What is vsmon.exe? Is vsmon.exe spyware or a virus?

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1. Run Security Task Manager to check your vsmon process
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3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: True Vector Internet Monitor

Product: ZoneAlarm

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: ZoneLabs

File: vsmon.exe

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"vsmon.exe" is a core component of the ZoneAlarm personal firewall, which monitors Internet traffic and generates alerts by following the security rules that users configure within Zone Alarm. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/vsmon.exe.html 

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ZoneAlarm Personal FireWall which monitors internet traffic and generates alerts Alex
Its just a mandatory Zone Alarm file. steve
Zone Alarm True Vektor Monitor  See also: Link Funonline
Associated with ZoneAlarm personal firewall. Beth
part of zonealarm. install the latest version, the older version have security bug
This is only a True Vector Monitor from ZoneAlarm. It take alot of memory Kev
A zone alarm file, takes quite some memory and CPU usage sometimes
piece of crap software that drains your CPU jonas
I haven't not installed Zone Alarm in my pc, and I have vsmon.exe in the task manager! gabberino84
sometimes it explode and starts using CPU slowing all
zone alarm shit, that eats up almost the whole cpu-time: restart zone alarm to get your system back under control! kolja
Duno what happens... all of a sudden drains your CPU usage ABdullah
works ok but sometimes it stops responding
found this file when i was infected with worm. dont have zonealarm installed. never did. moorey
In my case it is genrating a lot of CPU usage. Checked and it seems to be doing full virus scan. Whoa!
Worm_RBot.BO  See also: Link sosuke
Essential part of zone alarm- ignore 'dangerous' rating
When I had ZoneAlarm shutted down the vsmon.exe blocked all my traffic to the Internet. Very irritating and it took a while before I found the damn file and could remove ZoneAlarm. Joakim
i have never installed zone alarm, but this program showed up as infected by a virus when i ran trendmicro housecall....
Verlangsamt den Internet - Zugriff Ironeagle
Its Part of Zone alarm, if its taking CPU its your problem, spyware etc. piggybacking, not the software it self, it has a very small footprint Scythe
Worm_Rbot (Check your risk with SecurityTaskManager) Nebrezian
Drains CPU usage...restart to fix Kayne
Seems to have a large memory leak, if left on over 24 hours it has used over 700 MB of memory! Bill
It misbehaves shutdown zonealarm and it keeps running can block a vnc session unknowingly Michael Hickman
Zone alarm file. It does seem to take CPU when the PC is idle but drops it as soon as another program requires it..I have found Zone Alarm/suite to be a good, reliable product Philip
Very Flakey- CPU HOG nothing but headache FXB
a valid part of ZoneAlarm, however possibility tat it could be ome infected/some viruses using its name. just a thought. Lord V
It does consume cpu memory. Shut down ZA and then restart it and everything will work fine Charlie
It uses a lot of cpu. Strange... maybe it´s a bug or something like that. To fix it, you have to restart the application. Maurício Rotta
ZA firewall file, duh if its doing a virus scan its going to take cpu resources, disable the Anti Virus monitoring if you dont like it.. learn to configure before complaining mellamoandy
It watches for internet port access to your pc and blocks malicious scanning attempts.  See also: Link c
On email download, spun my CPU up to 100% and seemed in an endless loop. Had to restart machine Brad
Zone alarm - after using PC for about 1 hr grinds to a halt and have to reset Graham
part of zonealarm. essential and not dangerous, unless you don't have ZA installed (virus alert!) sekhui
The TrueVector Service is the firewall component of Zone Alarm. If you have Zone Alarm installed and rely on it for protection, LEAVE IT!!! People who say it is dangerous are just trying to get you to turn your firewall off.  See also: Link CmdrTaco
used as part of zone alarm but be careful which zonealarm options you choose since it can go wild. Mark
There is a worm that poses as vsmon.exe follow the link to learn more.  See also: Link Urban
It slows my PC down as it uses alot of my CPU Rico Suarve
tied up CPU and I/O to freeze my system - seemed to go "bezerk" - took almost all my memory. Phill
