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Process name: Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service

Product: Windows Vista

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Company: Microsoft

File: wmpnetwk.exe

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This is a component of Windows Media Player that is used to share media libraries. It is located in the C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\ folder. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/wmpnetwk.exe.html 

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All comments about wmpnetwk.exe:
Part of Windows Media Player 11 (beta) Troy
uses ALOT of process! killaz
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service Menn0
It uses so much of my memory Kevin
Uses a lot of memory Anonymous
it slows down windows xp significantly bill
its a window media player 11 network process to share your media libary online, if you kill it, it will restart itself, anyone know how to kill it permantly? Fatetaker
when I updated media player 10 it showed up. Seems harmless but delete when playing games.
This file is used by the new Windows Media Player 11 to share files with other computers copies of Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 over your LAN. Allen George
Part of Windows Media Player. Contiunally starts itself, even after ending process, disabling it in WMP, and setting the Service (in Run services.msc) to "Manual." To stop if from restarting I had to right click. Properties, and stop the service itself or set it to Disabled.
network service John
only became aware of it when it was flagged up by zone alarm free advising me that it was trying to access the internet - I have denied access and also blocked access from within zone alarm neil watterson
File Sharing Over Local LAN Admin
Takes af lot of your CPU Nicolaj
it is windows media player sharing executables orlowski
The file is located in the folder C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\ and belongs to Windows Media Player. It is used to share Windows Media Player libraries. Dario
Media Player 11 users with folder sharing enabled on their network (for their xbox 360s, for example) will see this process running.  See also: Link
This file is turned on by Windows Media Player when you enable Media sharing, and it can be turned off inside the options of WMP. If you have connected a Xbox 360 to your PC, this is the program that serves it music or other things. Bradley Shaner
Shares Windows Media Player libraries to other networked players and media devices using Universal Plug and Play VemeC
A prosess that is needed to share the library with i.e. your xbox 360 through media center Strandmyr
media player go into tools and turn off sharing
windows uses it when you share you music files or videos on a network through windows media player 11 Wilson2k
Can be disabled by turning off sharing in Windows Media Player Paradox
It try's to act as a server during windows startup. My firewall blocks it so no serverrights are granted leeuwke
[wmp] = windows media player [netwk] = network [wmpnetwk] it uses about 22k memory no.
Did some sort of polling(?) that caused recurring CPU spikes (once every 15 secs my PC would hang for 5 secs) Metro98k
Uses a tonne of system resources with little or no apparent value.
Media sharing with WMP11 - Uses a LOT of system resources - Disable sharing in WMP 11 to turn off  See also: Link Piyaoyas
Heavy on the process, takes up to 50%... Richard
not dangerous can be stopped jake
Eats my CPU alive, 50% usage most of the time, it started happening after I tried to network my laptop and my 360, though it may just have been in the update I downloaded that day. Pringle
Uses all my extra CPU cycles!!! Grim
I believe it is the sharing service for Windows Media Player, and I think the reason it was using 100% is because my PS3 is communicating with it without me wanting it to. Deny'ing access to the PS3 brought back the cpu usage to normal levels. Tyr
I turned on WMPNSS so I'm sure it is safe, but it does use to much resources. Bill
uses lots of memory, can disable in msconfig- services- no probs at all occur after. Jake
Eats away the RAM. Currently using 12% of 1024Mb for doing virtually nothing mathias
it comes up as a programme trying to acess your computers informtaion alex
It's definitely part of WMP11 and it's also a pain to get rid of Catalina Emerson
it uses a lot of cpu time and slows down the computer Pieter
Slows down PC ALOT Adam
Media player 11/  See also: Link Spyk
Just windows media player sharing process, easily disabled  See also: Link Nick
wmp 11 generates lot of disk activity as well as a little bit of network activity (and eat ram) brice
Consumes almost all CPU resources Steve
wmp 11 its cool but dont hurt to kill (any name can be a virus though) pimpin bob
Tools Options Library Configure Sharing Uncheck Box, it should then be disabled mh
Part of WMP11's file sharing. uses a lot of my cpu for some reason. jack
Checks your DRM setup and if it doesnt like it, it blocks media sharing Paula_ke
Is part of the UPNP Media Player Network Sharing Service
it eats memory and cpu cycles for breakfast, even when it shouldnt be running at all blackphoenix
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
disable sharing in networking tab of wmp this process is useless. Uzzi
This is the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. If you go into Windows Media player there will be an option under "Library" to turn off sharing. Once turned off this service will not start.
