Eats memory, kills handwriting on MSN7 if you stop it once. Frankdoom
It slowing a lot the system and Tim V get right with his answer !!! iulian
Installed with itunes came with ipodservice as well somesting fishy MayBe steeltips
Not dangerous, but at some point it was using 9,999 GDI objects on my system. More than all other running applications together. SubSpace
I don't have a tablet PC and this was running on my computer any one with out a Tablet PC should delete this file now! anyone with one should replace it with a good copy of the file Sean
It is necessary for anything that involves handwriting: Handwriting for MSN Messenger (mouse), Powerpoint 'Virtual Pen' (mouse) and PDA's/ Tablet PC's with text recognition (pen). Don't jump to conclusions because of its location - it would probably be spyware or st. if it were not a Microsoft process. Teplotaxl
I have Adobe 7.0 and Office`03 and am using msn messger(beta). It only appears in task list when and after I use "handwritten" feature in messenger. I deleted it from task list with no probalems. G
Messenger Beta feature "handwritting feature" Only appears in task list when i use this feature. Adobe 7.0 or Office `03 not using it on this machine
Acrobat reader 6.0 become to use 96% of CPU solenoglypho
Probably loaded when installing XP. I had a WACOM tablet already attached. Killed the process in Task Manager and pen mouse still fine. chris-E
is a process added when you install the beta msn messanger 7.0. Which is why people not on a tablet pc have it running. If removed you cannot use the handwriting function of the program and may infact cause instability in the program itself. v-2cyork
The GDI object count was above 2500, which ended up pegging the CPU. Marshall
Horribly annoying, makes my inet go slower and makes my computer also slower, but I don't think it's dangerous Ewout
Its a Microsoft file embedded in Journal Viewer "so you can view tablet pc files?" on a regular pc. Quote from ms page: This accessory enables users who do not have a computer running Microsoft« Windows« XP Tablet PC Edition to view files that were created in Microsoft« Windows« Journal on a Tablet PC. I downloaded journal reader just to make handwriting in msn messenger.  See also: Link Eproxima
never saw it in task manager. just renamed it for now cwolf
it messes up with the program c:/windows/system32/lsass
saw it once, deleted it, never saw it again... JohnnyTurbo
Serves no purpose unless you need tablet services but consumes system resources. Doug Haden
It is a MS file.. it is save.. Properply installed with MSN 7.0 Final Beta, Jensfradk
Great Plugin for MSN no danger here :)  See also: Link Francois
Appeared on my system after updating to Adobe Reader 7... simply ended the process tree, no negative results. It reloads when Reader is opened, no lagging or freezing at all. Da Phuzz
Journal Viewer Component. Use it for handwriting on MSN Messenger 7.x Arkane
It starts when I use handwritten messages in MSNMessenger 7.If I stop WISPTIS.EXE I can't use that feature in MSN anymore. Amicus
My mouse was running through treacle. Killed this process and all was well. Thanks for Journal Viewer tip. Uninstalled that and all seems well again. Steve
i found it would not allow me to copy and paste with it running kevin
It's installed with Journal Viewer, which is required by MSN 7 if you wish to use the drawing feature. Terminating wisptis eliminates the mouse freezing, of course, but then you can't draw in MSN 7. John
Becomes active when torrent client working a bit more than 24 h B52
this file is used now in MSN 7 for handwriting, i think its from the "windows journal viewer. whatever its from, it slowed my computer right down to a crawl, everything took a few seconds longer to load, switching programs takes and eternity now, so its either form that, or the new msn 7
after a repair of windows this files comes up with adobe and tries to locate messenger installer package (which at least here it is unsuccessful at finding). It starts up an installation modification and the install cannot be cancelled by regular means it will just restart. the adobe process must be terminated.
used for running MSN 7,0 handwriting / journal viewer
It's also used for MSN 7 handwriting. Not dangerous.
Start again everytime when I kill the process. All instructions to remove were fulfilled and the file is going again with high priority. Very bad. RenegadE
This file crashed on my system at work hoged all system resources for about 5 min till windows killed it. Caused Win Media Player to Skip Badly on a known good mp3. Locked access to it, adobe still works, system hasen't had a problem since. Rick
WISPTIS.EXE starts together with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 and remains in memory after Acrobat has been closed. It runs with priority 1 that is one step below realtime process and eatens up about 4.5 MB RAM. I think it is an annoyance and strain to the system and to the user since it is not longer useful after Acrobat has been closed. Detlev Dalitz
Periodically uses 100% of one of my CPUs, and I have to force-quit it. I have no tablet. Jodawi
It gets you autokilled on mIRC for website advertising.