ZoneAlarm crap. It uses up my RAM and CPU. JB
Critical component of ZoneAlarm, firewall application/  See also: Link Chusha Kobayashi
This memory hog is also a part of eTrust EZ Armor by Computer Associates (licensed from Zone Alarm).  See also: Link krade
I noticed that VSMON is connecting to my ISP - not sure why therefore have blocked it with no affect, as yet trmbr
zonealarm vector :)
ZA, after a while on the net, the process eats up the memory. Papparotti
My ZA (vsmon.exe) used over 170mb of memory after few hours. When I tried to shut it down (vsmon.exe) I couldn't, but instead it released memory only to fill it again in a minute... Yarosh
It hogs memory - up to 50 megs and at times even more. It works even when ZAP is turned off.. I had it running like that for weeks without know that it is not a MS system file. Very irritating, had to uninstall ZAP  See also: Link ahp
I don't mind vsmon doing its thing from time to time. Zonealarm is undoubtly the best firewall on the market, keeps me 100% safe Nicked
As of version 5.0 or 5.1 , zonealarm's vsmon.exe does have a bad memory leak. Version 4.5 seems to be fine. Guile
zone alarm file - severely degrades System performance occasionally by sucking up Cpu time. don
It hogs about 50% of my cpu time, but only when running a Virus Scan, then 0% bigbass
slows your pc down something cronic. takes up to 80% CPU usage at times hans
Blocked websites (server not found)... ie and firefox JJN
it's just the virus scan that hogs the hdd...
If no Zone alarm installed - WORM,VIRUS!!  See also: Link Mr.G-C
vsmon.exe using 320Mb after 2 days - evil darce
It is a legitimate file in the repair folder of Zone Labs Integrity Client, this program will never request for network access. But there is a virus known as RBOT that also is using this filename to confuse the computer user. See the document on the ZoneLabs website.  See also: Link Eric Van Hoof
this file is danguerous with Emule Kad network  See also: Link SpeGase*
TrueVector Service, an essential part of Zone Alarm firewall.  See also: Link Derchalia
pain in the butt - restart ZA to clear JB
this "vsmon.exe" file is a pain in the but cos its eats up ur memory ,so u need to close and restart ZA but other than that its a good firewall, just an issue that the devopers need to fix Robo
Part of zone alarm can stop internet responding. beowulf
It's the Zone Alarm antivirus -- that's why it slows your PC down -- be patient and let it finish Professor Bloggins
ZoneAlarm file which caused enormous disk activity and thus slowed my PC. After stop/start of ZA everything is oke Foxbox
its slowing cpu big time not sure what i got but when i watch dvds and play internet it lages up chips:)
Not sure if it's high cpu consuming issue is related to eMule - N!K -
It's a Zone Alarm file. If you have ZA installed and it's "hogging" memory...it's running an auto-virus check probably. End the scan or wait for it to finish and you'll see it drop back down. Common Sense... Steven
I have Zone Alarm, vsmon.exe is not dangerous but it uses a lot of ram and cpu!! ItalyMafiaSpaghetti
vsmon in Zone version 4.5 very CPU consumable also!
It may use lots of CPU memory on a certain perior.I recommend Scan HD for viruses,if none found then restart PC and everythink Okay.Zone alarm file.It may become Very irritating sometime. PDP
Eats cpu time especially when downloading using emule. Emule has to be closed down by task manager. Spinning Cow
This file is made for control and check your mail traffic, if you are well user of your email and know how files you can open, you can turn down this mail proteccion at zone alarm console, and you can see how your use of cpu turn down and incresase you speed machine Abraham Genoves
It has the highest I/O read of all processes on my laptop, making it swap as hell regularly. oli
IT lags my computer urns88
It causes your internet to be blocked because it thinks your infected. Just open your Task Manager with ctrl+alt+del, and end the process "vsmon.exe" it worked for me. It also will ocasonally use up all your cpu and cause your computer to crash. Conker
This file is recently replacing by not-yet-known virus [trojan]. It has the same name as ZoneAlarm vsmon Paul M. - Poland
I have the file in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Zonelabs
A helpful Zone Alarm file, but can slow the comp sometimes. Jason
pcpitstop says that 10.7 % of the computers they scan have vsmon but less than half a percent have Zone Alarm. Nevertheless they ID it as being part of zone alarm. A Friend
it uses 400mb memory after 12 hours!!!
