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Process name: PC Tel driver - PC Tel modem drivers

Product: OnBoard Modem driver

Company: PC Tel

File: pctspk.exe

Security Rating:

This process is part of the drivers of PCTEL (HSP) Modems and simulate the sounds of hardware modems. These modems are often found in notebooks. Do NOT disable this task if you use the modem!!! It's started via registry:www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/pctspk.exe.html 

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  • 314 users ask for this file. 35 users rated it as not dangerous. 6 users rated it as not so dangerous. 20 users rated it as neutral. 7 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 14 users rated it as dangerous. 8 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

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there are three various pctspk files in my insipron8500, one having to do with dell drivers, so i think that it's safe zach
At times, this process doubles itself and starts using 100% of my 1.6 gig Pentium. I disabled it in the msconfig.exe Startup Page with no negative effects. Cadlin Scott
I am a dell technician, and the little internal modems often are PCtel modems. I'm checking this page from my mum's inspiron. Tim S
PCTel Internal Modem Elitegroup G732 John Phillips
agree ,related to modem, but not 100% sure if it is safe to remove Zex
In deed, it is used for fax/modem utilities Efraim MARQUEZ-ARREAZA
it is used bye onboard modems with Dell notebooks pctel 2304WT Rob Jansen
It's for an AMR modem,very cheep Telephone modem  See also: Link Dave Cotullas
Dell modem, doesnt seem to harm computer Mike
Part of your modem drivers so do not delete... Richard
Modem Driver for various modems. Some people have reported 100% cpu usage, if this is the case, get the latest drivers for your modem. EV
this file destroy my computer ! Gonzalo
Installed with PC Tel 'soft' modems (either in notebook or pci slot of desktops). Not sure about the results of disabling this. Not a security threat but uses around 2.6MB memory in WinXP so the user may try disabling it. Atul
It makes my computer crawl - very high CPU Thomas
PCTel modems are often installed as the default choice in Dell notebooks, this is the driver. If your internet connection does not depend on the internal modem it can be safely stopped,
It is using 99% of my new AMD
also PCtel HSP56k , which is a PCI winmodem not internal, the drivers were automatically installed by windows xp so it should be safe, but it is ok to remove from startup services if you don't want or need the sound or if you don't use the modem francis
It occupies my CPU for 98% for one user en 2% for another user Jaap Schulp
it started after I inserted a HAM/Ambient modem to test herauthon
Sometimes this file utilizes 99% of cpu and my system goes on 100% cpu usage and the system goes dead slow Chris Calys
sometime this file starts using 200% of cpu...so you'll can open task manager and kill the process... Ettore98
Harmless and apeared after the installation of a 56HP92-PCT. See the following link for various other PC Tel Modem Drivers.  See also: Link Locum
It loads automatically (not always) and puts CPU usage at 100%. My P4 chip then over heats and the system can crash. Colin
All i know is mine just starting running this exe and i dont use a regular modem that requires it. Eric
deleted it without any problems. only ate 98% of my CPU. (only remove when you don't use a modem! just read the normal thing and don't mind me, just sharing my experience. Running on a HP Pavillion btw). Jantje Scholten
my computer was running at 100% and everthing was running slow and crashing i ended it process in task maneger and my computer is now fine sloty75
Its just a HSP/PCtel modem software, I've found it to be on the drivers for my modem, its a CNR connected modem, came with my ECS PM800 Socket 478 motherboard, it simulates modem sound through the PC's desktop speakers, uses around 200-400k memory, completly safe, it can be stopped on my HSP modem witohut any negative effects (Minus the modem sound). Comp01
I stopped using modem and obtained ADSL. Today the computer (tabletop) slowed down radically. Win XP task manager shows pctspk.exe using between 80 and 100 % of processor capacity. Killing the process did not cause any obvious harm. Kek
As it is written here, it's a modem driver, but why does it use 99% of my CPU? (I've a Dell Latitude Notebook) horeb
dell modem process on my latitude notebook - save bpah
Annoying, not dangerous. It wasn't apparent on my Dell for the first year & a half. Licorne_sh
PC TEL Modem in Dell 610C; its a hangover of the voice modem function on a PCI card; Its a driver for the voice functions for answering machine software. Yup I took it out of the start up HKLM and the modem still works OK. What do you need an answering machine for on a laptop? Yes, it can mess up bad if the Voice call part is enabled- then it will constantly look for a call- taking up cpu cycles.  See also: Link RadMan
PC TEL Modem in Dell 610C RadMan
makes cpu usage 100% and pretty sucks. you will need good fun to handle it. jack jack pierre
All I know is that I can't run Word at the same time this file is taking up 99% of my CPU. So I delete whenever it causes me problems, and it seems to always come back. I guess I need to delete it from my Startup, as well. Kathryn
Modem v92 file, does not use many resources. Also creates a taskbar icon which handles modem features antman
well i guess it has to do with the external modem for cable internet JR
