What is nwiz.exe? Is nwiz.exe spyware or a virus?

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Process name: NVIDIA nView Wizard

Product: NVIDIA Treiber

Company: NVIDIA

File: nwiz.exe

Security Rating:

This program is the Nvidia nView Desktop Manager Configuration Wizard, which provides an interface for configuring and managing Nvidia graphics products on systems in which they are installed. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/nwiz.exe.html 

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NVIDIA nView Control Panel Alex
Program for controlling graphic-card  See also: Link Kater
it is an optional service installed by nvidia detonator graphic drivers, can be disable in winxp in the service applet
Nvidia - Control-Prg for Graphic Card
It checks for updates for the NVidia video driver
NVIDIA file a
can prevent your card from working John
This file finds your email address and your contacts email address and signs them up for spam. This is a mass mailer engine. I used xsoftspy to prove it. Justin
Nvidia - Optional Service Chris
nVIDEA nView Desktop Manager Configuration Wizard. I done start -- run -- nwiz.exe = the "nView Desktop Manager" appeared. I thinik it's harmless, but pointless - for that window doesn't appear on machine bootup (shoulder shrug). Jodda
Justin is correct, I ran xsoftspy and also proved it. Arthur S
NVIDIA Wizard Executable Moises
it has an interference affect on my optical mouse alanalanbradley.net
NVidia desktop wizard  See also: Link Tim
If you're using an nVidia graphics card, leave it alone. If you're NOT running an nVidia card, you should uninstall it to avoid conflicts with your current video card.  See also: Link Kenton
Nvidia video card manager.... Benjamin
Die Datei is nur von Nvidia und kommt durch die Installation der Treiber für die Nvidia Grafikkarten
Application for NVIDIA Graphics cards that allows a users to have 32 virtual desktops, get a desktop larger than the viewable area of the monitor, divide the display across more than one monitor, manage applications, Steven
Its the executable for the NVidia options and control panel. You don't need it on startup,uncheck it in msconfig XerO
it's a file that is used for nvidia drivers. It's not essential and you can safely remove it for faster boot up if you wish GaRHaR
you need this service to nicely manage multi display or tv-out setups etc... along with nvcpl.dll .... some trojans seem to break these and are difficult to fix because they rely on bits of IE 5.5 or higher to do pretty menus etc... mostly harmless in themselves...  See also: Link Jason
It is a pure Nvidea function with no malicious code whatsoever. Paul
This enables extra nVidia options in the advanced settings for the display. Ish
I wrote it for Nvidia, it is not spyware. It is an optional component for the Nvidia Video drivers Programmer
nwiz.exe is not harmful to the computer system. But this filename can be used by dangerous spyware and adware programs to mislead the user dank
I've been watching NWIZ.EXE lately and in all honesty the file is harmless. For those that are paranoid, simply create a rule within SYGATE or ZONEALARM or whatever F/W you're running to prevent connection to net. Planetmaker
Application that allows a users to have 32 virtual desktops, get a desktop larger than the viewable area of the monitor, divide the display across more than one monitor, manage applications, and many more features.Also if you want to manage multiple monitors this seems to be neccesary. Yalin
NVIDIA Diplaysettings buAechi
This is an nVidia driver control file that needs to be present if you have an nVidia graphics card. If you download any nVidia driver from the nVidia site, this file will be included in the package.  See also: Link Rob
Only dangerous if you use something other than nVidia card. Especially harmful to an ATI user. David
Stop making up shit you morons. It's not spyware or a virus. Mike
its simply a nvidia program justin
It´s a virus or NVIDIA system files?  See also: Link Cesarporto
This file is from NVIDIA software, and if contains any spyware, I think it's just to check if u have your license Lone
Sooner or later it'll bring you machine to its knees. Kill it ASAP. Really hard to investigate why, after boot/logon, hard disk is 100% busy. Well, it's nwiz. Andrew
nwiz.exe is a part of NVidia's Nview features installable alongside it's graphics hardware products. This application will give the user access to additional features which allow the configuration of up to 32 monitors on a host, or to expand the desktop across many monitors. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling this is down to user preference. Leonardo Müller
I also checked with McAfee and it is reported to be a worm called Bat/Mumu  See also: Link Robert Allen
There are 2 nwiz.exe's. nwiz.exe is indeed a utility in NVidia but www.sophos.com reports there is a virus called Agobot which also uses that name as part of its process. Agobot meant it to mean Norton Wizzard. If you have an NVidia card it's useless if you have only one monitor and can be easily turned off with Msconfig.exe and it will not turn itself back on. That's why there are conflicting descriptions of it on this page.  See also: Link Daniel in Florida
for the twats who think it is a virus, stop being so paranid. but you may be correct, that is only if a virus has actually replaced the file or embedded itself in it. And everyone else, stop paisting exactly what is found on the 1st entry found when searching on google! We've all done that search and don't need to read it again. jack
What the heck is it doing on my PC when my monitor runs on an ATI graphic card? Waste of processing time=kill! kill! Ambrose
if it exists in the NVIDIA dir. and is about 450k maybe its OK. If its in system32 and difernt size, maybe kill it. Michelle
There are 2 nwiz.exe's  See also: Link Daniel in Florida
nvidea driver wayne
nwiz.exe is a part of NVIDIA Ric
The normal location of nwiz.exe is C:\Windows\System32\nwiz.exe - if you find it somewhere else then it is a virus. There are plenty of viruses out there which do, in fact, mimic other core files. So long as nwiz.exe is in the correct place you have NOTHING to worry about. Ian Armstrong
