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Process name: NVIDIA Driver Helper Service

Product: NVIDIA Driver

Company: NVIDIA

File: nvsvc32.exe

Security Rating:

"nvsvc32.exe" is part of the NVIDIA graphics card drivers (Detonator). It should be left running on any system using Nvidia graphics hardware to ensure proper function. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/nvsvc32.exe.html 

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  • 9227 users ask for this file. 112 users rated it as not dangerous. 11 users rated it as not so dangerous. 25 users rated it as neutral. 17 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 26 users rated it as dangerous. 13 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about nvsvc32.exe:
NVIDIA Driver Helper Service Description: Application that is loaded to the system by NVIDIA graphics card drivers Bees
optional, disable it in winxp service applet to save memory
A Driver for all nVIDIA products. Need to run for the people who need features with nVIDIA Kev
It is a part od drivers for nvidia cards Paladyn
It is not necessary - Keep it if you overclock the video card, if not it can safely be disabled. Martin
file supporting NVDIA media products  See also: Link Nick
This file causes explorer to crash everytime I cut and paste into a file with many picture files. camshaft
it belongs to NVIDIA graphics card drivers Defektor
installed with detonators - harmless but unnecessary gnatzer
Not needed John
graphics card from nvidia kalyan
Nvidia driver process helper-process that belongs to the NVIDIA graphics card drivers Kerry
just ignore it, NVIDIA driver thing carlos
it tries to access the internet after some time recommend removing it since it could send info bigcat
This is the main function that supports an NVIDIA graohics card. Ifd in doubt download an update for your NVIDIA card and check it against the Properties for the one installed in your system. Paul
belongs to NVIDIA graphic card drivers, but IMHO it's not needed running bartkiller
makes my computer slower tru
located in my system32-map - wrong wrong Reno
Junk get rid of! Only Needed if you can right click on your desktop and adjust video settings!
installed with every Nvidia Driver Pack completly harmless! w00t
NVIDIA Driver Helper Service Description: Application that is loaded to the system by NVIDIA graphics card drivers Salvatore Scognamiglio
Harmlose Nvidia Datei Dark_Curly
doesnt seem needed, stop the service Andykirky
It's a part of drivers for nvidia cards Georg
mass propagation by msn wyzer
Nvidia Driver helper service description  See also: Link Santiago
I found it on an infected PC and it generated a lot of networktraffic disturbing surfing and mailing. It was found on a PC without nVidia card and suddenly it appeared also on my open shared linux datadirectory. Guy Westelinck
This is only needed by Nvidia based graphics if you adjust advanced graphics settings or use custom refresh rates per screen resolution. It can otherwise be disabled to save resources. INDRID
Grafikkarten-Traiber Friedemann Schaars
it's Nviidia's file...except if you get weird corruption on your screen and glitchy errors in WinXP, chances are it's to blame...remove it from prefetch and from System32 F3H Sauce
harmless coconut
makes my computer more than slower! Headot
it in no way needs internet access and the same goes for the other nvidia files OKI
this is the SIMPEL - FTP server Jad
its a part of the nvidia driver. nothing else. benno
Nvidia driver support for Nvidia Video Cards, and drivers Darrel- IT pro
Only nVidia driver system
Harmless. Comes with NVidia Forceware. May need internet access to connect to NVidia's servers for information submission from hardware usage or something. Dont completely remember how that worked.  See also: Link *Don
nVIDIA Driver Support Service which makes system hang during log off. Not really needed when not using advanced driver features, safe to disable. (Cause warning in Application event log: Event ID: 1517 - User: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM - Description: Windows saved user MYSYSTEM\MYLOGONID registry while an application or service was still using the registry during log off. The memory used by the user's registry has not been freed. The registry will be unloaded when it is no longer in use.  See also: Link John B
nvsvc32.exe is used by your computer to communicate with your nVidia video card. It is required for your nVidia grpahics card to work correctly. If you do not have a nVidia video card installed, it can be removed.  See also: Link Djiemiez
Revealed to be the cause of random lock-ups after I put 6600GT into my system. Disabled that service and lock-ups disappeared. AP
Nvidia Driver Helper Service- FileAnalyzer was used to scan the file and analyze it. M
It's a part of drivers for nvidia display cards Anil Varghese
Nvidia (takes 98% of my system resources) Phillby
NVidia Driver - nothing more Brassic
nVidia driver component. I can't believe how many morons on here think otherwise! vn***.exe are g  See also: Link
shut it down. Can cause problems with Video progs
