What is iexplore.exe? Is iexplore.exe spyware or a virus?

How to fix iexplore.exe related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your iexplore process
2. Run Windows Repair Tool to repair iexplore.exe related Windows Errors
3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: Microsoft Internet Explorer

Product: Windows

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Company: Microsoft

File: iexplore.exe

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"iexplore.exe" is the main executable of the Internet Explorer browser from Mircosoft. It is considered a part of the Windows operating system. Check the security settings for this program to minimize the risk when you are surfing. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/iexplore.exe.html 

Get more detailed information about iexplore.exe and all other running background processes with Security Task Manager.

Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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Windows Internet Explorer Browser Alex
without bugs it should be OK ;) Karl
Internet Explorer Browser addon  See also: Link Andre
It's a Tool, built on the IE-activeX. Given you tabbed browsing, popup-blocker, proxy-manager, etc. +++  See also: Link LizzardX
This is a task for Taskbar for the windows mode to run like exit button, minimize button. Icon for desktop. etc. SKAT Patcher - PC Expert
In windows XP home, it's IEXPLORE.EXE, all caps, and kept in program files, not system32. A pf or prefetch file is involved somehow elsewhere. XPowner
It your browser! Internet Explorer  See also: Link
its windows explorer, a browser.. not dangerous :) NaV
This is Internet Explorer. It's not a virus, but has some nasty security holes that can easily cause virus infection.  See also: Link Inuyasha
if it's in system32, probably a virus run a trend micro scan, Michael
Program called "Microsoft Internet Explorer" licened by Microsoft from Spyglass, part of the Windows Operating System, even though Microsoft didn't write it. Very buggy, and unsecure. Try Mozilla FireFox, it's works much better than IE plus it has powerful ad blocking tools.  See also: Link Nathan
It starts two processes for one user, and they are impossible to kill; that user had spyware previously rg
In some cases it's not the browser, we're talking about. It can also be a virus/trojan
its virus coz its in windows/system32 directory. but its IE if its in c:\program files hafiz
If you find this file in the system32 subdirectory then it is dangerous. I believe that it should reside in \Program Files\Internet Explorer. Remove all instances of it from the \windows\prefetch directory. Search through the registry in the HKLM....\Run and RunServices for data relating to "internet Explorer". Note the .EXE file name and remove this file from any where you can find it. My Opinion: nasty ad ware, and difficult to remove DeskJet Terry
in WinXP home/PRO/SP1 it should be all caps and in ur Program Files/Internet Explorer/ directory, if it's in your /windows/ folder then most probably malware, it also adds itself on the registry as a startup.
I've got two running in my task manager...whenever i try to close one, funklicensesize.exe pops up briefly, and then changes to ixexplore.exe again. I"ve uninstalled I Explorer, but it still persists. All this started when I downloaded AOL IM... tim
its uses 60% of my processing power even when nothing it running mark
Internet Explorer Browser process file that's part of Windows Task Manager Abdul
IE leaves your system wide open due to lapses in security. DLLs can be stored to your System32 and run through winsock. Other DLLs can be stored anywhere on your disk. No security but decent web browser.  See also: Link c
IEXPLORE.EXE (all caps) located in Windows\System32 folder is a virus dream
Look in the Task Manager, if Iexplore (note capital i) is running once or more and you do not have IE running, trying ending the Iexplore task. If it reappears on it's own, you have a Trojan.  See also: Link Pat
Not sure 'bout this one. XPowner got a point. I'm checking all my background apps (recently found a worm and spyware!!!)and i've seen the internet browser running as "Internetexplorer.exe". I've also had two "IEXPLORE.EXE"'s running, but only one browser window open??? Strange, very strange. F
It's a trojan, there's two "IEXPLORE.EXE" programs running on my comp and the windows task maneger won't get rid of them. I also have stopped using IE explorer, and have not opened it in a long time. Who cares.
The same happens to me, what is that? I have also searched at system32 but there isn't any "IEXPLORE.EXE", but I found 2 "IEXPLORE.EXE.pf" at windows/prefetch BR
There was only one "iexplore.exe" which was not in the system32 folder, however i was not using IE and could not end the process jizztastic
It's a Backdoor.Aphexdoor virus. Background process is iexplore.exe(In small letters) Amod
It usually is an internet explorer but if it you havn't opened IE up yet and it has it it's something else. Ad aware is my guess because it makes a toolbar appear. That's the only thing I found out it does, so far Trieu Nguyen
proxy trojan virus nir l
This is a virus. You should look for one or two files in one of your temp-folders that constantly change name(s) and which you are not allowed to delete. Ivan Midjich, Security Crew, a href="http://swebase.com" Swebase Network /a
In xp pro in processes if only one "IEXPLORE.EXE" process apears it might not be malware, also do a search for "IEXPLORE.EXE" and if they are any in the system files files thatn it is problbly a virus or malware knowitall
It's spyware
nothing but does anyone know what hcofaj32.exe is? I have a brand new computer and it has started coming up each time i shut down as needing to be ended even though i am not aware of it running. Is it a virus? Gallery
if it is in C:\WINDOWS\system32 then it is not internet explorer and it is something else p.m.srinivas
since someone tried to hack into my computer,it has not been working properly i think it might be previous owner which has also installed spyware
I need "iexplore.exe" to view alot of my pictures and I do not have the Iexplore file can you help me? Please Mackleyne
It can be some browser hijackers that cause it to run it in background, means without your notice, and it may also cause the unstability of your pc, you might need some help to get rid of it VicLim
my anti virus popped it up BBQ
Iexplore.exe is not internet explorer if it is runned by "SYSTEM" & It is a worm, virus or trojan so that it will be runned everytime you start your windows. The best way is to search & see it's location,should be in "internet explorer" folder not in "windows" or "system32". jiosis
Trojan. Disguised as the real browser. (not that the real thing would be any less dangerous :P) james
press the start button and click on search all files and folder and enter "iexplore.exe". let the system pull up all the files it finds and then distinguish (and keep) the C:/Program Files/Internet Explorer AND C:/Program Files/Online... (these two types are your explorer and whatever is running) the res of them just delete files one at a time ARTO
IT EATS UP MEMORY EVEN WHEN NOT IN USE I donīt know where: Maybe SecTaskManager or WinTasks5 PRo I am going crazy with this iexplore.exe appearing 3 times in my process list...please help me clean this malware from my computer...it is there even when I am not using Internet Explorerer...it grows in size hour after hour...email me [email protected]
Everytime I open Mozilla Firefox, a new "iexplore" thing comes up in the "Close Program" menu. I don't know why. It jams my computer when there is a lot of them. Anyone know how to help? Person
On Win XP Pro, (i think) it makes a .EXE in your "\Documents and Settings\ username \Local Settings\Temp" wich can only be deleted if you kill both occurances of iexplore.exe. My sis was running Firefox at the time and not MSIE. Sub-Cool
This process (in the form it took on my local machine) is malware. Seemingly it is installed through Firefox, as I never run Internet Explorer. It's extremely difficult to get rid of. Oh if they would just allow you to close processes simultaneously... Rushyo
I Currently have Two iexplore.exe in my task manager, I have casino,play poker etc shortcuts on my desktop in which there is no right- click function to enter properties, Its the most complex Adware ive ever come across but I can't tell You from where cos I don't know .Its bypassed all my spyware software.If I get rid I'l let you know more. Goronwy
By me it makes some rear symbols on my desktop about Travel etc. when I stop the process the symbols disapeer but after a while they come back without that I do anything Mariussssie
I ve got more than one Iexplore.exe. = VIRUS!!! Difficult to remove, bad connection, BAD TRIP!!!! Dooden
It is an adware/spyware.... In XP, in the Task Manager, if it appears in lower case as "iexplore.exe" it means that there is an adware/spyware running on your system. Some of the symptoms include "Internet Explorer shutting down" Nisha Kurien
Some IEXPLORER.exe is located in C:\windows\system32\cfg as a hidden file and anti-spy info describes it as beeing mIRC which it isn't , so u must be careful.. it has firedaemon.exe google.dll and some other hidden stuff too on that folder... Microemission
role back pc to b4 problem this should fix dougman
This is something you realy dont want slows your computer down to a crawl raw
please check the position of the file of iexplore.exe,if it is in c;/system32, then it is a virus absolutely. this spyware will steal your passwords and then send them to someone else by a default smtp server.
