What is ccapp.exe? Is ccapp.exe spyware or a virus?

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Process name: Symantec Common Client User Session

Product: Norton Antivirus

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Company: Symantec

File: ccapp.exe

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"ccapp.exe" is the Common Client Application portion of Norton AntiVirus. It is responsible for checking emails and implementing auto-protect facilities as part of the Norton Antivirus suite. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ccapp.exe.html 

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  • 1019 users ask for this file. 176 users rated it as not dangerous. 38 users rated it as not so dangerous. 130 users rated it as neutral. 72 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 57 users rated it as dangerous. 68 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

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Part of Norton Anti-Virus 2004 (and more i guess ;)  See also: Link LizzardX
it keeps trying to send packets to verisign sureptiously joe public
Part of Norton AntiVirus 2003+ AutoProtect feature  See also: Link Cage
Norton Internet Security ? JQ
i think its a monitoring program jack hoff
Constantly uses a large chunk of memory Andi
Associated with Norton AntiVirus 2003, which runs auto-protect and email checking facilities. Without this service, both facilities cannot function correctly. suhel
Part of Norton AntiSPAM 2004, when this crashes, Outlook's mail stops working, have to restart computer spacent
norton's Common client application, central service that susses out how to operate the main norton stuff which can be tricky in a multi user environment. For example 2 users may be logged on ( say using fast user switching is one way ) And two NAVS are running on two different taskbars, There are Not really two NAVS but just one CCapp controlling the lot... To control the lot independant of user's or before logon you must be a service :) .... Its apparent high CPU usage can therefore be there antivirus or other norton process chugging away doing their job ... allow access for updates etc.  See also: Link Link Jason
it uses a lot of my virtual memory
Part of NAV so I turned it on.. Bill
tries to break out of my firewall all the time. Azzos
Can cause the computer to hang when shutting down. Don
I run Win98 SE, and ccApp FREQUENTLY stops responding, thereby causing Outlook Express & other apps to become unpredictable. When ccApp is running, it prevents Freecell from running. It's a giant pain. Bruce
My computer says there is an error with ccapp.exe then my internet doesn't work, i think that this process is therefore neccesary matt
Solution to ccapp hogging memory  See also: Link doddy
Sometimes uses 99% of CPU, especially when going in and out of Mozilla and using Outlook Express mjdiii
Used by nortonAV to scan files in the background. (Auto-protect) KDE
uses up more memory then i would like it too
It uses a lot of memory!! Mufti Mahmud
Part of Norton AntiVirus. Auto Protect for your Desktop and whole system Soulless
It is located in a Symantec File area. When the process in stopped shut down with Task manager I get multiple errors. 80-100% CPU usage. braindeadjones
The computer hangs up with the message "ccApp is not responding"
Spybot tells me it is a virus or malware, but when I get rid of it my Norton antivirus auto protect is disabled and I need to reinstall Norton to get it going again. So I have learned to ignore Spybot on this one... Alan Ffreshwater
interferes with normal PCMCIA LAN card communications...
using a lot of mem Slaphead
My computer sometimes has to force close ccApp.exe when shutting down Steven
norton antispam2004 uses this file to check for spam dazza
Constantly uses a large part of my computers power tillfllig
Slows down your computer! Anj
It is a required component of your ever-vigilant Norton AntiVirus. Traci in Texas
When we did an uninstall of Norton Internet Security 2003, upon reboot of our laptop, we started receiving and error msg indicating that symstore.dll could not be found. The ccapp.exe was still trying to startup. Jerry
Very Problematic with NAV 2005 & WIN XP. I keep having to uninstall/re-install NAV2005 because on bootup the WIN Install Wizard pops up as though trying to install a program and then NAV2005 auto pops up and says that it does not support the repair feature and I must uninstall/re-install. Susanne Gyasi
Scan Disk will not run nor will Solitary or freecell. I do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete. And then click on ccapp and close the program. Then I run scan disk or play game . To go out on the web I reboot the computer and go on line. RedOak21
I get a kick out of the people, who say its uses a lot of memory on my system, in security task manager it shows this process using 0% (zero percent) man hold on thats a lot of memory. It should only use memory when its in use.  See also: Link Chrispixx The Great
ccApp.exe is the common hosting application that is used by both NAV and NIS. It calls the different program features in NAV and NIS. For example, in NAV, if Auto-Protect and Email Scanning are enabled, then ccApp.exe makes sure that those programs are running. If ccApp is disabled, then Auto-Protect and Email Scanning will not run.  See also: Link oceanMan
I thought I would come back and add the information that Symantec gave me on my problem. In my case none of the below site helped. My problem is CcApp . It is a shame that when you disable their program (Norton) that it doesnot stop this program also from running in the background.  See also: Link Link Link RedOak21
Part of NAV... problem is is that it is now running my CPU at 100% util... and it is stuck there... even after reboots. This happened also once with their Norton Security product.... once again, Symantec crapware strikes again! Ben
It started to become a problem the day I installed Norton Internet Security 2005 (had not used NIS before). It keeps locking up Outlook, and every time I try to reboot it seems ccApp is hanging and not responding. Simon
Safe component of Norton Internet Security or Norton antivirus 2004. Started sometime to consume high CPU while sending or receiving e-mails. Workaround on this by Symantec does not work in my installation. Uf!  See also: Link Raul
Part of NAV 2005, uses all available CPU time even though NAV isn't running. Process wouldn't let itself be stopped. Had to debug it to make it quit. ret
It is a legit file! It's for Symantec's consumer products 2003-2005 (most likely later on too). Also, it should be digitally signed for authencity. AntDude
This program kept writing to my hard disk every 4 or 5 minutes and kept my defrag program from executing. Piper
Part of Norton email protection but it eats up all your resources and slows everything to a crawl. Tony
Scan Disk will not run nor will Solitary or freecell. I do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete
I remove it with Ctrl/Alt/Del if I want to play Freecell otherwise no can do! Mari-Lou
IT IS Norton Internet Security !!!!!! prob crap but it is your firewall !!  See also: Link
ccapp.exe seizes my machine during email download about 50% of the time Jeffrey Lamkin
It's Associated with Norton AV2004 and Norton Internet Security
Why rnaapp.exe started by ccapp.exe and connect to Internet
Seems to take 99% of my cpu time! Cohen
Very Problematic with WIN XP Susanne Gyasi
shutdown error mark
Its an important process for NIS2005 and the Antivirus, to ensure that its working properly.  See also: Link Emmanuel
This is the Norton/Symantec task for Virus & SPAM protection in your PC. It can appear to hang on close down as it is attempting to be the last service out to prevent Memory Viruses altering your PC's Op SYs  See also: Link Paul
Grabbed 96% CPU and thrashing. Don't know why.
It is the file Norton antivirus or norton internet security uses to enabe auto protect and email protect etc. if you disable it, it will not run those things Leigh O'Neill
never had a problem with it until i installed an external hard firewall after some one hacked y computer and read back my computer stats with Nortons FW up and running. Now it crashes daily causing me to reboot
It prevents me from running several of my games. When I boot them they screen goes black and tries to run but then back to windows. The only time I can get them to work is by killing ccApp while i play. Marc
Listens on ports 25 and 110, probably as part of the email scanning services. Keith Reid
Norton System Works/Norton Antivirus LiveUpdate file. All I know is that I installed AdAware on my computer and I must have missed this file getting deleted, cuz now whenever I try to do a liveupdate in Norton, it says that a program is running that needs to stop before it can install the new updates. (Do NOT Delete) ZRU2U
Spikes the CPU when shutting down and logging back in under Remote Desktop Robbo
It is kind of a pain, but I end task ccApp in the Close Programs dialouge box before shutting my system down. haus
occasionally slows computer severely Tyralt
Norton is a piece of s***, quit using it. Mike Carpenter
This process needs to much memory - memory will grow and grow and grow .. unit yet my ccApp.exe takes more than 1.6 GB
Symantec says: "ccApp.exe is the common hosting application that is used by both Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. It calls the different program features in Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. For example, in Norton AntiVirus, if Auto-Protect and Email Scanning are enabled, then ccApp.exe makes sure that those programs are running. If ccApp is disabled, then Auto-Protect and Email Scanning will not run."  See also: Link Link Norton Critic
Important Symantec Auto Protect file (Common Client APPlication)  See also: Link John
ccapp.exe works perfectly on my computer with Win XP with ZoneAlarm, Symantec Antivirus, and Norton Internet Security enabled and it even works perfectly with Freecell and Solitaire played in split screen mode troublefree.
This is norton anti-viruses auto-protect utillity. If you disable it you are preventing Anti-VIrus from scanning office files, e-mail, and incoming files from the internet. outopian
part of Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Editions and other Anastas
annoying cpu usage, but guess i'll survive ;) zipper
checks email in/out for norton stevelock
It is linked with norten. When i close it norten closes. When it is running, my PC crashes when im on the internet for too long. Ryan
Tries to connect to's POP3 port. This is a university in Istambul.. So something is very fishy. Mikko Ruuska
Slows down machine. I get error message that CCAPP caused a failure due to invalid CCFWSETG.DLKL Herman
This is a NAV file - However, it does have issues with XP, where it's using from 0% to 98% of my cpu available...Even when not actively doing anything, and NAV is disabled. If I knew the WHY behind this, I could probably work around it, but it's a good case for going to McAfee, less trouble with XP there. Zan
This file comes with norton but for smaller computers, it can be a paint, NOTHING will happen if you terminate this program in the task manager. Michael
ccApp.exe is from Norton Internet security/antivirus. Causes 3d games to continually minimise to desktop.