It's not dangerous but is a real pain. Swallows up processes. It comes from WMP media library sharing which I enabled so my xbox could play media from my laptop. Wallzy
WMP service, ocasionally uses 100 cpu and induces critical ram use (2000 plus mb of ram), comp slows right down and hangs during the times it sucks up my resources. might try using diff service to share media to 360 such as "zune". TreacleSLIT
just open wmp 11 Library Media Sharing and untick share my media...and then cpu becomes normal again!!! Pro
100% certain it's Media sharing in Windows. Just go to Library - Media Sharing... - and turn it off. You'll get a messagebox asking to turn off sharing; click yes and the wmpntwk.exe process will end.
eats memory and cpu cycles when media player encounters a corrupt avi file  See also: Link harry
i deleted the network sharing folder from Windows Media Player Folder and wmpnetwork.exe from same folder. freed cpu, does not try access internet and share my library everytime WMP is started!!! NoSharing
Not good it uses a lot of Mem resources. Disable in Windows media network Services
Windows Media Player Network service, have not set it up to share so it should not be running at all
Windows Media Player 11 sharing with other devices on your network. Disable as mh suggested: select Tools; Options; Library; Configure Sharing; unclick Share My Media To...; Apply. When you click Okay, it gives the option to turn off sharing for every user or just yourself. mh2
this a wmp file no risks Joe
It keeps your UPnP media library up-to-date. You can turn it off by disable media sharing in Windows Media Player 10 or 11.  See also: Link Jeremiah
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
Allows WMP 11 to share media over the network to other devices, such as the Xbox 360. Mike
Everyonce and a while it will use 50 to 75% of the memory and 50 to 100% of the processor lucion
windows media player sharing service useless and uses *ALOT* of CPU/RAM
AVGD found 3 viruses on my Win7 PC. Infects JPG files with "Exploit.JPEG virus (unknown)". THe JPG files were randomly picked by the virus in the program. WMPNETWK.EXE located in C:\windows\windows media player\wmpnetwk.exe size=1,525,428 !! Need to verify file size for Win7. Mark
just stop the media sharing service, it'll help  See also: Link wmpNetwkiller
ok guys this file it is pretty dangerous if modefy by ares 3.15 open up a connection from the out side... If you play a file from inside of ares librery will ad a short cut to wmp11 by making this ares while have control over your music cuzz you have media sharing on and there is a trojan out there that gets into your pc using that shortcut delete ares and reinstall wmp if windows 7 just disable it and enlable it back on control pane, unstall programs, turn on off windowsfeature, media center and wmp off on... wolfman
Is the Network sharing program for windows media player, no problem if you kill it from task manager, but it appears itself again. Just disable Network sharing from Windows Media Player. Your Friend
WMP sharing is amazing, there is nothing wrong with the file. If you think that it eats up too much memory, then take a look at other UPNP file sharing programs, and you'll see that it really doesn't use a lot. WMP - good program, too many bugs =/
It uses a lot of CPU time and is a nussance Ty
when playing uses togeather with wpm.exe most of time up to 80% of cpu. Have to add that i'm runing win7 on intel core 2 duo 2.0ghz, 3gb ram. Isn't it too much for one program when even the most of games doesn't use so much whatever
this is not dangerous but if you don't control that maybe waste lots of resource. i check all drive for searching media then this proccess take 2.5GB of my ram! khaste
WMP sharing was turned off, services stopped, and it kept restarting itself and easting up memory Dan
Can be turned off under services. Koz
AVG is flagging it as the cause of "unknown virus Exploit.JPEG" in a temp JPG file created when I rotate JPGs in Fuji Finepix. Turning off the media sharing in Windows Media Player options stops the virus alerts. Cots
There are one of two things that you can do and thats stop sharing media with other pc's or suspend the process Erik
the memory it uses keep growing,ive got win 7 64 and it uses upto 4 gig on this one process,alone,and cpu upto 80% ,i also heard that disabling media sharing in media player stops it ,but not yet tried out Woody
Tends to use a lot of ram and cpu power. Hazardous for any computing because it can bring the computer to a near freeze. Chris
It uses about 3gigs of my ram which is alot Wesley
Ate up my resources like it was nothing. I googled the problem. Disable it through services.msc then restart your computer and disable it again through services. It hasn't come back since.  See also: Link AcornPenguin
you can find out how to disable it if you go here  See also: Link Aaron
(for windows 7) You could also go to services and disables media sharing from there: Start type in "services" click on services when it comes up, scroll down to windows media player network sharing service and disable.  See also: Link Dan
