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Process name: Logitech Mouse Application

Product: MouseWare

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Logitech

File: em_exec.exe

Security Rating:

This is the Logitech Mouse tray icon, which you can use to access the Control Panel mouse properties applet and to get assistance with the use of the driver software. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/em_exec.exe.html 

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  • 1472 users ask for this file. 118 users rated it as not dangerous. 11 users rated it as not so dangerous. 18 users rated it as neutral. 7 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 6 users rated it as dangerous. 7 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about em_exec.exe:
Logitech Mouseware Fastcoder
mouse+keyboard tool from logitech seed
Logitech Maustreiber Rudi Ratlos
Logitech Mouseware/Keyboard Joe
Logitech Maustreiber Wolfgang
Associated with Logitech Dunno
Logitech wireless optical mouse sean
Logitech Mouseware  See also: Link Marcus
Description: Logitech MouseWare tray icon from which you can access the Control Panel Mouse properties and the MouseWare help. B
Logitech Events Handler Application
Logitech Driver Fenix
When disabled, my extra mouse buttons stopped functioning Jamesy
Logitech Events Handler Application  See also: Link Vampire
It is definately NOT "tray icon from which you can access the Control Panel Mouse properties and help".
it is definately associated with logitech mouses. it doesn't appear to be vital to running your mouse as it isn't necessary with other mouses so disable it run msconfig tab: startup Expresso
Agree with Jamesy re buttons with Win98. Exe also occasionally "misbehaves". Lee
This file is needed for your Logitech mouse. When disabled you extra buttons won't work. 4llmighty
Mouse Driver for Windows 95, I've got it on Windows 98 and occasionally, if the computer's really being taxed, it will perform and 'illegal operation' and will lock the computer to any inputs. Unfortunately the only way to get rid of this is to press the power switch. TJ
Logitech Maustreiber sergeant1
Critical as it can freeze your mouse and keyboard without reasons Nicotine
Seems to be harmless BertBrecht
Logitech mouse application Pascal
Security Task Manager program says this is potentially dangerous but this as you see here their webpage says it is in the harmless area. WTF? confised?
Logitech Opticalm-bj58 Leon
When i shot down process , my 3 mouse bottom stopped working , dont think its a virus joker
logitec driver
Blockiert Fritz 8 Chessman
Steuerprogramm für Logitech Mäuse Peter Müller
logitech-maustrieber namens "mouseware" flow
If your computer is win 95 or over and has enough ram, this is no harm to your computer!!
Logtiteh Mouseware Anders
logitech mouse software JMZ
no observed impact, passes all spy, worm, trojan tests Chicky
This file is just the taskbar icon for the mose...harmless James
does tend to freeze periodically, uninstall if extra buttons not need beware
is a killer when used with KVM-swich - iniciates unexpectedly all kind of programs present on a desktop and even starts TaskManager (noticed on WIN 2000) - bad, bad and snicky: every time you click a side-button - it wants to contact logitech. Jerry Dan
using 9MB of my memory Gary
logitech mouse and keyboard Strang
freezes my modem greenlight
confirm introduced new Logitec Mouse and keyboards recently Simon
Logitech Maustreiber Frank
This process has caused a MS Access instance to remain resident in memory after closing a database. Dave
A badly written driver that brings down your entire system if you are low on RAM. Paul
Maustreiber für Logitech-Mäuse Siggi
it's simply the mouseware driver by logitech. papipo
Driver for mouse device Dachone
If my firewall blocks it from accessing the internet my keyboard gets messed up. It behaves as if the ALT key is always pushed down. This started after I switched from a USB Logitech keyboard to a Microsoft USB keyboard in my KVM setup. Mikey
Logitech Drivers to enable extra buttons and enhanced mouse features Christo Smit
Logitech MouseMan Optical driver robi
Logitech Maustreiber Hansjörg
Logitech Mouseware  See also: Link jonAss
While this is indeed a legitimate file from Logitech to control multi-media buttons on keyboard/extra buttons on mice, those with KVM switches would be better off disabling the process. From my research, it seems that if it cannot be in constant, direct contact with the device, it starts to fail. Those of you experiencing other problems may wish to remove it, and reinstall the newest version from logitech's web site. Bradley
Without it, my back/forward buttons on my Logitech MX700 function only under Internet Explorer (not under windows explorer). It is required only for the full range of options when using a logitech device. It also only uses 428k of memory on my system (perfecly reasonable IMO). Daniel M
It seems, that a joke program called "MOVIN_MOUSE" uses this exec file to drive you crazy by shifting the mousepointer at random directions by random time intervals.  See also: Link wild Dan
Enables mapping of the 6, 7, and 8th button on Logitech Mouse with 5+ buttons. When disabled, mapping of buttons 6-8 ceased to function. Professor Highbrow
Why does it appear on ZoneAlarm Alerts & logs/Logviewer - Type 'Unknown' - and cannot be removed?? WS
