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Process name: DVD & CD copy engine

Product: GEAR.wrks Toolkit

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: Gear Software

File: GearSec.exe

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"GearSec.exe" is an engine which is used to copy DVDs, CDs and other media. GEAR Software's recording engine is used in several other products as well. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/gearsec.exe.html 

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All comments about GearSec.exe:
supports handling of dvd's used by several programs
It is part of DVDxCOPY or other DVD burning software. Span
DVD burning software  See also: Link Brett Ulrich
It is installed with DVD X Copy Twackedontwack
PART OF ITUNES! trust me really i installed itunes and then this is in my task list  See also: Link
Part of DVD X Copy - leave alone
part of itunes
part of DVD copy program devildog
this is used by the program group of Davideo
Part of PowerQuest (Symantec) Drive Image 7.0  See also: Link
sneaks in unawares, but don't know how or when! ZA
part of MixMiester Pro 5 (required to record DJ mixes to CD) igntion-mix
Used in DIFFERENT DVD copy programs besides xcopy
GData DaViDeo Prozess samsamsen
Gear Software's Recording Engine may not be a virus, adware or spyware, but it slowed my system considerably. It makes Windows Media Player jumpy and unstable, and even when WMP is not playing, my system was bogged down. MeanderingMan
Controls which application can use Gear.wrks CD writing engine John Markus
Part of PowerQuest (Symantec) Drive Image 7.0
Have cd burning software and no problem until XP SP2 Roger
Installed with iTunes
This file is not a virus. Lots od CD/DVD recording software uses this file. It looks like a good tool for recording, but if slows down the system a lot! In fact, it's easy to solve this problem! Go to the "Control Panel" -- "Administrative Tools" -- "Services". Find a service called GEARSecurity. Right-click on it and select "Properties". On the "General" tab click the "Stop" button, and set the "Startup type" to Manual. Click OK, and you should have no more problems with that again. Max Damage
It starts as a service !??? Why !? to be able to handle the writing of files on a DVD disk in a more secure way ? Dexter P.
Knocked out my system every time I started it. Hard to remove, but maybe diff. ver.? cardoxx
Definitely part of Drive Image 7, that uses the Gearsec library hucklberry
Don't have itunes, yet it exist here! Abu
Runs with Norton Ghost 9.0 MrBugman
PowerQuest Drive Image 2000 Wolle
Installed with Norton Ghost Anuller
Part of Norton Ghost 9.0
Part of Norton Ghost zeugene
probably itunes
Installed with Movie Clone (DVD copy software). Has little or no detrimental effect on my system.
it is part of trial program GEAR PRO MASTERING edition 6.05 . Cheese
Comes with ITunes and PowerQuest Drive Image. Harmless, can be deactivated to save resources. If you use the burning function of these programs, dont deactivate it. sgtSummoner
when I close this file windowsXP shuts down
no idea where it came from - don't have DVD software or Drive Image installed on that machine... Richard
Think it's part of Norton Ghost as well TylerD75
ok, even they (Gear sw) says it is part of itunes. See link for more info (apparently you may be able to replace the service with drivers)  See also: Link d-con
Part of DVD X-Copy Platinum Install  See also: Link Lenyon73
think i got it with nero software lurch
I do have a problem with media player jumping and it did start after Norton Ghost was installed. I just noticed gearsec.exe tonight - due to its 147 byte size I thought it was possibly bad - but I am afraid to disable it because I use ghost regularly. mTg
Had itunes, gearsec.exe didn't show up until I installed Norton Ghost 9.0 d-con
Installed along with i-tunes
Part of PowerQuest (Symantec) V2i Protector
Installed with Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, .... MMCE
Appeared after installing Norton System Works Premiere Retsisrepus
It apart of itunes. itunes come wen u install real1 Anonomuos
On my sytem it is a part of Mix Meister Pro OZgur
Go to Microsoft.com. They have a link to GEAR. On GEAR, they explain all about it and tell how to fix the problem. John G
Definitely part of Symantec DriveImage 7, but March 1, 2004 update patch removed the 'gearsec.exe startup issue' immediately after it was installed.  See also: Link Chuck
i installed dvd Xcopy on my computer slowed and seems to have corrupted some files... windows alert: gearsec encountered problems will shut down.. my mouse dosnt click right and even my virus scan shuts down..???... i am uninstalling this junk..  See also: Link hologram
Norton Ghost 9.0 instlls this file, its for Volume backups etc.. .  See also: Link NICKTHEDISK
Made by Gear Software lisc. to 3rd. party cd burining s/w manuf.  See also: Link RAG
Seems to come with Norton Ghost, my guess is it's for the CD backup part of the program.  See also: Link Knight Chat X
In Windows XP, click start-- Run --- type services.msc and then choose the gearsec.exe service, goto properties, and disable it, then restart, it no longer starts up Storm
Comes with Norton's Ghost under SystemWorks2005 Kay
maybe and probably it's installed when i installed symantec livestate system recovery!