When trying to sync offline files in Outlook, this process was using 99%-100% causing the sync to take over an hour. Once I killed the process (via Ctrl+Alt+Del and task manager) the sync only took 2 minutes. Dan the Man.
Also used in Mitac 7521P. With it running, I can hear modem tones thru laptop speakers, without, can barely hear modem dialing. fred
This file was using 99% CPU and slowed my Dell Latitude note book to a crawl. Deleted it from registry with no ill effects and computer returned to the speeds I'm use to. I do not use the modem. Bob
Sometimes a bug causes this process to take over the CPU usage, but just update the modem driver and that's all padaguan
My computer goes really slow when running this file and I don't know what it's fpr. Simon W
When I disabled this file (figuring it was an unneeded startup process) we no longer got "Call Interrupt" notices when we were online! This file apparently pops up a window when someone is calling on the line that is being used by the modem, with a little box that says "Accept Call? Yes/No" VERY HELPFUL! I would not disable this if you use the modem and have call waiting. E-Man
This file is not dangerous and the 100% usage comes from incorect speed setting for the onboard modem. it does not take more than 0% of my cpu because of proper config Neo
It is "PCTell Speaker Phone" and runs as a system service so it can be disabled in the services app in XP Pro Andy
comes with modem drivers, uses 100% cpu, safe to end process in task manager
Found it in my System32 folder I don't have a modem so why is this running? Bob
At my Pc it makes that the use of the CPU goes up to 100% muppet
I don"t know very much about it Nandi
About 1 year ago i did a hard drive image with norton ghost. I restore that image today and my system slowdown because PCTSPK.EXE, but is the same file that was ok all last year! Only reboot my CPU and it is fine now. I guess a bug is inside that file but, at least in my case, it is not so bad. - For all last year i never had virus reports related on this file (norton antivirus) José Arturo García Vázquez
uses 90+% of CPU - Dell latitude blue oblivion
Causes 100% CPU use on a dual CPU server - very annoying XPD - NZ
It consumed 99% of my CPU about every 5 minutes John
It appears after booting up the Dell Latitude notebook and uses most of it's resources. Have to re-boot to release it's grip. Bob Harris
I deleted PCTSPK.exe from my system32 file with no negative effects. It started recently for no apparent reason and it began using 50-98% of my resources. zenphot
Assists the Dell Latitude internal modem with special features. These are normally not used, so it can be disabled safely in MSCONFIG. Of course, if you lose the particular function that this provides, simply leave it running or start it manually before using the modem. I rated this a "2" only because it does use resources upon startup regardless of modem/program use. Sam
Do not delete this file for any reason. I did and was instantly transported to a parallel universe which then exploded, and left me without a universe for about 15 minutes. G
pcspk.exe is part of the Diamond Supra LE-PCT setup. If not installed, you will not be able to use the "voice" features availabe to that modem. It is true that it is a resource hog... but only when dailing.  See also: Link Cory
It uses lots of virtual memory (Page File) and can cause your CPU to slow to a halt. I just removed it from a system and it was causing him to need to set an additional 2500mb for the page file. Overloads CPU and unneeded for modem to connect and work properly. Intel Factory Technician
This file is needed for audio function. For example, in my computer it's nedded for printer. Yaeli
When my computer was running IE.6 Peter Guo
Annoying, I recommend disabling it Darren
I renamed the file and within an hour, a second copy appeared. I don't think Dell built in this kind resiliency into their modem drivers. I think it is a parasite of some sort. darth
This file uses up CPU to 100% and grinds processes to a halt. After start-up I pull up Windows task manager and halt this process. Problems go away. Since I do not use dial-up, it may nto be an issue o remove it. I am going to find out more. rickwit
PCTell Speaker Phone driver uses 2.9MB of RAM on my PC Morley
Possibly was installed by a pop up window offering music service of some type, when I dit not accept. Not signed by Microsoft, dated 2001. Henning Nielsen
One day it began using 99% CPU on DELL Precision, guessing it runs at higher priority because my app needing 90% got 1%. End Process resolved issue this time. dwb
Don't know much about this, except that it suddenly appeared, started slowing my computer by using too many resources and isn't needed for anything used by my PC. I also have a DELL Laptop. TroniX
it ran my cpu up 90% slowing me down to a halt...i deleted it with no issues. fallen angel
Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2K4) game file to allow voice recognition  See also: Link sean
'blocked' microsof updating by using 99%, killed it, updating startede en ended swell thyvon topspot
Dell Dimension 3000, Mem Progs show high usuage of memory Stu_Pitt_Mohron
Using 80-90% CPU on an old Compaq. Renamed file "pctspkOLD", rebooted, CPU usage now normal. Owner recently left dialup for cable, so maybe it was polling nonstop for dialtone, who knows? KDC
this was on my mother's computer just a couple days ago. first it slowed down her desktop n then today it just started dialing her modem every few minutes. i made sure there were no other programs running that would connect to the internet. the random redialing stopped once i ended the process. Someduder

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