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Process name: ATI External Event Utility

Product: ATI graphics driver

Company: ATI Technologies

File: ati2evxx.exe

Security Rating:

"ati2evxx.exe" is a component of the display adapter drivers for ATI products, and is necessary in order to fully configure and manage these hardware products. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ati2evxx.exe.html 

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it is for ATI Grafik Card user  See also: Link DoNe
ATI driver (envent agent)  See also: Link leonardox
installed with ATI driver (see inf file) Controller
ATI External Event Utility for WindowsNT and Windows9X -- It appears to be a useless part of the ATI drivers  See also: Link Noodle
I can't run any games with my Compaq laptop. I keeps popping me back to my desktop. Once I end task ati2evxx.exe I can play anything
I have an NVIDIA Card one one PC and this is in my task menu so I disabled it with MSCONFIG...  See also: Link Blaine
belongs to the ati videocard driver.. won't hurt your computer :)  See also: Link JeFFJuH
It's just for your grapics card! Don't worry about it!
It is called "ATI HotKey poller" and seems to be some kind of "event agent". You can disable it in your "services" tab, if you are using WinXP... HellraZor
It is the ATI video card driver Token
Harmless. DogETDog
it eats mem & CPU cycles for no reason - that's harmful. it waits for you to hit certain hotkeys to tell it to change video & res settings, use msconfig to delete it. Solarity
ok i just uninstalled my ati drivers and am now useing Omega witch i find are way better....but i am not sure if i need this file still...any help?..thx jay_doog
this is somking of worm, even clearing with spyware remover od adaware remover, it changes name and location, by the way, computer begins to work very very slow sergio
This file recognize when a laptop if connected to a external monitor, TV or projector Josue Nava
definitely part of the ati driver, not harmful. useless maybe? passerby
I read it can be used to manipulate the hotekey feature on ati card likelly if yo have not used the tab when looking through menus its probablly activated so you can delete it its in systems32 folder be sure to always backup before you make changes not responsible for what may be a misnomer .good day Dog
AKA "ATI Hotkey Poller" AKA "ATIPOLL". Not a security threat. Likely a useless waste of resources. Safe to disable. DragonHawk
harmles and can be end tasked or killed or disapled (run msconfig then just unselect it) Some one who know that
ati2evxx.exe is the ATI External Event Utility for your ATI display drivers. It manages the ATI Hotkey feature. This process can be removed to free up resources. Sherpah
ATI-driver SB
ATI external event utility exe module. Background task when you install ATI Display driver. It registers as the ATI hotkey poller which brings up specific ATI utilities.. Not only is this useless to 99.99% of users but there is NO DOCUMENTIATION ANYWHERE on those hotkeys. It sometimes uses up to 85% of CPU resources. Older versions of this process are known as ATIPOLAB. Thank you Perfect Process freeware for your information. Stephen4178
ati2evxx.exe is the ATI External Event Utility for your ATI display drivers. It manages the ATI Hotkey feature. This process can be removed to free up resources without comprimising system performance. Psychodad
ATI Driver RogeeCB
this is a software for the ati graphics card Albert
It comes with the ATI display adapter. Look at your device manager Display Adapters Driver Details...OMG some people actually think it's a worm. Truth
uses mem & CPU cycles for no reason, works fine w/o it Tron
just disable it in services.msc, then reboot Bastardo
Never used this process for my ATI card for 2 years d
ATI video card driver, I have 2 of them running though. Not quite sure what that is all about BJM
Difficult to switch off. I got it and I don't use ATI drivers. Uses ALOT of memory, will restart if end proccess through task manager tyler
it's used for different key combinations such as alt+F5 for switching between monitors on some laptops. Also it does when you close the lid to your laptop. Can safely be disabled using msconfig under the services tab (but the of course, the key combinations won't work). Personally I think it's a great feature and it doesn't seem to use much CPU anyway. Jonas Eriksson