it's a virus! it opens on startup, slows my computer, changes my internet options and shows me random windows! EVIL I SAY!
it's the w32.Funner.worm... remove it Victor
it starts broadcasting in infected system without knowing the user and slow down the PC also slow down the cable networks abdul qadir
iexplore.exe is the main executable for Microsoft Internet Explorer. This Microsoft Windows application allows you to surf the web, and local intranets. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. iexplore.exe is a process also relating to the Avant Internet Browser, a free plugin for Internet Explorer which offers additional features. Note: iexplore.exe is also registered as the Trojan.KillAV.B virus, which systematically attempts to disable your AntiVirus solutions and also affects some windows syst moi
Suddenly I can no longer open any JPEG images. A box opens that says iexplore.exe. cannot be found and that it is needed to open JPEG's. mylilponygt
Its one of the most dangerous viruses - Internet Explorer :) Joke, look if its signed (choose Internet Explorer process and look downscreen - Properties - Microsoft Signed File) - means that it is real Internet Explorer. By the way IE starts from Program Files\Internet Explorer , NOT from windir\system32\ . 1, 2, 3 and more iexplore.exe means only that you started new iexplore.exe multiple. Name
dooden you monkey - you have as many instances of Iexplore.exe as you have IE browsers open Bob
uses 100% of ur CPU if its a virus, download AVG and it should find it someone
iexplore.exe is a program that goes with the internet explorer, you can't remove them. some spyware/adwares tend to cause pop-ups thus eating up some memory and slowing your pc down.
Gobbles up lots of memory, then gives "Runtime error 203" followed by a bunch of hexadicimal numbers. Control, Alt Delete, and end the process 'iexplore.exe' works for me. Scooter
Malware that adds several thousand security holes into your system, Remove at once!  See also: Link The masked De-venger
HbGuruWindow:iexplore.exe - Application Error Jennifer
I have 2 iexplore.exe in my processes tab, it takes a lot of the Mem Usage. Strange, because I always use Mozilla Firefox... Almighty
iexplore.exe lower case keeps shutting my laptop down Leslie
UM yeah everyone has been saying its bad, but does anyone know how to get rid of it. Spybot, Norton and Adaware don't see it, and searching doesn't work for me. Ender
its annoying and keeps closing stuff down and most of the time wont let me open links chris
i deleted my iexplore.exe..now i cant view my pics.. rick
dangerouse in the wroung hands Lore
If its in capitals its the IEXPLORE.\\\\exe browser hijacker which flags the genuine explorer, just check task manager andy
I have also 2 iexplore.exe's, how can I get rid of these? I can't stop them from task manager, and they eat memory all the time more and more until I must reboot. skl
It doesn't seem dangerous, but a real pain in the butt. I have been trying to get rid of this for a few hours. EdJ
Its obviously bad if its in your system 32 folder. Its in mine and says its created by tastysoft worse is, I cant delete it. Me
Stupid thing keeps poping up in my taskmanger and sometimes if i leave it alone, more of them pops up. Also I get icons on my desktop about travel, casino, card games, bingo, etc that pops up whenever "Iexplore" pops up in my taskmanger.
Internet Explorer is a virus itself, no matter where it's at. Coolkidmanguy
ITS an virus sucker, if you enter internet with this explorer all virus, malware, spyware, adware, or microsoft updates can ocurr!, please install I.E. erradicator if you want to get rid of the problem Rafaelinux
Wireless Wi-fi and blue tooth technology has really opened the door, since a hacker can access anyone’s computer - just by positioning himself within so many feet of the location where a wireless computer is housed. Be wary of parked occupied vans and wi-fi hot spot sites nearby.
It has been extremely hard to remove this disgusting file. I tried all your suggestions, but in my case they didn't work because whenever I tried to remove it from the prefetch subfolder it just re-created itself after a couple of minutes/seconds. Then, discussing a different kind of problem with a friend, I was advised to remove the Windows XP Service Pack 2, so I did that. And guess what? No more iexplore in my task manager, no iexplore in the prefetch subfolder or anywhere else. Addi
It's definately NOT MSIE. I run, and always run, FireFox. It has to be some form of malware that attacks FireFox. Also eats insane amounts of RAM! James
some malwares name themselves into IE. note, the REAL IE is displayed as 0% threat. other process with same name should be checked AnotherGuest
can i delete everything including this from my systm32 folder? pissed of at comps
It appears twice in my Task manager, and seemingly creates an .EXE file in the "\Documents and Settings\ username \Local Settings\Temp" folder which cannot be deleted. the only problem i've had so far is that there are two toolbars i cannot get rid of in MSIE (I use firefox, but members of my family use MSIE) and noticed that it asks to connect to the internet of its own accord when I'm not connected. Andy.