Mine just says that its tryin to install and norton does not support this install it tells me to uninstall and then reinstall it but would that be a wise thing ebcasue then wont i have to get it all set up again??and everyone says it takes a lot of memory but it doesnt for mine i got xp version
whenever i shut down my comp i have to manually close it to shut down... anyone know how to solve this? npoenn
this is the norton file which is necessary for autoprotect of computer,which is afeature of norton. Syed tahir hassan
norton internet security etc essential file...this thing is just a giant blak hole, sucking up all my system resources to the point where i cant even right click on the desktop without a 2 second delay, and forget about opening any programs, let alone switching between winmap, msn and ie! although it does its job and protects your computer, its no longer worth using it cos it runs soo slow.., meh *clicks uninstall chris
Part of Norton Personal Firewall. You can turn it off by not scanning email.
This process must always be forced to close on my win xp system, seems like a problematic file.
seems to be a part of norton antivirus, usually has trouble closing on shutdown, used a lot of memory darcy
Any program can potentially interact with another program. This program does use up some of the CPU but unless you have an old computer it shouldn't be that significant Killafife
Uses a lot of CPU . Constantly hangsup Outlook and prvents email download. Using WP Pro and Office XP. GerryZ
85% of the time i shut down it requireds a "end task" FM III
My system has to force it to close / shutdown now takes 10 minutes or more (on WIN XP Home) Magnani
drastically reduces my computer's speed Eric Caves
i have been working tirelessly to speed up shutdown for 4 months, no links but shutdown and restart is a nightmare it freezes then takes around 10 mins to shutdown. can anybody help me i would be in great debt to them i hope to solve this probloem before he new year! Mark Webster
taking up all my cpu usage , I can't do anything else Barbara
it is a Norton antivirus program mmasloub
I had this problem and it drove me crazy trying to figure what was going on. I eventually determined that if you have the task bar at the bottom of the screen, the ccapp is not a problem. When you drag the task bar to the top of your screen, the problem returns. Strange, but true. Poor programming on someone's part. John B
it and eventmgr.exe hog up to 85% of my 1.2GHz machine for minutes at a time. Intolerable! Symantec should fix this immediately, or i'm leaving them! plusaf
Central to functioning of Norton AntiVirus, Personal Firewall, Internet Security. Takes 44MB RAM under WinXP Pro, but 0% CPU - unless you are constantly running e-mail like Outlook (why don't you exit??) or spending all your time on-line such as with role-playing or streaming media. Better safe than sorry. Stephen
Symantec's bad implementation of ccApp and ccEvtMgr is as big a pain as most problems they want to protect against. Wolfgang
Also Norton Internet Security 2005
norton, i think, because if you shut it down, Norton email security is disabled wagie
It's an essential application (part of Symantec Norton Internet Security 2004) that works to auto-protect your computer. I agree with previous comments that it slows down your computer and uses a lot of virtual memory. I didn't find this too problematic when running a single program, but multi-tasking can be slow. I tend to disable Norton AV sometimes anyway to speed things up. I never drop my firewall though. Russ
Makes defragmentation by windows disc defragmentor impossible due intermittent disk writing. Is part of Norton antivirus but still active after switching off autoprotect. Can only deactivate using task manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL), Bart Smit
NAV file running in the background - constantly. Eats resources, especially with iTunes running. Mikkel
it is your autoprotect function. The problems listed are not because of this, they are because people don't know how to set up Norton or Windows. The issue with Norton trying to reinstall and saying it does not support the repair feature is caused by moving the start menu shortcuts or deleting them, not by this app.  See also: Link god
Norton's all purpose event handler, very sloppy. Their auto-protect has always sucked, just shut it off and it won't use too much memory. To prevent more memory leak also scan only incoming mail, Norton always has problems when both enabled, no need to scan both direction anyways.  See also: Link
part of norton anti virus 2003,2004&2005 . If you have norton ,you need this for the mail scanning. you will find it in (win98) c:program files  See also: Link stevelock
Norton Scanner for incoming/outgoing email and attachments.  See also: Link OrnThorpe
ccApp is more than a memory hog as discussed at http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ccapp.exe.html. I've install Roxio and ccApp sits at the top of the processes list using up 100% of cpu preventing access to any of my drives using Explorer. Can't put in the background, disable or do anything except uninstall software that is not the cause of the problem. NortonSmith Young
This is norton anti-viruses auto-protect utillity.  See also: Link Geogre Bush
ccApp.exe is a file that is for symantec Chris Akin
it freezes my computer in Windows 98 sec. & knocks me off-line! Test says comp. is in audit mode but no one at Symantec seems to know how to fix it! hedgehog1
MicroSoft Spyware hotline advised this is a necesary file and should be allowe to connect to Symantec Woodrow
It belongs with norton.If you have Norton AV it needs to run so it can support Norton. If you like NAV then leave it alone. Its a side pusher to support the emails. If your having problems with it contact Norton. It could be that a virus attached itself to ccApp.exe via back door. If you can Get Spy sweeper and run it to check for any hijackers, ccApp is a vunerable entry because it has no HKEY-Root stabilty. By the way spy sweeper would be a great investment its probably the best out there.  See also: Link bluejay
It kills my system every time I try to do some work in the network (excel, word) sorift
Must have it for protection. Does error out on shut downs often. Robert
Its a Norton file. N0rton
Slows machine Stops close down Wayne
Uses a lot of memory.. slows the system down...it is not necessary for system to keep running properly Vivek
For me, it is inconvenient at shutdown - will not close and must be manually terminated Steve
slows down machine. on logout ends up not resonding causing long delay. Potus
I know it's something for Norton antivirus, but that's about it. It sometimes causes my computer to be slow to shut down though. (I sometimes get the "ending program" dialogue, and that is the process that needs to be ended 90% of the time) Lilly
Symantec accept that this file is necessary and yet do nothing to improve the CPU maxing problems, but go to lengths to say tough if you want the anti virus to run - garbage, I want my subscription fee refunded! Kaz H
It is a part of Norton Antivirus and Firewall. It renders both of my PCs useless: Windows 2000 and XP home. The XP crashes all the time and the 2000 is so slow and then it crashes. It is a legal app and it is not dangerous. It just renders your computer useless, so useless that if you had a virus you wouldn't know it. Also, ccapp crashes when Antivirus or the Firewall go to so LiveUpdate to get their virus definitions or when any other scheduled program goes out to the Internet (such as Microsoft Updates). Ivana
Part of Symantec Norton Internet Security  See also: Link Georg
Part of NIS 2005 Chris
sometimes ccApp consumes the 97(appx) percent of my memory and the only way for making it go down is rebooting. I used to have Norton Antivirus, but I never unlocked it. How can I erase the process? Leo
try clearing nav from the registry jdv
slows my computer down conciderably vukodlak
Embeded file for (NSC)part of agreement HS poindexter1621
Utalizes all the cpu it can grab on xp pro. don b
windows keeps having to "end program" it on shutdown frank
Disabling will prevent browser access to secure (https) sites. John
it's sucking up cpu usage and slows things down to a standstill sushila
It consumed lot of memory and slow down my computer speed, therefore. Surti
I do know that it's used for Norton Antivirus now, I thought it was spyware. Fr0
Norton auto protect email ......hangs shut down process, eats memory, freezes software apps. Teak
Causes my computer to freeze! When my computer starts it says its having trouble with that file.
I have NAV & ZoneAlarm Pro and ZA reported that ccapp.exe tried to send my mother's maiden name to my ISP! Morris
It sucks, and I wish I could just get rid of the darn thing, but I know it is necessary if I want to continue using my NAV JL
The file was located in windows\system32\ and I got the message that it is infected by RBot.PL worm... I killed this piece of junk. Mike
This file is extraordinarily annoying. It makes up 98% of my CPU usage, even when not running any e-mail programs. It's very frustrating to disable.
It stops responding when downloading some messages in OE and Netscape Mail and hangs up the download. Need to restart. Message has to be deleted before it gets to mail prg. Walt
I installed NIS2005 on XP a month ago. Recently the Windows shutdown process became extremely slow (5 minutes or longer). And it always started with closing CCApp.exe. I was very frustrated until I found the following solution: turn off the NIS Personal Firewall and turn on the Windows Firewall instead. Now the shutdown is measured by seconds. Also my internet-enabled programs now can run without a problem. Li
its a part of Noton Antivirus and you can also see it aprart from task manager while closing win xp as End Program - ccApp mohan
Ccapp is a royal pain! Slows computer immensely. Computer doesn't shut down properly 90% of the time. Publisher
Part of Norton Internet Security- I found it ran at 99% on occasions when receiving email until I removed Outlook Express from the applications list in NIS (I use Outlook as my email client). Now seems OK TonyW
I hate it because it takes much memory and i get error message when i shut down computer Oskars
This program conflicts with outlook. Think it has something to do with FW not accepting automatic checks for new e-mails when the screensaver is on. The problem has not occured when I'm working on the machine, but suddenly the cabinet fan start up at full speed. All progam are reported as Running, but in the Process window ccApp.exe is showing constant use of 50% of CPU, and use more than 55' kb memory. Can't kill the process, and when I shut down PC, ccApp.exe is not responding. I'll throw in an hour in fixing this. If not solved, NIS will be repaced by Zonelabs ZoneAlarm. bts234
when i load my printer driver and try to open internet explorer it stops responding and my pc goes to hang position deepak
It hog up to 85 % of my 1.5GHz machine for minutes at a time.