I recently became aware of a nvwiz.exe entry in my startup menu of msconfig. This happened to be around the same time my machine became compromised by a Dialer.8 variant virus *received when browsing sites*. For the past year or so, I've only been using an ATI vid card. I removed it and added an entry into my BlackIce program to kill it immediately. Barry
Personal Experience tells me there is a lack of clear information from invidia about this files use. But I do not believe it to be spyware or a virus or whatever. However I do think it may have a marked inpact on sys startup (win2k user here) Wes
See Yalin Mike and Leonardo Muller. Harmless and mostly painless. The NVCplDaemon and the control centre that run RUNDLL32.exe in the background can cause you to drop out of applications (Grey top bar) which is annoying if you are typing. If you really want the super extra options that nView Desktops provide, turn it off at the Status bar. NB a Clean Machine is a mean machine. Dominic
nwiz.exe is a legitimate service for nVidia graphics cards. NWIZe.EXE (notice the extra 'e') is a different filename and a different story that Robert mentioned above. I also use Zonealarm firewall and this program has never ever requested access to internet! Again though, if you DO NOT have a nVidia graphics card, you'd better remove it from your system, otherwise, just let it do it's job. If it's eating your resources, re-install your VGA drivers to correct the problem. Kopros
replaced video card it was working and I did a recovery on my computer and now my graphics look awlful when I am on the web. I dont have the software the came with the the video card at this time are there some other way that I can go about this to make everything look as it did before I did the recovery. Can I get this cleared up without the software and or disk............... Clay .................
Associated with the newer versions of nVidia graphics cards drivers. Allows you to immensely improve desktop layouts by setting preferences and optimizations. However, this isn"t necessary for the operation of your system.  See also: Link saltycpo
its a display options driver! leave it alone or slow your card. you need this to run your g/c past safe (slow) mode. ltc
NVIDIA nView Control Panel I usally remove it from the registry under LOCAL_MACHINE run folder.
nwiz.exe may cause graphics in M/Soft Word not to display properly. Uncheck in msconfig. Major nuisance until found. Mike Ryan
I have a Nvidia Card but I killed it and I had no Problem after killing TÜRK
nwiz.exe of 725k in windows\system32 caused CorelDraw to crash. I deleted it, ok since. John
Associated with the newer versions of nVidia graphics cards drivers. Allows you to immensely improve desktop layouts by setting preferences and optimizations. However, this isn't necessary for the operation of your system. Xsoftspy will report it as the BAT.Mumu A virus because the virus will use this filename along with others. Search your system for Start.But if you think you have the virus and/or you do not have an nVidea card. Mark
absolutely harmless weather u keep the process running on your system or delete it just make sure u have a nvidia card LaminatedNacho
unless you run multiple displays on an nvidia card you don't need it 1n4mat10n
my image still freezes, though i have a new card, all other components are also replaced, still same prob, i'm disabling for protection and see what happens Vince
appeared when I updated nvidia driver- it's harmless b boy
It really has a malicious impact on an optical mouse, but there was a problem with NVidia card on this machine before Yelena
Xsoftspy identified it as Bat/Mumu-A. So I got symantec's Bat/Mumu-A removal tool and it said I didn't have the worm. I'd say it's safe even if it makes your optical mouse jitter on startup. Dave
nwiz.exe is a part of NVidia's Nview features installable alongside it's graphics hardware products. This application will give the user access to additional features which allow the configuration of up to 32 monitors on a host, or to expand the desktop across many monitors. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling this is down to user preference. Kristina / Canada
this is not a worm, the worm is called "BAT/Mumu.worm" NWIZe.exe is a file associated with the worm. And Besides, its not even spelled the same. Notice the difference? geoff
This file stops Print shop 15, 20 and printmaster (on HP PC) from displaying the graphics of the choosen project, yet "print preview" shows the graphic. Joe
It is needed for your nVidia video cards. Remove it if you do not have one!!! Charles "Gospelsinger" Vogt
Its like a keylogger if you get rid of it releases a worm and causes your computer to crash repeatally if in system 32 Micheal James Lynn
i found it in my nvidia director but it was named nwiz.ex_... i found it also in system32 named nwiz.exe... what shoul i do? Orion
I am now sure it is dangerous (more of a pest) It is not Nvidea but it downloads SAHAGENT and ADMILLI SERVICE onto your pc W
"Daniel in" = right. Theres 2 separate NWIZ files. One is a virus, it calls itself "nwiz" short for "Norton Wizard" and pretends to be part of virus protection. The other is the NVIDIA Driver which you of course don't have to be scared of :) ... If you do a Windows Search, only the "NVIDIA Driver" file will come up. Trust me, I have the virus now and is a pain to get rid of (W32.Gaobot, details available @ http://securityresponse.symantec.com) I just upgraded my computer, and am no longer using NVIDIA Drivers, but still have the NWIZ.exe file on my harddrive cos anti-virus cant get rid of it!  See also: Link Emma
It is definately an InVidia file for your video card. Let it alone! Louisiana
Prevents Quickbooks Pro (possibly others?) to backup. Unchecked in msconfig allows backups. virtually lost
Nwiz.exe is a trojan w/ same name as the nvida util - kill it wmlagna
The nwiz.exe process is usually a sign that your computer has been infected with the Gaobot or Agobot.iq viruses/trojans. However if you have an Nvidia graphics card, part of the nvidia drivers software will also run a process with this name.  See also: Link Simba