It's usally not dangerous but recently the process has been running after I close my browser. This worries me a little. Emer
It is spyware its located in windows\prefetch and will continously come back even if u delete it. what must I do destroy it Gabriel
Every time I go on the internet, files open and do not close in my task manager. I am trying to find out which ones I can close down without hurting the performance of my computer Carolyn Travis
Its spyware - a surveillance mechanism tantamount to a trojan. Marissa L. Campbell, Esq.
there is one one iexplore.exe which is IE. when there is another it is troyan. this give access to the web of other users (remote) and U do not now what are they doing. U can trace their IP address, but nothing else. the registry is change because the spywarw has opened a back door in our PC and the remote user have access when U connect to the internet. it is very dangerous but difficult to erase. use firewall and do not let the process to use your bandwith. u can moniter to connections (ports)which exploit this process. u can monitor how many iexplore.exe are started. fun factor
I have iexplore.exe running in my processes, and when i try and 'end process' it starts itself back up again. ALSO more importantly, i have icons that seem to be run by this iexplore on my desktop, when i right click them the only option is 'delete' but that doesnt shut the program down its useless. it is some sort of virus, it changes ALL my settings. how do i get rid of this thing!? james dean
Found iexplorer.exe in Windows directory after seeing process in task manager and unable to remove from HKLM software microsoft currentversion run (it kept reappearing). Version in file properties said 1.0.. and create date was recent and it shouldn't be in that directory so I was convinced it wasn't the real IE executable. Frank
IEXPLORE.EXE is the only process that is internet explorer, its located in C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE all others are likely to be trojans spyware, or viruses, recommend checking that u r using the correct one brad
my problem is every time i run internet explore a message pops up all the time announcing that IEXPLORE.EXE cannot be located, internet still works great except this pop up...any suggestions? Lee
may be IE file or troyan exploited by users. when in program folder - IE file, when located in windows folder - malicious code (troyan) exploit the PC whitout the permission of the host. ringo
also goes under C:\Windows\rundll32.exe, C:\Windows\System32\explorer.exe. To Remove boot off your windows cd and use recovery console. You can then delete the files. SS
any program can be labeled iexplore in taskmanager, i have trouble with a pop-up adware which is name iexplore in taskmanager aRne
keeps shuuting down internet exploer especially hotmail. how do i execute it? also involved is krzz.exe. davibee
It's the Internet Explorer Component, so it isn't a virus but you should'nt trust in it!
It's taking very high CPU usage Ravi
AIM FIX Removes it. Auggie
Well I KINDA know that this application MAKES your computer run SLOW and allows STUPID Spyware to enter your computer, its like the door that opens up loads up crap from the internet. But anyways I FIGURED A WAY TO END IT!!!! :) Step#1. CTRL+ALT+DEL on your keyboard, and Click on Process tab Step#2. Find explorer.exe and Right click and End Process. Dont freak out. your whole desktop will disappear, stay calm (You must end explorer.exe because iexplore.exe uses explorer.exe *dont get confused)Step#3. Now find ixplore.exe and Right click End Process Tree. CONGRATULATIONS Now this should work if ATIX
All I know is that as soon as my computer starts even without entering internet explorer or even connecting to the internet in process information the are 2 iexplore.exe's and I can't get rid of them with any anti-spywhare or anti-adwhare and norton also doesn't pick it up, it is very anoying putting its own search bar and casino,games,etc addvertisments everywhere, and stops me opening a lot of links, Id just likeīto know how to get rid of it, someone must know!! thanks to anybody in advance if the can help Andrew
if this process runs in "SYSTEM" it's a damn virus, i had it and it was using mi Pc to portscan other pc's or maybe some kind of DDoS.... i used the tool "security task manager" and removed it succesfully. if u cant download that tool, then search for "iexplore.exe" and delete the file found in "system32" (IE's not a system process). it appears that it writes some shit in your registry too, try editing your startup items. (i recommend using some tool to do a clean job without messing something else :P) Lone Ranger
I have the same malware as some of the other posters, i.e. several iexplore.exe-applications running, gobbling up RAM and instantly revives if I shut it down. I dug inside my IEXPLORE.exe (the REAL one) and found out that the malware is actually INTEGRATED into Microsofts browser. Wow. I shut down the process and deleted the exe-file, but it recreates itself after a short amount of time. I have no idea how to remove this damn thing. Doesn't appear to be dangerous, but it's one hell of a nuisance. Zaghurim
By far, the poorest excuse for a web browser. Ever since version 4, it preloads its dlls initially, greatly slowing down the boot process, and periodically making silent connections. Extremely insecure and easy to infect by merely visiting sites that exploit its ActiveX vulnerabilities. Fortunately, it can be safely removed from the following link to vastly improve PC performance.  See also: Link Glitchman
Mmm...I have 3 or 4 versions of this stupid file iexplorer.exe I keep deleting them, they keep coming back. I have high a high spec machine and didn't notice, only when my PC was switched on and the fans are full blast within minutes. The processor is working @ 99%. why do these muthfarcars create annoying things like this.....no life, no woman come to mind !! itxbix
I have it in TEMP, in Windows folder, and it changes its name if I stop it with task manager. But there are 2 iexplore: Where is the other? Who Know? Help to find it please, becouse maybe we can cancel it opening Windows not in normal way, by pushing CTRL before the boot. In this way we could make it not active. simone-italy
I have this trojan and cant get rid of it, it opens two IEXPLORE.exe in ur task manager, and i dont even use IE, i use mozilla, and when u end the task it reopennes, when this trojan/virus infected my computer my internet becam very slow. if u know how to get rid of it add me on msn [email protected] Anis
This thing has to be bad, try keeping your eye on the task manger files when you close the process tree of 'iexplore.exe' shows shit like 'DATEEG~1.EXE' then goes quickly to 'iexplore.exe' it must be hidden under heaps of names in the prefetch folder i think, i hope i can find a way to kill it! Lisa
I got rid of the iexplore box by going to Internet explorer properties/programs/manage add-ons then look for SolidConverterPDF Toolbar ExploreExtPDF.dll SolidConverterPDF Browser Help Object ExploreExtPDF.dll and disable them both give that a go and see if it works for you. Maz
It's Internet Explorer yes, but it's still a security hole. Any ad/spyware processes that hijack your Internet Explorer will have this process open, so if you can't see an IE window and this process is in your process list, you have malware. Concord Dawn
I found it in my computer and it was at C:\windows\system32. I erased it, but it still comes up in my task manager and I suspect that itīs downloading a file named "update". I donīt know what more can I do to kill it!!! Please help me! ellareal
My friend who is a computer wizz told me it took him 5 hours to remove this virus and when he did, it came back within 5 minutes. it seems it is impossible to completely remove this virus and he said he had to reformat.....
