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Process name: Norton AntiVirus Event Manager Service

Product: Norton Antivirus

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Symantec

File: ccevtmgr.exe

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This process is part of Norton AntiVirus 2003/4. It keeps track of all events that occur within NAV, and then writes the details of those events to the Activity Log. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ccevtmgr.exe.html 

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Average user rating of ccevtmgr.exe: based on 81 votes. Read also the 63 reviews.

  • 302 users ask for this file. 44 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 21 users rated it as neutral. 6 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 6 users rated it as dangerous. 12 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about ccevtmgr.exe:
Use by Symantec Corporation (Norton)
Norton Internet Security ? JQ
it cant be turned off in tskmgr stevec
This is part of Norton System Works Harry_nac_66
part of norton
Part of the Symantec Common Cilent system install with Symantec product such as Norton internet security; Norton antivirus; personal firewall ect Lord Verminartus
it pops up every time I log on Maryann Martinez
ccevtmgr.exe is the same like CCEVTMGR.EXE lekicapo
Part of Norton antivirus/firewall stuff. Tat
Part of norton anti virus
Norton AV 2005 (aucun problème) Symantec Pascal
it will not let windows 98 ( with all updates) shut down without specifically waiting about a minute ctrl/alt/del then end task THEN win 98 will shut down - what a pain. pgselectronics michael
This program wants to act as a server and accept inbound connections from Symantec. Is this wise? Mikey
freezes my pc Pierre
Part of Symantec Norton Internet Security suite  See also: Link Georg
It can run your CPU upto 100% from time to time..you notice it when your other applications run slower than normal.. Flex
uses o lot of my memory, can't be deleted. tullio
part of norton antivirus...
that process get cpu 100% very often and windows downed. this computer is sever. this is big problem. kor
this is definitely not a security issue  See also: Link horn
Won't let Windows 98 shut down properly. Dan
Does it matter if the letters are lower case or not? I see it on my machine like this ccEvtMgr.exe
part of Norton
File itself poses no threat. However the improper removal of this file can cause you major headaches seeing that a Windows 98/ME machine will not function w/o it. soltech
Accompanied by ccproxy can take 100% of your CPU for quite A LONG TIME. This is rubish!Gettings second thoughs for Norton... John
this file also does not uninstall when you uninstall all of Norton. It keeps on running on bootup Alan
Part of Symantec / Norton Antivirus Edu
Symantec Security K
hasn't caused any problems mjkingsr
It's not malicious, but it's acting as a VPN and won't let me use any network printers with it running. Boo! Nathan
slows me down and uses cpu 100%
Part of Norton Internet Security 2006 Will
symantec [email protected], remove all semantec, will take you a while, delete files, remove registry entries, then install AVG from grisoft.com...so much better...delete all symantec stuff!!! billos
has shot down win98 due to not being able to remove it properly Mark
It seems to latch on to opera, google talk, msn and skype and won't let you uninstall the programs it's holding onto. Ratz
Takes up lot of memory and cannot be removed from taskmanager Viking
This file remained even after uninstalling NIS :( CAA
Symantec process. Spiffy
uses 100% cpu without warning. Starting to hate norton
I know it really slows down start-up of my machine! rob
It hogs up all my CPU all the time and slows my computer to a halt. Sometimes when i try to delete programs this CCEVTMGR.exe won't let me for some reason I HATE CCEVTMGR.EXE
takes up large percentage of CPU and is needless bosss
takes up a lot of memory and slows the machine flint
if its a problem, search your registry for the programs ran on startup, and there should be a registry value with the name of the file on, and delete the value.
Drives up your CPU to 100% Jeroen KS
Not very dangerous, I'm running on Xp, 800Hmz and 385 of Ram, it rise up my CPU to 100% every 30-35 min, explorer mades alot more errors. It cant be stopped with task manager.That also sucks. Dj
It privents wirless networking from functioning , specially scaning and 3 in one applications nos
This, along with SPBBCSvc.exe, will take up 100% CPU. I used to be able to end it on the Windows task manager, but it now denies access to both. Get progressively worse. A-K
uses too much CPU, not helpful; my laptop is slower now. aa03
Win98, It stopped DOS window and other dos app's from runing. Claimed I was short on memory and shut down a program, try again. Steve
this is the log writting process so if you are getting attacked by another IP and logging is too high it can slow you down. You can disable creating a log event for rules that are going nuts, for example I've turned off logging for "Unused port blocking"  See also: Link aland
Norton Anti-Virus. weezy
Worked, worked. But last week started to take 100% of CPU on boot-up (no response with multy reboot by 'red button'). h317
Norton's Antivirus firwall. Leave it alone. Opinion #173843087
Takes a lot of cpu and does lots of i/o. Can't delete with taskmgr. kwhoffman
I have never had Norton antything on this machine and it popped up out of nowhere after 3 months. sharkgod999
Wont go away even if you get rid of norton and use another product. phoenixstave
This also comes with with CA Total Defense r12 tex
It is part of CA security suite Henry Lngston
Part of CA antivirus scarakus
A similar file with same function is now in CA Internet Security Suite Stone
It's also a part of the CA Security Suite, and hidden to make it hard to find. Joe Hunter
Located in Computer Associates folder DMONIC

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