Norton runs this exe file to control traffic.It uses too much memory(70%-80%) . It seems dangerous. Commander
it sux , makes my computer so slow and takes too much time to shut down vero
ccApp.exe is a part of Norton Internet Security. It does slow my PC and always has to be forced to end when shutting down. Rick.B
regularly stalls out at shutdown with not responding. Norton is bogus but what else for spam blocking? rjsnorg
Uses 31MB in XP Pro SP2, hardly earth shattering
It uses all available resources under WinXP, slowing the hell out of my machine. Stay away from Symantec corporate crap, get Kaspersky AV instead. HuitZiloP
is part of Norton AntiVirus 2005 ... IBM tech suppro said only way to get control of my PC back (pegged at 100% CPU by CCAPP.exe taking 99% of CPU is de-install) .l... finally after weeks of suffering//I get my PC back ... NORTON sucks azornes
This program took up approx 96% of my memory... which is pretty inconvenient (keep in mind it happened after running a virus scan or two). I tried to manually end the process in task manager, and it denied me access, so I had to shut down and end it that way. Pretty inconvenient if you ask me.... I wish Norton would fix it. John
Windows 2000 forces it to close when shutting down, makes the whole process five times slower than before installing Norton JasonBotheredBYccApp
its related to NAV sacchutendlya
It uses port 1098 that I need for my App Server Stefan
Part of Norton Antivirus, always fails during shutdown. This site showed me more than a few people have the same issue. Moose
causing windows to hang when shutting down.....glad to finally know what cpApp is..... lisa
Norton common client, used by norton firewall & antivirus. Takes a lot of mem, e.g. 600M after 8hurs Iks
I have W98SE and this file hangs for about 5 minutes when I start my system. If I Cntl-Alt-Del it shows that it is hanging but eventually it works itself out. A pain in the arse but necessary I guess.
It's a pain in the when it will not let anything else run. Jose
Get rid of Norton! XP wouldn't shut down at all. I switched to Zone Alarm, problem solved! Karen
I have to wait around to "End Now" CCAPP.EXE my Windows 2000 system each time I shut it down. Problem started with Nortons Antivirus 2004, also present in 2005. I have uninstalled and re-installed many times. I disable email and automatic updates and I still have the same problem. I have tried McAffee but I get a message from StartUpMonitor requesting permission to re-install McAffee software each time I boot. I would just like to shut the computer down and walk away knowing that it will turn off or turn it on and come back with the computer fully on, John
I have a new windows XP computer. In some cases I can't get it to shut down. It seems that ccApp in some cases is still running. I think my inability to shutdown is probably due to ccApp. If this is the case, I will probably stop using norton antivirus. Pete M
Extremely annoying - it causes Outlook Express to malfunction every time I use it. I will not buy another Norton product, period.
I took the suggestion of stopping the outgoing email scans and it seems to have worked. Thanks Brain
I've been removing NAV from customer's and friend's computers for several years now. They jump for joy at the speed increase. Then, when appropriate, I install AVG from Grisoft (free) and there is no detectable slowing.
Crap. 100% cpu. Trouble on shutdown. Computer basically at a standstill. Who Cares
Part of Norton Internet Security (Anit spam, Virus and firewall). I have reason to believe it causes my Outlook to run very slowly when opening mail and trying to reply. I also think it affects how I attach files. During log off and shut down it always hangs and has to be closed manually. Norm
I put the process to a low priority so that my other applications can run. Otherwise, ccApp uses 97% of my cpu time for no reason. JJ
needed for real time virus scanning John Tallet
My system slowed down to where CCAPP.EXE was bringing my Centrino 1.7 Mhz CPU to a standstill for as long as 5 minutes. Uninstalling and reinstalling NIS completely solved the problem. Only downside is NIS has to relearn all my specific allows and not allows.
It is not a Windows feature as such, but it is part of Norton Security products. Removing or de-activating it will disable your virus monitoring program, therefore allowing virus-infected files to slip through un-detected. Naturally, if a program is protecting your computer from incoming viruses, it is going to use some memory and bandwidth during it's scans. Jon
It's completely harmless and runs seamlessly in the background.
Norton Anti-Virus www.PC-Component.com
Norton products, such as Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security...however, possibly adware/malware/spyware IF you never installed Norton. God
my firewall catch it sending emails ,why does it need to send an email! its enabled on my pc but i removed access to internet Somnus
I agree that it annoyingly slows down XP restart time. Shutdown time slowed down anywhere from 5-15 minutes in my case. I disabled NIS firewall and re-enabled windows SP2 firewall and now it shuts down in about 3-7 seconds. Fixed my problem so there a good chance that will fix yours Ken
Agreed with bluejay. Add SpyWeeper to yout computer, and you will have less problem. When you have traces of Norton file in your computer after uninstalltion, you need to clear off this file in the misconfig. When that is done, the next installation will ensure a smooth installtion for your NAV and other Symanctc program. the perception here is that Symantec products is too cumbersome and takes you on a merry-go-round on uninstalltion, and latch on to your system for no apparent reason. choong
IT definatly belongs to Norton Anti Virus, but right now it,s ruining my system. At startup something goes wrong with the app. which prevents me from using the taskbar, start menu or anything put on them. Only via the desktop can i use files and folders. When shutting down the computer it sticks to the 'saving settings screen' and thats it. Re-install worked for only two days before the problem restarted. trying to find out what the cause is. whistle
Disable Auto Protect and email protection in NAV. Most ISPs have mail scanners and Autoprotect just slows the computer. At one time, had three viruses and Auto protect didn't even think they were viruses, even with up to date defs! Disable Auto protect, e-mail scan (in and out) and then remove startup entry in registry. Do NOT DELETE the file, just the reg entry! required for manual scans too.
Spybot says it's a worm. I've installed Norton AV twice in the last two months on a clean computer and it shows up right off the bat. Must be part of Norton. Win XP hangs sometimes when I log off. I don't seem to have a problem w/ memory usage. I can live with it. Chris N.
No problems for 11 months, now it shuts down my OE6 connection to server and also its Auto protect and email scanning by itself. have to restart PC every time for e-mail to autoconnect with server and work. No issues when not using my e-mail first. Rob
Yes it's required for Norton, but it uses sooo much memory sooo often it brings the computor to a halt! It is so poor that you will turn-off Norton (but then ccApp still runs anyway!) Ok it tries to stop viruses, but I need to use my PC as well! BlondeBimbo
When the pc is just turned on, the ccapp.exe file has a normal reading of 0-1%. Once I send an email, the ccApp.exe reading sky rockets to a 97-99% and stays at that reading until I either end the process or restart the pc. Pukka
IS NIS app, (Much better than SP2 firewall) But on occasion, say when several remote requests come in, will start eating up virtual memory. It sucks, I know, but would you rather have your computer naked to the web? Project: Bluebird
just for gigles why dont u try...... ACE utilitys it is great on xp cleans up registry defrags it well and has a lot of other great utilitys that workedas well as any app ive ever used and should speed up slow pc s c.o.jones
Using XP Pro, and this program is causing me a Runtime Error that's stopping me from using MS Outlook to send/receive mail. Nasty little thing. Might go for something other than NAV. Bessie
sure glad i dont have the problems of some of theese people dosn't really cause any problems w/ my xp rarely after closing a game but not a problem benefits out weigh the conflicts braindamage
Should be named ccrap.exe, takes too much memory, slows the PC to a halt, and makes it not worth having Norton. If you need to use your PC do not use Norton, use a better package
I wish my task manager would let me close ccapp, or any of the Norton's files running, but it says "Operation cannot be completed. Access is denied." WHY!? Steven
Major pain. Slows PC down drastically, stops responding often, keeps IE from running normally. Stops responding on shutdown and makes startup slow. Steve
It is a part of Norton Antivirus. If it causes problems, it is due to synergie with other programs and not CCAPP.EXE itself Jens
Its a load a rubbish, I get all the same problems as above. How can Norton get away with selling faulty shit like this?
Randomly uses 100% CPU utilization while playing games, REAL problematic as it slows my system to a rock. Syx
It's pure crap. Uses 99% of the CPU power for some stupid ass memory leak or loop. Kill it I say.
pops up when i go to close down my computer which slows it down and takes longer to close up. Charlotte Whiting
While NAV is checking a file, ccapp.exe uses more CPU. If it's a big file, it takes longer. Michael
it is impossible to kill (even with the command line taskkill and tasklist) Vince
On 98 how about going into msconfig and killing it from startup? Bigred
it destroys the connection to the internal e-mail server harald
all I want is for you to remove it from my coputer.
Really hurts performance, especially at shutdown Walt2
it causes games to close and not run properly James
Norton überprüft Mails Michael
It hogs the CPU!