It is the ATI-Driver Jackass
Its the ati driver. Manages hotkey feature. If removed it free up ram Yaqoob
loaded off of many websites when surfing it does slow up my computer. Admittedly it is not new but runs quite fine after I destroy this critter bob
eats up resources, burned out a power supply,make smy ram mem run at 648 when i only have 512, every 1s life would b better without tis **** LQ
it hogs ressources and it's safe to /end process it or disable it from the menu Waffen
Containing in ATI-Omegadriver  See also: Link JackyDanz
This service has been on my computer for sometime. It is installed with the ATI Display driver and runs the Hot Key controls so can easily do things like adjust brightness, etc. without going to the properties/settings. It provides no threat. If you don't use hot keys, simply disable it using methods described above. If you are having other trouble with your display, it is probably due to an out of date driver. ScottyDog
harmless :: something to do with graphics HARMLESS
i checked out my proces when i first got this comp and ive got an ATI card, this was never one of my processes..... Stitch
ATI Radeon Graphics card NutZy
ATI External Event Utility, should be disabled by msconfig.exe. Makes System slow. My Win98 Computer get 0e's, BlueScreens and VxD-errors about "mpr.exe" and "msgsrv.exe", all of them caused by "ati2evxx". It uses "WIN32 NetWork Interface Service Process". My Computer starts the "rnaaap.exe" (internet connection) at StartUp together with "Ati2evxx". planet
I run E-trust AV, the file keeps showing up when i open my IE browser as a virus, and my pc is running rarely slow lately. Nick
ati2evxx.exe is the ATI External Event Utility for your ATI display drivers. It manages the ATI Hotkey feature. This process can be removed to free up resources without comprimising system performance. Marty
Video Driver. I have 2 instances running. Not sure as to why there should be 2 instances rather than 1. Ravi
ATI process, no dangerous kindlyss
this is used with ati graphics cards, it dosent eat or resources or burn out power supplys. and yes it hogs a whole 1.2 meg of resources and if it effects ur pc by taking that amount u serisouly need to buy a new one
We can setup many desktops in one PC with ATI graphic card. This file is the service to process hotkeys. Hotkeys can be used to switch between desktops and many other uses. Boi Le
Doesn't seem too harmful or useful. I'm disabeling it, because I don't seee the purpose in having it run all the time. XYZ
Don't worry about it, it's simply a shortcut for your Hot Key oon Keybord(i.e.: +/- brightness) Sadboy
Part of ATI drivers, just 390kB in memory, not dangerous 4daPeace
Hot key utility for ATI Radeon graphics card, not needed trekker75
It is displayed in task manager two times. Normaly there should be one ati2evxx.exe. If i search for another in explorer it is only one in c:\WIndows\System 32\ dir. And *.Pf file or page file in c:\Windows\Prefetech directory.I think it could be malware of somekind. Tomasek
Bir boka yaramayan üstelik CPU yu yoran , kanaatimce ATI ye aiy bir spyware baskan
this is used to setup Surf Sidekick 3 angst2000
It is absolutely useless to 99% of users atisux
after killing it in task manager, it comes back for no reason. I suspect this is some kind of worm using a "harmless" name..
This process took a lot of cpu time after boot for some time and caused OS freezed and picture on second monitor was unstable ,, I have X700 and WinXP tom
This is NOT a virus nor is it spyware. It's a simple program the catches hotkeys for changing brightness, etc. It should show up as a "keyboard hook" in your virus/spyware scanner. If your computer runs slow because of this process, it is because you installed the driver not correctly.
The Hotkey Poller is not needed if you are not using any of the ATI programable hotkeys...or, if your card is not designed to monitor card temperatures. Disable it in control panel/ administration tools/services Stumped2
would hang my Internet Explorer, etc. Probbaly a corrupt image, but I'm not sure. deleted it, system's back to normal.