Its a normal/required file for Zone Alarm Don morris
Damn true vector, slows down pc like shit. Really irritating. Taufique
vsmon slows down system after hours of running bye chewing up memory. Use task manager to end process and it will ask if you wish to restart and the problem is fixed and system resolves itself. Takes 24+hours to become a problme Bearinc
I do not know what it is for but vsmon.exe just eat up all my memory (Win XP). Otherwise ZA is cool z
uses only 14% of my resources and that is only during a virus scan. it does slow the system down. takes a long time(~20min) to do a scan though. Darrow
My computer hangs up since I installed the latest Zone Labs I will now dump it-Vsmon(not responding) continuasly John L
seems to caise memory leakage +++ Rich N
I concur with Crono and Guile, the most recent versions of ZA seem to have huge issues with leakage. I was fine before these last 2. Perhaps it will be solved in future releases. Tim
Good progy......been using it for a bit now.......ill give up the cpu to protect my computer mike
I noticed file started to take up my cpu power when the antivirus kicked in. Not to mention that ZA never told me it was scanning... faded
CPU Hog Astrogirl
can not be deleted w task manager; persists even tho zone alarm has been uninstalled & system rebooted; tried to uninstall thru ad remove but could not find it. tsfinder
zonealarm Peter
ZoneAlarm file. It takes more CPU and memory every hour. Until I have to restart ZoneAlarm. I'm using Zonealarm 3.0 serig
switching off the automatic update function in ZoneAlarm seems to stop the cpu and memory problems on my machine solution
Part of ZoneAlarm. ZoneLabs licenses its technology to third parties, so it can be found after installing other products (Cisco VPN Client?). Not Dangerous but sometimes causes a memory leak. Aethereal
zonealarm pro 3.7 installed this file. Required for safe surfing. passing
Tries to phone home to hs2.zonelabs.com even when ZA configured not to do auto updates. Brings up DUN window about once an hour. PITA.  See also: Link dillthedog
VSMON is the Virus Monitor. Uses Increased RAM when running Virus Scan. Zonealarm Fan
stands for Very Small Mamal Online Numbskull neil diamond
if the only instances you have are in folders called zone alarm then its file. just copy the one in the repair folder of the instal directory of ZA and paste into the Zonelabs folder in widows\system32. worked fine for me Stubbz_nzl
It takes alot of ram and cpu, it fails the panda unknown treaths service. Use sygate firwall. Good and stabel, or use pandas firewall. Not as good and let things trough, but should work for normal net surfing and gaming. If mp3, movie and program downloads from other computers on network, it is unsafe Viagra
part of zone alarm. i have had no problem. only uses 5mb when idle on my machine Dahvid
part of zonealarm, occaisionally uses a lot of cpu when i run emule, restarting emule fixes this. perhaps a bug in emule? altho i suspect it has something to do with not having port forwarding setup correctly.. trent
Zone Alarm file - When i try to download stuff etc it goes mad and takes up all my CPU time and i have to reset my computer. Never done it before... Just after i reformatted my computer and installed it again. Morri
Eats up CPU and is blocking all activities.Perhaps is a virus but is not detected by antivirus software Ender
this is the core file for zone alarm, not dangerous but blocks pop ups and intrusions into your system. zone alarm is a very reliable product Khan
Look on the Zone Alarm site. There is a virus/worm (WORM_RBOT ) that exists in a file with the name vsmon.exe. But it sits in the system directory. the genuine file sits in the zonealarm directory. What I want to know is why the genuine one keeps grabbing more and more and more memory until a reboot is needed. Yes I do have the latest version.  See also: Link Gary
It gets annoying sometimes, it drains 98%+ of your CPU just 3 days before your trail day is over. Ke
Part of Zone Alarm It crashed my system. Get rid of it.
I dont have zone alarm on my computer! It was an up date from microsoft. It eats my cpu like 85% WTF?
After no probelm for ages, my system was hanging when I started Outlook Express due to vsmon.exe process taking 99%. I disabled email scanning module of my recently installed AVG upgrade and problem went immediately..