Nowadays, it is linked to the new MSN Messenger version 7.0; since this software allows sending a handwriting messages, hence it invokes the wisptis.exe file. However, it will not be turned off when you sign-out from the messenger. You need to turn it off manually from the Task Manager. Muhammad Asali
Probably launches with Acrobat 6.0 std to support Redlining function. CharlieP
Unless you have a Tablet PC it is just a complete waste of your valuable memory. It allocates around 5MB! Microsoft being an untalented bastard thinks that everyone who hasn't a Tablet PC should suck. However, it is quite easy to get rid of that resource pig. First terminate it (wisptis.exe) in the Task Manager then issue the following command: %SystemRoot%\system32\wisptis.exe -unregserver . This will prevent it from further starts. Microsoft and Adobe should correct their poorly written bugwares as soon as possible. Attila
seemed to appear when i installed paint.net (microsofts .net replacement for paint) martin
Wisptis.exe - How to get rid of another Microsoft annoyance  See also: Link JohnnyR2D2
most of the time not of use Remco
Handwriting service, malicious scripts in this file are HIGHLY unlikely, though it is possible. If its using up all the resources close any program using it (handwriting programs etc.) and then shut down the proccess ITS Development Team
Starts when the handwriting feature on msn is used. You can terminate it, but as soon as you hit the handwriting tab, it starts again.
Coded by Microsoft, don't worry! Martin
Starts with Microsoft OneNote Martin
totally useless, deny access to it if you use ntfs (simply deleting it will cause windows file protection to reinstall it) guest
Opened when running Corel Draw ph33r
MSN Messenger Handwriting Gonzalo
I use Adobe Reader 6 and I haven't seen this process until I recently installed MS journal viewer from windows update (needed to draw with msn messenger 7).  See also: Link Klementh
I don't have a tablet PC, have been on W2K for months, have not run Acrobat, Powerpoint or any of the other programs mentioned since I rebooted and today is the first time I've seen this in Task Manager. Also noticed new tasks obyhtue.exe and jucheck.exe, which I will also be checking on. R Jacobs
when using citrix server, or windows server 2003 with terminal services, and an application calls adobe reader to open a file.. when the user tries to close the program.. thie file is still running as a process, and the user has no rights to kill processes, so they are stuck in the application window with no application running.. and if they disconnect and reconnect to the application, guess what.. this process is still running so it connects them to the same application terence
Not dangerous, but really f'ing annoying... My always speedy system has had nothing but problems since it showed up a few months ago, and I couldn't figure out why... Memory couldn't be 'read', and things were crashing, and everything was slow.... Now that it's gone, everthing is back to normal... Brian Tate
Need to download this, also the Journal Update, to enable pen mode in MSN7. The link I've given takes you to a page stating ..."If you are unable to use the Handwrite tab in the conversation window, you will need to install the following software to activate it:..."  See also: Link Ginger Elf
its a crap thing that makes it imposible for me tu use my tablet(not table pc but a drawing board) when i pres the pen against the tablet a strange mous thingi comes up in the left upper corner gunnar
Handwriting recognition- on Tablet PC's a progressive memory leak in the program may cause system instability. Microsoft recommends rebooting daily. No kiddin?