I know that this program Sucks! It is running 2 IEXPLORE.EXE process in task manager and I cannot end process. They will just keep coming back. Can someone help me get rid off this nasty problem? [email protected] Christian
comes up with program STATIC and refreshes windows every 10 seconds cannot be deleted IEXPLORE.EXE in task manager...can anyone help?? its in the prefetch and I386 folders of windows...
its a hidden file which show up as a iexplore.exe it use almost 40% of memory and make the pc lot slower than ever and it takes lot more time to start up the windows or open a program yashar
Piece of crap. Constantly attacked by viruses. Used as cover exe for viruses that infact aren't the file "iexplorer.exe." Alternative browser - Firefox. Phoenix
i have 3 of them it slows down my cable and wont go away is there any cure for this crap _ silent shadow
In some cases it's not the browser, we're talking about. It can also be a virus/trojan Rodrigo
i cam't get rid of it, and agree it likely comes from Microsoft glenn c
every time a popup try toget in a new iexplore.exe is created
We all know this is a virus! But how do you remove it???? poedatthisstupidthing
its retared and i want to kill it vasily fedrovich
it is software from microsoft billy bob
I can't find it in my windows dir and also system32 dir. At startup it loads a very small window at the top left of the screen and in order to remove it i do a end task to it from the windows task mager. I am not using AIM. But i do have AOL 9 installed so how or where can i get the AIM fix from Abdul Gomaa
All files not located @ Internet Explorer folder are dangerous. I had IEXPLORE.EXE in Prefetch folder, deleted that file and no more cpu 100% in IEXPLORE.exe!!! explorer is now in Task bar when i open internetpages Schpitfrik(NL)
If you cant close all iexplore.exe processes, try checking ur software at control tab. Somehow crapware was installed there, so my spybot didnt find it. Overdrive
ad aware se personal removes it . Start PC in safe mode then run the ad aware software and remove. It does not show up in hijack logs so beware. I had this problem CPU usage was at 90% before I ran the software now back to normal Jay
well it made my computer crash... LPLIUEMRYRSE
It keeps re opening itself so i cant run other programs. Matt
this thing been hogging memory for 5 hours proccese time :( Family Guy
It is apparently missing from my computer at present Kenny Warner
On boot i have IEXPLORE.EXE in my task master, on connection to the internet i get a continous stream of data all outgoing.. this stops when i shutdown IEXPLORE.EXE if i then browse the intenet a file called iexplore.exe loads and the original problem does not exsist. File size difference, on boot IEXPLORE.EXE is 3kb in size, iexplore.exe is 27kb in size. As far as i am concerned there is a significant threat from the first and none from the second. To give you an idea, the file in all caps sends out 1 meg of data within 1 minute. What this data is i have no idea. Martin
You just gotta be careful and pay attention. If you have more than one them you have ad problems, end the processes and things should be ok. Rebooting will help but you have to get rid of the deeper problem Hope this helps. Pat
i removed this by going to start, run, typing regedit ,clicking on edit at the top ,and serching for iexplorer.exe, it brout up 1 istance of the prog i deleted this instance and also the files that it turned ito when i tried to close it in task manager they were in the same folder in regedit this stoped it from loading at startup j.w.
Its obvious this thing isn't to dangerous, ive had it for months, its NOT mean to be there but it hasn't done anything, however its does take up cpu and memory usage and i belive it leaves u open to more spyware so find an antispyware system to detect it and remove it. blake
I had this problem as well. after some digging..and with the help od ZoneAlarm, i found this: E:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Application Data\Cool warn extra grid delete this file and its contents. shut down internet explorer and ctle+alt+del and make iexplor.exe go away and delte the file named funky byte. Khail
So far, ive only found out away to temp stop it. Only they seem to update it now so my way doesnt work. Bah, its my dads fault, he wont switch to Firefox as he is "used" to Inet. He now has the nerve to accuse me that i did this. Anyway, if i find anything out ill get back to you Richard
sorry, everything in my previous post should be "iexplore.exe" not "iexplorer.exe". on another note, check out this link. there are three viruses/trojans that use this name, so try and remove them all Sebbs
well, i check my task manager on startup and there it is.... iexplore.exe.... when i try to end the process... my monitor blacks out and the screen goes hay wire.... jp mata
Spyware developed by the government - that is why Microsoft, Symantic, and others can't put a fix in. Reload your operating system - it is the only fix.
I removed Internet explorer and installed Mozilla Firefox but the damage has been done its not as bad as when I was using explorer but is still there Chad S
(it's a HOG!) go into XP setup (alt+F4?) / MSCONFIG and close off all unused stuff in WIN.INI etc, that'll give you breathing room. plus you can change iexplore.exe's priority fo LOW. use SEARCH (disabled on START menu?, use button on MY COMPUTER etc panel instead) to find it and rename it / them, that should help, too. save file for posterity? Terry B aka ChicagoJammer
Based on what the majority of u guys said i deleted iexplore EFRAIN
It runs and completely maxes out my CPU. j1j2
that if I leave my computer unattended for a while, i get about a million of them in the system tray- don't know how to stop this but it slows the computer down Spyro
its a virus ok, and it can be found in, "C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch", and also "C:\Documents and Settings\*****\Application Data\browse ping", (where the stars are change to what your user name is), and "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BEND FLAG FLAW BOLT"to remoe the files you need to start your computer in safe mode so its not running the names for the program change now a again so they maybe other programs in them folders if you cant find them links search for "for slow drive.exe" and daleintra.exe any othe programs found with these files are its freinds so remove them to. formatron
If it's lowercase letter, iexplore.exe, it IS NOT MS Explorer. It is a horrible little prick and is hard to be rid of. In fact, i had to do a complete re-install and re-format the hard drive to be rid of it. Mitch
Disable system restore in XP edition, run antivirus program to delete the "bad one", enable system restore again and viola, your back door trijan virus is history , honest! :-)  See also: Link Karen the budding pc geek
I have 3 that run at the same time and when i close it "great rect.exe" and "deafpoll.exe" start for about 2 seconds and then they disappear and bring back "iexplore.exe" chris
well, to get rid of it download a program called Autoruns.exe then open it and chose eplorer from the upper tab, you should see 2 files that are ran from windows folder and they are called windows explorer and outlook explorer, they have weird names they start from. Just delete those entries
im not sure, when i open up another iexplorer my other one closes! this happens even with pop-ups! i cant have two up at the same time it is very enoying! Anthony
itīs dangerous when the process is running, but you didnīt open a window.. JackLawless
AppName: iexplore.exe AppVer: 6.0.2800.1106 ModName: unknown Leo
Besides being Microsoft Product There exist virus that appears in Tasklist as IEXPLORE.EXE And performance of comp. becomes crippled. Procexp.exe tells it is located in \windows\Config Folder. I deleted it however it reappears after restart. inion-dev
Takes up to much Commit Charge Administrator
had 2 iexplore.exe tasks that couldn't be killed. Removed them by using "filemon.exe" (freeware app) to find out what was restarting them and renaming that program (since you can't delete it straight away). Then reboot. In my case it was in Documents and settings\ local user \ application data\ dale bend settings\ 32 remote option.exe. After reboot you can safely delete the programs and your prefetch directiory. maahes
a virus can use this name so its always best to run a virus scan anyway Andy
when i open internet explore it shoots my cpu usage 2 100% and its super slow when i open pages with pics. dont know what it is or how 2 get rid of it so i gonna reboot peanuts
Internetexplorer, but ad- &spyware can use it to hide Volkan
iexplore running in background: Delete Yahoo Toolbar and your troubles are over Paul
i have two of them, the one with the higher memory usage changes to cakeboob.exe everytime I try to end the process, then changes back to IEXPLORER.EXE!! please! find a way to stop it! asgy
I have had this randomly for about a month, and have been working on deleting it. I have 'deleted it' but its still running. ... really annoying
its recking my cpu and when i end its procces it comes back lewboy
iexplore.pf remove it with avg..