Also monitors your graphics card on later models (eg 6800) for sufficient power supply to the card - for cards with additional power connectors. Recommend that you leave it alone if you have one of these cards.. Paul
NVIDIA Driver Helper Service Description: Application that is loaded to the system by NVIDIA graphics card drivers Shalianahe
Ncidia driver(not needed to run card) but there are viri that use the same name torin
removing file will trash your video card. Needed to work properly. William
Moved to quarantine and CPU load instantly dropped from persistently near 100% to near 0%. Total resource hog!! Michael Cash
NVIDIA driver proccess. load at startup but can safely disabled. not a memory hog, nor resources hog in my system. George E.
Nvidia Driver, causes no problems whatsoever on my system. If this file appears to be causing you problems, you have a configuration issue. try some different versions of the Detonator drivers, and see if you keep having problems -=Milamber=-
nVidia Driver , if there is no nVidia graphics Card in your computer it might be a virus. I'm using a GeForce 3 Ti 200
my motherboard anti virus detected it on boot up, AVG quarantined it and also there are like about 50 references in my registry about it ohno
nvsvc32.exe is a process that belongs to the NVIDIA graphics card drivers. This process should not be removed to ensure that your graphics card drivers is working properly. Scott
May be possible to disable and still adjust settings for Antialiasing and VSync, which need to be disabled with Geoforce series cards and certain games. Krul
NVidia driver. Disable to save some memory open source
ive just installed these NVIDIA drivers from a purchased, clean, installation CD. When I restarted, my desktop was in 32 bit color mode, and this process was running. It seems to be completely harmless, and doesnt occupy many resources, or slow my system down by anything that I could even notice. I quit it, with no problem, and everything continued to run smoothly as it had before. clean installer
It's an NVIDIA driver
It is essential as it is part of the drive to run the nvidia Card.  See also: Link Jim Beam
Grafikkartentreiber Reinhard
this file should be located in windows\sytem32\ (on winXP). Needed to run certain video games, if you have an NVidea card, or if you want to overclock your carm or use other special features. If it crushes your pc's preformance, it's most likely NOT the driver.  See also: Link Namnatulco
Its just a Nvidia driver Oracle
Nvidia Grafik Treiber Yamon
I know this file is needed to run your graphics driver and helps a lot for gaming, and doesnt cause an issue for me nor encounter much memory usage being lost. +dudl3y
NVidia Driver - nothing more Chaoos
nVidia graphics card drivers - no performance problems if the is the actual nVidia drivers, people who say it is taking 100% CPU load probably have malware with the same .exe name jacobzcoool
had a worm with very similar name - check letters order carefully, Indeed an nvidia driver file - if it is taking vast resources something is wrong . .. connects to internet - potential hijackability for malware/virus . .this file is not pertinent nailz
nVidia driver helper  See also: Link Ruben
Download file dinesh
it depends on what your system is actually. i have 2gb of ram, w/6600 GT, and its always at a steady 3,966K, and 00 CPU. I looked at the hex for this and (at least, the one on my computer) found it isnt the virus w/same name. this is used by Nvidia cards, especially if you use a TV Tuner (it helps accelerate the FRAME/DRAW per sec w/good quality). however, you should disable this if you dont have any Nvidia cards or no longer have one. It can be safely disabled on most systems, and can even cause some systems to hang (noted in about 6 comments above). basically, use this if you only need to! phrostwave
Nvidia driver! No need to wary, no need to kill! Vir
i've noticed that "nvsvc32.exe" comes with nvidia NTUNE utilities, if u move it to quarantine, u wont be able to use some of Ntune features, like overcloking. ChaoSs
Nvidia driver service, is in tasklist. WallyBee
I just built a new computer, and installed 2 NEW Nvidia Sli 7800 GTs. The app came on both installation disks, and I would never Disable it, since it allows for more advanced control over the card. It uses 2,000k, but I have 250G of HD space, so it doesn't bother me at all. The only reason i would disable or uninstall it is if I didn't own an Nvidia GPU, or if I didn't know how to adjust advanced settings. Honestly, I think anyone with a problem either doesn't realize their computer is out of date and slow to begin with, or you're just not using the control panel correctly. QA-Game Tester
Looks like I'm not the only one who's seeing this program eating up memory and CPU like it's candy... This one ran background for 2 years before I ever had this problem with it. Now, when running the processes "spoolsv.exe" and "csrss.exe" are using all the resources, but killing the app with Security Task Manager(R) stops all of this traffic. Brando