AIPTEK graphic tablets don't work properly if this is running. I replaced it with xcopy.exe and adobe reader doesn't care. Jasper
It doesn't necisarily have anything to do with tablet pc's, like the msn handwriting thingie also uses this. eddy
With some tablets, when running, when tablet is pressed, mouse will jump to top left with an odd cursor
it's spyware. Be careful. Eats memory like i eat hamburgers i hate spyware
It's also used for Japanese text entry (the keyboard kind)
High Risk if not in C:\WINNT\system32 folder larsh
It frequently accesses my swapfile even when no applications are running and I'm sitting at the desktop. Verified by checking my swapdisk read/write counters before and after termination of the process. It's needed by MSN Messenger 7.0 (actually Windows Journal Viewer), confirming some users's suspicions, and does NOT come with the Wacom Graphire 3 tablet as Frederick Tronboll and Rinus Leeuw have alleged. It seems to affect the performance of all of my applications (except, strangely enough, 3d apps, which would imply that it does indeed use lots of GDI resources.) Obsidian Eternus
I use Adobe Acrobat Professional 6.0 daily, as well as my WACOM pen tablet. I close wisptis, and my pen still functions, including pressure sensitivity (Photoshop). When I launch MSN Messenger (MS Journal Viewer Plugin installed) that is when wisptis reappears. As of today, my computer has been running for sixteen hours, and the application didn't seem to budge over 304k of memory usage. Cid
This is the most annoying process. It doesn't exit with acrobat, and keeps running till it chews up 4000 gdi objects, and all my applications flicker because there are no GDI objects left, and if I can't somehow manage to get to taskmanager and close it, I have to reboot. Also a pain cos I tried deleting it or renaming it, and it just kept coming back! Lara
It keeps running on my machine, however, I have a user where every time she tries to open a PDF it pops a brief dos screen trying to run WISPTIS, but it takes acrobat a very long time to open. annoyed
i opened it because i like playing around with my systems and i know what im doing and it stop my mouse so i had to go into task manager and end it but hey i doont know what its used for ashley summers
It is linked to Microsoft Journal Viewer and MSN, for the handwriting plug in-not at all dangerous. Agree with the last 2 posts. jeeves555
I just had MSN 7 refuse to send messages out, it seemed to clear itself up the INSTANT I ended the wisptis.exe process... Guest
I installed the jotter on MSN 7 recently, I then started to get this process - i think it has to do with the jotter Sachin V. Khambadkone
i think i came with my logitech mx-518 mouse, because when i disable it, my mouse stops worken.. wallflower
Appeared when MSN Messenger 7.0 handwriting process installed John F
Must be the pen from MSN Messenger, not to worry about it... Kepa Lopez de Uralde
Here's some info about a solution approach that works: IainB
It starts with Adobe 6 Professional Mr Julio
Used by the Msn7 Handwriting DunGa
MSN HandWrighting Plugin. marshmellow
msn not dangerous raef
It is started by opening and closing paint.net. I tried to remove it from the registry but windows installer reinstalls it. J Grahl
eats up memory KillFrog
Part of MS Journal viewer and is needed by MSN for graphic entry into the msn window via the mouse TaZ
itunes and become to use 100% of CPU nando
what has been learned in this forum. I have an opinion that since i peridocially use adobe and MSNMsg, setting the "priority" to low might help free up some resourse. ... even though the "warning of instability" window is displayed. I'll see what "low" prioritydoes to de-stabalize Trek...and if it falters, I'll have Scotty in engineering re-set the buffers and re-energize the blasted thing. ouyxrd
Appeared after I used "Ink Pen" functionality in PowerPoint presentation Sergey
Used for the handwriting feature on MSN IM 7.0 and up Chris_thecarguy
Used for MSN Handwriting and other apps Colin Jensen
Loads when MS Imaging program is loaded - did you try to open a .tif file with the default program?
it is windows service file Pawel
I did 2 custom menus in TMPGEnc DVD Auther only one running using almost no resources or net access i dont have Adobe or a Tablet paula
MS Journal Viewer, also installed when using handwriting extension in MSN Messenger Jacob
I had closed this task when running on task manager, when i opened Messenger with handtool to draw, it becomes running once again!! McFly_24
That guy named "i hate spyware" is clearly an idiot who doesn't know what spyware IS. This is not spyware/malware/virus etc. it is just a process associated with MS Journal Viewer. Sheesh. The Truth
Used by Tablet PC and MSN Messenger for Handwriting Capabilities. Uses 3 meg of memory. If not using MSN Messenger or MS Journal Viewer you can safely end the process using Task Manager. Hank Dougherty
Location: C:\WINNT\system32. Used by Acrobat. Milena
Part of Office XP and 2003, Used to Support Handwriting and Voice Input, Optional Component of Office
I have only seen it when running PaintShop Pro V8.0. I have no tablet. I was doing some buttonizing of graphics and was experimenting with lighting when I noticed it. Mr Phil.
It is installed for the handwritter of MSN. Once msn has been launched it becomes active and YES it eats resources. Andres S.
I discovered that when I start to use the handwriting messages of messenger this process starts. Gabriel
wisptis.exe.html is what's probably being loaded and reloaded as an adware/spyware exploit. Look for it in temporary Internet files. Omnivorous
When I try to view a faxed TIFF image from our Captaris Right Fax Software my firewall blocks this program. Jeffery
Appeared when i installed Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Pro. WTF? I see not need for it to exist or run. I am going to deny execute access to the SYSTEM account and every other account and remove it from the registry. I will dissassemble Acrobat.exe if necessary and remove the link(s). Wake up Adobe!!!! Morons. AlanG
Is installed when using the Ink features on MSN Messenger for the first time  See also: Link Sharon
it kept running after i terminated Adobe AR6 and started using great amounts of CPU Ivan Ivanov
uses my internet access... WHY?? xonxoff
MindManager also install it. Remove NonTableOS from installation. IHateWisptis
I have HP TC1000 Tablet. When boot up pen work work till I kill the WISPTIS process. (of course it reappear in the process) but now the pen works fine. The darn thing is I have to do it everytime boot up or else pen wont work!!! budakkl.