Uninstalled PowerQuest (Symantec) Drive Image 7.0 and it went away. Brcobrem
I Just did a fresh install of Windows XP to verify, it definitely installed with NortonGhost 9.. It is possible other applications may install it, but it installed with NortonGhost 9 in this case, and this was after installing 20+ basic popular programs and carefully monitoring. After Ghost, gearsec popped in memory. I say disable the service via computer management untill you really need it. A. Kuilan
Installed w/ Norton Ghost, but Ghost runs just fine w/o it enabled. And since it gets in the way of Win Media Player, I disabled it in Services. Sundrops
I don't have Norton Ghost, or itunes. But I have DVD Xcopy Express. Slowed my computre down. Gunner
It could have installed with either Norton Ghost or iTunes, but after Ghost my computer slowed down considerably. Especially when booting but I don't know if this is the file that caused it Yosef
Installed as part of iTunes Andy
PowerQuest drive image, description missing, autostart axel
Norton Ghost 9.0 installs this file, its for Volume backups etc Futureline
It is part of Norton Gost 9.0 Dameem
Part of Norton Ghost 9.0. Required for writing to optical drives PCDania
it is used by drive image 7 funkmasterta
Was installed by the latest Version of Norton Ghost (aka PowerQuest Disk Image) Has no over all effect on my system. But then I only have ghost running when I need it. Tyson
Installed with norton ghost 9, does not seem to cause me any probs on windows 2000 smile
Installed with Norton Ghost 9.0 osok
File installed and used by Norton Ghost possibly others. It shows up with very little resource usage for me so it doesn't bother me. phl
might be part of ITUNES, NORTON GHOST or NERO.. anyway.. doesn' disturb
just some program that operates with a few other programs... nothing scary though
I think I got it when I installed Daemon Tools 3.47 www.daemon-tools.cc. I ran a rigorous virus scanning on the file with NOD32 which it passed with no remarks. I have stopped and disabled the service and Daemon Tools appears indifferent to this action. This is implausibly not a virus. Hence if you check the properties of the file, it says under the version tab that it is copyright by GEAR Software. www.gearsoftware.com which seems to be an authentic and established company. There are many programs of which append files to the windows directoy, just not exe files. So don't worry mates :) ZyaX
get one thing clear. its a module that tons of other major software company use under liscence. if you think that your application not gonna burn dvd or cd then go ahead and disable it.