Mine has nwiz.exe and then says installquiet. this is in system32 and surely suspicious. there is also a ez_sp thing. Sarah
My machine kept restarting following bootup... I entered safe mode and disable nwiz.exe from my startup. System now works great. konx
Random lock up's especially while surfing, used start/stop utility to prevent loading at start up and have had no further lock up problems. make your own minds up aj
You need it for your NVIDIA video card KZT
There are 2 types of nwiz.exe. One of them being linked with nVidia graphics cards and the other being a virus. The virus file name is "nwiz.exe\ install". If this is the case delete it. Seann
Not a virus and actually useful for settings, etc... no harm in stopping it from loading during start-up using msconfig... boot time has improved slightly without it. I do NOT recommend deleting it altogether from your system though... The Roppfather
its both a Virus and nVidia graphic sevice and here is how to figure out how..Before you edit the registry, you should make a backup. On the 'Registry' menu, click 'Export Registry File'. In the 'Export range' panel, click 'All', then save your registry as Backup. Gösta Suvinen
Video display driver, common DUde
NVIDIA driver Yoda
Installed on Win98 at Windows\System. I run Norton Security; the NWIZ file disabled Norton Security, and prevented me from accessing and enabling this function. Hanan
Installed on Win98 at Windows\System Hanan
Can possibly cause Dell Laptops to lockout (blackscreen) and need reboot Johnny
It's a bootsector virus! Mac OSX user
At my PC, it shows as "nwiz.exe \install", and I recently deleted all my nVidia files because i chanched my card. Shadow
Assuming there is NVIDIA software installed you should find nwin.exe files at several locations. They are all different NVIDIA Nview Wizards. I am running Windows XP and my specifics are: C:/CABS/Winxp/Display/Nvidia4/nwiz C:/WINDOWS/system32/nwiz C:/WINDOWS/system32/ReinstallBackups/0007/DriverFiles/nwiz C:/NVIDIA Display Driver/nwiz C:/NVIDIA/Win2KXP/53.03/nwiz Some of the so-called ‘expertise’ being offered on this site will cause more damage than any virus I am aware of. Get a professional opinion before deleting stuff just because you don’t know what it is. Burton
Its for nvidia gpu Jason
I Use NIVDIA drivers, so no hurting as far as I know Henny
found on a PC that has an integrated intel graphics card and there has never been any nvidia drivers installed,
seem it on a friends machine that had Mozilla hijacked. It as installing at startup and it's anoying as hell. Try to delete it from startup registry entry and reboot and you will definitly see that there is something apart NVIDIA's utility out there.
Rated dangerous as it clashes badly with ATI product - constant freezes. Otherwise presumably useful if you have Nvidia graphics - poor devils Nick
this file caused my floppy drive to activate and also created static on my television set. duke nukem
It keeps crashing my ATI driver. I cant find it to delete it....HELP before I throw mu PC out the window!!! Jonny Boy
not really needed you can remove the auto start entry if your not using the nview features Jeff
Part of nVidia display drivers SBrebels
Simply a default Nvidia service that is initiated by the installation of an Nvidia product (i.e. Graphics drivers) Voxcrystal
Every time I boot up, I get the pop up the nwiz.exe has experienced a problem & must close. I click "Don't send" but it pops up EVERY time! Very annoying. Can't get it to open, either. Saved it to a floppy, it's gone from my hard drive. Lauren
Burton is correct.... , and the intel integrated graphics card may use some sort of nvidia product or whatever you want to consider it..My brothers PC has nvidia listed in the Drivers from what he says, and he uses intergrated intel graphics and he recently formatted his computer. Chris
I just think it's funny that everyone is going on and on about nwiz being a virus, even going so far as to putting links up to prove it, when they all say that NWIZE.exe is a worm. Gee, I thought all geeks knew what a difference one character could make... Jimmy Jones
If this file is a running process it is likely malcious code. Nvidia program runs manually. wathc for copy cat files. John 1
Yeah Burton !! You tell them. Too many different opions here, don't mess with it if you don't know for sure. Dee
i backed up the registry and went ahead and deleted it, my startup is now much much faster Dan
If theres no NVIDIA card installed on system then its 100% trojan virus.  See also: Link Paul Brown
If theres no NVIDIA card installed on system then its 100% trojan virus.  See also: Link Paul Brown
Hey, it's a legal process! Do not worry about it. nView enabler. Rickster
nwiz is a magical goose that lays golden eggs hunter
Nvidia driver. Normal startup entry is "nwiz.exe /install". If this entry is accompanied by the name "Norton Wizzard" it is a virus,if the startup entry is named "nwiz.exe" or just "nwiz" it is an Nvidia graphics driver. If you have the "Norton Wizzard" version you should first go buy a good antivirus program like McAfee or Panda, then you should install it (after uninstalling Norton Antivirus-if you have it) then scan your entire computer. Anonymous
ok everyone who said this file is spyware or a virious is retarded nwiz is a nvidia driver addon it gives you extra options people are getting confused thier is a trojan called (NWIZe) is is bad just dont be stupid and get you're drivers from anywhere than manafacturs site or microsoft .com john m
I don't feel this file is dangerous, it's just a pain because I don't run nvidia graphics on my computer. I have deleted it from the startup and now should be fine. Don't know why it's there anyway. Factory installed graphics card and software, so doesn't make sense to me. coffeeaddict
Graphics card process, provided you have a NVidia card installed. As for Xoftspy proving it, Xoftspy was deemed a rogue program until just lately as it produced too many false positives !! Dave.
