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Process name: Sygate Agent Firewall

Product: SygateŽ Security Agent and Personal Firewall

Company: Sygate Technologies, Inc.

File: smc.exe

Security Rating:

"smc.exe" is a component of Sygate Secure Enterprise that implements firewall protection. Leave it running if you are using this application to protect your PC. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/smc.exe.html 

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  • 761 users ask for this file. 163 users rated it as not dangerous. 6 users rated it as not so dangerous. 20 users rated it as neutral. 10 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 11 users rated it as dangerous. 15 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about smc.exe:
it is a firewall pippo
This is the Sygate Firewall program running. Clint
Should not be removed, provides protection for your computer.They have a free version at the link below.  See also: Link Howard G.
it is one of the running processes listed under Windows Task Manager, and is the Sygate firewall program  See also: Link Kim
It is the sygate firewall, you won't find much better Bluescreen
Part of Sygate Personal firewall Pro DanBhoy
Sygate Personal Firewall running in background MTB
Sygate Firewall S!Ri
good firewall opportunist
It is a part of Sygate Personal Firewall balander
The Sygate Firewall engine. A very good firewall-program!  See also: Link Greew
It is the Sygate Firewall running in the background Jesper K sevel
it is great at protecting your computer - leave it
Part of the excellent Sygate Firwall program rob
Sygate Personal Firewall. Don't remove it. andrysh
One of the best firewalls John
Sygate Firewall process ISK
Sygate Personal Firewall  See also: Link ...
Sysgate Personal Firewall  See also: Link r3l!c
Sygate Firewall OuluRock
Apparently part of sygate personal fwall Kheldysh
Part of Sygate firewall. Must have! Sygate 5.6 was a resource hog. Went back to Sygate 5.5, and love it! Download here-  See also: Link Scott Sutherland
This firewall rulezzz them all ,see the link and scan with and without it  See also: Link Haxnoob
Sygate Firewall, uses a lot of CPU when lots of data going through p.i.m.p.
firewall it is the best ever and so esay to use love it  See also: Link Sygate Firewall
Part of Sygate Firewall KK
Never installed Sygate but it is running? Uses about 20mb ram... Pabu
sygate firewall. Should be perfectly safe
Don't revove it. It is great at protecting your computer Lucho
it's a firewall process.. and a firewall that's freeware! =) Meister
The resident part of Sygate Personal Firewall Sonic
sygate firewall
SMC nor responding errors when also running Norton System works. Machine locks up and needs reboot Paw
its sygate Bill Clinton
Sygate Firewall but uses up heaps of my CPU for some reason Freddy
its a awsome firewall! look in to bittorrent its a good download site check it out u can find sygate firewalls there
Sygate personal firewall not to be removed Chris G Temecula
Sygate FIREWALL...said, the pro version is easily obtained for free peeps
Sygate Firewall File Very Useful, but with a lot of downloading, can (not always) run up about 92% of computer at times (512MB RAM) Generic User
thank goodness for sygate - much better than za imo
Good firewall. Uses a lot of cpu though. Jhq
its sygate personal firewall, great program aswell
Sygate is working for your safe. gio
sygate firewall , works excellent vigi
It's part of Sygate Personal Firewall (Pro).  See also: Link Michael
Sygate Personal Firewall  See also: Link Yogi Bear
Sygate firewall's "Security Management Console" Must have but is greedy for memory resources. M Spooner
process of a good firewall  See also: Link Mirrakor
Excellent Firewall Program.
Sygate Executable that contantly fails with WIN 98 Mark
However at times it can consume up to 95% of the cpu cycles on startup.
It is a security floor in sygate firewalls, it is a process that is often hijacked #Jared Somerville
Sygate firewall process (as you may have guessed!), usualy takes less then 20 cpu, but sometimes goes up to 90's... just restart and cpu usage should go back to normal (dont ask why) Geeza
Uses 100 % CPU sometimes Alex-sasha
Sygate Personnal Firewall Process max
sygate personal firewall works perfectly tolga
Sygate Firewall claudia1220
Sygate Personal Firewall Looping
V5.6 uses lots of CPU, up to 90%, though there is no traffic  See also: Link Soundman_de
Its A sygate Firewall,i a using it since 1 year and i never had problems with virus,spyware and all.... Anupam Gupta
laggs the computer Kira
If you check it with Security Task Manager, it says it listens on port 1026, 1027 uhg