ZoneAlarm process... Keksäramän
ZoneAlarm pro - TrueVector version sharon . o
my system takes more time to start due to this file suman
Essential but causes major cpu drainage combined with Windows leak
In my system it uses about 5.7MB memory, and not any significant amount of cpu Snow
Looks like spyware: takes http and https connections to internet, no matter are options disabled or not.. Tahvo
I do have zone alarm, but sometimes it uses the cpu (once it showed 200ko, and when you only have 256ko: ouch!) badoooo
it's the Zone Allarm engine... use really a lot of ram and cpu... i guess i'll never find decent free firewall... Darkman
It's either a zonealarm "good" file, or a "Win32.Rbot.GE" worm (bad file). Go to this (zonealarm) link for more definitive information:  See also: Link spacedoig
Zonealarm security suite - can take up lots of cpu time when performing antivirus scan. I'd be worried if I didn't have a zonelabs product! h0me5k1n
If you have zone alarm, open up the control center, click the antivirus tab, then click antivirus options and set the time for sometime when it won't be annoying. If you don't have zonealarm, destroy it.
When doing windows update..VsMon caused error in USER.EXE Perf.%age down. Have zonealarm,norton,spybot,and sbcyahooantispy..is this too much?Disabled Zone and NOrton while scan/defragged..still only 65% performance. jaysgram
Yes it made my computer work as hell too. Wen't into ZoneAlarm, don't really expected to find anything but... ZoneAlarm was checking for Viruses!!! You can't really see when the program searches for viruses. That is the reason for that the program sometimes uses a lot of cpu. Badfellah
While this element of ZoneAlarm is crucial to your internet security, it indeed does consume much cpu 'bandwidth' and can noticably slow down your computer. From what I understand, this program stores temporary data it has glanced over in its own cache. After much internet browsing with this process running it can buildup much stored memory. This is probobly what accounts for a majority of the 'slowing down' factor that many people have witnessed. To avoid this memory buildup, one can simply restart ZoneAlarm after few hours of internet usage, thus clearing out and resetting its memory buildup Michael Y
this file has a memory leak - if used on a server (including eMule kad network)  See also: Link tanji
Anti Spyware tool
Slows your PC and u cant disable it cause its "protected" as its important. Maza
ZA file, tends to appear during update or while you are running a virus scan. is a background process and it chews up memory but is not malicious (if legitimate) Dancyboy
it only takes a lot of cpu when it is doing a virus scan...zone alarm doesnt tell you its doing it unless you look but its fine to have going cuz its a virus scanner after all! nizzy1115
takes up lots of CPU time Arpit
ZoneAlarm Personal FireWall which monitors internet traffic and generates alerts abhi
part of zonealarm  See also: Link Hemant
It is a part of Zone lab firewall and it is not dangerous if u have zone lab firewall .If it try to connect the internet then scan the file may be it is a virus  See also: Link ajamit007
Whan my system was runnig about 24h vsmon took whole memory and only restart of my pc helped!!! It is always the same! It is hopeless!!! silmarilh
It's a Zonealarm or "TrueVector Internet Monitor", the worst thing it does is take up quite a bit of memory
Slows my computer down to a halt. Huge memory hog. I have ZA - but the virus scan is disabled - so that is not the issue. jooj
For five years I have had a memory problems could not understand why. I now have 1gig of ram in a P4 2.4cpu and I was still running low could not even play music while working on 20-60mb files in Photoshop my son was and he has a slower Pc at that. I run a clean Pc house to. Well today I found a file called vsmon.exe in windows task manager taking up 222.270k and my CPU was going nuts this time I did not re boot I put the file name in google and came to this site. I just re set zoon alarm and my CPU went back to normal. Carl..........
Part of ZoneAlarm. Bad thing: it consumes huge amounts of cpu, making me shut down the firewall entirely... Arjen
part of zonealarm. read 110MB IO according to task manager (slowing everything to a crawl) on boot and then disappeared.