It is made by NIVIDIA as you know. But also used by the GOA virus. which uses the name as a mask. So check it out carefully. Softwarez
it's completely safe, you morons. quit looking for something to cry about. tickle my nausea
nVidea file and also Virus...depends which you have BIG_d
It had a serious negative impact on data entry in the Generations family tree program Peter Hind
This is an evil troll pulling wires and wrecking havoc in your case, you must eliminate it! Luke
It is evil. It hit my cat with a stick real hard when he turned his back on my PC. Kill it! Ruppert Mongo
I have run a little script that executes nwiz.exe - nwiz runs for a second or 2 then terminates. Just Another Poster
nwiz.exe may be a legitimate service for nVidia graphics cards. But it conflicts with Canon camera’s ZoomBrowser (version 5.5) on my XP Pro system. It causes the download from the camera (model G5) to freeze after about 4 plus images have been saved. The only way is to restart computer and try again. Run msconfig and untick it on the startup tab, reboot and your downloaded images will work okay. Marty Francis
I agree it is for the Nvidia card but could still propogate crap on your PC in a different way. Nelson
Makes your graphics card function at maximum capacity, but may slow down your comp if you have a shitty comp. Teh only reason it may slow you down is if you have no processing power to begin with. It can be dangerous if you don't have a NVidia Card. ANtiviruses that detect it detect it because there is an incredibly rare malware with the same name to disguise itself. If you have the card, it's not fake.
Says nwiz.exe /installquiet ... The only nwiz.exe on my pc (through search) is the official NVIDIA file, so it's harmless. Jóhann
If you have MS antispyware installed, run msconfig, uncheck it, reboot, check it, and anit spyware will pop up with details K-dog
Found in C:\Windows\System32 folder. This program initiates the system check for multiple monitors as part of the N-VIDIA driver package. It runs then shuts down. It uses no resources after the initial operation. The Snark
its for when you first start nvidia. it remains there for if you create a new user profile tbone
Some ppl confuse the helloutta others... here is your "SIMPLE" nwiz problem solver. 1st go start search then type in search for nVidia. If the Nvidia file is found on your computer you are safe.. If not.. then you need to remove nwiz.exe. you can remove it using Hijackthis. Tommy in Kentucky
Jest to plik Nvidi :) pudi
Freshly installed computer with Windows 2000, found NWiz.exe in the system 32 folder. This is before I even connected it to the router. In other words, this file is SAFE. Stitch
This file is required to use NView which provides many options for the Nvidia display card. If you do not need these options(and most people don't), turn off NWiz from the Startup list in order to save resources and speed up the computer. But don't delete it as you might need it someday. I can't understand all this stuff in other posts when all you have to do is go to Nvida itself and look in its manual. However a shorter and clearer version is contained in this link.  See also: Link Eli Kaminsky
I scanned it eith Norton AntiVirus 2005, it doesnt find anything suspicious about it. System Mechanic 6 says it´s somekind GAGOBOT VIRUS. Who to believe? This Forum aint helping much ;) There has been some hassle with my GPU though, with 3dmark05 the points suddenly dropped from 3600 to 2900 and i cant get it work fine again. Even though i installed OS again. Damn NVIDIA! LAY SOME INFO OF YOUR PRODUCTS AND AND DANGERS IN THEM! ELUKKA SAATANA
I know only that it is using 98 % of my CPU so it is anoying! Peter
Not dangerous at all but also entirely superfluous to requirements. You can safely dump all the Nvidia crap from the run key and dispense with the unnecessary resource wastage produced by these files. God Himself
I have a nvidia card and just added a ATI TV tuner which worked for a couple days and went down hill from there. I disabled the nwiz and after re-installing the ATI tuner all is well. Bottom line is ATI does not play nice with others. Also disabling nwiz has had no impact except loads faster.. LuvJeans
It is for Nvida graphic card but when i deleted it it made my cars back tires go flat leave it alone Skippy
nwiz.exe is a part of NVIDIA Shalianahe
WinXP in Sys32 folder. Ran it and it is used to start the Nview Setup Wizard reesedog
I know it’s for nvidia, but I’ll never allow it on my computer again, in the future. Yes, it was just a normal nvidia file but not anymore, not on my machine. Now I got the nwiz virus and I can tell you, it’s spelled the same way! It’s just gone entirely mad. It’s connecting and disconnecting my internet every 500 millisecond (you even have the normal windows graphic information popping up with the same speed), and are killing some of the keyboards buttons, but if you should be so lucky, that the net works when you enter windows, you are finding spam and popup´s.