Is the ATI driver Puntoexe
It shows up twice on some peoples task manager because of ATI's Hydrovision (2 monitors). You can remove Hydrovision, but you will still have 1 copy of ati2evxx running in the task manager. If it bothers you, I would recommend removing it from the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run Gary
It is VERY IMPORTANT that readers understand that there are several ATI2EVXX.EXE files. I do not have any ATI card, no ATI card was ever installed on my computer, and this file got in my computer by some security hole. I can disable the process, and cut it off msconfig but it still manages to run again over and over. It consumes a lot of memory, and is also used as malware to modify your internet research settings (as ZoneAlarm popped to tell me lately). The best conclusion is that there is a file named ati2evxx.exe that is the harmless and not-so-useful ATI driver, and a malware. Aekar
ATI related - eliminate with msconfig to keep the resource usage as low as possible RagingBuddhist
this is a ati drive for ati videocards. if u have this in your pc and dont have an ati video card it because u're stupid enough to instali it for no reason.THIS IS NOT A VIRUS OR A SPYWARE. If your pc is runing slow its because 3d video cards use a lot of memori, and even u close the game, the memory will no be reallocated, and of course your pc will run slowly  See also: Link Master sn
Its for a graphics card. not dangerous
This will enable your laptop (with ati card) to turn the monitor on and off as you open and close the lid. jason a
hot key utility, can be disabled for more resources werk71
I noticed that it was slowing down my computer, but I don't know about this stuff..But I think this is what is slowing down my PC simsplayer1213
This is needed for ATI Powerplay (power management). It's the service "Ati Hotkey Poller". If you disable it, the fan of your notebook probably won't stop anymore and the battery life time will be decreased. Martin
You know when you plug in an S-Video or DVI cable to your laptop and you hold Function + F5 to toggle between displays well this function is rendered useless if you turn this process off. ATI External Event Utility performs one key function it automatically detects the optimal resolution of a second display hooked into your Video Card via S-Video or DVI. This process saves valuable time as it automatically changes the screens resolution to match the max resolution of your external non primary display. So if your willing to sacrifice this process for like 200 kb of ram then do it. KSD
Initiates the restart of your computer. Communites with Ati Hotkey Poller. Don't know if this is problematic but my computer keeps on shutting down randomly (ATI card overheating?) and ati2evxx.exe is the culprit. Ben
It's a harmless (and useless) service from ATI that allows you to change video settings using HotKeys. Disable the service.... mike
Used with ATi Videocard Drivers. Its for hotkeys. Unless you use hotkeys to configure your video settings, disable it. BeerTent
This is needed for ATI Powerplay (power management). It's the service "Ati Hotkey Poller". If you disable it, the fan of your notebook probably won't stop anymore and the battery life time will be decreased. Martin
well, if you have troubles with your Video Card, this nifty little thing can notify the ATI Software to restart your VPU and the OS to reboot your system if it halts... not sure it can cause system halts, but i can say this: if you have a well-maintained computer (no halts and it works fine, no parts of it have *burning* marks, no overheating etc) then you don't need it... if your video card is running suspiciosly (e.g. works under Windows excelent, but crashes withing 15 mins when you run a game) than this can be a life-saver... or the one that's causing it to reboot by notifying the OS.... Shark
if you have a laptop with an ATI video card and you want to use an external monitor or projector then DONT REMOVE THIS SERVICE Geroge
totally useless and if u arent using it u shouldnt have it up. KrisWald
It IS a useless ATI process, but STMgr will not remove it. Sometimes it appears twice in task mgr. It's been here a while, but now I decide to turn it off, and "it won't let me"! Yhis looks like malicious crap to me. I'm fixing to delete the DLL or something........... Brett Kitchens
This file is NOT a virus or spyware. this file is used by ATi Graphics cards on laptops (i am not sure about desktops though) this is a driver used by your ATi Card. it is usualy essential to system stability. if you do not run an ATi Card then you may want to check your system for viruses. In most cases DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE. atisux's opinion is an incorrect one this file is REQUIRED by your ATi Graphics card. Mediarocker - IT Administrator
Appeared only after having a serious spyware invasion on my computer. This is NOT for my graphics card, this is spyware.