ZoneAlarm firewall file - very irritating and memory-consumable... I've got my computer on for a couple of days because I'm downloading stuff from eMule (not the illegal stuff of course ;) ) and now the vsmon.exe is using approximately 300MB of my RAM and up to 75% of my CPU... Mishuggah - Poand
shuts down when you right click on the tray icon & select shutdown .. does consume a lot of RAM .. consumption increases every minute for as long as ZA is running .. probably a memory leak genious_2k1
seems to be doing a scheduled virus scan David Martin
Vector System Monitor, its useless to stop emailchecking / antivirus - option cause vsmon.exe is essential 4 zonealarm!  See also: Link Özi Sahini
Vector System Monitor  See also: Link Özi
zonealarm POS when u have multiple internet connection (in or out) it will suck up processing power, don't matter if u have 1 extremely large and fast transfering file open, it only matters when u got somesort of connection open
Got all my ram after 5 days of working non-stop... pc was very slow at that time. Restart ZA and everything was ok. Scr34m3r
Zone Alarm file, I dont get this eat's up CPU/ SYSTEM RESOURCE, this must be running a very old spec as i use zone alarm over a number of pc's that are nothing special,yet receive no slowdown. Bizzy
If it is not Zone Alarm, it is an incidious virus that controls your browsing; prevents downloading virus and adkiller updates.  See also: Link thebeerdrinker
TrueVector Service of EZ firewall or ZoneAlarm. The Zone Labs vsmon.exe process will never request network access.  See also: Link WORM_RBOT
It asks for permission to connect to the internet when I'm running agnitum outpost firewall. I also have Zonealarm installed but not running at the moment. Zonealarm says it never will ask for accsess and that it is a fake/worm . Be careful  See also: Link drhardlove
Was asked to turn off True Vector to install a upgrade for Zone Alarm pro 5 rob hanes
some times it goes mad and eats up all da memory available dang3rous
The file is not dangerous. The sudden bursts of CPU usage is the schedule virusscan running. It doesn't give the user any hint as to what it's unless asked specifically :( . If you don't like it try disableing scheduled virusscans. Lithyum
It is a ZoneAlarm file. After 2 weeks of having it running without restart it started to use all my cpu. I shut it down and up and everithing goes fine again jicidre
I restarted ZoneAlarm and a light went on in my navel. zardoz
From the ZoneAlarm application. its ok, i mean, it doesnt bother me, but it uses a lot of RAM and CPU! :( max_00
ZoneAlarm's lookup table is small, and the code that parses through the lookup table is inefficient and has a small memory leak. Shut down ZoneAlarm Pro for 15 seconds and relaunch it once VSMON.exe is taking up more than half your memory so you can continue to operate. DRCray
has memory leak in my Win2K systems. Keith
This is a real shit this firewall ZoneAlarm... The best solution is to change with an other one Denis
Runs when Zone Alarm performs a schedule scan, as a result it takes up CPU resources. To eliminate the "problem" simply set up the scheduled scan to run when you don't use the PC - i.e. the middle of the night. If you simply turn it off the PC will never get scanned!!! Jeff
It needs too many resources! anyway I found it's NOT related with ZA security threats. FabZ
Disabling the automatic update function in zone alarm stopped the memory leakage in my machine Leo
seems to be on my machine with since i installed sp2 drains on cpu and hdd and memory. restarting ZAP will bring it under control
This shit uses up a whole lot of your PC memory, and CPU I shut it down ( ended the process) and my computer was like it went from zero to 120 in 5 sec. Roshan
Only program that slows my pc way down & hides my lil cpu usage icon. TTT
Essential part of Zone Alarm, but it always takes lots of CPU, without your knowledge. I have 2 vsmon processes running at the same time, so I guess one of them is a virus... but which one ? WindPower
Uses almost all my memory and locks my pc up big time. Sometimes Zone Alarm is excellent and other times it really sucks Bird Hunter
the name vsmon.exe from the zonealarm firewall is used by hackers to attack the pc and the functions,seen it with a portcontroller sharenames