there is a virus named the same, NVIdia does have this file also. For all the supposed "morons" that we might be, it is pretty obvious that people that make viruses, use system file names to hide the files. This way those "smart" people will think that they dont have a virus. What do you think virus makers are morons? pink
Its a part of nVidia drivers - Harmless (and probably necessary in some cases Gavin
Well, I guess I'm completely confused now. Very helpful, not. scott b
mine says nwiz.exe/install/quiet/keeploaded/nodetect / whats up with that lapdogg
comes up on XP at startup with message 'OLEPRO32.DLL not found' Rod W.
This file is made by nvidia,so if you have any other graphics card installed in your pc I recommend you delete it or remove it from your startup.In other words it can also be spyware,adware,viruses and worms George
nwiz.exe is the NVIDIA nView Wizard - A multi display application which NVIDIA uses. This file is normally located at C:\Windows\System32\nwiz.exe Vernon Conan Chan (Mechpaladin)
it caused my computer to explode violently. there were several people injured by my PCi cards flying out of the case. the only way to be completely safe is to install every virus scanner and spyware detection program in existance, all at the same time. you should also remove your hard disk, take the screws out, and clean it with a damp cloth. Don't spit on it tho, use methylated spirits. thats assuming you still have a hard disk after the computer explodes.....I mean come on people, Its been stated umpteen thousand times on this site, that it is an NVIDIA service.
Used for NView on NVidia Cards. No NVidia Card- remove. Double Ceck: Doubleclick teh file. If a Setups-Screen with NVidia Logo appears all is OK.  See also: Link Joe.hidden
It made my toaster pop up early and my tv shorted out. It's just for the Nvidia
when i start my pc a little pig named nwiz.exe come on my screen and shut my pc off anonyme
You could try looking here for more info. This put my mind at rest.  See also: Link AB
If u have nvidia card or software, better leave it alone. Ang ta-tanga nyo naman! Hell Ghost
keep it if you have a nvid card and its not a remaned worm in a file other than win... Dave
It makes Nvidia work faster and more stable. No Nvidia kill it!! AGL
I have muchly experienced with dis file, it is very of usefull type for graphics and not harmfulling my PC at all times. I keep it on my PC for all times running programs. Hasfir Jabidol
After having my computer (with an Nvidia card) for a year, suddenly this nwiz.exe was trying to access the internet today! Luckily Zone Alarm caught it and I set it to ALWAYS DENY it's access to the internet. If this is a "harmless interface" why the heck is it trying to access the internet after so long!? Becky
It just appeared in startup , dont know why, but ZONEALARM and ASR didnt mind, and it didnt seem to cause any problems; I removed it and also doesnt cause a problem; so far now its gone... mistypeach
NVidia desktop manager. If you use nView Desktop manager functions, you need nwiz. Otherwise, you can remove it from your boot process. qrk
I was looking through the msconfig to tell it what programs to start up and found this file. I've had my NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4000 Video Card for about two months and I haven't had any problems but I read at the top that it's a mass mailer program. I now know how i got signed up for spam. To make sure though, delete it and everything of it off from your hard drive and create a new e-mail. Either it is nwiz.exe /install or your e-mail provider that gives your e-mail away to third-parties. Nick Ford
My spyware removal program NoAdware (ver3) tells me its Gaobot.adv virus, have tried to delete it but my system refuses to work properly without it? Paul
Ran a check with HiJackThis and wasn't familiar with the entry. ZoneAlarm says it has never tried to access the internet. Doesn't appear to cause any problems. peter e
Nvidia - it appeared first time after installing the newest Nvidia drivers, never connects to net, only if you want to update online ;) Jose
nvidia video card ron
Turn on my computer, and some process slows it down. Find out that nwiz.exe does that, although I do not use NVidia more than month. So one of two : malware or lameware. Alexander I.