CCAPP??? Maybe a better name would be CRAP! CCAPP.EXE is probably the most annyoing problem I have ever encountered. If NORTON is and by the reports I have read is responsible then wouldn't it be in the best interest of everyone to send and keep sending e-mails to NORTON with complaints. Of course we could all threaten to use a different anti-virus but threats don't do much good unless we mean them. I for one will never use Norton again. I refuse to pay $75 or $80 ofr a program that slows my system down and uses up my CPU usage. GOODBYE NORTON! Ray
ccApp is the per session hosting application. It hosts various plug-in modules that load at startup for Norton AntiVirus (NAV), Norton Internet Security (NIS) and Norton Personal Firewall (NPF). ccApp is a “container” that hosts the various services for each user session. This means that ccApp loads whenever a user logs on. In Windows 2000 and XP this could mean that more than one instance of ccApp runs at a time, depending on the number of users logged on to the computer. ash
This file is in auto protect of Norton. I called and talked to a tech at Smantec. Because of shut down problems.This is the FIX. 1 Open Norton System works.2 Click on the options on the top.3 Click Norton AntiVirus.4 Then under System in the upper Left,Click on Auto Protect.5 Click on Advanced.6 UNCHECK-scan floppy disk in A: for boot viruses when shutting down.7 Then Click ok.... NO MORE PROBLEMS... Lyndon
After upgrading to a 64bit Athlon from a 1800+ Athlon, you'd expect an increase in speed opening and closing windows and applications. Oh no, not when your motherboard comes with Norton Internet Security 2005. This significantly reduces system speed to the point of which I ask myself what was the point of upgrading the CPU??? Now going to ditch Norton and return to Mcafee........Norton really sucks!! Mart
I don't know what to think about it. If I open a web page it takes ages to load, then if I check the Task Manager, cCapp isn't responding. If I try and close cCapp from there, the computer just freezes - some clunking goes on inside and the light on the floppy drive flashes?! I ran a couple of full system scans with NAV (2005) and both times it has detected cCapp as adware (I think). BlackMagic
Has 'hung' the task bar for a period of time until it suddenly springs back to life and the task bar functions again. Seems to be internet linked and must be doing some kind of 'checking' or something. Also when shutingdown the computer after it has hung because of this I'm asked if I want to 'End Now' ccapp. On restart everything starts agin fine. Happy Face
wont play nicely with outlook express no matter how closely i follow advice on disabling scanning of outbound mail. chews up 99% of CPU and leaves Outlook Express unusable after i kill ccApp off, so that i have to restart machines to check my email. unbelievably annoying - i wish my employer didnt mandate that i had to have this pos installed Dale
Very Problematic with NAV 2005 & WIN XP. I keep having to uninstall/re-install NAV2005 because on bootup the WIN Install Wizard pops up as though trying to install a program and then NAV2005 auto pops up and says that it does not support the repair feature and I must uninstall/re-install. pradeep
Works like it is suppose to, i only have one problem with it, it has to manually shut "ITSELF" down. it hangs my pc from shutting down by like 2-3 seconds, little bit annoying. i would like to know how to alter its shutdown somehow so it doesnt hang my computer from shutting down Ryan
Every time i try to log off my desktop to get to another or even to shut down it says that it is not responding. Even after i end the task about 50 times I still can't get my computer to shut down. Then I have to shut it off by the switch. I'm switching to McAfee Knedeepinlif
Something to do with emails - but i can't turn it off - task manager won't allow me to do so. I think it's causing my games to crash to the desktop. Initially I thought that it was a 'directX' problem, but through elimination, its NAV 05 with this $%#@ file. hotrod
Hogs a lot of memory; slows down system; hangs at shutdown. Won't be renewing my subscription with Norton. Too many really good system security programs that don't hog memory out there to have to put up with it. Jack
I has a trial version of NIS which ran out and CCAPP still runs, using 99% cpu and it seems to be slowing my pc down alot! Surely it shouldn't be doing anything as norton isn't even activated! Fragatta
For a reason yet to be identified Outlook is unable to download from 'ic24' email acccount until I have stopped CCAPP from running ... this defeats the purpose of Norton email checker. AJB
If it uses a lot of resources, it is because your system need that much protection. You probably have spyware trying to phone-home, and ccapp is only doing its job, and a lot of it. JRBeaman
add page file (ie ram memory) everytime it scans something. calls up from 15mbs, normally at 20-60mbs, my high score is 1.8gb! just log out and login back again if it eats too much
No solutions apparent. This ridiculous app is hogging 99% of my memory even when no other programs are running. What is it checking? Norton is losing face over this. BizMgr
Hogs the system 85- 100%; REALLY worthless programming. Congrats if this is offshore work Symantec!! Going to McA in a few seconds and NEVER going back to Norton. Disgruntled
Ive been trying to scan my laptop hundred times with scanDisk... It's impossible!! What can I do?? It says that other programs are writing the [email protected]# Worried
Thanks Ken. Did as you advised, turned off the NIS firewall & activated windows firewall from Control Panel and problem solved. Thanks very much.John John
%progfiles%\common files\symantec shared\CCAPP.exe is part of Norton; however %system%\ccapp.exe is NOT - it is adware. See link  See also: Link PHowarth
using most of my system resources (95 to 99%), so computer is sloooooooooow!!! can't seem to End Proccess either. :( Lisa
norton antivirus part My shutdown takes 5 minutes before I desintalled the norton security , now it takes 20 seconds
It is the part of Norton and runs the Auto protect and e-mail scaning, do not turn it off! Michael Buckley
has the abiltity to run with very little memory..... but conflicts with way to many things scott
i don't know nothing abouto this process, but alwais is working with a 50 -95 % of mi cpu
It slows down computer at start up and causes internet explorer to stop responing. JOE B1
If you want Norton antivirus to work properly in the background, don't disable it. Frank
Causes Windows 98 Start button to Stick. Must end task to unfreeze start button. Brady
causes shutdown hang, crashes Outlook repeatedly, slows performance considerably Jim
XP & Norton 2005 bad combo, it freezes my pc at startup in like a minute. Pirate
drives me mad with its constant messages ccapp not responding pat
Part of Norton AntiVirus. Bit of a memory hog I agree. Abdul
what if you have this exe, but don't have nortons????  See also: Link gem
takes up 99 percent of my cpu slows down everything Amy Vulk
i think that this file slowdowns the computer......
It slows down your computer and takes up memory Veez
Would someone give me a solution to Ccapp.exe Beadebeauty
It is a resource consuming stupid application Ziggi
Important part of Norton Antivirus sofware. Sceptic
It causes XP SP1 to hang on shutdown zimzam
causes my cpu to almost max out j nutzz
Part of Norton Anti Virus Gary
 See also: Link
It ruins the functionality of my computer and wastes so much time. The product Norton is grossly defective and is not worth *hit Jeff Harrison
I'm no longer able to recieve/send Outlook emails unless I turn Norton off. Before opening emails, I must turn Norton on again to be protected. It knocks me off the Internet at some point EVERY time I'm logged on. I must reboot several times/day. Sucks. My computer experience has been ruined. Christine
It is part of NIS. Since it uses all of my memory, my applications have nothing, so they lock up. I have shut off the firewall while I am on my computer. Jan
I noticed it one day when I tried to shut down. It does not play well with others. We run Symbari on the mail servers so basicall mail is scaned twice. Once from the desktop and secondly when in the mail site. Definately hangs up the machine in the morning, but tends to taper off during the day. GEM
I have a 3.2G machine with 1G DDR and at different times it will be using 99% of all my resources. I have to reboot to close it since when I try to force it to shut down it will tell me that access is denied. Pain in the booty Šon
I'm seriosly considering dumping Norton because of this. John C.