Never noticed this running process until I installed Norton Systemworks Premiere which uses alot of resources along with norton internet 2005 security wd
I am not running itunes or norton ghost, i am running dvdxcopy on 3pc's and it is on all of them. it did slow my startup but it is a safe file. arebbrown
I have Drive Image 7 but not Ghost, itunes, Xcopy so I'm guessing either DVD burning software or Drive Image 7 Milburn King
comes with Norton Ghost 9... not necessary to start automaticaly, disable it and set it to start manual renaudoo
Probably part of iTunes. Had it just after installing iTunes. Tokke
It appeared after loading Norton Ghost 9.0 hubba-stank
part of symantec LiveStateRecovery 3.0 muehli
seem harless but keep eye on anyway team mopar
Installs by winamp v5 (can not confirm, but that's the last software I installed before I've noticed this file hangin in the memory under SYSTEM user)
I have Norton Ghost on my computer and it was there and when I installed it my dads is apeared there as well so it is Norton Ghoast 9.0 for sure. Michael Buckley
Since installing Caere Omnipage Pro 10 it fails to load on Boot Up. Michael
every 15 seconds when my isp checks my router gearsec open one port bolFreeOfChile
Comes with PowerQuest (Symantec) Drive Image 7.0 Fokke
its a part of DVD Decrypter tqila
Ghost 9.0 Axl
Installed with Norton Ghost V9. I t was not their before. Takes resources uneeded disable Administrator
gearsec.exe (if there are anything EXCEPT capital letters, delete or disable - download the most current version of gearsec, there are many different versions, but the best and most up to date will cost you)  See also: Link Dan
Norton Ghost 10.0 seems to be the source here. skeeter
This part of Norton Ghost 9. Dont worry ! EraseR
Installed on my system along with Norton Ghost 9 SmAcK
after i installed ghost 10
Installed with iTunes nixlan
CD/DVD Burning-PlugIn used by many applications of all kinds. Comes also with PowerQuest's DriveImage-7+ and Norton's Ghost-9. (Same Programm/Different Names - Symantec just bought it from PowerQuest). Only needed if you intend to burn directly with the application which has installed it. (I.E. Processing backups with DI-7 or NG-9 directly to CD/DVD rather than HDD.) If you always use your own burning application anyway then you wont need it. Prevent it from auto-starting via msconfig in this case to save ressources. KEN
It seems it found it's way to my pc after i installed norton ghost.. but it uses your resources Walied Youssry
Runs with Notron Ghost Figu
Symantec Ghost 9.0 installs it in %SystemRoot%System32 folder  See also: Link Paul
I have no idea where it came from. I then kept getting "Gearsec" error messages. Gear emailed me a fix, but it does not seem to work. I have now disabled it Hugh Sawyer
Installed with MixMeister Pro 4.
Norton Ghost 9.0 installed this file on my system but it doesn't slow down anything. It's surely Norton GHOST 9.0! RaidER
Comes with Norton Ghost 9.0 Humjaba
safe but set it to manual in services. bigfukoffmofo
It began to show after I installed DVD Decrypter. Ive scanned the file and so on and it doesnt seems to be dangerous at all. Henrik Rundqvist
it use by Norton Ghost 9.0 matth
Belongs to Drive Image 7 -- Install .Net-Framework 1.1 and the Framework SP1 and the message is gone Kai
It is part of norton ghost & also drive image (from POWER QUEST). Drive image was bought by Frank
It apears with te installation of Symantec Norton Ghost 10.0  See also: Link Suso
Norto Ghost 9 Corl
Part of Norton Ghost 9 Pfiffy
I do not have itunes, or real. I do have ghost installed, and I have "gearsec.exe." hw
Gear Software, installed with MixMeister Pro Software PassinBy
Installed with Norton Ghost 9.0. Required for writing to optical drives. Hyperion
Installed Norton Ghost 9.0 and noticed gearsec.exe for the first time. Only using about 1,000k. Not a big deal for me, I have 1GB of RAM with an AMD64 3700+ cpu. Boat_House_Jeff
Installs with Audibla Manager, can cause certain problems during CD burning Udo
Installed together with mixmeister. however it's active even when MM isn't running. MTF
Installed by Symantec LiveState Enterprise v6.0  See also: Link r00t
Installed itself with Norton Ghost ver10. Bloody nuisence. Use other software for burning CD/DVDs. Conner
Installed with acoustica SW ShadowCaster
I don't even have Norton Ghost or a DVD drive or burner.. what the heck? I am using Disc Juggler though to burn fake dvd images on CDR for dreamcast.. hmmm hydrallus
Gearsec.exe seems to be installed after Norton Ghost 9.0. It's harmless as far as I've gathered, but does slow the CPU up a bit. Me
It Is part of Symantec Ghost and LiveStae Recovery developped by Gear Software and serves for CD acess  See also: Link Lugosh