This file is used to asist in the control of display drivers published by NVIDIA. Understand your computer fully before commenting on things you know nothing about. There are too many computer "experts" out there. Drew
Since I have multiple monitors and a GeForce5500 Ultra O/C card, this is necessary and useful. I don't see why it can be called spyware. If you don't have a card by that manufacturer, then I'd be worried about it. Other than that, it's very safe and good. SurferJoe46
okay, just for the record when you update your nvidia drivers you will most likely have included the following 3 autostart items.....NvCplDaemon, NvMediacentre and Nwiz.exe. NvCplDaemon - Initializes the clock and memory settings on nVidia based cards. Enable if you overclock your card. NvMediaCentre - Is basically the system tray icon. Nwiz - Improves desktop layouts by setting preferences and optimizations, however isn't necessary for the operation of your system. Hope this offers some clarity Norm
This file makes my Norton AntiVirus unable to work properly, it turns off the auto-protect and i cannot turn it back on. The only way i found was to terminate the process of nwiz.exe and then my antivirus works normally. Dave
Its a non-essential driver file from Nvidia, if you think you have have a virus with the same name delete it and reinstall the detonator driver suite, (only if you have a Nvidia graphics card obviously). Jay
It is installed with Nvidea drivers as part of any Nvidea graphics card, the problem is conflict with poorly specced spyware and Anti virus.
If you have a nvidia graphics card then leave this, if u dont then get rid auto or it will mess ur graphics up
nVidia nView service - not dangerous at all.  See also: Link Jeff - Support Desk
Its a file that your NVIDIA grapics cards requires, DO NOT REMOVE!
It comes in the Nvidia driver package for support of the companys video devices. Ozzie
Can safely be removed from startup. King of All Losers
I know it's the nvidia driver but IE 7.0 (Betat anyway) has a problem with it. When nwiz.exe is running, you can't use the ctrl key to select multiple options in IE - when you ctrl-click on an option it opens a new window (not a new tab). So I guess technically it's IE7.0's fault, but I need IE more than nvidia so I had to get rid of nwiz.exe. Frank
I'd like to know 90 percent are so sure hey know what this file is. I only saw ONE person make the correct statement. nwiz.exe /install is valid. nwiz.exe "Norton Wizzard" is not. The rest of you go study science fundementals, update your brain's logic  See also: Link 100 wrong opinions - save two.
This is an optional extra within your nvidia installation. It is not a virus or other malicious script so stop ya moaning ladies and stop trying to make something out of nothing. Who cares
first off, it's for the nVidia yes.. but it's not malware - and it doesn't serve a purpose - infact i removed it with "hijackthis" and it didn't do any damage (contrary to some dweebs think here). it's for installing new updates - which I don't need - since it was taking 21% of cpu - who needs that when you don't use it?? You don't need something that is resident that does nothing most of the time - it's smarter to manually download anyhow - anytime you get a new game, it updates your card anyhow silly folk. Demoralizer
It's installed with drivers. don't need it, unless you have 2 screens. Let me just say this... I disabled it and my computer was like a whole new system. Gamming, internet and overall perfomane was noticable. I think it jams itself up with the ew interface, CnC
Its something from an Amiga Emulator (WinUAE) and its in the autostart "nwiz.exe / install". Strange :-/ Max Power
If you have an NVIDIA card, then right click on your desktop & bring up the NVIDIA control panel. Within that there is an item called "Desktop Management." On that panel there is an "About" button. Click this button & you'll get a window with a button labeled, "Versons." Click it & all is then revealed. Every associated NVIDIA filename with a description is listed, one of which is (drum-roll) "NWIZ.EXE" -- and the description tells you it's the "nView Desktop Manager Setup Wizard." Harmless: absolutely. But necessary or worth keeping: no reliable information available so far. But is it necessary...
NVIDIA nView Control Panel  See also: Link skvatboy
this process can be either a legitmate service or a virus. If you want to be paranoid just dump it so long as you aren't using an nvidia card with multiple displays you should notice no ill effects... if your really paranoid see the above it caused my computer to explode violently post and follow his directions... good luck.. Magus
is a part of NVIDIA config settings. BUT if you don't have NVIDIA card installed, delet it for sure (spam collector), otherwise leave it! It helps to change your resolution and graphics real fast.  See also: Link NVIDIA co-wo-
Not dangerous Krisco
Just go to the sys32 directory and dbl-click the file to see it's an nVidia program, just like a billion others have said. Googleplex
This is part of your dirver installation of an nVidia Graphics card. Anyone who has an nVidia Card will have this in their system. if ur an ati user u should have it. if u do its prob cos ur previous card was an nvidia.  See also: Link Chris Australia
It is part of nvidia's control panel Zugbug
On my computer in sys config it says ( nwiz.exe/installquiet/keeploaded/nodetect) something about that doesnt sound right. I have an nvidia card but why would it not even be in like C: it just starts the file location with nwiz.exe Tom
I have an HP Pavilion dv8380us Notebook with Nvidia graphics AND Windows XP preinstalled. So nwiz.exe is in the system 32 folder but it's still not dangerous. Brad
Is a nvdia driver part Luxiter
It was installed when i installed the drivers for my nvidia gpu absolutely harmless just makes the desktop manager quicker to load up. Luke
Just updated drivers for my video card and nwiz.exe showed up. No idea what it does, but I stopped it from loading. Bernie
Provides Nvidia special features  See also: Link Steve V.
