What is avguard.exe? Is avguard.exe spyware or a virus?

How to fix avguard.exe related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your avguard process
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3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: Antivirus Service for Windows

Product: Windows Guard Service

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH

File: avguard.exe

Security Rating:

"avguard.exe" is part of H+BEDV"s AntiVir antivirus product. If you are using this product to protect your system, you should leave this process alone. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/avguard.exe.html 

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Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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  • 3794 users ask for this file. 89 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 9 users rated it as neutral. 3 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 7 users rated it as dangerous. 9 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about avguard.exe:
Viriscanner huhu
Part of an antivirus programm  See also: Link Bernd
Vir-Scanner AVFree jimmybondi007
Service of an freeware AntiVirus programm Lunkens
das is cool :P lösch es lieber nicht!!!11 bOla
Part or antivir software  See also: Link 007
Anti Virus Software  See also: Link Dr_Enquinox
Teil vin AntivirXp Andy
This is part of a mailing worm called Netsky.G virus. Search in google
Virenscanner Software  See also: Link Dreamstar
powerfull scanner asp
Virenscanner  See also: Link
a dree german vir-scanner
Its part of AntiVir Virus Scanner,  See also: Link LordFireFox
Blockt Viren Kevin König
Part of antivir personal edition, free antivirus program
This file is a part of NetSky.G  See also: Link Pwnz
it is part of the ANTIVIR program but antivir is not the best real time virus protection thats why its still free
virus scanner
part of antivirus  See also: Link d.
Great virus scanner  See also: Link Thumbs_0
Ist der Anti Viren-Guard von AntiVir XP und is zu 100% harmlos Philipp
Antivir Service  See also: Link Stefan
yes its an antivirus but why does it need internet access??? (possibly it is free for a reason that may pose a threat!?!), if blocked by a firewall it appears to deactivate the antivirus monitor but with no internet access available it runs fine OKI
It's Cool, Great & powerful AntiVirus, which is free!!! I would Download it If one is in need of an antivirus program MB STYLER
but you won't have the latest database so you won't be protected fully if you do not update it (via Internet)
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [bxxs5] RunDLL32.EXE C:\WINDOWS\bxxs5.dll,DllRun
Virenscanner  See also: Link Keggy
good free antivirus
AntiVir Virenscanner Muflash
its is avires scanner that olso bloks trojans from internet it needs the internet to prevent you from downlaoding trojan horses vires worms enz Rodekater
is part of AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic  See also: Link Daniel
AntiVir Antivirus - good stuff  See also: Link elaine
Part of an Antivirus Program Relique
AVG Antivirus -Freeware -  See also: Link Mäv
Antivirus Program Module  See also: Link Oleg Sokolovskiy
Antivirus Brody
Virenscanner rUNNER
HBDV Virenscanner  See also: Link GlobalPlayer
Völlig harmlos (Virenscanner) Mäsi
The process for the guard feature of the AntiVir virus scanner. Not dangerous, quite the contrary actually. It lets AntiVir scan files that are opened for viruses giving additional protection against them.
Avira Antivir. Not dangerous at all. Darknesshell
Sehr Resourssenaufwändig BAD!!!  See also: Link Nimda
Virenscanner Morgaelin
Avira AV program Maldrion
not to worry, its safe and does yts jov well fred
It is an executeable file in the "free" Personal AntiVirus The Traveler
AntiVir Virenscanner  See also: Link Cpt. Kraut
Avira anti virus service: detect malware intrusion. Actually it does NOT need internet access, but only localhost socket. Using ZoneAlarm 6 you can block both local networks and internet access, it still runs smoothly, when blocking access to localhost using a more refined method (NetLimiter Pro "My Computer" fw blocking) then the avguard process cease to function properly (stalled shown under ProcessExplorer v10) with repeated sub process creation attempting to access Therefore there is no privacy or trojan kind risk, IMHO. Only boredom: use 55MB RAM & network IO scrolling! Gilles Maisonneuve
antivirus avira krissss
After installing "Advanced SystemCare free" and do the corrections recommended made by the software, problem dissapeared. Victor
Hooks into Quicken and the task scheduler. Doesn't seem safe to me... Run Russinovichs' Process explorer. a_smith
Its connected to Avira's antivirus.  See also: Link Faye
Makes your HD light blink around 1 time per second or so Tim
Avira AntiVir, free Antivirus program Known
It is part of a free antivirus download (Avira) John
In most cases it is part of Antivir antivirus. Slight chance of it being the Netsky virus.
AntiVir Nirmat
It is Avira AntiVir Guard process eSPeWe
I switched off in order to stop it running.This deleted all my Outlook Express emails - about 8000 of them. Peter Bright
It's the Avira Guard (Avira Antivirus!). You can't end it because its system locked by Avira Antivirus!. This proccess protect your computer by viruses!.  See also: Link VaLo
This is malware masquerading as anti-virus software. One of its processes show up on TaskManager as 2239218007:2822670458.exe. Deleting it won't help. It disables your real anti-virus software.  See also: Link Kat again
i not dangerous but it slow down computer lie
Slows Down PC & Causes Crashing of Programs. Manipulation of files by the source BK201
Slowed down my computer drastically. Dennis
Genuine part of the AVIRA antivirus suite, service-component  See also: Link Jaap

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