meridia  See also: Link meridia
I have 2 IEXPLORE.EXE keep running on my background whenever i end proccess it goes back right away.. and i keep doing endprocess till i found out that and it shows BASHOB~1.EXE was the one whos running it. its like IEXPLORER .EXE is its masks so make sure you search for BASHOB~1.EXE in your computer and if you find anything delete it.. i have the screen shot of the processes franz
I looked in all system and hidden files and could only find it in C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer as you'd expect. I renamed this and rebooted and it reappeared! I then booted into SDafe Mode With Console, did dir c:\iexplore.exe /s and that found another in C:\WINDOWS\DLLCACHE. I deleted it, rebooted, and I'm now cured. What a stinker. 19/05/06. Orient Meat Pie
No toolbar in internet explorer Nj
its eats lots of RAM....i dont run IE for browsing but firefox....but in my process IExplorer.exe are too much? solution please...i tried to kill process but it is not work..i think it is malware Bagus Mahadityo
I can'nt download anything or reload iexployer I think it needs a overhaul. RonKK
I know it's Microsoft Internet Explorer but I have found a file called iexplore.exe in a hidden directory of uninstall parts of windows, and if I don't kill this process my Internet explorer don't work!! If I delete it, when I restart the system this file copy itself in another directory (always in hidden uninstall parts of windows). JJ
windows process. windows internet explorer. get firefox. popo
it opens a new one every 4 minutes until there are about 50 running. My I.P. e-mailed me that my p.c. was sending out unauthorized e-mails and they shut down all outgoing e-mail. I've been able to keep it down by monitoring task mgr and ending the processes every few minutes....what a pain! then i shut off my broadband when i don't need it. mlc
SYMPTOMS: iexplore.exe runs even with no web browser open and when you ctrl+alt+del to terminate the processes, they instantly reopen on their own. The existence of these processes cause memory usage and popups. SOLUTION: Go into your control panel and click "Add or Remove Programs". Scroll to the bottom and look for Zone Media. Click "Change/Remove" and it will ask you to type in a special number to make sure that you are human. Fill in the number and uninstall. The result will be no more popups and no more fake iexplore.exe running on your system. FIXED IT
Whenever I get into sites that deal with PopUps such as games it kicks me right off the internet and gives me the message iexploreexe. application error but i work fine when I surf other sites. Rebelz
I've got 2 iexplore.exe's running, everytime I open the normal ie to surf poxy casino, dating, loans and even dell adverts come up, ending it in task manager seems to do nothing as it comes back in 2 seconds, i did a search and there is one in C:\WINDOWS\Servicepackfiles\i386, also one in the prefix file with aload of numbers on the end, deleted that. Hackers84
This is Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is not dangerous at all. if this file is causing problems then you may be infected with a virus. Internet explorer is however a serious security issue, you may want to consider using Mozilla FireFox which is naturaly safer and has been proven to cut down on the ammount of viruses and spyware. http://www.getfirefox.com Mediarocker - IT Administrator
it is the main program that runs interternet explorer. BUT IT CAN ALSO BE THE Trojan.KillAV.B VIRUS steele
I use it rarely but it still turned out, that my Task Manager wasn't opening because of IE-s bugs. Margot
It's MS Internet Explorer for most of these folks, but so many of them don't know what they're talking about. Like all these folks who try to end the process and it changes name to some weird exe and then back to IEXPLORER.EXE, it's a virus! IEXPLORER.EXE (note it's IEXPLORER not IEXPLORE) the extra "R" on the end signifies it's not Internet Explorer. Any HijackThis expert knows that immediately....I don't have the time to spell it all out here, Chappy
On my XP machine a MS rep & I have been trying to remove what in my case is the IEXPLORE.EXE **trojan**. p645n
its a explorer file error reinstall the ie pri
As far as i can tell, if you have installed IE7 then this runs every time you open a web page, it takes up loads off your memory as it performs lots of security scans to protect your computer. If you go online then end the process of iexplore.exe you`ll notice it closes your web pages. If this doesn`t happen then you iexplore.exe is prob a virus or spyware. GediKnight
I use firefox and IEXPLORE.EXE starts up on it's own a lot. I do not know what is causing it I just know I'm pretty fed up with it. I wish I could uninstall Internet Exploder but also It's incorporated into Windows... Blair
don't be confused if you run IE and avant at the same time, if you rename avant to iexplore then when you run both at the same time, it will be have 2 jack
I just found out I had this so I did a little search on the web and found this site. Still don't know how to remove it but I have two running at the same time and one uses around 4500 kb of memory while the other one uses 45000 kb. How do I get rid of it. There must be a way. Man Utd.
I use Firefox, and every time I start up fire fox, in the task manager it pops up, and ad comes with it. I end the process of iexplore and the ad went away Rob
IEXPLORE.EXE loads at startup, cripples machine, ZoneAlarm asks whether or not to give it access to the internet or act as a sever, no matter how many times i say deny and to remember setting, it comes back, shows multiple entries in program control in ZoneAlarm, can end task, don't think it renames itself, computers runs normal afterwards, but every restart, same process of elimination, VERY F'ing frustrating, even deleted EVERY instance of iexplore.exe from my HDD AND registry, using only FireFox.