We were having problems with our Bridge inspection software locking up for a period of time, we used easycleaner to remove the nwiz.exe from the startup and rebooted and now have no problems with our software. I beleive that it is constantly trying to access the internet for updates to the Nvidia graphics card and it causes problems. I don't think it is malicious, just a nuisance. Amy
It screws up my CAD app. Larry R. Fairbank
nwiz.exe /install - Nvidia control panel, you can disable it in MSConfig, but I wouldn't recommend it, since I think you need it running for auto fan control to work. So if you switch it off and then your GFX card gets hot under load, nvidia cp might not increase the fan speed to compensate. you also need to keep it checked in MSConfig if you use ntune to overclock, if you use a diff program then you might be ok disabling it. Dan
this file seems harmless, but unnecessary. joseph
all i know is i have changed my card from a 5200 to 6200 and it came along with it norton never picked it up and neither did spywaredoctor but i must say i cant get a suitable driver to run this card there is a vga prob and i have done everything so it looks like the old 5200 is going back colin ford
Do with it whatever you want. It's from NVidia, that's for sure. It uses almost no RAM, so it won't slow down your computer in anyway. I just don't know exactly what it is for, cause after I killed that process, I can still manage my dualmonitor setup. So it's safe to remove, but if you want to let it run, you won't experience problems either. Kees
Totally safe. nVIDIA nView manager. Andi
ITs important component for Nvidia ...thts all CorruptaL
nVidia druver rile. To prove, load a machine with a clean comp of XP and then install the nvidia drivers. You'll see it running after that. Brian - Tech
it is nwiz.exe in the system 32 folder, seems to do nothing at all. However reeding everyone elses comments it may be a good idea to deny acces to net using firewall
It's from NVIDIA and it's harmless, UNLESS you start treating it like virus, because then it gets insulted, eats your computer from the inside out and finally blows up in your face. Just like that. DarkSkywise
I know Nvidia(nwiz.exe) that has appeared on my computer 2 times with the same defeat all my window files came up at once like 52 of them then i deleted them and had to logged off and had to shut down the computer with the user so it would completely stop.then turned it back on and wap its ok.,also I when to Nvidia and cleaned it up,it an error by mistake no harm at all ,it runs like a champ my Compaz Presario 6000 model the best 512MB 4itel unit.Im happy and its fast with the DVD unit too. learn forom your mistake not others. your the captain of the box in front of you,. Dominick Ponda
I run dual monitors with Nvidia cards in SLI. Its part of the drivers. If you run an ATI card with a Nvidia driver, of coarse your gonna have problems. If you have a good firewall like comodo and a good Virus Program like bit defender, you will be nearly innoculated from a virus with the same name. However, the Nwiz Virus does not show in your Windows Task Manager. The Nvidia nwiz.exe and nwiz.exe are part of nTuneService.exe and nvsvc32.exe djtorello
Shown below are the description and disk location of nwiz.exe.  See also: Link snokey
nwiz.exe is a part of NVidia's Nview features installable alongside it's graphics hardware products. This application will give the user access to additional features which allow the configuration of up to 32 monitors on a host, or to expand the desktop across many monitors. This is a non-essential process. Posi
from what i've heard it is an nvidia file, but i try start - run - nwiz.exe and nothing happens. i'm going to disable it. Click4Dylan
ive recently noticed this in my a-squared 'HiJackFree', as u said above, the correct path for this isC:\Windows\System32\nwiz.exe, but it says 'nwiz.exe/install Oz
2 things, there is a good regular one, comes with NVidia FX Graph cards and also is used as a decoy file since it's in so many start up's now, nwiz.exe, Nwiz.exe, N.wiz.exe, n.wiz.exe, so easy to run a pull across someone with one period, since most people hardly take time to read anything anymore. And by the way, if the "programmar" told the truth, not for Nvidia, but if ever worked for a norton, mcafee, any of the earlier 'big boy's' on the block, he would tell you also, that those people have to keep selling virus removal tool, they write half the ones out there to sell their product! HAHA Man
It can be the NORTON WIZARD, too. But usually it's an nvidia-driver (used for 2screen -mode). Nasko
if the nwiz.exe is running the @ Sign does not funktion - Solution: rename the nwiz.exe to for example nwiz.old (c:\windows\system32\nwiz.exe Gerry
i found nwiz in system 32 AFTER i installed the nwiz drivers there is only one of them too so check before you go deleting everything Hacker-Landmine
This file is dangerous to users who have a past history of browsing internet porn. CTRL + ALT + DEL and shutdown. If that doesn't get rid of it reformat your hard drive. Call technical support at Microsoft if your computer still finds porn.  See also: Link Sharon
i suggest to search the file nwiz.exe then find all files assosiated with nwiz do a virus scan on judt these particular files if they come back clean good bad then get rid of it matt
Totally cool features that most of us do not need to use. Rudy
part of nVIDIA drivers MikeHunt
nView features the ability to create, manage and switch between multiple desktops xor
I ran Bittrace AV and it said it was some kind of virus but it couldn't clean. So I just deleted all of my files and reformated. A lot of work was lost, but I rather be safe than sorry. Srg. Franks
If you have an Nvidia graphics card, it is necessary drivers. If you do NOT have an Nvidia, it is part of the Gaobot worm. Britt
The fact that this filename appears on some malware does NOT mean that you should be scared of it. Having nwiz.exe on systems running an nVidia graphics card is perfectly normal. Do five minutes of research and ensure the security of YOUR OWN SYSTEM before you believe any given post here which claims that this is dangerous. Fearmongerers, the lot of you.