If you have this problem it can be related to corrupt media files particularly .wav files, there removal, which can be difficult can be the fix, Also media libraries on a 2nd hard drive with incorrect permissions can cause this, make sure you have a permission with full contol in your actual user name. uninstaling wmp and media center and reinstalling them can work too and indexing if you use it. I have had results just by disabling windows search and reinstalling it in programs and features. 9 out of 10 times it is corruptions in yhe media library, turning wmp off does not fix this, it avoids Lucian
I can't believe how much resources this thing uses for doing virtually nothing, even on a 3ghz core 4g ram system. i found this to work for windows 7, start menu control panel network and internet choose homegroup and sharing options uncheck boxes. bigdave78
lot lot lot of memory....too lot...computer freezes remigutis
windows media player uses it for sharing media over network MKO
If wmpnetwk.exe is taking a lot of system resources, it probably means something is wrong. The best way to get rid of this problem is to disable this service once and for all. www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/fix-wmpnetwk-exe-in-windows-7/ Disabling Media Sharing in Media Player The best way to remove these services is to just use the configuration panel… that way they don’t come back the next time Media Player gets opened, accidentally or otherwise. Open up Windows Media Player, and then click on the little arrow under “Library” and choose the “Media Sharing” option from the menu.  See also: Link another wmpnetwk.exe Fix In Windows 7
Windows Media Player file for sharing libraries, disable via Run: services.msc  See also: Link Marq
i don't use this functionality of WMP, so i shutted it down. like other zombies in Windows OS. X
using a lot of my cpu
if you want to share your media but reduce the resources involved change the default indexing search from c:\users to c:\users\my music etc. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-performance/windows-7-has-high-cpu-usage-and-slow-performance/b5c79a15-781b-455a-9003-6d305695fce0
It is definitely for sharing over the network, but there's definitely a problem with it in that after the most recent update, it will hog over half your RAM - if you don't stream to other devices, its best to stop the service and end the process WAB
i now that i find it working with UDP Protocoll. amd i also know that virus /trojans can be attached in any file. and the audio and video uses mostly udp whiteson
normally the process (provided it's not a virus using that file name) works fine. It allows you to share media. Occasionally it will consume more CPU & Memory even to the point of cause the system to hang. BUT, there the problems with this service have not been fully explored or remedied. For example in the link people with corrupt .avi files caused an UN-ENDING cycle of Wmpnetwk.exe to consumer 50% or more of the CPUs cycle and 2x, 3x, the amount of ram normal used by the system idle. Until the corrupt file is found & removed this continues.  See also: Link bdubslawman
This keeps web browsers and any application that accesses the internet from working properly. What the heck? It's supposed to be a part of windows media player's file sharing. When I disable it, everything goes back to normal. Bew
It can be removed from start up using MSCONFIG command, you will see it under services tab un-check it, click ok and restart system.. dialog box will pop up nest start, just check don't notify and click ok.. done  See also: Link Dean
using 90% of a 4 core 2.2GHz and 2,950,328 Kb or 2881.18 Mb or 2.813 Gb
It keeps popping up frequently taking up as much as 4 gb of ram, and about 95% of my 2.4 ghz processor. oz
Deactivate it! It is slowing down your PC! On my PC this process used 2.49GB RAM!! Daniel
(fixed cpu load problem) I had CPU load issues alot are describing, also scanning folders for media would stop and never complete (which also immediately seemed to cause the CPU stress). It turns out it was a single video file WMP was having a problem with when scanning folders for media to share. I assume it couldn't read it properly and hung as a result. Try scanning for media in specific directories instead of the entire video library at once (luckily it was in the first folder I scanned :P ). Once deleted my CPU load issues were gone and all media scanned/shared properly. FIXCPULOAD
its usefull for sharing through LAN-networks, but if you dont use WMP at all this service is useless... Kill it through run command ''services.msc'' stop it, and disabling it wont cause any problems if you dont use the program or haven't got the mediacenter connected to other devices (XBOX etc).. nolles
click start- type msconfig - click services tab - find the service - uncheck it and apply - problem solved! shawn diesel