Symantecs crappy software, hangs CPU DIggItaLL[]r
Just got a nice clean XP SP2 machine, and ccApp keeps scewing with the shutdown (screen goes to black, but fans +HDD still run) as well as destroying my network connection. It's evil, Jim. Toast
Norten will do its scan, and find 16 at risk files, how do you delete these files? DJP
This application is greedy and consumne a lot of resource. Norton could do a better job. Johm
I just had to manually delete NAV 2005 15 day trial because CCAPP kept maxing my CPU, lagging my laptop and heating up the CPU. CPU running at 100% all the time in a laptop with limited cooling is not a good thing. :-( Joseph Burke
It takes a lot of CPU to run Paul
Resets my computer incorrectly while im initiating programs which support a medium amount of ram...more annoying then dangerous Ben
Bought 2 new comps with Norton 2005. The program is a disgrace. Endless problems. I will never spend a penny more on anything Norton. Shocking. jk
Used by Norton Internet security, but it hangs almost all the time when shutting down Windows XP Jaxzis
It is part of the NAV stuff but that doesnt stop it being a resource hog. Norton should get their act together and stop releasing this crap file. General Protection Fault
its krap it like hogs the cpu
Belongs To Norton Part of Anti-virus Shrimps
Its okay but can make the system shut down slower.. dont know why Kunstbanause
has a memory leak if the outbound mail checking is turned on, the leak occurs when the mail client gets mail (even if no mail is on the server); this will use up all available memory on the machine and cause problems on shutdown. Should only have high CPU when active. raddale
it is helpin you cos it your virus scanner, just click end now wen it cums up res
It belongs to Symantec (I have AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10). It always crashes on my computer Tony
Nortan uses it Brad bdb017
Start regedit Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\AutoEndTasks Set the value to 1 Then go to WaittokillAppTimeout and set its value to 100 this solved it for me 8) Cjay
Norton auto protect email ashish mahajan
Sometimes it will not shut down when you boot the system. Mooseman301
It is indeed NAV - and it is the WORST resource hog I have ever seen. Very annoying. I am trying to fix another error with it now - it doesn't speak to Win XP very well. There is no excuse for the performance of this program - sluggish, memory hog and often freezes on shutdown. Norton, please take some of our large renewal fees and fix this one! Beth
Inability to shutdown/restarty due to ccApp.exe (needs to be "killed"). LiveUpdate in Norton AntiVirus don't help.  See also: Link S. A. Heien
I tried turning Norton's firewall off and xp firewall on. It worked great, computer shut down quickly. However, the next day I checked xp firewall and it showed it was off! Turned it back on, but with every shut down or restart, it shuts down again. Laurie
Memory hog! Raj
Norton is suppose to have a fix. Suppose to down load auto. James
Some times hangs pc shutting down proces. On most PC system has problems with closing it. Osa
It occupies between 17 & 30 Megs of memory, 14 megs of virtual memory, 0 to 12% of my cpu time, all of which are to;erable. I think your prpblems lie elsewhere. I run 100 to 300 processes normally, browsing, games, graphics software, cad programs, very demanding things as well as the mundane, on a 1.4 celeron, xp, 40G hd, and 512 memory, no problems. You need to ask what else is going on to cause ccapp to occupy you resources. Terry
Its eating up all my memory (99%) even if I am not using any programme. KrishnaKumar
it always comes after shutting down the computer, the system takes a long time to shut down. it comes only when the system is connected to internet. siddartha
After last AutoUpdate (Nov 05) Causes big delay on system shutdown Dave
Without some type of AVP, you're playing with fire. dcjedi
Part of symantec but suck the life out of my system 174mb in processes captkert
This program is the mean reason for Computer Freeze up. To talk to real live person at Norton customer service will cost $40 per couple of mintues. Tell you the same junk you already know. Norton is a wasted of time, Money & My Patience!! I Say Move on!!! Uglyinthemornin'
its for Norton anti virus. To fix most issues. update using live update. the most common problem ocures on computers without a floppy drive. as a defualt the program tries to scan a floppy drive on shutdown . if its not there is freaks out. In anti-viruse go to options autoprotect, advanced and deselect the scan floppy drive on shutdown, even deselect the removable media if you have trouble with camera cards too redfox435cat
important part of norton antivirus Tuck
necessary process..... always taking up too much memory TT
In about 1 out of 10 startups, it forces me to restart my PC!, NIS2005 @ Win98se. Rini
It takes 97% of my computer CPU. Nicklas
I can't believe Norton made a program like this! It hogs all my memory, crashes my games, causes errors at shutdown and, I suspect, lags my internet as well! I wish I hadn't forked out the money for this junk, its basically ruined my computer, I'm going to switch the McAfee or PC Cillin...as soon as I find some way of actually getting rid of systemworks (By the way not providing an 'uninstall' option was a really bad, not to mention rude, idea Noton!) JT
i just uninstalled nis 2005 from my win xp and don't have more slow down problems Mikoyan
readers! ccapp.exe is from norton antivirus the reason that the error shows up is because of the windows service pack thats plain and simple its nothing big just deal with it and it you disable ccapp.exe then your norton will not run when you restart your computer.
From what I see here, this must be a part of NAV and NIS, which is what I have. I have noticed lately that my computer will never shut off without first ending ccApp. But a worse problem Ive begun to experience today is that NIS wont let me open Microsoft word. The process just hangs. If I disable NIS, Word opens right up. Then if I try to shut of the computer, it just hangs there with the ccApp end program box, frozen, and I have to manually shut it off with the button. olivia
Crap Norton Colin Adams
There are actually 2 different files, one is Symantec, one is Spyware Peter
Well, this little app was giving me headache until I decided to completely turn off e-main scanning and monitoring. In Norton 2006 it goes like this: Norton Antivirus options - Internet Email - untick (turn off) scan incoming and outgoing email. That's it. ccApp.exe has never used more then 3% of my computers memory. Hope this helps you too. Suomi rock rock! Sisu from Finland
part of norton antivirus ddu1611
This makes sending receiving mail a nightmare. Takes me ages to send and receive and is always causing MS Outlook express to hang. I have to restart my computer about every 45min - 1hr just to keep my mail up and running at work. Cas
Just like a lot of the comments before me, "ccapp.exe" seems to eat up cpu memory, up to 99% and totally slows down my computer. This happens if the 'Auto-Protect' is disabled. Rene
i was upgrading NORTON every day and had viruseS however!! so one day i switched to RISING. happy now!!""" Spas Doutin
Yes, it is necessary for Norton to run. I removed it from autostart and manual system scan would not work. Solution: uninstall Norton and use a different anti-virus program. I loaded AVG 7.1 for a free trial period and like it enough to pay for it after the trial is over. It is only anti-virus, so I rely on LavaSoft's AdAware (completely free) to counter spyware and the firewall built-in to Windows XP Service Pack 2. My Compaq Presario V2000 is so much faster now; start up, shut down and no more hesitation every time I click on something. Matthew M
its always opening the norton IWP crap when i start eDonkey Darxfrost
irritating. I cant shut down on Win XP. How do I get it fixed? Panda
prevents my PC shutting down as it keeps hanging Anne
I have dual Pentium 4s both running at 3.06Ghz and it uses 99 - 100% of my CPUs, it is insane. Paul
stopped all functions of my computer except internet (go figure).... You can't even shut your computer down
It stands for common client application and it is used by norton antivirus / anitspam programs. If you stop, the program associated with this will not work properly. Mathan
Continually shuts off my norton antivirus... doesnt that completely defeat the purpose! Not to mention that it slows my xp down soo much. Insanely annoying, defnitly losing Norton as son as possible. -Funk
Yes I think it has something to do with outlook express I started using outlook express and now I get this ccApp all the time any idea how I get rid of it now so annoying slows system down ANDY
Computer hangs while shutting down, ccapp.exe not responding error g0d
CCAPP causes a long shutdown wait on my computer Lee
That terrible power sucking exe program seems a part of Norton. But It I am suprised why Symantec corp. doesn't give any respons all these complains
Uninstalling/Reinstalling Norton Internet Security should fix the ccApp failure at shut down problem RichInNJ
It tried to access a game of mine, then crashed norton and my norton firewall. Had to reboot. Added the game exe to the exceptions to autoprotect so far so good. Stealth
It gradually uses more and more cpu until nothing works poni
Cann be the media fastclick adware Bobicus
its part of notron anti virus but somtimes norton come under attack by viruses and then it becomes a problem. I suggest getting rid of norton anyway since most of the time it doesnt work that well. Get avast and zone alarm securtiy suite and you will be good. Note also this proccess on newer computers running service pack 2 can cause it to hang at shutdown or logoff due to norton shutting down improperly. This feature is part of autoprotect though so unless you want to be vurnerable there is not problem turning it off person
CCAPP.EXE is part of the norton (symantec) internet security. used in live updates and realtime scanning of internet traFFIC. (THATS WHY IT SLOWS DOWN THE COMP WHEN ONLINE) it is not dangerous but eats up alot of ram, especially if a comp has below 512 MB of ram. CURE- use a better anti - virus  See also: Link Rix
Ccapp prevents de-frag to work . Can't Ctfl,Alt and Delete Ccapp. royrmon
To fix ccapp.exe hanging on shutdown, or game problems, Open Norton/ options/ Norton Antivirus/ auto protect arrow/ unclick arrow to /Start Auto Protect when windows starts up (recommended) ..I got this information from Symantec customer service . Jennifer Heydt
as you will have gathered from the above it is part of norton antivirus - it is crap - only use corporate symantec products Mark
Hi, solved the CCAPP.EXE 100% CPU loop problem as follows: --- open Symantec Antivirus --- click on 'Configure' -- 'Internet E-Mail Autoprotect' -- 'Advanced' --- UNcheck 'Display progress window when sending email' --- 'OK' -- 'OK' -- 'Exit' Best regards Hubertus Hubertus
So does anyone know what to do about this ccapp.exe from stopping Outlook freezing and forcing that you have to force a restart?? Eveline
Just caused my computer to jam up in a big way. Goy up to 70% CPU usage. Ben
the is for Norton Anti Virus. The main problem encountered is on computer without a floppy drive. Go to antivirus. autoprotect advanced. deselect scan floppy disk for viruses on shutdown.