I'm running 4 24" monitors of my HP workstation ... based on what i've read here, I'm leaving it alone Dave
nvidia video card control exe - don't touch bill
I suspected that something was wrong with my pc when it took longer to boot and start windows, then my pc bacame very slow. i checked tha taskmanager and ended some process which was unusual except the antivirus. i then opened the msconfig in the run command at startup. there i found out that there was a nwiz.exe executed at startup. i unchecked the box and restarted my pc. sure enough it was the culprit, my pc became normal again. mike, philippines
This has something to do with nVIDIA video card drivers, but in the latest version of nVIDIA drivers (190.38), it actually deletes the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key in the registry which controls startup programs (e.g. DAEMON TOOLS starts up on boot using this mechanism). Thus, this is indeed dangerous, even though it's not intended to be, get rid of it! You may try running the command yourself while monitoring the registry key mentioned, you'll see the same behaviour immediately, took me ages to figure out. Zambz
It's part of your NVidia software. If you installed NVidia software and cannot cope with this fact, then you should not be near a computer cflute
If nwiz.exe installed, CorelDraw 9 has problems in the options menus... After killing nwiz in the registry, Corel succeed... pavka
It erases the easter eggs off of your dvds. Anon
not dangerous at all mostafa from egypt (:
nmindexservice ullic
It interferes with Skype by unchecking the "start with windows" option box i Claxton
Publisher N/A ? How or why wouldn't nVidia include any details for this file/driver? Somethings not right. I run vista with a nVidia card but don't know what's going on with this. I am doing a scan and disabling nwiz.exe /install now. My network notifcation has stopped working, and popsup with "sever execution failed" Spannerz
nVidia nView Control Panel  See also: Link Stephan
Based on analysis of your responses, approximately 13% of you are dipshits. Clason Howe
I was running WinXP. I came back to work on Monday and my processor was pegged at 100%. I had my IT department wipe the machine, install Windows7...and after about three hours, the processor was pegged again. I use multiple monitors through a dock, and thought that might have something to do with it. I found the winhlp link, disabled nwiz from startup, and my processor is at 0% or 1% now with several programs open.  See also: Link Matt
A common NVIDA program, but it's name is often stolen and used to mask a virus. It isn't inherently dangerous. Bob
nwiz is for multi monitor configuration. Just uncheck it in msconfig.  See also: Link jack Garcia
99% of the time it is a part of the Nvidia drivers. It is for the more "advanced" functions of your card. Like two or more monitors, transparancy, and hotkeys.(The hotkey part is the reason why some users find they can't use certian shortcuts), and per-application 2D/3D settings such as AA, performace, and other options. If it is infact norton wizard it is a virus. You can kill it manually or disable it from startting up, but you will loose some functionality. As far as I know, if disableing/killing it after you have your dual monitor setup configured, it shouldn't cause any problems with it. Jennifur Pawson
Anon, thats impossible. DVDs are read only... This isnt dangerous, but it can slow your computer down. Uncheck just to be safe A. Goose
It loads once when setting up your nVidia goodies,then just sits there its not system critical.However it does give you the nVidia desktop manager via right click johnny quid
this is only process NVidia Gforce. Karion
The nwiz.exe process is directly associated with the NVIDIA nView Wizard used for the configuration of the NVIDIA nView Control Panel, which is intended to maximize the capabilities of video display adapters using the NVIDIA engine Jamie Razek
I looked through a lot of the information and ran the checks. If you have the virus it will be accompanied by the Norton Wizzard, or it will say nwize.exe in the msconifg list. Otherwise it is Nvidia like the one my laptop runs on. Rob in Ohio
It caused a problem with MS Excel. Excel would open but then nothing would work. None of the buttons in the menu setup. Tom Wallin
Found nwiz in System32 files, size 1,583k. At 11:22am today, my CPU usage hit 100% and the HardDrive light was constantly on. I checked the file details and it said it was modified, you guessed it, at 11:22, 08/03/2012. Deleted it and the HardDrive stopped and CPU usage went back down to 3%. If you find it and its as big as mine was...KILL IT! Truthseeker
nVidia Desktop Manager Assistent Peter
Nwiz.exe is part of the N-Video adapters and allows me to rotate my rotable monitor, I need it and love this feature as part of capabilities of video display adapters using the NVIDIA engine Impressions G
People don't seem to understand that a virus can be installed by deleting the NVIDIA nwiz.exe which is safe and then writing itself in the same place and call itself "nwiz.exe" and then when windows starts next time the bad "nwiz.exe" runs instead of the safe nwiz.exe.So if you have the bad copy then yes its bad. george farnsworth
Not dangerous, completely safe! Mike Tyson
NVidia driver or a northon virus Thatguy28

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