i removed this file easily... what i did was 1) full system scan with Ad-Aware 2) Scanned with Hijackthis and removed everything suspicious and has anything to do with internet explorer! 3) Start Run Msconfig Startup = removed everything with IEXPLORE.exe and weird exe i have never seen before. 4) Start Run Regedit File Find File Iexplore removed everything i could find. 5) Booted into safe mode and deleted the Internet Explorer folder. And at last, heres a piece of advice: ALWAYS USE MOZILLA FIREFOX, Internet Explorer sucks and everybody knows it. goodluck h4x0r
I had one in my \Windows directory. It's not Internet Explorer, Zone Alarm caught it. You need to start in Safe Mode to delete it. Doug
In program files I found the Caps IE-it listed a file version of 5.50.4134.600. RaeRae
it just eats the memory. 2 browsers are open and it uses 57mb of ram! lsx
It has limited my actions, for e.g - stopped me from copying and pasting, and somtimes dosent let me run wmp, also the shutdown protocall runs every so often and gives you 1minuite to type 'shutdown.exe -a' into RUN - This is either a virus or a worm. Ice_Dragon
I just got rid of every iexplore.exe apart from in program files. I thought it was a bit suss when random messages started coming up saying that if I clicked OK it would clean porn off the computer or something. Task manager showed it used heaps of memory and I've had some unusual taskbars etc. coming up from it. Use firefox. Oz
Had an iexplore.exe in system32\sys...it ried to send mail via google smtp. Luckily i had a firewall running and discovered this presumed keylogger. Start in safe mode and remove the sys folder. remove it from the run key in the registry and it's gone Pepe
I had 2 version of IEXPLORE.EXE running and could not delete them. Using the browser, PartyPoker window kept opening. They kept coming back after stopping the process. Using ZoneAlarm, I removed privileges for IEXPLORE.EXE and found it wanted to run Mapistyle.exe This was found in c:\documents and settings\yourprofile\Application Data\BIN INTER REMOTE along with other files. When I deleted this folder, my problems were solved. Took me 5 hrs! Hope it works for you. Just Me!
IEXPORER.EXE I got this by down loading what I thought was Mcafee site advisor. The website was a fake looks just like the official site. ran a search removed files and installed FireFox no problems anymore Denis
i think this is an trojan because no taskbar caption for it, and when internet explorer not in running, i found it in memory. amin
IExplore.exe is not the actually explorer process, that is EXPLORER.exe, to simply remove on an Win(OS) boot in safe mode:run - msconfig - boot.ini - safemode - restart - open C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe or run - cmd - del -f "c:\program files\internet explore\iexplore.exe" or you can start - search - iexplore.exe and delete the .pf files to disable problem files. DaGGeR
iexplore.exe is Internet Explorer executable file from Microsoft, but nowadays its true it can be other process of same name may be a virus or trojan kinda, I have iexplore.exe running in background. It is not there in system32, system or config folder or anywhere else. it is still running I believe it is Spam or Virus. I have w32/pate.b Virus. Is it the symptom of the same. iexplore.exe running from user = system when see the taskmamanager may be a service ruunig..someone Help me .. I am @ y! IM sinkg2002 please Kapil
I got rid of this prob by removing the program "zone media" see link for more info..  See also: Link Iain
its just annoying spyware! i had it two weeks ago and was able to get rid of it in 5mins, since getting rid of it, it has not come back! Open task manager, end iexplore.exe's process. look carefully at the processes and ur see a new process open, remember this file name, it will only open for a second and then close again (after opening a new explore.exe). search your hard drive for that file and delete it. do this for each instance of explore.exe and it will be gone forever! or until u download it again ;) Jon
The multiple process IEXPLOE.exe is malware and can be very difficult to get rid of, finding what causes this is time consuming. I've tried many of the suggestions found here and have a new one to suggest to you if others don't work. I don't have any YAHOO progs. on my laptop but I did have the GOOGLE TOOLBAR, so I removed it through the add/remove programs in the control panel and it went away immediately. I'm not done looking for causes yet though, I will keep everyone posted in a day or so to let you know if I found something new and if it returned. BigBroncO
i know it appeared when i got problems with Yazak Chatclient. I did a virus scan and my anti virus picked it up, i removed it. When i wanted to reinstall Yazak it turned out that it`s inside that download. So i recommend people who use Yazak to remove it. Jannah
Windows Internet Explorer Browser but if its EXPLORE.exe its a worm details how to remove are in the link (click on recovery tab)  See also: Link matt
Apparently, it's a LOP malware using the Messenger Plus! MSN messenger add-on. As far as I know (and experienced with much frustration), popups are the only detrimental effects on your PC and of course high memory usage. Visit the site below and download the uninstaller program. Make sure nothing else is running, especially IE. It worked for me in an instant.  See also: Link pigyouth
risoluton is...........installl firefox  See also: Link priyantha jayamanna
It is just Internet Explorer. Version 7 has an error that eats up all the CPU cycles even after you close the window. oakwhiz
I noticed this in my task manager today even though I wasn't running Internet Explorer. When I clicked 'end process', however, it went away and did not reappear (I checked to see how many processes were running so I'd know if it reappeared under a different name). Now it only appears when I run Internet Explorer (as expected). I use Firefox so I'm not sure why it was running despite my not using Explorer. I don't think I have a virus, though, as soon as I ended the process it disappeared and didn't reappear but I'm a little nervous about it.
While Microsoft's Internet Explorer is of questionable security itself, I think the authors of the site should clarify that IEXPLORE.EXE (all caps) is also the name of a highly infectious computer virus (which I'm still trying to get rid of). In the task manager (ctrl-alt-delete, task manager, processes tab), unlike the legit IE- the virus can be seen as two processes named IEXPLORE.EXE which run at all times and are always displayed in caps. I've heard this can only be removed using PREVX anti-virus.  See also: Link thehipi
FIXED IT is right, more or less. Just uninstall some program that you donīt recognice from the list ("Add or Remove Programs"). One of those that you donīt know what is for will ask you for 7 numbers. Just copy the numbers shown besides, and restart PC. COMEDIANTE
both of these "iexplorer.exe" files are reliant on each other. If you can manage to end both processes before one starts up again they will be both gone. There is another process that reactivates them although I don't know which one. Caspa TFnG
I have the exact same problem, and for all you Mozilla fanboys even when I open Firefox it still pops up and milks my processor. Jimmy
I tried going to the control panel and scrolling down but I didn't find any such Zone Media these pop ups are driving me crazy please help me Ray
It's can be browser (xD) or virus. If internet explorer browser are turn off, this is virus. If when you terminate process and process is back it's virus sephiroth
Duplicate instance of IE runs in background. I had this problem and found it to be caused by Add-Ons within IE. To resolve, go to Tools (within IE), then Manage Add-Ons, and I suggest disable all to start, and then by process of elimination, re-enable add-on. Richard
If you don't use explorer then just restart your computer and run it in safe mode. In windows go to prefetch folder and delete those both IEXPLORE files, after that go to program files and find your EXPLORE.EXE and delete it.(if not in safe mode you can't delete this) Harmi
It's a program that lets you create .exe files, me and someone else were trying it out earlier today. WALSHY