After download latest nVidia drivers this service continuously uses up to 25% cpu and causes either or both csrss & spoolsv to use 25% cpu Glen
There is good program what shows information about runing processes and more. You should ty it, it's free :) www.thricesoft.com  See also: Link Professional
causes issues in command conquer and explorer wu
It's a nvidia detonator thing... Mr.K
Harmless, Nvidia Driver - Should theoretically cause no problems unless there is a conflict elsewhere or a hardware incompatability Za
I downloaded a server client for Lineage II Chronicle 5 and my antivirus "told" me that it is an Invader. However it was never mentioned before. I have no problems at all with this file(until now I guess..)... Jim
As everybody says, it's just an NVIDIA add-in driver or service, put there to make certain (seldom-used) functions available from the Windows Desktop. Travis
Usually a harmless 15ish megs of ram used, but some times starts to use 10-20% prosessing power when switching resolusions or enable/disableing multi monitors. it usually doesnt stop using the resorces for a long while. AgentIce
NVIDIA "helper" service -- not needed. BPantalone
Correction its only dangerous if its in your C://windows foldor then its 90% Dangerous. Sorry for the Confusion General Arrow.
Looks like an nvidia driver, has done no harm for me, so I do nothing to it. I think it helps the graphics card work properly so im not messing with it. Jake
ItIts a worm hide itself in some programs, It even disable the antivirus, stops the Firewall until u terminate it in Command prompt. It runs well in Windows Explorer Bildad
Halted by Windows DEP - may be old version (91.31)? Machine has been constantly and inexplicably rebooting when working with images and video during the past several weeks. Don't know if this is part of the problem, but if it's an unneccessary tool, I can experiment doing without it. NVIDIA GForce utilities still seem to work although it is not loaded and working. TexasDukester
Makes the Windows error sound when shutting down computer, and says nvsvc32.exe is causing the problem. This has been doing this since I got my laptop, and I have not noticed any problems associated with this. Chris
Recently our Singulus Mastering system crashed and on investigation via log found that it was related to nvsvc32.exe but it is yet to be stablished if it was the culprit or a malware named like that. Vinode Dudani
cpu load 100%
NVIDIA Component , disable it if you notice slow system shutdowns/startups. DO NOT disable it if you override your refresh rates in OpenGL games. D3D works fine through dxdiag or game options. rififis
Somehow caused cssrs.exe to use up 50% CPU time with nvsvc32.exe using the other half. RNA
it slows my pc, it hasnt been there from when i put geforce in.it appeared wen i installd something with NORTON on it, and i cant get rid of it Cat
Keep if you overclock nvidia, otherwise dump it. wood
If you're having trouble with this file and you don't even have an NVIDIA gpu, then it's obviously a virus. Get rid of it. There will be NO network traffic coming from this executable program, if there is, DELETE. Howard D.
Runs with Nvidia cards. MostOfTheTime
Nvidia Driver Helper located in system32/ - If you experience random freeze / crash in games try disabling under services. Might be Virus if not running a Nvidia card. Fox
Not necessary as Nvindia driver. I dont have Nvindia installed in my comp. but i still had it. It doesn't allow u to use msconfig, taskmanager and Regedit too.. it resides in ".../system32/driver/" Varun
Part of NVIDIA detonator graphics card drivers.
Nvidia Treiber Hilfstool Glubschi
I've noticed this file will cause Windows Explorer to repeatedly hang; killing it stops this hanging. oceanclub
tries to connect to paypal.com on my system??? Dr.Ninethousand
file size 127.044 Bytes and also just the graphics driver Frank
This is not the nvidia driver graphics driver, it's the nvidia driver helper service is a utility that can be used by staff at nvidia corp. to access your pc and monitor performance of graphics card drivers etc... It does have a genuine purpose, unfortunately it can be used as a backdoor by someone with the right knowledge... disable it, disable it, DISABLE IT! It has no effect whatsoever on your system with regards to performance if you disable it. I know enough to keep this turned off, the only time you will ever need to use it yourself is if you wish to override your refresh rate...  See also: Link someone in the know
instalado por los drivers de Nvidia masmarius
It would pop up everytime i ran firefox, also was bringing up a username and password box for a website www.crazy.se Looks like a password stealing virus to me user
If you shut it down it may cause instability and make you have the blue screen, it happened to me many times when I tried shutting off the process and especially when I played games. BadkarsMormor
Nvidia Drivers, ignore everybody who says it's dangerous.  See also: Link Xenogen
It's a graphics driver Martin
Version 42.58 Version *
In "security task manager" , it seems to be harmfull for 50+%. Need help. Disable or not. Chola