NIS 2005/WinXP - Inhibits Eudora email from getting mail. Eudora connects to the mail server then doesn't do anything. Also causes problems at system shutdown. Have to turn PC off via power switch. After reboot, Eudora works correctly. Lenny
The confusion is due to the fact that a malware program uses this name as well as Norton. However, the norton program has a few problems with RAM consumption sabel4
Part of Nortan AntiVirus.i always try to end that task before i play a game that takes a lot of memory to help the game move faster with less lagging... But it says the i can not end ccApp. Christina
Although it claims to be part of NAV, it is apparent that this particular chunk of technology must have been outsourced to Microsoft, it runs that badly. Eating up all of my processor time--literally, it's stuck at a constant 100%--it cannot be disabled if you want NAV to stay. I am switching to McAfee and firebombing the bridge to Norton--no regrets whatsoever. Alex
it causes xp sp2 to hang on shutdown proper
It is effectively a system hook. It registers with the OS to recieve info about anything from opening files to sending an e-mail to accessing a web site. When the OS does any of these this Ccapp.exe is notified and Norton antivirus can take appropriate action. The high memory usage is only generaly when doing something although with the large hard disks of today virtual memory is irrelevant coz it only comes into physical memory when in use. If its hanging it is most often caused by not installing windows updates that the antivirus relies on since the antivirus links so closely to the OS. AlphaGeek
this file is a part of norton, however ccapp.exe is also a process belonging to the media.fastclick adware. the location will be the final indicator Tie Domi
causes computer to reboot (crash) gus
Just annoying as it wastes a lot of time when logging off. Turn of norton firewall and use windows. PeaBee
My hard drive starts up but my screen stays blank, i kept switching the power off to try to reboot until my whole system crashed, i had no idea why it was happening so spent loads of money on pc tools to try to fix this problem. I should have spent the money on new virus software. Thank god i looked up ccApp on the net and found this site or i would have taken to the computer with a hammer Tara
ccapp.exe causes peak in CPU usage and PC to hang. Very big problem. Would a newer PC with faster clock be able to handle the process better or will the problem continue? Jim2005
It keeps running in my system.Use up lot of memeory ,result my system runs slow. Pankaj
Don't know if it's my prob or not, but I just upgraded NAV 4 to 6 and now as that 3D game thing above Morrowind won't run for long at all. katarthis
Necessary part of NAV Vik
Contantly locks up, causes entire machine to freeze Cunty McShitface
ccapp.exe is also a process belonging to the media.fastclick adware which creates advertising popups on your computer and sends Internet usage information back to it's company's servers. This is a registered security risk and should be terminated immediately. Look to the path to figure the difference. TKPhi
go to symantic website search ccapp harryl
XP & Norton 2005 bad combo, it freezes my pc at startup in like a minute Angry
Perhaps Norton fixed things in NIS 2006 which I am running on Win XP Home SP2. No system performance issues (CPU idling around 5%) - no memory hogging by ccapp (53MB). I do have to force it to close on shutdown but as my PC runs 24/7 as much as possible I am not concerned about it. Perhaps I am just lucky! M
It takes round 20 megabytes from my computer and hav 2 sometimes shut it down while logging off or shuting down  See also: Link
why does it keep on hoggin my pf usage liam riley
It is part of Norton. When I disabled it at startup via MSCONFIG, I could use the Internet, but I was unable to access any secure pages. Any thoughts on that particular issue would be most welcome. The Bookman
Part of Norton Antivirus. Every time I update files it causes Outlook send/receive to hang up until I disable then reenable Norton. Also prevents clean shutdown on XP SP2. If it keeps doing this I will dump Norton. It is too irritating. Steve Mac
Starting with the live update I ran on 12/31/05 ccapp.exe is causing my pc to hang at shut-down and also preventing me from recieving & sending email from Outlook Express 6. ISP Earthlink has advised me to uninstall and reinstall NIS. This was not a problem before 12/31/05 & I have used NIS for 3-4 yrs. Outlook send & receives if I disable NIS, but then what's the point of having it?  See also: Link Link Mary
it freezes the comp when i try to close it. Every time i try to shut down windows, it stops it and asks me to "end now" ccApp.... Shippou
ccApp.exe is a file used by Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security. It should not be disabled. Pramod Fanda
if only for email protection, it should not so big in size (9.4M after loaded - 3.4M before loaded), or it is a stupid design ! Laurecne C
I have the same issues. Memory hog, CPU hog, processes hang, Symantec should fix immediatly and issue free subscriptions for anyone affected. Steve
Scans incoming and outgoing e-mail. This .exe is part of Nortons security program. Ruin
norton thing. loads of mem gets used. i just set its priority to idle, so it shouldnt cause too many problems. wish you could set it to only use page file though... roosta
Slows performance Mark
It is obvious that there are two ccapp.exe kind of files. One is safe (ram hogger) used (and required) for NAV & NIS. The other is malware if it is installed anyplace other than Program Files/Common Files/Symantec Shared/. NO WAY AROUND. UNINSTALL NAV or NIS (burn the disc and throw it away). and install anything else (neither McAfee of Course..) Francisco
Symantec service, found in most of their products, takes a wile to boot whit this on auto-startup but it's worth it tASE1
Causes my network link to drop out intermittently and on rooboot hangs my machine. To avoid the problem, disconnect the modem, then start PC. once up and running, restart modem and system seems OK. Problem caused at shut down, but messes around with start up and disables the network card somehow, then hangs computer. David
To fix shut down error with norton antivirus go to. options then antivirus then hit auto protect. hit advanced, Then deselect scan all removable media and deselect scan floppy drive A:. You will have shutdown errors if you don't have a floppy drive. and hangs the system becuase it can't find the floppy drive or the removable media. Brian S
Got Antivirus 2006 & XP. There's slowdown & always hangs on windows shutdown. Opening applications on startup takes 10-20 minutes! I wonder: Is Norton using my online connection surreptitiously? Or is CCAPP corrupting itself when it doesn't close properly? I tried reinstalling it and had faster computer until next startup. How can I tell if this file has been infiltrated by worm? Have Spybot & spyblaster & Adaware, etc. and run Antivirus scans frequently, but no hits. GenieFitz
Installed NSW & NIS 2006 recently, wouldn't let eMails be DLed., other problems as well. Uninstalled both, cleaned and defragmented drive, set restore pt., reinstalled, unchecked ccspp in MSCONFIG for start-up, things seem ok now, but keeping fingers crossed. Gopal
Belongs To Norton Part of Anti-virus Broxi
Not dangerous, but it will crash sometimes when shutting your system down. At my PC, it uses 21MB of memory and far less than 1% of CPU, so that's not very much... Is used by Norton personal firewall, Norton internet Security and Norton Anti-virus, and will check autoprotect and email scanning. NOTE: ccapp.exe is also a process belonging to the media.fastclick adware which creates advertising popups on your computer and sends Internet usage information back to it's company's servers, so be sure you have the right one :) Patman
don't seem to have problems with memory useage, but when i'm editing video i like to turn off as many processes as possible. was always able to end this process before but since norton update 2006 access is denied for disabling this process - even when i've stopped it in services.msc. very annoying, i wan't to be able to decide what i have running and when tido
Upgraded Outlook from some 2000 version to 2003 and then created a new PC user. Now ccAPP.exe regularly causes application faults - can't read from some memory address... Mike
Part of norton. Uses 100 mb of v memory on 1 gb machine - unacceptable! purdon
To stop your PC's from saying "End Now" each time you log of, just disable the floppy drive controller if you dont have one.  See also: Link Mike
Norton Internet Security is a powerful and effective way to prevent most computer viruses. It is a legitimate company, but you may want to check the digital credentials, which may be fake or none existent. You shouldn't have it unless you signed up for it, or your computer came with a pre-paid or trial run. I suggest doing something many others have suggested, which is to turn off all mail applications and switch the outgoing mail protector off. Remember to put it back on when you're done doing whatever or trying to send mail. DOS Man
not responding window appears when I shut down in XP. Damn annoying. Internet freezes and slows whole comp down... happyraver
it takes up a bit of memory (around 30M) but it's also has trouble shutting down... happens on both my computers, even the one that was just reformated... I know its not dangerous, but wish it ran a little better The Rick
in fact for chrispix it says 0 cpu usage but memory ussage is 22,728k :P that is a lot :P but if u need firewall or use antivirus then yes u do need it :( if its just for gaing and nothing personal on it then go for it. kriswald
sometimes has to force close ccApp.exe when shutting down Wolfgang
I hate it because my computer can't shut down because of it. ccApp is related to Norton, and even if i turn of the "floppy disk scan durring shut down" it's still a problem! Hate ccApp
Norton Antivirus process; responsible for major memory leaks in some. Temporary fix is to disable outgoing email scans. Ari
Part of Norton antivirus 2006, slows down computer and can cause slow startup and shutdown. Eric
Vital for auto-protection and email checking..keeps your computer protected from viruses automatically Phil
After 3 hours of trying to get the fix suggested by norton to work, I fixed it.. I removed Norton, going with AVG Free cdbest
It is a memory hog. Terrible but necessary if you wish to continue to use the norton programs. You can stop it if you dare.  See also: Link RVPARKMGR
This app needs to be slapped with a wet kipper. Every time closing down becomes a nonsensical chore. I yawn in the face of Norton and step back to ZoneAlarms firewall. [I think I just heard a whimper of joy from my PC.] If this is an essential part of NIS, then it shows the standard of programming from them, in regard to such a commonplace task, got as far as two plankton trying to make a sandwich :0 liquidgloo
I agree with those who complain about the performance , but don't thind its' dangerous. Just a BIG nusance. I have experienced all the above problems with it. lp
It cause my WinXp to crash upon start up. I have to disable it via registry. Then after WinXp is running properly. I enable this process. My windows runs fine. Junlin
the problem with the cpu spiking to 90+% seems to only occur when I had windows firewall turned on in addition to norton. Turned off windows firewall like norton recc'd and the problem went away. I went to symantec auto assisant and got that advice. Also seems to occur if you use any other firewall with norton. I'm posting link to a conflict with zonealarm.  See also: Link sans-culotte
It is annoying as hell. Anyprogram that is not system vital that gobbles up your cpu constantly and cannot be shutdown normally is a bs program, and considering this is a big security program I find that tripe. MS can only get away with it because they make the OS.. having to uninstall a product and reboots SHOULD NOT have happen. the reason it gets a 2 and not a one because it heated my comp like a mofo doing nothing benificial. William
It conflicts with a number of MS applications and Operating System programs (MS-XP). MS says Symantec has no solution to this problem. Chilote
There is also a trojan called ccapp.exe around. NAVs ccapp wants to have an open port - 1030 - and also wants to phone home by sending information via smtp. Symantecs tech support would not answer questions as to why this is needed. NAV2006 has 13 processes that run on XP - totally ridiculous. Ditch the program and get a better one. Eddie
it happens due to NAV...plz go to symantec.com...on the search page type symnrt.exe.....dowload that file...and run it...it removes the symantec application from the registry....if you remove NAV from add/remove programs it will leave behind the traces of it in the registry.....i tried it and it really helps  See also: Link sabyasachi c"ty
NIS autoprotect and e-mail checking tool. ticoncerned
CCAPP.EXE is in fact part of the Norton Systemworks 2005 antivirus suite of programs, and as such is "probably" not a security risk. Having said that however, it does seem to conflict with some other running processes on the system and will often stop responding, causing a freeze-up of the internet connection and the system as well, requiring a reboot/scandisk/cleanup to repair damages from abandoned programs that were running. I am running WIN98SE with the free version of ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm firewall, instead of a Norton firewall product. I suspect there may be some conflict with ZoneAlarm. Zoned-Out
Stopps responding every time I try to shut down win xp. irritating. also causes very slow ( 5 minute) shutdown time occasionally. Tim
Part of Norton AV - causes many, many problems on a variety of systems. Never versions of Nortons are even worse than the old ones. Recommendation: avoid using Norton for your PC security. There are many more effective and more efficient programs available. Norton is often worse than the viruses it's trying to protect you from! Qualified PC Technician
i still get this message, even after i run norton's live update. stuart
"ccApp.exe is the common hosting application that is used by both Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. It calls the different program features in Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. For example, in Norton AntiVirus, if Auto-Protect and Email Scanning are enabled, then ccApp.exe makes sure that those programs are running. If ccApp is disabled, then Auto-Protect and Email Scanning will not run." I guess it's safe to leave it then : )  See also: Link Amoebanath
Part of Norton. Uses 99% of my CPU at any given time, and I have a really good computer. Very much a resource hog.