As said Its a ATi hotswap program, Useless unless connecting third party monitors. Unfortunately there are problems arising with the new dual cores when they steadily increase resources over a couple hours to a point where games and other rendering programs becom un-usable. P
This process generated keyboard lag in most games i played. Disable this if you don't have a laptop. as KSD said, it is important for laptop users only!  See also: Link wuyanxu
For ATI Catalyst Control Center (CCC). Seems to control both the hotkeys and the Overdrive (automatic overclocking) feature. Disabling this disables the overdrive feature in the CCC for me. Thomas
ATI Hotkeys seem to work even when this service is not running. Oliver
ati powerplay (accessible from advanced settings of your monitor/screen) needs to have the ati hotkey poller service. If this service is not running, powerplay will be stuck to whatever condition it was running in before. Use it if you want to save laptop battery power with Powerplay.
While not dangerous in a viral sense, it did cause grief to terminal services. Setting up RDP with environment chosen to launch into an app, this exe also boots as a process for the RDP user. When the user closes the environment's launch application, RDP should disconnect them. The app ati2evxx.exe is also launched for each connection, and refuses to shut down, causing the terminal connection to stay open. SOLUTION: Disable the service ATI Hotkey Poller, and this app will not lauch, allowing RDP users to properly release their sessions when quitting their launch application. Peter Anton
Yeah I'm pretty sure I have no ATI graphics card - or any dedicated graphs at all, just intel integrated. If this is the case for you too, killing it and even deleting it won't stop anything running If anything it will free up a little chunk of mem and end some problems with games. spider
Have two of this exe run as services. and it's normal. You can disable the Windows service named Ati Hotkey Poller in the services settings. If you disable this service you will loose the ability to use the following ATI services: Hot Key Poller, VPU Recovery, Overdrive/Temp Monitor.The Overdrive tab will actually be removed from the control panel. If you disable the HotKey Poller you may also want to do the following tweak: Go to C:\Windows\System32 Locate Ati2evxx.dll and rename it to ati2evxx.dll.old. This will prevent an annoying boot lag caused by disabling the Ati2evxx.exe in services.  See also: Link Hugo
This is the Vga driver for Ati settings in the desktop menu Dr Pc
I have a dual-core Opteron 165 and 2 instances of this running. I think at the very least it's unnecessary bloat, but it could also be malware with the same name as the legit executible. Johnny Faster
This process caused my inspiron e1505 laptop (radeon x1300) to hung up when I was disconnecting the AC adapter. Wojciech Jaskowski
its a component of ati graphics driver. its very useful to laptop owners. i dont see a need for it on a desktop, unless u switch between monitors. on my system, i press fn key+space, and it switches resolution, and a number of non graphic apps, like wireless, touchpad on/off, brightness, hibernate, and standby. i think its good, but i have a laptop. manik1013
slowing down the machine no harm in disabling the process milankumar
ATI Driver
It is useless on cards until x1900 series. It is used on x1900 and above to change from 2D to 3D clocks. Your card is on 2D clocks when in desktop mode but when you start a game hotkey poller changes your clocks to 3D clocks. This is used to lower the heating and PSU consuption in desktop mode. cell
This is a part of the ATI graphics card drivers, and is useful! What it does (among other things) is detects 3D applications and ramps up the core and memory clocks to handle it. Otherwise it runs in 2D mode, using less power and making less heat. If disabled it may leave your card in 2D mode, retarding performance. Phage
Its generally not a virus or malware. Used for power management with ATI Graphics cards...may sometimes cause laptops monitors to no longer respond if switched from AC power to battery power. Can be disabled in Safe Mode to keep from lockup up display. No fix found for it currently. Gyzmo
Completly uselless, can't br configured and may cause some programs to crash when they use the same hotkeys this service use. Can be deactivated as service oder completly removed in msconfig witout any problems
Acer ePower Management DMC
Can confirm, as others have stated, that this is used to poll keys for display settings and therefor is probably not needed. HOWEVER, my old desktop PC would not restart properly with it disabled -- windows shutdown fine, but i would have to reset the power supply manually to finish rebooting. Took me a long time before i realized this was caused by disabling this service. atomizer