this browser by microsoft is easily installed with malicious content from bad websites etc, but isnt bad on its own... If you have a problem with IEXPLORE.EXE appearing in the process list, you probably have LOP, a malicious browser hijacker. You can remove this using lavasoft ad-aware see, a nice anti spyware / detection program, i also recommend spybot search and destroy, and windows defender. Adam
If your default browser (iexplore.exe or firefox.exe) launches hidden on startup you may have something called the poison ivy trojan. Instructions on quick painless removal here.  See also: Link James
Internet Explorer 7 very more patchs, ie 6 is critical more, I(capital i) Use IE 7, ATTENTION! My Attacked virus if used ie in 30 minutes! My Norton Internet Security 2005, yes, 2005, updated LiveUpdate Automatic and Manually, Not need uninsatll IE, Use other browser! minimally use ie! and if not installed, please install IE7, if you not a web editor, and not problems with ie7. legal windows needed meow
This is normaly Microsoft Internet Explorer, the Browser from Microsoft, but there are several trojans, which replace the original iexplore file with the infected iexplore file. USE LINUX AND YOU WONT GET ANY PROBLEMS ;) me
Whenever I exit Internet Explore I get an error message saying that iexplore.exe is an unknown software. I serached and couldn't find it on my disc, and I just downloaded Norton Internet Security-2007 which may have removed it from my disc. Do I need this file - or is it bad news, how do I stop these messages? Bob C
Chappy is totally wrong. I have a process, clearly "IEXPLORE.EXE" and eating anywhere from 3,000 K when it just startes up to huge amounts *70,000+* when it gets rolling. Working on getting it off now... Panda
This file is invasive and really irritating. It just shut down my entire computer for an upgrade at its convenience - without any option for me to stop it. Unbelievable. Try firefox. Dr Ruth Irwin
this seem to work for me, "C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\hopethismail" and delete what ever is in the folder. The 2 iexplore.exe were running off Four Bags.exe and sometimes every 30 mins or so, it turns on burnpingglue.exe which eats all the CPU %. Low IQ
it will say acess denied...(again)...Whatever.... click ok then a window pos up it's unlocker! chose delete on the bottom of the window and click once on the process iexplore.exe...then just simply KILL PROCESS! file was deleted...ok...now just kill the two processes of oexplore.exe and they never appear again! if ur firewall says that ie wants permission say noŧJUST THIS TIME! Shadow
When I was trying to get out of ie, I had messages that Iexplorer.exe didn't want to close...well after reading several messages regarding that Iexplorer.exe should be in the C:/Program Files/Internet Explorer and not in the prefect file; which is what happened when I did a file search I deleated the one in the prefetch file...my only question is can I delete my system 32 file? Otherwise this has been a tremenous learning experience for my untecy mind happymom
Could be a virus if it is not in the Program Files folder. I find this site absolutely useless for information as there is no help at all in removing the darned thing. Information such as "could be", "maybe" etc are as useful as a fish on a bicycle! Roboclown
(Just like what 'Fixed it said') SYMPTOMS: iexplore.exe runs even with no web browser open and when you ctrl+alt+del to terminate the processes, they instantly reopen on their own. The existence of these processes cause memory usage and popups. SOLUTION: Go into your control panel and click "Add or Remove Programs". Scroll to the bottom and look for Zone Media or CiD. Click "Change/Remove" and it will ask you to type in a special number to make sure that you are human. Fill in the number and uninstall. The result will be no more popups and no more fake iexplore.exe running on your system. LigerZer0
I had an IEXPLORE.EXE process running what seemed to give troubles sometimes with running normal IE explorer. It was located in %systemroot%\srchasst\ - seems like part of Windows Search Indexer what was needed for MS Outlook to provide search capabilties in mailboxes and such. tommie
loock at Add Remove Programs!!!! its there with some strange name, in my casi it was "CiD Help"!!! after click on Remove it was asked to enter a number to check that I'm human! that's the stupid spyware Nikolai Atanasov
All I know is, when i tried deletin it, when ever I try to go in browser, it exits the execution automatically Edward
THAT FILE IS NOT SAFE. It keeps downloading trojans, restarts my computer and i cant close it. IEXPLORE.EXE
It runs itself randomly even when not connected to the internet, infected and riddled with advert popup and a major amount of annoying mem useage causing the computer just to stop almost, have to end its procress. Some worried person
Well, it is a Virus or Trojan. At the moment, I can't access my PC because of it. My Anti Virus software wanted to delete it after the PC was restarted, but then I didn't have a taskbar anymore and no desktop icons. Schall
This thing is a PAIN but I finally managed to delete it. What I did was this: Go to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\".. here I found a weird folder name called "up hold blue delete" or something like that. I deleted that and the problem was solved =) daniel
I downloaded Ad-Aware and this got rid of it straight away. GP
I had 2 iexplore.exe processes in my task manager, and while checking installed programs in my add/remove software list i found a program called CiDHelp, which i didnt install for sure, After removing it, and punching some code, confirming that " Im a human beaing not a computer," or something like that, 2 iexplore.exe processes disapeared. Im so glad;)))) Konrad
iexplorer.exe has been slowing my computer down a lot, after reading these comments I'm not sure what to think of it - I wasa
is essential for window youssef chat
just delete the yahoo taskbar and your problem will be solved. there's a glitch with that taskbar...and u'll eliminate that problem by removing it. go to control panel, then click on add/remove programs and then click on Yahoo Taskbar. louisvee
iexplore.exe is the main executable for the program Internet Explorer. Althought it can also be a trojan. Info
It Constantly pops up When i Was Logged into firefox Now i Deleted the file in prefetch Folder in Windows Now everything works i guess. before , it poped up All the time now It seems Calm . Magelux
AVG found the trojan in documents&settings/youruser/applicationdata/randomfilename (yours will probably be different from mine, I deleted the file)...also in CCleaner, Tools tab, I deleted the file called CID help, seems to be completely gone now, even after running IE.
iexplorer.exe is a browser file. it can use up a lot of memory if you are opening large/very large photos from the internet. press ctrl+alt+del and end the process iexplorer.exe then start again it mgiht sort the sisue out Bill Gates
iexplore.exe is just internet explore, not a virus or anything at all. use the run tool and type in iexplore.exe and internet explorer will start, you really shouldnt delete anything cuz it might screw it up. IEXPLORE.EXE=internet explorer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TOOLS INTERNET OPTIONS ADVANCED de-select (reuse windows for launching shortcuts) under BROWSING. "Problem solved" !! Ootyman
c'est un probleme necessite formattage madbin
it keeps appearing in XP when the browser isn't open. It's definitely a virus. Catharine
kutti dalli dan
when it launches in my task manager all it does is link to a site that plays advertisements for junk and crap. Rei
It's Internet Explorer. If you see two iexplore.exe, it means you have IE8 (Internet Explorer 8) and it is needed to process it's new browser power.  See also: Link Unico
I never use IE or Outlook, but lately iexplore.exe has been spontaneously running in the background. I first noticed it when it showed an error from crashing. Why would iexplore.exe be running at all; I never use it and I have ActiveX disabled. Something was triggering it, but not me. I ran scans with Zonealarm and Spybot with updated definitions. These did not end the problem. So, switched over to GData Internet Security, which is reputed to have the widest malware coverage acc. to independent tests. Ran new scans with GData. Still, did not end the problem.