Why not change the ACL properties on the file. I unchecked the "Inherit permissions..." box and removed all users. I haven't had a problem yet. I use MS Office 2003 and Acrobat Reader without any issues. Rob F.
not problem m ke
MSN Handwriting Plugin ... only became active once I changed the msn view (add handwriting ability to chat window thingy) ... so I guess rather neutral. Just KILL the process tree ... all gone. SafeBoy
Try Again, - I have Hacker Eliminator and this is the extrapolation I got from the code of WISPTIS.EXE notice ('GetDesktopWindow'....code used for screen capturing) and 'CallNextHookEx','SetWindowsHookExW' etc. Have to get hacker eliminator to see it all but it looks suspiciously like someone is capturing screens and hooking files.  See also: Link
Came with msn, nothing to care about Hendrik
Seemed to arrive with Adobe updates. I followed the procedure for disabling both handwriting and handwiriting components, can't find the file, but it still loads from somewhere. Not dangerous, but a bleeding resource hog.
When I saw a PDF icon on my IE tool bar.. OldBing
My computer is almost unusable every morning until I kill the process in the Task Manager. Whenever the PC response time gets annoying, I find this program has relaunched itself. It is a real nuisance. I don't have a tablet, but I do open lots of PDF files. sandtinker
if you're not using a tablet there's no need for this to be running. matt
MSN HandWriting Tool Graeme
Good method to disable it. Kill the process. Rename the wisptis.exe to wisptis.exeX then create a blank textfile and rename that file wisptis.exe and place it in the folder the original was in. To be extra cautious, you could then change it to a read only and modify the permissions to read only and DENY change/delete rights to EVERYONE. That will stop the system from getting to it and changing things. I've done this for persistent adware / spyware in the past and it works well to prevent reinfection. Razarr69
Definitely started with the MSN Chat Handwiriting option. Needed a hard-reset after it screwed up my PC. Jeff - Australia
Allows for handwriting in MSN Messenger. At 2,136KB it's not very big at all. Closing Messenger doesn't close the file, but unless you have a limited amount of memory, it should be fine.
Not dangerous, but definitely annoying. Dave
Find out after use MSN with handwrite function. charlie
N/A on my system, though I DO use MS 2003 AND msn. Only not the handwriting plugin Citizen kane
From WinXP Installations (Original) Vpoint7
I accidentally started a second instance of this program and it disabled all pointing devices. Both the built-in Synaptics touchpad and USB mouse were disabled. I had to use the keyboard and Task Manager to stop it. Therefore, it gets a mildly dangerous rating, because it can potentially disable all pointing devices and render a computer nearly impossible to operate. voyagerfan5761
Started by Microsoft Office Document Imaging (those .mdi files)
In all the above responses, only one guy had a way of disabling this. If you use NTFS, simply make sure you are the owner of this file, stop inheriting permissions, then remove all permissions to this file. It will stop coming up and not throw errors in Adobe when launched.
handwriting feature, harmless. save a few megs of ram if you turn it off.
The file must be good for your system if Micro$oft put it there. After all, they know what is best for you. Mr Monopoly
This file is important for many programs, it has writing support for MSN messenger 7.x and it also is used by adobe reader. this program should not be terminated unless its creating problems. for users that are having system stability issues when running adobe, you should contact adobe to fix this problem. it may in fact be due to your own system configuration, it may not have the resources required to run the program. do not attemp to delete this file because it will cripple many programs. Mediarocker - IT Administrator
c:\windows\system32\wisptis.exe (if your system is windows xp, and it runs, in my case, when microsoft office document imaging is loading) jose
It apeared after I installed MSN MSger Plus ...so far it doesnt "seem" to cause any problems...but I'm experiencing some freezing instances sometimes...unfortunatly it activates ALWAYS wheter i have or not the MSN in process...i believe it interferes with the Explorer.exe JRMTEZ
it starts when you use msn messenger handwriting tool and it cause it to lose connection Mohammed
If you use messenger 7.5 and want to draw pictures and send to your friend, you need this file.