Not dangerous, part of ATI graphics cards software driver Shaun
Usually harmless, but is the source of a problem caused by an October Steam update for all Half-Life mods (CS, Sven, NS, etc.). Removing this process from the processes tab has fixed the mouse & keyboard slowdown glitch. FW
This is the hotkey listener for your ATI card (it may have other uses too), However this process sometimes causes screen flickering and system lag time, especially when using an external screen or TV. I have not yet gotten rid of the process but I've found a way around it using Omega drivers.  See also: Link Andreas
this can be for a virus or card. iv never had it before and i think i have a virus now but i installed ati drivers so think its for that
use for ati display
As many of the previous posts have stated, it's the ATI Hotkey driver, which lets you switch between multiple monitors by a using hotkeys (ex. CTRL+ALT+F). But it's also used to automatically detect when you connect an external monitor to your laptop! If you disable this, you won't automatically get a picture on your external monitor when connected via DVI. When I enabled it again (using Administrative Tools/Services) I immediatly got picture output (clone) on my external monitor. BadCash
It uses a name similar to that of an ATi video card driver but is not stored in the correct location. It is a trojan and it does need to be removed. Ryan Hole
ATI Hotkey poller. Installs with all Radeon drivers. Most people never notice it. However, it frequently seems to start hogging CPU on its own. The effect of this can be seen as "Jerkiness" in 3D games and videos. As a rule, I disable this in services every time I upgrade an ATI driver. I've never had a problem from disabling, but it almost always causes me issues if I don't disable it. Multiple computers (We have 4 with ATI cards, both laptops and desktops) and it has adverse effect on all of them. Blake
Additionally some of our more inquisitive users have been able to prove that ATI2EVXX can sometimes be an incredible resource hog using up to 85% of CPU utilization. PowerShot-x
You can disable the Windows service named Ati Hotkey Poller in the services settings. If you disable this service you will loose the ability to use the following ATI services: Hot Key Poller, VPU Recovery, Overdrive/Temp Monitor.The Overdrive tab will actually be removed from the control panel. If you disable the HotKey Poller you may also want to do the following tweak: Go to C:\Windows\System32 Locate Ati2evxx.dll and rename it to ati2evxx.dll.old. This will prevent an annoying boot lag caused by disabling the Ati2evxx.exe in services. PowerShot-x
ati graphics driver or ati tool overclocking utilitiy, 3d triggers oc settings or hotkeys also reboot because of card crashing. dragon777
I had the Ati2evxx.exe error on my Dell XPS 400, with Radeon Graphics card. I found a new video driver on the ATI website (dated 28 March 2007), downloaded it and it fixed my problem. If you have the same error upon bootup, then goto the ATI site, look for your driver, and you just might have found your fix. Brad
Two types, if run by systems, it is an ATI graphics feature. Otherwise, it is malware and should be deleted. If concerned, enable your task manager to display I/O reads, and if the number is large (10^5 or 10^6 shortly after boot), it is no good, otherwise it's the driver. Be especially aware if you do not run an ATI card, or if the process shows up twice. The designer may have named it such to mask it's identity as a data miner. May show up in startup tasks as a blank entry. If such is the case, disable immedately. thatspsychotic
Associated with ATI drivers, though non-essential. Disabling this will reduce driver-specific functionality to standard Window's configuration options. Removing this will not disable external monitor support - the user may fall back upon Window's own switching methods. Disabling this will disable dynamic performance options; game-specific quality settings will not be invoked. White Hawk
Say what you want, NO PROCESS should appear duplicated in the task manager. This is not normal, and may cause the video configuration to be unstable. ATI or not, it is useless. May not be harmful, but it surely does something WRONG. Mario
Like most have said, Spyware and most other virus/problems can disguise themselves as a harmless file. If you have more then one file with the same name in the same place, most likely is spyware or something of that nature. Chris
Ati graphics executable, not sure if its included as part of the driver or Catalyst Control Center, but it does apply to desktop PCs not just Laptops. It shouldnt be present on a system running an Nvidia card unless you have a motherboard with built in ATI graphics for example, but when than i'd recommend disabling the onboard graphics and using the seperate card. Its a safe file thats for sure. t31os