vsmon.exe slow my computer always when i restart (close and reopen zone alarm to get your system back) HDGames
Slowed my 3 machines to a CRAWL...I shut down ZA and then re-started...Fixed it just fine...Thanx to all that posted possible fixes...MUCH appreciated! Dutch
Not a zone alarm process, it's a virus. JL
a part of zonealarm AND E-trust. after i deleted them my etrust crashed ;) blo0dskAr
I have experienced that remaining my PC on for more than a day it may use memory up to more than 700MB! So it slowed down my PC to intolerable limits. If you're using Emule, just shutdown and restart your PC and Emule. insertCoin
If ZoneAlarm is taking up massive amounts of processor power, you are probably handling a lot of traffic. Use the ZoneAlarm menu to Disable all Internet traffic (or engage the Lock) in order to improve performance. Of course, this means all online activities will be inaccessible until you re-enable it, but that's the tradeoff... Alfador
true vector monitoring for both EZ Armor and Zone Alarm (same engine. eZ uses a slightly older version). can cause issues if the database files for the program are corrupt. these files are stored in c:\windows\internet logs. if it is causing problem u can delete this folder completely. u can also copy the executable from the repair folder in the software directory or uninstall it. uninstall by c:\windows\system32\zonelabs\vsmon.exe -uninstall. If you unintall the program is still runs however, just as an app and not a service. This can free up system resources but becomes less secure. finn
Part of ZoneAlarm Pro. In my PC CPU-usage is negligable, memory usage is considerable, in my case 355 MB. frabo
Harmless, but gets caught in some sort of loop, and eventually chews through resources Seshmut
Makes the CPU go crazy because the antivirus is scanning in the background! Just check when you have scan scheduled and change the time/date. Chris
associated with Zone Alarm internet monitoring. Found vsmon.exe gobbling up CPU % ran spyware detect, removed spy's and CPU usage was normal. Many spy's were running at one time. beowulf
Zone Alarm Pro File. Mel S.
zone alarm file takes lot of memor and cpu if you configure Z.A. wrong. MotoRajko
Yes i know that file too.. it's very very annoying but you can do something about it. Just uninstall zonealarm, and activate Windows Firewall! It is much better firewall, as it is integrated in windows much more then zonealarm. You do loose the control of giving programs acces or not, but it helps. i_Saw_It_Come_And_Leave
At times it uses up nearly all the cpu. Can't shut it down with task manager. Can't uninstall it. Have to use System Restore to control it. Diamond Jim
ZoneAlarm file, however can also be a virus if not located in the correct location: %windows%\system\Zone Labs\vsmon.exe. Just run a virus scan if you don't own ZoneAlarm or if something seems amiss. Quote mellamoandy: "ZA firewall file, duh if its doing a virus scan its going to take cpu resources, disable the Anti Virus monitoring if you dont like it.. learn to configure before complaining" ZoneAlamr Pro itself does not have the virus scanner, yet still has the same problem. Please try to know more about the software before making degrading comments.  See also: Link Vega
It has screwed the operationof my pc for two weeks now, or so I believe. I presumed it was an issue with a windows update. I am so annoyed, there must be beter technology from this company. My pc is attacked every hour or so according to ZA inform me, so I need protection, but this stuff WOW!!!! Brian
All i know is, that everytime i startup my XP Pro Sp2 .. I get that True Vector Internet Monitor pop-up ... and I use Symantec Corp 8.0,Ad-Watch,Window Washer 5 and ZA Pro 5.5 .... And U guys gotta stop complaining it does not hog memory it takes up MAX - 10 for both ZCLIENT.EXE AND VSMON.EXE alima
vsmon.exe is a component of Zone Alarm firewall. It does not hog your system resources (unless it is also the Virus scanning engine). There is a lot of confusion here, there is also a worm that places a file named "vsmon.exe" within your System32 folder with the code within. Don
Mandatory file belonging to ZA firewall. True that it hogs RAM and CPU, sometimes the computer is soo slow. However it's the greatest firewall ever...so tough choice. I made my mind and decided to suffer a bit...a lot sometimes to be safe. Nicolas