By default, IE8 will start with two instances of iexplore.exe (one for the Frame, one for the tab) and grows the number of tab processes as needed based on the amount of available RAM, the number of tabs, the integrity levels for tabs, and the number of distinct IE sessions.  See also: Link Frank Aveni
search for iexplore.exe then delete the file that has prefetch in the title. Dlish
I found it on my main computer that I no longer use, at least until I find a way to get rid of it. I have un-installed internet explorer 8 and this shows up in program files under internet explorer folder and also under prefetch. It is impossible to delete since it continually regenerates itself. I have used at least six different programs including RegCure and still have not been able to get rid of it. It also duplicates itself while running in task manager and eventually uses all of your CPU so that the system is eventually at a standstill, only choice to reboot. hermides
Either its internet exporer if your running IE, shut it down and check if there's any process left of iexplore
It's a trojan if it's not in the Internet Explorer folder. Darcy
It's slowing down my pc if I leave the computer for awhile I come back and there is about 8 to 10 Iexplores open in task manager Ive bought software and tried everything ! and to who ever wrote its Internet Explorer geesss yes it is but the virus makes itself look like IE to try and hide ! I have IE opening up and I run FIREFOX Good Grief
i found this file while troubleshooting for this problem on my computer IEXPLORE.EXE-2D97EBE6.pf Anon
Usually IEXPLORE.EXE is located in a subfolder of C:\Program Files (generally C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\). If you find it in a C:\Windows subfolder, then the security rating is 82% dangerous. Close Internet Explorer and check out the Task Manager.  See also: Link Helga
Go to Search--All Files or Folders--Then Go to the WINDOWS-System32 and Prefetch folders to delete the trojan. Empty your Recycle Bin. This worked for me. I no longer see iexplore.exe popping up constantly. Carey
It could just be an IE process or a backdoor program. To find out where it is coming from, run a check in Task Manager and run disk scan. I heard this product does help.  See also: Link Jesx
had four of them running two alternating at ~35k--kb two ~7k--kb tried killing the larger ones and they doubled... but the smaller ones went down to ~5k--kb then killed the small ones and the process completely disappeared ben
It can be Internet Explorer or a virus. If you have more iexplore.exe's than Internet Explorer windows open, than some are viruses. If you have one or more Internet Explorer's running, it may be impossible to tell which is good and which is bad. Tyler
All i know is it makes my computer work slower then what it already does. And its not in the System32 folder. Im using Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition, And iexplore.exe dosnt even come up with a search. So it runs in the background, But its not on the computer when i search for it. Does that mean i got a vrius? Tamara
It keeps comming back and back on my task manager, and every time i end the process, it comes back again and again.ive scanned my laptop but nothing, using window 7. Aiden
It has a lot of memory and CPU usage which slows your computer down...A LOT. o: Jon
internet Explorer Ū™
I think its a virus. every time i boot windows, there's the IEXPLORER.EXE (with caps) and some other processes with random names like wf34dk263.exe. KnowNau
iexplore.exe been slowing down my pc, & everytime I constantly try to end process, a few seconds its up & running again. It has also caused this pop up "Internet has encountered ... " report message. I have been trying day by day how to get rid of this issue .. yet I have not found any solution to it. I've had this computer since 2005 & this is the first time I've ever encountered this problem. Michelle
Look for Frank Aveni's answer - closest to reality as I can see - IE8 will open sub exe as needed. If you install Process Explorer this is made evident. HOWEVER, you may still have malware with this name. Duane
It's Internet Explorer. Anoymous
This is what to do: start your computer and when its booting press F8 to run in safe mode then use your antivirus system and run a full computer scan. That should do it! Hope this helped. Mouiylus
" SAFE " according to Symantic 360 v5. Go to Symantic site, home user and let them run a complete virus scan. Don't bother with McAfee or free apps, THEY will hurt your baby. HUBRIS
If the absolute filename of the process is C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer and it's icon and version match the version of Internet Explorer you have, then it IS Internet Explorer. Otherwise, this is probably a virus that tried to fool you.
i dont know much abt this but if it encounters just first select it and click endprocess in the application list in task manager and then goto process tab in taskmanager and select iexplore & again click endporces !.. thats it u wont find the iexplorer till u login next time!.. LeO
This iexplore.exe is always put a copy shortcut link and a recycler folder contains a virus
using the pathway c:\windows\ie7 path it was determined that the file was missing ALL .dll files that need to be correctly associated to the ie7 folder. Copying and pasting from a non-corrupt source file resolved the issue Gary
I cant stop it.Everytime i use task manager to kill it,it just pops back up Andrew
There seems to be quite some confusion with regards to the nature of iexploree.exe / Iexeplore.exe / Iexeplorer.exe: regular Windows process or malware. If it is causing problems it should be considered as dangerous.  See also: Link Lucas
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8/9
Tools > Internet Options > Advanced de-select (reuse windows for launching shortcuts) under Browsing. "Problem solved" !!a dhimitri
All I did was download FREE Microsoft Security Essentials from the Microsoft security website. Problems fixed, computer runs like a new one. David
my iexplorer.exe is a virus from mcafee
This is important file for windows, but there is a virus that will make the process run when you do not have the program open at all,
This is Internet Explorer, a normal component of Windows, the most common virus Bill Gates
IEXPLORE.exe is the main file for Internet Explorer Web Browser. If you have many IE Browser windows open at the same time, you will also find many instances of IEXPLORE.exe running. Sometimes, if you close all of the IE Browser windows, some instances IEXPLORE.exe will remain running. These are basically leftovers of IE Browser windows that failed, like when you sometimes click on a link in IE and nothing happens. Just use Windows Task Manager to find these and then click "End process". It is possible for a virus to have the same name as IEXPLORE.exe, or IEXPLORER.exe (IEXPLORER.exe, with an extra "R" is definately a virus). Kevin
Kaspersky TDSSKiller will fix the problem  See also: Link Bob
its asking for my username and password but I could not remember them
using to much memory tom
iExplorer.exe is the process for internet explorer, but i guess there is some malware that hijacks it... ITS NORMAL! Stiverino
it uses 100% of cpu in endless loop Peter
Any file can be an exploit. As this file was corrupted on my computer, in the Task Manager it listed as "iexplore.exe. *32", this is a very powerful virus; I have Used Recovery twice, AVG*** Malwarebytes***, HitmanPRO 3.7***, Slimcleaner*, Microsoft Security Essentials did nothing BTW 0%, ESET***, EMSISoft***, ADW Cleaner***, ComboFix***,JRT**, and RogueKiller ***. [Stars indicate how useful they were for me.] Good luck. Ladd
dislike it as it keeps wanting to access dangerous and blocked sites (Avast) Ben
Slows everything! Sandy
It consumes so much ram and makes my pc lag. I dont even open IE and it starts itself.
It's internet explorer. David

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