I cant see the path when i use a program called "process explorer" same WUDFHost.exe I turn on the wifi too see what starts up to see what causes alot of massive downloads of 200kps to 4 mbps Dare
you have to disable sharing in your network settings then kill the process in task bar then it stops :) matt
To temporarily close this file (because it can not be deleted) open task manager, go to performance, right click wmpnetwk.exe, and choose suspend process. You can not get rid of this file I've tried everything. Haoshumaru
it will eat your R.A.M. Gavin a 13 year old genius
If you are using spotify and you allow it access to your local files then it will run wmpnetwk.exe.to load your local files into spotify. This uses a lot of memory and CPU. To stop this in spotify go to edit Preferences then scroll down to Local Files and unselect windows media player. You might need to unselect windows media library also, not sure. Hope this helps. When I first opened Spotify on my computer it slowed everything down so much it was unusable. This stopped it so my comp went back to normal. GTW
it slows down internet...try killing the process and you'll notice your internet get less ms Lol player
In Windows 7, this remains very small, and causes no lag. The effect on your computer is negligible. I believe this is because it is implemented properly in Win7, and uses an index that it updates periodically only while WMP 11 is loaded, rather than scanning every few seconds. Leviathan
I followed FIXCPULOAD's advice and found a corrupt .mov file from my iPhone, deleted it, and wmpnetwkexe is no longer an issue. Thank you!!! RapidRay
My computer was running really slowly. I saw this file was taking up way too much memory. After reading some of these comments, I disabled my home network, which I rarely used and the problem went away. vl
it is not stable on win 7 i got it using 2.489.376 k memory and 50% cpu ,i find this strange because i never use mediaplayer soundtuner
disable on windows 7: start- search- media streaming options- change the middle combo from "Allowed" to "Blocked" thedrs
Uses up a ton of RAM. Over 6,000,000 KBs for me. HATE WMP
I had a virus locate in random folders all secured and undeletable i used "unlocker" and when I went into the folder there was hidden folders (That I couldn't see when I chose to show hidden files) Called "VVVV" "WWWW" "XXXX" "YYYYY" "ZZZZ" So i unlocked and deleted them. I am going to do a full system scan in safemode now :) Chris Johnson
I have Mezzmo which spreads the sharing of the media files to others in the network. i have Windows 7 Ultimate and it does put a clutch on my processor when it starts runnning. So do the Mezzmo Media server it does put a heavy load on my AMD 8 core processor Lisandro Roque
Makes Blizzard's StarCraft crash Mis
I learn how to stop it from using process on your task manager '' go to control uninstall a program. go to window essentials 2012 '' tab that will ask you remove or repair'' tab repair'' then go to your task manager and see a steady 0. with the wmpnetwk. joezip
Uses more resources then it probably should. Andrew.
To stop go into services, find "Windows Media Player Network sharing Service", right-click = Properties; set to manual start. It seems to start automatically after WMP has been used. Maybe only real solution is to get rid of WMP, I dunno. Tom
Windows Media Player  See also: Link UHR_25
really slows up systems. microsoft should fix it. steven
It works overtime while cataloging your files, it will back off if when you run a program and use up all resources when your computer goes idle. Steve
It's useful when sharing mediafiles within LAN but uses way too much memory. Emil
If the description is same as filename, it is trojan, in may case Tool.BtcMine Chris
my computer is stuck at 100% cpu usage ; click on "show processes for all users" and there it appears. i kill the process and regain 2,5Gb of ram and cpu usage drops to 75%
It is used to share media with Phones, Xbox 360, Xbox one, and all that other stuff, you can disable it but if you want it to stop from now on, (Step 1) From the Windows Start Menu, open up services. (Step 2) Scroll down the local services menu and Right-Click Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. Then from the context menu, Select Properties. (Step 3)From the General tab in the properties window Set the Start up type to Disabled and then Click OK to save changes.  See also: Link Braden
It raised my Processor usage to 45. I disables wmpnetwk and the PC is almost idle. Kill it.  See also: Link Carlos A
Not a virus, but only bad because it uses up a lot of memory. Anonymous
Not a virus, but only bad because it uses up a lot of memory. Anonymous
never before seen this .exe (i watch processes all day, because of low bandwidth) it new to me,this compy is from 2013, today is 6/17/2016. P.S. i use WMP everday for music. TheNeb
Uses a lot of memory if you have a corrupted .avi file, also possibly infected .jpeg file. Quick fix disable Windows Media Player 11. More thorough fix is to search for & delete or reload corrupted .avi file KevinJ

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