It has a specific location and there are viruses that plant a file of this name in the main WINNT directory. So if you look at task manager everything seems ok when in reality it isn't.  See also: Link Ogai
Vsmon appears to be the most active process, and latest version seems to have memory leak. I have to reboot every 24-48 hours because my PC performance slows down terribly. JW
vsmon.exe memory leak, i have ZA installed, but its not doing a full virus scan anymore.... still takes up all available physical memory Haseeb
This file is a safe file, however in particular versions of Zone Alarm there is a bad memory leak problem. Someone
Standard zone alarm file - did slow my processor for couple of minutes which is why I looked it up Craig
seems to only bug out, when the pc is affected by some worm, or virus. normally works perfectly. mamo
Zonealarm thing.......takes up too much cpu and too much memory - 400 megs when comp left idle CAMMX
a piece of crap that slowly eats up ur cpu and ram bandwidth until you have to reset. farkZA
It comes with Zone Alarm. Get a better firewall, ZA is just crap. Krille
Zone Alarm. 7.1 MB of mem. never used more than 1% when idel Travis
I have zonealarm pro so i suppose it comes with it depro
Part of ZoneAlarm Security Suite 4daPeace
It blows up the CPU Peter
Part of EZArmour
Ive been running Zone Alarm since it came out... If you configure everything right, and know what your doing, ZoneAlarm is the best program avaliable. Being that you have Great program control, it DOES havce a god anti virus, keep it updated, and it doesnt take much ram to run at all it takes about 3% of my cpu to leave on and mabye 50 - 100 megs of ram, im running, An Intel 3.4Ghz at .09 Micron OC'ed to 4.0 45 degress Celcius average and 2 gigs of PC3200 Ram, might not be such a good program for someone with 256 megs, but i have another pc with 256 megs 2.5Ghz runs GREAT. Mike H.
vsmon.exe is part of zone alarm, however does not have anything to do with virus scanning. Zone alarm is a firewall not an antivirus. It consumes massive amounts of CPU time because zone alarm has become bloated and internally unorganized. Only traffic into and out of the computer should be checked by zone alarm, now adays it seems like it monitors internal traffic as well which causes it to be a CPU hog. This is not the responsibility of firewall and it should not be doing it. KB
when zonealarm is doing it's scheduled virus and spyware scan, vsmon uses a lot of memory and processor resources. If this behavior troubles you, click 'Advanced' in the anti-virus/spyware section of zonealarm, and reschedule or turn off scheduled scans. This is not reccommended, however, as you should scan your computer for spyware and virii every week or two. Disable it at your own risk, but I reccomend just letting it do it's bit. it only takes 30 mins.
i have problems with zonealarm and my trillian, AIM, IE, firefox. Sometimes, even with program control off, it refuses them internet access. I close zonealarm and its fine, but i think it is this process that is flashing my internet every couple minutes. It is very annoying while chatting and while online gaming. Mitch
quite annoying if you let pc your do his work for hours. After about 12 hours download vsmon.exe (if ZA is your firewall) will eat all your RAM and also your CPU. 2nd annoying thing is, that it blocks Internetexplorer (server not found) I will look for a better firewall... de tijger
Utter piece of crap. Slows down the pc like you wouldnt believe. Takes several minutes to log into MSN, and to cap it all off, control freak of a father password protected it so i cant reconfigure it so its more efficent Tim
ordinary zone alarm file, this program slows computer down worse than a virus. 200 meg memory for a f@#(ing firewall ? a pentium 200 with 16 meg ram can efficiently firewall, wtf is up with using 200 meg memory ??????? slapnuts
I m using Zone Alarm pro 6 and it still has the memory leak problem. It takes up lot of memory when left running for some hours, i have to restart it again to free up the memory. manx_bkk
Some say it's just a CPU hog, but they don't know where to shut it down in ZA. If you DON'T have ZoneAlarm, kill it very, very, VERY quickly b/c it's malware.  See also: Link John
It uses up your memory. If you have Zone Alarm, you should leave it beccause it actually works... Well I have Zone Alarm Pro.