it's syagate personal firewall  See also: Link xdevil
Sygate backround operation. Errors on loading in Win XP means it is constantly closing down. Eats CPU time. cflat
This is Sygate Firewall process, and if you get speed over 1mbit it takes 50-95% of the cpu FrontSlash
probably greatest firewall, will see what they'll do with new series (5.6+ :)  See also: Link Ozy`
This is Sygate Personal Firewall, nothing else, don't panic! aladin
Can also be "Multimedia PC by Nortel Networks"  See also: Link Dracogen
Can also be "Multimedia PC by Nortel Networks"  See also: Link Dracogen
seagate firewall
5.5 uses up to 90-95% of cpu, when downloading @ speeds over 2000kb/s. Besides cpu usage, a very goog fw. dylan hunt
It says it listens on ports 3043, 3059 and it is able to record keyboard inputs!!!!!!!!!!!! ???
Sygate firewall, should i rather use older version/other firewall with p133 on W98se ?  See also: Link Gman
It's part of the Sygate Firewall... but it causes crashes when turning down Windows alex9110
Part of Sygate Firewall, can use up to 98% of CPU and 60,000Kb of Memory Sean
sygate - no problems with it in the past 2 years
Firewall Platinum Dreher
Sygate firewall Mjk
Be carful, people hacking into the firewall gateway ZZTOP
owned by norton now jim
Seagate Firewall  See also: Link BeezleBug
sygate firewall  See also: Link luk
Firewall - Installed it and forgot about it until I was testing remote control s/ware. Wouldn't work. smc had stealthed all the ports to external access! Chrisxx
nice firewall... but sometimes lagged... but it is OK bcoz it protect my pc! jeppy
Sygate Firewall americankat
Excelent Firewall (it´s Free and fights against Windows Threats) What More we can need !!!  See also: Link Diego Crosinelli
Sygate firewall - bought out by Symantec - personal not supported  See also: Link Mike Marion
firewall sehr gut jo
sygate firewall harmlos
Sygate Firewall. Can eat 100% CPU. If it crashes it mimics MSBlaster by shutting down PC. But safe otherwise
Sygate firewall
sygate firewall no longer on my toolbar, an error had occured and i have no more protection snoozy
firewall hein
Sygate, firewall it is your friend Hugh Betcha
great firewall, but a TOTAL memoryhog when downloading via bittorrent - high speed downloads, makes sygate hog 99% CPU sygate out-phaser
good firewall does eat a lot of cpu billybob
Firewall, but uses lot of CPU damn :-) Igors Aivars
Sygate Personal Firewall Contropolis
It is a service exe of Sygate Firewall. It shouldn't be terminated. Probably you can't do it anyway. ilter
restarts my computer
Sygate Firewall Rohit
Sygate Personal Firewall - can crash computer taking 98-100% cpu
It's Sygate Personal Firewall executable daimonion666
sygate firewall - dont worry  See also: Link
SPF 5.5, it uses 100% cpu when there is a download with a lan connection... i think it's a bug ^^ Hitsu
Arquivo residente Sygate Firewall ElMatador
Sygate. If you remove from startup list, it will still run as a system service (unable to delete without hijack this or safe mode) and blocks ALL internet connections.. had to do a system restore after removing it to restore my internet connection.. be careful with it..
Excellent Firewall, easy to use. The Perfect replace for XP SP2 internal firewall Kio
It is part of the Sygate Firewall program. While I have been told by friends with post-secondary training in computers that I have nothing to be worried about, I also sometimes find that when my computer freezes and I go CTRL+ALT+DEL to see which of my running programs are bugging, I will often times see "SMC.exe [not responding]". I don't know if this means that my copy of SMC.exe needs replacing, or if it just means that it's not working at the moment... Talis
It belongs to Sygate Firewall. Don't remove. L.U.H.A
Main Sygate file Nicole
ports can be blocked independently, any program laggs the computer, just know how to config. it.. Frank Smith
it's sygate personal firewall exe file... cyrus
Sygate, but can take 100%CPU... Restart the computer Apax
Sygate Personal Firewall
It is Sygate Personal Firewall Sunil.H.V.
this stupid process is taking almost 100% of my cpu time and I had to have a manual reboot to stop this thing; now it's coming back again! By definition, this is definitely a virus! thx
Sygate Personal Firewall  See also: Link X-Ray.Ger
Sygate firewall use very little cpu but too much mem muffin GA
sehr gute firewall otto
Sygate personal firewall, a good but CPU-consuming firewall while downloading  See also: Link Daniel
Sygate Agent. On many systems I see it pegging the CPU and turning the system into a brick. Manny Borges
It's good firewall Lazy Lone Lion
its not dangerous  See also: Link hans