whenever my computer slows up..this program is running..when i close it my pc runs normal. jbh
100% not dangerous. If shutdown, your mouse side buttons and ect won't work. Echo
Is called everytime I use some VBA Macros of Excel Pietro
Can couse problems with ingame scrolling !!! Zero
Logitech Mouse control center Surresh
Just driver d-hunter
Logitech Mouseware, you can manage without it Haaris
Logitech Mouseware Phil
Logitech software for variety of their HID's. Harmless unless your system doesn't meet minimum requirements, at which point your system will crash. Halting it causes your pointing device to halt as well. Name is the same for 16-bit and 32-bit, so watch it carefully during any updates to make sure you are getting the right one. DJ
Deleted it and everything still works normally. Pat
logitech mouse driver
prevents the solitare game from opening. close it out and problem solved joker
Works fine with the Cordless Keyboard/Mouse combo Dimov J
Logitech Maus treiber for additional keys on the mouse Tobi
When i stopped the process EM EXCEC.EXE it did nothing less than made my computer little faster...and its definetly not a virus! Dungman
All hardware drivers should be event based device drivers, and not single executables. These active, polling programs unnecessarily use CPU time when not used and therefore clog up your system. Companies like Logitech or HP seem to have lost their minds by developing this kind of "drivers". Hugo
Logitech mousedriver for cordless-optical mouse (win XP SP2) Craaaaaaaazyyy
Logitech Mouseware  See also: Link Metyl
Installed with Logitech Mouse  See also: Link David G.
Please do yourself a favor by deleting this file from the %SystemRoot%\ProgramFiles\Logitech\MouseWare\system\ directory. I consider malware (programs that have no purpose but to cause a problem) dangerous. By the way, this was using between 3-4MB of RAM while doing nothing except occasionally freezing theee mouse pointer. ib0b
Hugo is right, but it`s still just the driver, so it isn`t dangerous. dusK
it's driver for logitech mouse Scharper
Normally innocent, but can cause hard crashes in some configurations; appears to have been responsible for system crashes with my GeForce 7900 GT during mouse drags. Not recommended unless you really need it. Amarande
(Logitech Mouseware) Eats Up A lot of Memory. Slows System down. SKLAWZ
People that rate this program dangerous are idiots. It might be a hog etc, but it is not any danger.  See also: Link Shadwell
Logitech Maustreiber Bigchriss
When i closed it everything went alot smoother. Newbie
Logitech Mouseware/Keyboard CvC
Logitech Mouseware richard
Occasionally causes erratic mouse problems, but I think it also is what tells me my cordless mouse battery state.
It's freekin Logitech software, it does no harm, and if you don't like it uninstall it. Don't be a dipshit and rate it harmful just because you have some superiority complex about how you think apps/drivers should run. Garrett
annoying thought, I don't use it. Unless you use all your extra mouse functionality (and you have a logitech), then kill it dead. cheekyMonkey
This Logitech process is important for proper functionality of extra mouse keys. Dinis
Logitech Mouseware. Uses ~5mb of memory, hasn't crashed my system (yet) Mr_Cynical
Interferes with Nortel IPSec V06_01.054 - causes IPSec to shut down when you suspend your PC with Cntrl-Alt-Del / Lock Ron Sonntag
It makes my computer run sooo slowly. Whenever it is up my CPU usage is always around 100%. But when I stop it via "end process" the CPU usage drops drastically to around 20-ish% To be this could be some sort of malware nameddisguised as a safe file. Brandon
This file is needed for Logitech mice. Do not remove it. Some_Person
I installed the older version ot the "logitech" mouse software because the options I needed weren't available with the XP that I bought. I use "FIREFOX" alot andI found the software during a "bottle neck" occasion which was slowing down my PC..The process doesntt show after start-up but only after I start using "FIREFOX" . I don't know if this is related to the -older version- download or if supposed to respond in some way to the high volume tabs I use. I then call the task manager and delete it . It doesn't seem to affect the proper operation at all... but don't know what benefit it might h
I know that it just starts up randomly while I'm on facebook and then prevents me from typing in any field or using dropdown menus. Sometimes this problem migrates to all of firefox and all fields on all sites. I recently reinstalled this software after I reinstalled XP Home. Previously I had no problems with my logitech software on any peripheral. When the whole thing takes over, it's never enough to just shut down the process, I have to restart firefox. It doesn't seem to bother IE 8 beta at all shamarie h
Simply a waste of memory. It has no undesireable processes, but uses around 2mb-6mb of RAM. End its process if you do not use the click-once double click button. Seriously people, dont post it as harmful. The system crashes may be a regeristry failure or a anitvirus "blue screen" error. Rsjc741
It's a Logitech file for your mouse.
I've used it for 10 months with no adverse results. it appears to be a logitech mouse file and nothing else. d-d-dasall
Not dangerous. OK to kill it if you don't want the tray icon (XP SP3) Duncan

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