The gearsec.exe driver (and associated GEAR Security service) were part of GEAR Software's older driver set which allows the GEAR CD/DVD Engine to recognize and work with CD and DVD drives on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The GEAR CD/DVD Engine is not only used in GEAR Software's products, but also in many 3rd party applications such as Apple's iTunes for Windows, Cakewalk's Pyro, Audible's AudibleManager and DiscWelder by Minnetonka Audio, to name a few.  See also: Link Jim
Runs with Ghost 10 drokliss
Any DVD adds this file also its in all three of the DVD burners I use. El Conquistador
came with norton ghost 10 Per
Part of Symantec Ghost 9 SickDucker
Installed with iTunes. Uninstalling iTunes made my DVD burner (HP 640c) unusable! David
I have gearsec.exe, and I also have iTunes, Norton Ghost, and several DVD Burning apps. Walt D in LV
Deffinatly part of MixMiester Pro Rmachines.co.nr
Used with Virtual DAEMON 4 for CD/DVD emulations. PTC
Part of iTunes & Drive Image Burn Software... may be other Programs too. weasel
Most prog running on Win start up can be disabled with msconfig ;) Morpheous
installed with Nero burn Apple
When I stopped the process, a trojan I was working on removing dissappeared. (SpySheriff) Seth
Part of norton ghost 9 or 10 Jeremy
Comes with Norton Ghost  See also: Link Simon
Norton Ghost 10 ffrreeaakk
Comes with Symantec LiveState Recovery server ZPrime
PowerQuest Drive Image 7 (Now Symantec Ghost / Drive Image) Mant
it installed with norton ghost 9.0 kitbag
Gearsec was apparently installed by Drive Image 7 Allan R
I reimaged a client's PC, made a backup with norton ghost. and installed ghost on the machine. A WEEK later, after installing NERO, they told me the computer won't stay on for 5 minutes without freezing. Sure enough, it was GEARSec.exe. Gitcypher (a.k.a. E Dot J)
Drive image was bought over and became Norton Ghost 9 so this file is with both products Stuart Halliday
It is part of Norton Ghost 9.0 topino
Part of Norton Ghost 9 & 10, Required for writing to optical drives.  See also: Link Brian P
Seems to get installed w/ Symantec LiveStateRecovery - Stopped & turned to Manual w/o side effects Exchsrvr
its a part of MixMeister Fusion to record you mix to cd  See also: Link Jai
Part of PowerQuest Drive Image 7.0 Schmeusser
Part of Ghost. While Ghost isn't too bad, I don't use Symantec products, because every one I used reinstalled itself and the services run even if you disable them. Shinobi
Installed by Norton Ghost 9 (which is Norton Protector renamed) J_M
Used by CD/DVD programs, and imaging software such as Symantec Ghost and Nero/Alc etc. Fabio
Seems to be affiliated with most diskmanager/burning softwares... And in some cases makes you cry, when yorur HDD gets corrupted because of it. Petri
Installed with MixMeister Studio to burn to CD's Tom "not unusual" Jones
it's part of Norton Ghost, but if you disable it, NG works the same luigi
03-09-2007 - I have Nero6 (came pre-instld on system), I a few months ago my boot-time encreased aftr instl of Ghost9, a search shows gearsec.exe located in my C:\Windows\System32 folder, and no other place. Sizz
it seems that is part of the SpySheriff mentioned above (changes homepage c:/secure32 )
Part os PowerQuest Drive Image 7.0 Smiley
apparently installed with iTunes, screws up playback and system stability christian
Yep, it's used by Norton Ghost 10. anonymous
Its a keylogger, it will cloen itself in ur computer and take all your information. your mom asshole
The gearsec.exe driver (and associated GEAR Security service) were part of GEAR Software's older driver set which allows the GEAR CD/DVD Engine to recognize and work with CD and DVD drives on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.  See also: Link Phil Swinney
comes with Norton Ghost ben-k
Part of symantec BackUp EXEC (ie Norton Ghost for PRO) LorDZ
not itunes i have itune installed and dont have the service william
this file is largely used with imaging programes expecially norton ghost, and alot of dvd-cdrw programs Jamie mcp, mcse, mcsa, A+CS&H
service created by norton ghost 12,wen unistall dont remove atheism
Usually needed by Quicktime stelios
This program comes with itunes, sonic record now cd burner, norton ghost, various dvd burners, and many other programs. Usually not a virus. Jesus
not dangerus seems to instal with norton ghost 9 scaned with kaspersky avast and win defender antivirus systems its OK
It's an file used by very much programs not 1 as many here suggest. Izealia
Installed with Norton Ghost 9 kevin
machine debug manager
Not dangerous/spyware, but Russians are hacking through it, checked sec. IP breaches = Russian IP's. Set service to stop/manual, security breaches stopped, browser speed increased x2. ...
Came on with convertXtoDVD JohnL

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