Disabling it as explained here is the only way to prevent it from popping back in the Task Manager. ColdShine
I suspect it came over with my PDA for recognition in MSOffice.
It's from M$ OneNote2003 to write note by hand ! 7mb needed from ram :/ sucks Gore
used for MSN Hand Writing mofish
starts with msn messenger handwriting john
File also runs if pen tool is used in Visio darthroo
Is part of office, it has to do with the tablet interface, still theres no reason for that to run since, so you can shut it down, as for me i dont need it, and my programs work perfect without it, also you can get program blockers or firewalls that you can control applications, as in my case one of my programs i can block entirely that program and not let it run, also i heard some firewalls allow that too, still cant tell much. GC Guy
Uncalled for. I do not have a printer, allocates memory to itself. Interrupts programs. MEGAXSTU
I would love to hear more about this . Paulos
in case you don't have a tablet pc or you arent using acrobat reader then it is used for MSN Messenger handwriting plugin Pasti
Keep up this great resource. Stathis
Microsoft Program
on my winxp sp2, the process had the GDI Objects count of 9,999. AJS
At work, we still use Windows 2000, junk machines with almost no RAM, so when I tried to kill any junk unuseful processes to recover some RAM ( and be able to continue working (:-D) this shit immediately activates. You can kill it from within task manager, although I noticed that it will reactivate sometime during the shift. Note: It will not activate ever, if I don't kill other processes though. Bill Gay
Office 2003 is weird that way, but you should remove it since it takes up 5 megs of your ram, and i know it doesn't sound like a lot but it adds up. See goitexpert.com for more info  See also: Link joe
Files is used by Windows Live Messenger Drawing Tool Wassertasse
Its only a MSN plugin and may get installed with some Handysoftware. Not dangerius, there are no same-called viruses. Markus1234
When you install Microsoft Office 2003, you get the option to choose all the specific components that it offers. If you do not want this service, open "Add Remove Programs" in the Control Panel. You will see 2 buttons, "Change", and "Remove". Click "Change". A window will pop up, and you will then be able to choose "Add or remove Features". Click "Next". After selecting the main components you wish to keep, (e.g., "Word, "Excel"), click the "Choose advanced customization" box. Click next. Expand the "Office Shared Features" component, then deselect "Microsoft Handwriting Component". Done cestmoi
Get this after installation of 'Ares'  See also: Link iVazPod_
Its used with MSN/Live Messenger so you can use thehandwriting facility on it. Its neer caused me once ounce of bother and shuts off once you close Messenger. It doesn't stay running after that, unless you open somethign specific that uses it Messenger Maddness
used for MSN Hand Writing CooLa
It's the hand writing interface. Annoying is one way to put it. This thing is buggy as hell - it sucked up over 4000 GDI objects and caused all sorts of GUI interface problems until i removed it. Tim o
starts when MS Document Imaging runs Neumann
When it is running, clicking on my graphics pad with the pen, moves the cursor to top left corner of screen. End task this program, and that problem disappears
required for pen / tablet users ozz
this is used when I use windows live messenger to send ink messages PaoJunDai
office 03, acrobat and msn use it hector
MSN hand writing Wicky Nicky
error occured when I pulled out my usb adapter for my wireless mouse, firefox also crashed and threw up an error immediately after dotkok
i found it running on my pc 2day, just thought i'll check it out........thanks for d help people ssj9
handwriting feature, harmless, definitely annoying
It can be used by spyware to track the mouse pointer Dustrun
It seems to be the cause of adobe photoshop pen pressure not working with my tablet, and also occasionally makes a little box labeled "shift" or "ctrl" pop up on the screen when I hit these keys - at least, killing it seems to get rid of these problems. An annoyance... Valgaror
Everything fine until I updated the Notebook software for a Smart board. Probably used for the handwriting tool on that. Allison
Makes ur computer a little over load but its used to handwriting in MSN wisptis
Installed by Office 2003 and most versions of Adobe. We are seeing an issue with this process when a user converts a pdf to a .tif format through MODI. The only way to resolve is to kill the process via task mgr. Renaming or deleting the file will not resolve anything. Adobe will launch the Office 2k3 installer and create another instance of it. The only way to resolve is to remove all permissions from the file. This will prevent the applications from lanching the process. h8r
This makes it where, if you hold down your left mouse for 2 seconds, it will show a mouse cursor (Which looks just like the icon), and it blinks the right mouse button on the picture of the mouse. When you release, it equals a right click. VERY obnoxious for artists. Seshiru