Ati Hotkey Poller Application
it's "ATI Driver". Killing the process resulted a chrash when try to play some games. I'm not sure what exactly it does but better keep it running in any case. Explosions
This does not seem to be an essential file to be run. I disabled mine in msconfig when i was getting the infamous ati2evxx.exe app error. It stopped fo a while but is now back haunting me. HP and Microsot support websites SUCK so can't get any info.  See also: Link rherron
Its part of the software suite for ATI graphics cards, but it sometimes uses ALL available CPU time causing your machine to be unresponsive (ATI X2300 on an asus F3Jseries laptop) Cam
ATI Graphics Card Driver Connor
Two versions exist. One is a genuine file made by ATI and uses a hotkey function to change monitor settings. The other is a trojan that almost has the same name but uses a unicide character that looks the same but isn't. The illegitimate version resides on your computer and is activated when logged onto the internet. It turns your computer into an email server as part of the spam network. Kaspersky Anti Virus detects it and disables but does not offer a permanent solution. My particular trojan works through a Dutch server. Use DOS prompt and netstat command to find what's using connection. Robert Moore
ati2evxx.exe is a process installed alongside ATI Display Adapters and provides additional configuration options for these devices. This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems  See also: Link GrasSpriet
i have an invidia graphics card so on my machine this is malicious, refer to a proffessianal before removal though! if you delete the dll it may just alert the program and make it harder to kill ( yes software can hide itself when being attacked)
Even though I dont have an ATI card nor integrated graphic card, this file is running on a new windows xp installation nico9julio
I have 2 with exactly the same name running duh
I have dual monitors. I found that this software swaps my monitors left to right every time I log in or unlock my PC. I killed the process and that stopped happening. I don't need hotkeys to do anything with my monitors, so I wanted to prevent this process from running at startup, but I didn't see it in my list of startup apps in msconfig. Ah well. At least I know what was causing my frustrating problem. Todd
Prevents clean shutdown of XP on my notebook
Appeared only after having a serious spyware invasion on my computer. wesley
Yep, it's the ATI Hotkey Poller, and it's useless unless you want to mess with your screen using the hotkeys (I don't). But it CAN cause problems when the service is enabled because on playing video, it can reset your power options in the control panel tab. Chris
ATI Treiber
It's Ati Hotkey Poller driver; It permits to activate the overdrive mode (more GPU and memory frequency) in 3d applications and games. It's very important to NOT REMOVE because you can lost a lot of 3d computing power. Only, I don't understand because is load in memory two times... Emiliano
i know what the file is, thanks to every one who posted, but i am computer illiterate and am unsre how to disable it! is there anyone who can help distressed computer user
Knowledge Base at ATI states that this file is supposed to run in more than one place by design. It is a video card driver. The information in this article applies to the following configurations: CATALYST 3.8 Display Drivers, and higher,  See also: Link rory
i don't need this and it has been placed in autostart without any message. 2 164kB in RAM P4
Its a compolsary driver file for windows operting system.It is mainly Windows visiualization technique driver . correctly calculating windows graphic's mathematical conversions, image processing driver. It cannot be deleted.Windows uses it for window's graphical interface.So be cool with that. FARHAN
ATI controler, used for gaming perpouses + I dont know what but I do better without it in java based games like having 5-6 instences running + CLI and these 2 instences. Spitfire
It a trojan,and infected your computer system. You can remove it, but you will still have 1 copy of ati2evxx running in the task manager and C:\windows\font\ I would recommend removing it from the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/SharedTools/ uun.id
ati external event utility for ati graphics card. sometimes error window pops up. recent update for vista from ati for problem online now.  See also: Link Travis
This is file is used for the service "ATI HotKey Poller". I don't use it, and I have a laptop xD. But I don't use its features. I'm rocommending you to disable it, if ur not using its feature. m0ke