A part of Sygate Personal Firewall core. If SPF is not installed, better check your machine for worms -) MuToGeN
Located in C:\Documents and Settings\ username ; Registry entry HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Run listed as "Microsoft System Core" Paola
i have installed sygate after i was attacked by trojan through internet as a precaution, but just after installation i started getting Application error from smc.exe. It was just like i got during my system was a patient of trojan spywares. so in my view its something suspicious as a burden for the system. cybersupam
Sygate Firewall. Not dangerous. Runs as system service. EVERYONE needs a firewall like this!!! Trammel
It eats 100% cpu
it is an important component of Symantec Endpoint Protection  See also: Link Daymon
Uses 30% of my cpu and I can't turn the bugger off! People will hate me for saying this, but Windows Firewall does the job just as well as uses much less CPU. Sam Illingworth
Its an EXCELLENT FIREWALL but it uses lot of CPU if you download 10+ torrents at same time... test0r
also part of Symantec Endpoint 11
Delays my internet logon by about a minute. Never knew what it was but, like Talis, it's often in Task Manager saying "not responding". I've been clicking "end task" whcih I now presume ends my firewall. If so, I haven't noticed any change in performance. Didn't realise it's probably slowing down my whole (Windows 95) system and causing most my crashes, especially on closing down. steve
Sygate security firewall, alters traffic, saps resources, pointless WVR
Good firewall, However uses a lot of cpu. Dr J.
Sygate firewall Dr Jay
It's great firewall,I feel secured against hackers scanning my ports, any attempt to connect to my pc. So 100 % traffic control incoming and outcoming. Nadir
Belongs to sygate personal firewall but errors sometimes and askes for 100% CPU, then you'll need a restart  See also: Link Hans
hogs too much cpu resources for my liking brainlicker
It's Prt of the Sygate Firewall imbeded in the Symantec Endpoint Security Dmit
File from Symantec Endpoint antivirus/spyware/worm Protection. Can sometimes hog I/O or CPU. Rambo
great firewall meinie
Ygate Firewall Gast
Also part of Symantec Antivirus Trish
Part of Stmantec Enpoint Protection now Dad
Does very many in/out writes. Part of the lag problem. There were 2500 in/out writes in 5 minutes on my computer. May be a great firewall but makes your machine run like dirt. If that is good more power to you. Jeff Hale
Sygate Firefall Process Typhoon
Excellent Firewall Master
It's also common if you have Symantec Endpoint Security installed and running (or maybe similar Norton peoduct) AnGus
The version I have seen is in Windows\sysWOW64\smc.exe I believe it is a trojan loaded onto the WoW game, current as of Aug 09.  See also: Link Tarq57
it take up over (90 percent cpu hat
part of symantec antivirus, it can be laggy just after system boot/reboot, no chance to hijack or infect this if used in Symantec antivirus, other part of symantec antivirus will block those attacks G. v. Munster
It has completely jacked up my computer using 98% of the available CPU the entire morning. Two thumbs down !! Ocho the Clown
Also never installed Sygate but smc.exe is running, using a large amount of resources enkl4ve
a super filewall - wish I had it sooner Steve
Sygate is much easier to use and is more effective than Zonealarm and should be #1 choice. Carpenter
10,000+ resources on average for Sygate firewall Bobby P
\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\Smc.exe goes along with SmcGui.exe so it can also be a part of Symantec antivirus Jan B
excellent firewall, blocks everything you want (Sygate Firewall) Cradle
It is not SYGATE on my machine. It is part of the Symantec managed virusscanner. Eddy Boogoo
Symantec Endpoint Protection BuR
Causes 500-4000 page faults / second in my system slowing everything badly! Janne
Symantec Endpoint. Immediately after my company installed on my pc performance took a nose dive. Typically runs at 50% of cpu. Apparently has been a problem for at least 3.5 years. Joseph
Symantec Endpoint Protection TieFighter
Sygate Firefall Process. It will take almost 100% of cpu time Suresh
During system boot with sygate installed it can take as much as 98% CPU usage. When it has completed it's tasks and sygate is fully loaded it calmes down to very little CPU usage. Small price to pay for good firewall protection. Badeye
Sygate, the best free firewall ever.  See also: Link tom
This is no longer Sygate as they were bought by Symantec many years ago. This is now part of the framework of Endpoint Protection. Jim
Sysmantec uses it Cameron

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