Auto-launch when MSOffice Document Image Writer is used. I agree that it may be more INCONVENIENT if it is REMOVED even if you think you may not need it as it may be have dependencies which are unforseen and may require you to reinstall the whole application ( MSOffice/AdobeAcrobat/? ). Azizan 'ZENO' Ahmad
keeps popping up as stopped working - even tho i uninstalled the application micky d
I agree with Neumann, This process starts when Microsoft document imaging application or components related to it run. When reboot process automatically quits. nothing to worry about Ali
It is not removed by unchecking the "Tablet PC Components" in the Windows Features "Programs and Features" control panel applet Vance Gilbert
It came after installing Windows Genuine Advantage Siem Eikelenboom
To stop the repeating error pop...ctrl/alt/del...to bring up task manager...click on the tab at the top called "services"...click on the tab at the bottom called "services"....windows pop appears...hit continue....apps screen appears....scroll down till you see tablet pc input service....highlight it....then click on "stop service" at the top left of the screen....you may need to do this each time you restart your computer. dpr1960
I am not sure if this process causes runtime errors while working with an access-frontend. hemel
I have a DESKTOP pc, that has NEVER used a pad interface. This suddenly pops up and never goes away even after purging MSConfig, purging Temp files, killing w/ the Task Manager etc...Comes back after each restart Sean
It is completely unnecessary and fudges up my trust tablet. It should be removed from win7! David
Can be very annoying for Wacom Tablet users on Desktops. It can interfear with the tablet drivers and stop correct pen pressure if any... just seems to get confused at times if it's up and you're drawing in Adobe Photoshop Ricky
It is consuming lot of memory. PC having less memory, switching off. PAREKH
Permanent solution even after restart! Go to Control Panel/Go to system folder/you will be prompted to continue/Go to device manager a the top left of the screen/Go down the list to Human Interface Devices/Disable the tablepc you have listed. Mine was the Smart Virtual TabletPc.(evidently it was not compatible wih vista). Then close the error message. It will not pop back up. You can reboot your system with no worries of it appearing. I hope this helps.
You can prevent it from launching by setting a software restriction policy (XP Pro users).  See also: Link Pavel
It causes most frustrating behaviour with graphical tablets. Can be disabled through MSCONFIG on "Services" tab as "Tablet PC Input Service", tablet works fine after reboot and that bloody process is running no more! jack
Do not dangerous at all... jus sitting in the "task-manager" Shachar
although it is used for tablets, some rogue security software uses this for installation eman9405
Runs When I Open Microsoft Office Document Imaging Matt
The file is used with the "Inking" feature in MS Offce 2007+, found in the "Review" tab. Used to annotate on Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook. This file is also used with every graphic tablet that is used to draw or write with especially with annotation features in MS Offce 2007+ Jorge
Got installed with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 on my system. RMT
I have two of them running. one has my username on the side, and the other one doesn't. Also the other one doesn't have any description, like the other one. Help PLZ!
My tablet computer loads it so the pen will write on the screen. Not a big deal. If you don't need pen services on your machine, uninstall it. Watrsports
Consumes system resources and is pretty much unstoppable and not removable. Installed without user consent. As far as I'm concerned, it is malicious software. Goden
It's just bad designed and developed Microsoft utility responsible for using GDI objects by bunch of other programs Vitaliy
It's not dangerous, it is something for pen tablets so you can write with them... Not dangerous Ember
This actually answered my drawback, thank you! Pharmg540
wisptis.exe ia also launced by the Windows 7 "Snipping Tool". Probably supports the annotation feature. Ken
Trying to identify why software not responding and chewing memory. I have a touchscreen. Found two instances of this running. Suspended both - the cursor became very jerky and sluggish when I suspended the second one. Wendy
Not running a tablet and do not see Windows Journal on my system; but it pops up. When it does, I wipe it with Glary Utilities.
i got this from my CorsairLINK. Was trying to launch in my system 32/wisptis.exe . . dono what to do really so i just denied it. benny
wisptis.exe = for pen and tablet input; starts with a service: "TabletInputService". Just stop & diactivate the service "TabletInputService" and the wisptis.exe wont start anymore. (C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted) SuperBlonde
it is safe no problems yet anyway. bob
If you don't have a touch screen or tablet and think Wisptis is just a nuisance eating CPU and Mem for zilch: Go to services, find Tablet PC Input service, stop this service. Et voila. No more wisptis process is running. Peter

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