I'm running 64 bit Visa with core 2 quad chip, with 2 monitors. My display keeps crashing occasionally, and I get an error message saying my ATI driver is not up to date, although I've done all my updates. Doing a search shows a list of stored data going back to before I even had this particular computer. When I click on this data it accesses a website which my Vista security won't activate because it has control Active X control functions running. That screen freezes anyway. I can't stop ati2evxx from Task Manager, but am deleting that stored data. caribroyal
This file seems to be related to a problem I have with a trojan at the moment. Not sure, but it really looks like they are using this name to make it look harmless. Sending out massive emails, freezing my comp completely, using 90% of my CPU etc... Thomas
This file will not allow me to delete it, even using MSCONFIG. I am attempting to disable it by renaming (has been effective on past malware). I was alerted to it because my system was suddenly sluglike and I saw 2 instances of it in the process list. caprafan
Seems to be a trojan dropper singu.po in my pc. I have a radeon card and this loads in the boot up. Saku
It is the ATI Catalyst Control Center and yes it is required if you want to play games and use anti-aliasing etc. It is absolutely not a trojan / worm Ceeja
Installed with ATI Catalyst Control Center (ATI Video cards) - harmless. If you think it's a virus or trojan, simply go to control panel, add/remove programs, run the ATI software uninstall utility and if it goes away it was not malware. Of course if you are using an ATI video card you will need to reinstall the drivers from ATI afterward. If you don't know how to do any of this you shouldn't be trying to troubleshoot pc's. Some of you people are simply idiots. Angus M.
Part of software for ATI graphics cards. Not essential nor harmful. mjw
checking string ocurrances in the binary tells that the service: Keeps track of APM (powermgmnt for the gfx-card), screenrotation, reads the installed ATI-Bios to get propper settings for hardware events .. and a couple of fancy things like screenrotation Apetronic
AATI Hotkey POLLER service is installed if you update to the latest ATI video card drivers. ATI Hotkey POLLER provides the ability to hot key your display settings for what ever reason you would need this feature. Kingfish
It's fine. Just a use of the ATI graphics system Billybob
ati file - useless - got to Control Panel - Administrative tools- Services find ATI External Event Utility - set it to disabled - no more problems. ATI Control Center still work and all special keys still do their job. alfapa
ATI Grafikkarte
I killed the process once and than my screen totaly lagged when scrolling, restarted and the process ran and no lag, my gues is that the program provides faster screen layouts and visual effects. Steven Hartgers
ATI graphics card prossess
I've a Dell Inspiron 1501 notebook. Flushing of keyboard buffer has extremely slowed down. Stopping the Ati2evxx.exe process solved it. I don't know if it is a spyware attack or simply a bad driver behavior. It's seems my system doesn't need this task to run. Botond Takats
caused my pc to become horrendously slow. Application had been duplicated in Task manager. Was sapping 95-100% of cpu usage. Disabled the running process and pc now running fine!! jayce of clubs
It is for ATI HotKey Poller. A pretty worthless service that actually caused my screen to flash about every 20 seconds. It took me a while to figure out what the problem was, but finally narrowed it down to this service. I recommend you disable it, as I realy don't see any need for it Rufus
Not dangerous. This file is for hotkeys/graphics card/screen. If you're concerned about this file using too much memory (should be using 1,176 K with Vista), open file location by left clicking the file to open the drop down menu then press Open File Location. It should be in you system32 file, if it's not then it's most likely a malicious file under a trustworthy name. Timid T
when computer idle it averages about 20% cpu usage, peaks at 45% every 4 seconds SteveG
Slows your PC, uses tremendous amount of I/O reads as seen in Task Manager Frederik
It is a service that can be useful. F.i. for an evening Youtube. With all these different video qualities you can use a ATI Hotkey to change contrast or saturation immediately. If you don't want it, it is not smart to remove the file. Go to Administrative tools Services (Vista), stop the Service and change Automatic to Manual. In the ATI Catalyst Control Center (Advanced view), in the Menu, select Hotkeys and uncheck 'Use hotkeys'. Now you can start and stop the service using this Control Center. Erik
It harbors the trojan, believe it or not! Sherlock Holmes