Causes my PC to hang on shutdown - even ctrl alt delete does not work. Have to switch off or rip out battery....I have Norton as part of BTInternet so probs its fault Jon Black
Giving me a headache - each time I open Google, a screen pops up stating that there has been an application error involving ccApp.exe M Patry
Part of the Norton Security Suite. My old computer can't handle everything that the Symantec boys want to run. I don't have top of the line like they do. I have to be offline when my computer boots up so that I have just enough control to disable e-mail scanning by Norton, otherwise my machine is crippled at 100% CPU. With e-mail scan turned off I can use my computer. I'm waiting for my Symantec subscription to expire and then will shop around for smarter, leaner security software. Tucson
nav file can cause comp to force its close on shutdown only use 10 megs of ram in a world of gigs who cares Jason
hey lyndon thanks for ur tips...everyone do what lyndon did...disable A: drive scan at boot....no more problems Macro
CCAPP doesn't seem to have too much of a detrimental effect on my system. Yes it does seem to use a lot of physical and virtual memory, especially since I started using ethernet instead of USB for internet. I have 2GB of RAM anyway. Seems I am luckier than some in that NIS 2006 does not hog my system (touch wood) and my XP SP2 PC shuts down fine 99% of the time. M
been trying to uninstall NIS 2005 and its so far taken over 1hr 40 mins.... ccApp.exe is at 99%! BlackMambo
This file has never been reported by any spyware/maleware softwares as infected or dangerous, it just annoys by the error report before rebooting/shutting down DJA
Make sure you have lots of RAM - a full gigabyte is my recommendation. After I upgraded from 750mB to 1.25gB my problems with cpu hogging and system hangs went away. NAV is a demanding cluster of applications, so bottlenecks in your system can bring on a slump, or a complete halt. By upgrading my system to meet the demands of NAV, all of my applications run smoother and faster, and I can run 24/7 no problems. I stress the need for lots of high-quality RAM with low latency - 2.5 or less. I'm using Kingston's best. It was very hard to afford it, but it made my computer run like a new system. x8tmc8x
Seems to be spiking CPU usage when logged in via terminal services (remote desktop.) It's probably trying to scan all of the network traffic, which is a lot when using term srv. No other problems with it. Occassionally waits a bit after it's given a stop signal before it actually goes away (causes the 'not responding' dialog to briefly appear,) but this is by design, from what I understand. Ross
AWAK, it is part of Symantec's less-than-transparent Internet software line. It purposefully hangs on to be the last app closed for our protection. It may appear to hang your computer if you do not have scads of memory; and I mean scads ... anything less than a 1GB is going to appear to be hung for quite a while. Even with 1GB it can take several minutes to complete it's work. The only way it can hang (to my knowledge) is if some app (probably a virus) is trying to outlast it so it can modify your system on the way out. It is clumsy but apparently does the job since I have had no infestations. Jim
just uninstall NAV and dl Avast, mush better and doesnt cause any system hang-ups or outlook issues twisted
Periodically freezes up Win XP Pro system by maxing out CPU. Prevents shut down on a regular basis. It became such a nuisance, I had to uninstall NAV 2005 to get rid of it. Paul
After my computer reboots, it goes normal CPU usage and doesnt lag as much but after a while of using it, it suddenly lags then goes to 100 percent of CPU usage. I have found several traces of spyware but have removed instantly. I don't know how to fix it as everytime i end the process of CCAPP it tells me i can't. Drake
"Not Responding" appears when shutting down. I followed these steps and computer shuts down properly.  See also: Link
It is "common client application" and is used in conjunction with a number of Symantec Norton programs, such as Norton AntiSpam or Norton Antivirus. Beep Star
Good to see others are having the same issue with ccApp at shut down!! Very annoying to say the least! I have XP SP2 and just upgraded to norton 2006 --- what a waste of $$!! Dano
This file locks itself to the os and then consumes large amounts of memory and then it starts useing all the cycles on my cpu just for a file too download from microsoft Trc
This file is required for Norton Antivirus but. It is really annoying because some of the programs i run makes it take up 99% of cpu usage. I cant disable it and usualyy cause my computer to crash CCAPP.exe --- (-.-")
it freezes my computer up and other programs quit responding suzanne
It is EVIL - No doubt; and so is NAV, Hackers, Microsoft & Computers in general JJ
It's annoying, sometimes impossible to end, and essentially is a part of Norton Internet Security which was a BIG mistake for me to use as my virus-scanning program. If I could successfully remove it I'd install something else (McAffee perhaps?). Better solution is to by and use an Apple Mac (which I've done). Dave Saunders
Win98SE OS: It is very tetchy! Even with no e-mail running (I check that only every other day). CCApp.exe is the main reason for virtually all of my system hangs and crashes, it also slows or freezes the system on shutdown. CobblyWorlds
its chewing through 99 percent of my pc's power. no wonder WoW was lagging... Danube
CCApp is Common Client application consuming alot of CPU processing at the beginning and when we shut the pc down. As the part of symantec stuff, CCApp will not start burdening our pc if we open a browser (e.g. Mozilla). However it utilizes the physical memory considerably alot as trading off to have it checking incoming file or email. mohadig
Not harmful but kind of annoying as it takes a lot of memory (about 7 to 10MB) and Windows XP always have to wait for it to shutdown (by force) before Windows itself can shutdown. Samuel
It has been responsible for the biggest and most damaging computer crashes i have ever experienced, at times causing almost irreversible damage to both my previus and current computer, and as far as i can see serves no purpose, apart from to crash the computer and it does that far too frequently. Magic Leprechaun
I hate programs like Norton because of their self-importance. I am a gamer (both on and off line) and NAV was constantly interrupting my games with routine reports, and crashing the system through hogging memory and CPU resources. My solution was to change to Avast anti-virus, which not only does the job at least as well, and without the unwanted interruptions, but is also free for home users. Onymous
I know that every time my computer has a program crash, the culprit is ccapp partytildawn
I have Symantec Corporate Anti Virus, this file is part of antivirus Kevin
Also part of the Symantec Antivirus Corporate client v7 - 10 Mike
I find ccApp.exe makes it impossible to work on large graphic files because is uses so much cpu memory. Sometimes it crashes my Win XP pro computer, and always hangs up on closing. I am using Norton 2007. I disabled ccApp.exe startup in Spybot program and rebooted. Norton didn't load. So I had to go back in Spybot and check it for startup. I will not renew Norton and as soon as I find a good FREEWARE virus software I'm unenstalling Norton. Cindy Smith
Symantec - Uses massive amounts of cpu all the time. Helped to remove outgoing email scanning now just high cpu when using outlook but still uses high mem. Cannot end process in task manager - "access denied" error msg. Tess
I agree that it is very resource hungry and very unstable. I have now cancelled my subscription to Norton and got PC cillin. Much more stable much less intrusive as far as system resources are concerned eciwzz
Eats resources, just like all the other useless processes norton spawns. When trying to pull down email from outlook, my clients thought their system locked up when it stalled at "retrieving message 1 of x" for a long time. Turns out it was stupid norton trying to scan the file as it was being downloaded, slowing everything down to the point where the system had to be restarted. The clients would restart outlook and try again, spawning more instances of the scan resulting in multiple copies running at the same time. Norton is garbage and I can't wait to get my office away from it. Brandon
Watch out for capp.exe, a trojan that tries to look like it. Nate
when taskmanger is disabled whats that AYAZ
I don't even have norton antivirus and it's on my computer. I have symantec or something. Ted
It is part of Symantec Norton Antivirus, which consumes a vast ammount of system resources. My suggestion is to find an alternative due to the fact that Norton isn't that great anyway. Stranger
it seriously causes problems in shut down because it doesnt find the floppy drive on searching the computer AK
I have not found out why I'm getting this error even in idle I get it but if this application is closed down microsoft outlook won't work. I think this is a Norton issue and Norton should fix it. PG
used for norton antivirus, only problem i've had is that it is a spot viruses will attack repeatedly until you get rid of the virus... A.F.I. xDxHx
Its hanging the windows xp operating system Nitin Chagal
this file will, at times, start to take up 99% of my CPU. It will not let me end the process (it tells me access is denied) and the only why I can stop it is to re-boot. I dont even have an active NAV right now and so I cant disable email scanning through NAV (Symantec's advice for this problem) because I need to activate NAV, yet, when I start activating NAV this process pops up and crashes Norton.....I seem to be stuck in a pretty messy cycle here.