this sexy good file is for nvidia drivers
I've had "lagging" and "double images" type problems on my desktop display which I believe has been casused by this process running. I've deleted it and only time will tell if the problems are gone. It's been identified by "TUT" as causing glitches in video.  See also: Link Kenny G
It is an appoved NVIDIA Driver .. useful. iam
tottaly harmless, ignore everyone who says it's dangerouse. tech nerd
i cant even boot my comp! i boot it up and it goes too slow then xcrashes xblabberx
infected my pc with trojan. appeared out of nowhere. this pc has NEVER had nvidia products but somehow it got here.cant find it in folders. some other process is disguising itself with it jerry
a corrupt system file which breaks through your firewall, by acting as a backdoor virus. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! REMOVE IMMEDIATLY MANUALLY Nbordeau
It can be virus too. Nod32 wont recognize. S.
(WinXP) Nvidia Display Driver Service, für erweiterte Funktionenbder GraKa, for exended functions of the nvidia card Tom
Nvidia driver  See also: Link Nick
NVSCS21.exe "could" become the target of Worm: " Win32/Gaobot.FD " or " WORM_AGOBOT.FD " - READ Microsoft Sercrity Encyclopedia entry. 2147464459  See also: Link Montana A Zook
Provides system and desktop level support to the NVIDIA display driver. Das ding ist harmlos es ist kein Virus, es ist auch erst seit den neuen Treibern dabei und nie bei alten. Tobias
Nvidia. Anything else, and you have conflicting drivers and/or virus(s)
its dangerous if you've never had the NVIDIA graphics driver. If u do have it then its ur choice to run it or not bob the builder
useless waste of RAM and an extra degree C of lapwarming goodness; by useless, i do mean UTTERLY USELESS: I've run multiple monitors, accessed nvidia control panel, etc., all just fine with this disabled Fyl
frequently causes system to crash when resuming from sleep with external monitor plugged in. Recently got nvsvc32.exe instruction 0x100c1d71 referenced memory 0x0..0 bart
You can find info by looking it up in your services. It's named: NVIDIA Display Driver Service - Provides system and desktop level support to the NVIDIA display driver Toni Bergman
Was found after my computer was infected by the msn picture virus trojan... Don't have an Nvidia graphics card so clearly something was up with that. My msn account stopped sending out links after I had it removed! Rodney
hidden along with Antimalware virus on my system C Thoms
we found on c:\windows folder (not on windows\system32 like nvidia driver) and are virus ... it's sure ... on internet explorer (ie8 for example) prompt a box with the request of "human confirmation!" ... it's a fake message .. if you see this you are infected ... erikm.project
auto detects monitor input on nvidia cards tim
comes with nvidia geforce drivers DFA
XP: ever over 30% cpu use. After each restart there it is again. Cannot find where the program is located A.Wagenaar
backdoor virus came in I think was Gen!M. I had to block some of the services to get pass it hillu
VIRUS! I don't have nvidia graphic card and my AV detected Worm within this file.
I am calling it neutral because it could be legit. But in my case it is not. The process is new to my PC that is ATI equiped. I end the task and my PC stops trying to connect to sites on its own. All the sites it was trying to connect to are listed under the "more info" tab in the link below(a trojan warning from Sophos, whoever they are. The trojan is just using the process as a gateway. It is possible that the process is original to the OS as the manufacturer uses both ATI and Nvidia products. Also in my case there is no sevice to match it.  See also: Link RAQ
Mousewheel scrolling was very... hesitant. Switching tasks... slow. Start menu... slow. Fix: In Administrative Tools, Services, changed NVIDIA Driver Helper Service startup from "Automatic" to "Disabled", then rebooted. HAPPINESS! markfilipak
I have found this and also SRLApplet from Husdawg LLC are also known malware being distributed by nvidia.com.  See also: Link laotzu
I believe it may be a form of a virus for a computer. Jalepenio
Not dangerous at all (Nvidia file). Bullshit
comes with nvidia geforce drivers
Valid NVIDIA graphics card prog. Should be harmless, but also non-essential. Some are complaining that it shows up as a virus on their machines - obviously, a virus can be named anything, as it VERY CLEARLY states above. If you don't have an NVIDIA card and you have no idea where you got nvsvc32.exe from, then it is entirely possible that you have a virus masking itself as an otherwise legit program. You did not get this virus from NVIDIA, you picked it up somewhere else. So stop trying to scare legitimate NVIDIA users. D
will it seem word for NVIDIA but id you dont use NVIDIA software or any NVIDIA graphic card then it must be a virus worm or a tool like RAT tool mhed2002
will it seem word for NVIDIA but id you dont use NVIDIA software or any NVIDIA graphic card then it must be a virus worm or a tool like RAT tool mhed2002 minecraft james

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