There is definitely a piece of malware that uses this filename. Initial symptoms are machine running slow, failure to install some windows updates, certain mcafee services get turned off (eg spyware scanning). If you look in task manager you will see multiple instances of this file have been spawned. Try displaying the IO Writes in task mgr - this process was doing a lot of IO writes and my hard disk was chuntering. Attacked it by killing all running instances of it, disabled the service. The mal files were located in windows\system32 so I renamed them and moved them to another folder. Maple
A process that can "go wrong" thus slowing down your whole 3D performance. Ben
Nothing really but i just renamed the file with a "1" so the computer can't find it and screw me. Old School
just ATI driver(if u don't use ATI, it should be dangerous) YTK
This service is essential to ensure your display card function is running properly, it's not for hotkey ONLY, do not delete it unless you are having issues. AFAIK it is a crucial service for people that are using displayport as their monitor input since disabling this service cause me a heck of a problem with my monitor. Sieg
No need to disable this program. It is needed by the display hardware. Baneste
it's the Ati Video Driver DarkSwipe
If you're running the wrong driver for your ATI card then this program can malfunction. When it goes wrong it can take down an XP box. Liam (SiX) Deeney
This started take almost 80percent of my CPU suddenly. (May have some ralation with Open Office or Adobe Light Room) Kasun Rajapaksha
For some reason with remote desktop and local user sessions switching it periodically started increasing instances of this process. Session initialization especially for remote log in took tremendous time on my XP. Full computer restart was temporary solution. LOgon/logout/restart went veeeery slow. (tens minutes!!!) Everything is fine after I got rid of it (Hijack this - removed the entry + some unneeded service stopped). Those who have problem with long session log in/log out and remote sessions can take a look at this process. Pasha
Listed in Windows Services as: Ati Hotkey Poller. No hotkeys set - can disable it.  See also: Link Irwin Mainway
It can suddenly start using 100% of your resources. Go to services.msc and disable ATI Hotkey Poling which is not needed by most people. Paul
After doing a "save nothing" update from Vista to Windows 8 Pro, and installing the ATI CCC, Task Manager showed ati2evxx.exe using 85-99% of CPU. I disabled ati2evxx.exe and all ran as I expected, including the exclusive use of an external (2nd) monitor. Toyman
If the file is in the startup directory it is a virus. sal
ati2evxx.exe is a Windows process that works with your display adapter. Yes there are probably viruses, worms etcetera out there with the same name, but 9 times out of ten it will be part of the display adapter. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT delete it until you consult with a computer professional, or someone who is really experienced with computers, whether it needs to be deleted or not. You never start just deleting files on your system because someone else on a forum says its a virus. Do you research on it and thoroughly investigate before taking action. Just deleting a file off your computer because someone else says it dangerous, could cause more problems on your computer, if you are not careful.
I use it all the time safely. However, the program "Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery\spoer.exe" will not run if ati2evxx.exe is active. If you want to run "Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery\spoer.exe" then cancel ati2evxx.exe's 2 tasks and then you can run "Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery\spoer.exe" to repair Outlook Express .dbx files. Then when your .dbx files are fixed you can restart your system to restart ati2evxx.exe. The support people at "Stellar Data Recovery" are not logical, they not supportive, they are not well informed and they are quite arrogant. My opinion of them is based on "working" with them for 3 days. They have a "do it our way" attitude and do not listen to logic of any sort. Booooo on Stallar Data Recovery's support services. Dan
your download has pup spyware inbedded in it ,as picked up by malawarebytes pro steve
This was deposited in my document folder where it hid and took control of my computer. I lost complete control when connected to the internet - the only activity I could see was advertisements for security software. I only realized it was the cause because in closing down to restart, this file appeared on a list of still open files. I could not get rid of it while the internet connection was on because windows will not allow programs to be trashed or deleted that are open and on restart this program automatically opened. I disconnected the internet, restarted the computer and moved the file into trash and deleted it. I did a scan ( when disconnected) and the security program I used failed to identify the cause of my problem. Andrew

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