We are a Data recovery Company and have been using ONLY symantecs products to protect us for almost 20 yrs now. ccApp is certainly not malware of any sore, having said that, it is a fact that it does 'appear' to slow down shutdown and on occasions appears to 'hang' As usual in these cases, the culprit is often another task, a conflict or even memory leak. Try to close or unload other background tasks and remove anything unknown. That solution works well for us at Aurora Data Recovery in Sweden.  See also: Link Sandro
Used for the mail proxy in Norton. Keeps processor at 100%..working it hard. Useless in the big picture since it retards your computer and steals not only processor power but massive amounts of memory. Ditched Norton and now use Avast.com .. my computers are free once again to do their jobs without compeiting for massive amounts of processor time. No virus .. ccApp is dangerous enough in that it steals your computers ability to function at an optimal level and in some cases crashes when logging off or shut down. Professor Jay
Each time I start up a virus alarm says there is a backdoor trojan: when I shut down ccApp.EXE the alarm screen goes away (sorry for my bad English) OGMO
Memory Intesive but safe file. Daniel
it uses my processor work at 100% and really slows everything down immensely jurgis
Conflict with AVG antivirus will cause ccapp.exe to go to 100% cpu use and prevent outlook from retrieving email. Ccapp.exe does not properly disable when using Norton's interface; must remove startup entry in registry or uninstall product. I rate as dangerous because it is poorly designed and interferes with normal computer operation. Tim
everyone says its part of symantec, but they dont say why its slowly eating its way through peoples hard drives. its useless for its proper job and is more dangerous than not having an anti virus protection, get rid, soon!! consty
It's using 100% of my memory, it is in the correct folder and i'm not using any program, WTF! i wont reinstall norton tell me why it's going that crazy for no known reason F0U
This file is from norton internet security when it crashes ie the end programme pop up the internet will not work and if you wish to get it back write in task manager FILE new task "ccapp.exe" and the internet will work again LUKE
One way of getting rid of this pesky but not critical issue is to uncheck 'ccApp' in the system config utility dialog bx then 'apply'. Go back and check 'ccApp' then 'apply' again. This works for me -so far. This resolution was as per Norton help desk. Good luck! avi
Whenever I start my computer, and connect to the internet, I keep getting hundreds, if not thousands of "Symantec Email Proxy" popups. Using a task manager, I found out that if I "stop" ccapp.exe the popups stop. But I'm afraid to send it to the quarantine to stop it for good, because it might me necessary to protect against viruses in my emails. But it's a major pain in the butt. Macheteman
Also installed by Norton Ghost 10, don't know if its the same with other versions of ghost, but no matter what anybody says, Norton IS is very bad but Ghost is the best in its league
It's memory resident for security reasons, therefore you need a decent amount of RAM to run with it.. Not checked out Symantecs site but suspect they probably recomend at least 1024k RAM. If you haven't got that switch on, make a cup of coffee, go have a shower,dress and have breakfast then you may be able to log in. Alternatively get MacAfee. Widget
ccApp.exe is a process required for Symantec's (Spelling?) Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Security to run properly. Takes up 21MB of RAM on my system...but I've had NAV for years, and it works. It's better to have some RAM taken up than to have a virus destroy your computer. Anon
part of the norton internet security, no danger unless you have a bad computer, it'll slow it down a lot. i don't have any problems. (none)
This file is part of Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. If it is not responding during shutdown or restart Norton seems to recommend turning off "Scan floppy disk in A: for boot viruses when shutting down." If it is using a huge amount of CPU usage Norton seems to recommend turning off the "scan outgoing mail" feature.  See also: Link NB
Well, my experience of late is this little applet ccApp.exe is quite annoying when I want to open anything in MSN for one example. Another annoyance is my CPU gets hit for 100% for a long time. I have had to use the task manager to close this applet down. Of course, this is from Norton 360 which I purchased recently and I am regretting that decision. Days after the installation, my whole computer started to slow down and I started to disable sections of Norton and my computer came back to life. I believe Norton has a serious problem with their products lately --- Beware of Norton Products debian_duber
Not dangerous but annoying. It's another Norton AntiVirus component that drains your computer's resources and causes frequent errors. Here's a link to Symantec Support. You might want to add it to your favorites. ; )  See also: Link Dawn
Norton Antivirus. But it's true, it uses tons of RAM. Cookie Monster
This started with Norton AV2003. This is 2007 and it's still not fixed?!! WTF I bought/returned Norton 2003,2004, & 2005 b4 deciding Norton sucks. I recommend you skip the first 3 of my steps & keep #4 in mind. :) Anti-Norton Fan
on my pc it uses up all the memories, and sometimes crashes my internet explorer. it's good to hear it's norton but they haven't thinked about all the memory it use =/ starnight
ccApp is used by norton but can hang on startup. If you notice that the app is not in your bottom toolbar then it has hung. To fix it just startup notepad, type something it it, don't save the notepad, go to Start Menu and do a Logoff. When it comes up with ccapp not responding end the task and when it goes to close your notepad hit cancel to abort the logoff process. Now you can operate normally and run the NIS config to run Nortan normally. Its a method around the problem but not a fix for it. Michael
Tip to disable this ccApp.exe file : move it from the Registry\All User\Run keys to the Start Up folder the disable all the entries in Run Key (it basically works with most comercial legitimate anti-virus software) If u dont know how to do it use the XP or Vista Manager trial shareware soft from yamicsoft.com though there are dozens of other pc or tools to do it just in the same way on the internet (not recommended doing it with the win registry edit). Simply deleting that file wont work at all since it will re-start on next systems bootup. Try disabling it first as indicated in this post. Deletemaface nickname
it may soak up a fair bit of power but it isn't dangerous. it's actually rather safe (norton) aidz
If you're running McAfee Virus Scan, allow ccapp.exe in the Access Protection exceptions for mass mailer worms, or else Norton's process intervening will prevent mail from being sent. It will give a false smtp error. Eil
I think it should be renamed: crApp Chrisko
this program slow down or halt my winXP Pro jennifer cheong Malaysia
Part of Norton Internet Security Ghost
ccapp.exe make my computer hang itsef every now and then when i run ie. I suspect norton because without it my computers allways work better ore will funktion insted of not. Problem is it comes installed and many tings stay after you uninstall there programs. Per
ever since I installed Norton Antivirus 2006, this CcApp error occurs. It's harmless, but it uses up time and memory. Norton should be more considerate.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] "AutoEndTasks"="1" "HungAppTimeout"="2000" "WaitToKillAppTimeout"="2000" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control] "WaitToKillServiceTimeout"="2000"
it crashes my email; I get it every time that I download/install a program that uses Java runtime. Then I have to uninstall Java afterwards and my email works again. It's a conflict between Norton Internet Security and Java. Catherine
It's Symantec/Norton garbage, get rid of it and use a REAL AV/security program! The detection rate for symantec products is relatively crappy, the bug rate is incredible. Some version don't even add properly when showing the download size for various updates. Suggest Avira, Eset, or Avast. But before you do that go get the Norton Removal tool to get rid of the Norton junk that norton can't uninstall!!  See also: Link MrPicky
Open "Symantec Client Firewall" -- Status and Settings -- Turn Ad Blocking OFF (ON turns ccApp.exe on and hogs CPU) Ajax
slows my PC to almost a stand still. its awful. NortonSucks
It's part of Symantec-Norton. I uninstalled the Norton but it's still there and every time I shut down, it wastes time. I.O.
Not dangerous, just a resource HOG David
I removed Symantec/ Norton antiirus software from my laptop because it was hogging huge amounts of cpu time. Now on startup I get ccApp.exe could not be found. System runs far better without the AV software and I don't care at all whether ccApp can be found or not!!! Robert Colson
Running an old system with xp and with Norton anti-virus 2005. From Task manager: CPU usage is at 100%. CCAPP is using all available memory. Browsers are useless. After reading around (on another machine), I decided to uninstall Norton. When I did this, I was able to do a normal shutdown, and when I restarted CCAPP was gone, and the system was really fast - even the browsers. SteveH
Blazes along consuming 99% of CPU until I re-start my laptop which is a 2005 era VAIO running Windows98 and..... Norton Anti-virus. RM
It's Norton/Symantec computercat682

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