whenever vsmon starts chewing up resources I simply shutdown Zone Alarm and then start it up agains. works for me everytime Keith
This is a Zone Alarm file and works with Anti-Virus scan. Turned off ZA anti-virus scan and cpu usage dropped to zero. XrayEcho
Installs on your computer without permission. impossible to shutdown. stops all internet activity. SpaceDolphin
Better firewall than Windows. When offline, doesn't give any problem if you shut it down. Rose
Hogs more an more memory until you can barely use your machine. Steve
It only uses up space when scanning, so leave it alone  See also: Link Kadh2000
Zonealarm; Restart Zonealarm, when high CPU-Usage Nyks
wit shutting down zone alarm you close vsmon.exe schnuffel
Part of Zone Alarm Richard
This file can easily become a runaway process that brings your system down Lindy
ZoneAlarm crap
zonealarms internet monitor., theres a bug in the program makes it eat all your memory. it seems like zonelabs dont care though.... Adam
part of zonelabs security suite, memory usage continiously builds up when using ur pc, starts at approx 26megs big d
It is used by ZoneAlarm. On my pc it did use up all my memory, check your task manager, both the memory usage in the processes tab and the page file usage kept going up and up the longer the pc was running with ZA version 6. 350mb mem use in process and 2GIG page file use. I uninstalled version six, went back to 5.5 problems went away. catfoot
eats up a lot of CPU time at startup uses lots of Mem and slows every thing down LaJack
part of zonealarm, has a horrendous memeory leak. restart ZAP and itll go back to "normal" if i had paid for this version of ZAP id be choked ; ) random surfer
Part of Zone Alarm (with Virus). Not inherent dangerous, except to productivity when it goes CPU crazy, and doesn't relenquish it without shutting ZA down/restarting it.
Zone Alarm process. If it's using excessive CPU then it's probably running a virus/spyware scan. Ma®k
VSMON is a internet monitoring and sistem scaning utilit Michail
'vsmon.exe' does use ALOT of resources when scanning for viruses, but thats all. If it bugs you, turn of the schedule, and run it manually before you go for lunch or leave to run over night or something. AMB
often takit takes quite a lot of cpu power, even without actual internet access.. to monitor Willem
vsmon controls virus scans and spyware scans for ZoneAlarm. It is NOT dangerous. It does take a LOT of cpu time by nature of what it is trying to accomplish. Set auto scans to a time when you're not using machine and you won't have trouble. Jim
Part of ZoneAlarm and EZ Armor. The more work is has to do, the more processor usage is required. If it is hogging resources it is most likely busy blocking traffic. Check for spyware and viruses, and turn the ad blocking off to see what happens. finn
Zone Arlam is the best Firewall ever!! It protects you from many Hackers and Spy ware!  See also: Link Steeeeve-O
its a part of zonealarm (free version) zonealarm pro and zonealarm security suite
How is taking up RAM and CPU usage a secuirty threat? I believe were rating the executables secuirty threat, not its impact on system performance. Grant
It can be found in Windows\system32\zonelabs you can't delete it because it is running, you can't stop it either. Run Msconfig look for vsmon.exe uncheck the box and reboot, now go delete that piece of junk off you system, I never installed any ZSone products. pctech777
In Process Explorer (great program, free) I seen vsmon.exe using 1.1GB (after I update to I updated to 6.0.667.000 it was chewing up memory), then I went in ZA preferences - turned off auto updates and Antivirus monitoring. Now it's sitting on 21.8MB and hasn't budged. poopychewp
it eats the memory of the cpu and makes ur system run like a tortoise selva
Zone Alarm. Within 3 hours of surfing, it eats up 600Mb+ of RAM out of 1G. Eventually eat it all up and locks system. T-man
Use ZoneAlarm Pro 6.1 - Does 1500 i/o per second on a spyware scan. It is usually sched for night but when it runs in the day the system is really slowed down. I just cancel the scan and system responsivness is returned. ted
if you have xone alarm installed then leave it alone my asmon.exe doesnt have a memory leak please check for updates as i have just updated my version. if you do not have zone alaarm then it is a virus ahref
Its a Zone Alarm prosses, if you don't have Zone Alarm its prolly a bug, do a scan. If you have Zone Alarm and its taking up mem, then Zone Alarm is doing a scan...usually scaning something you are downloading Comp Guy
Zone Alarm Firewall nobody
It attaches to other programs and runs without permission i can't stand this if i get no help gonna reboot everything.. this shit sux. waltyourz
Remained active after deinstalling Zone Alarm; killed network communication; erase ZoneLabs files in system directory in protected mode Gisela
zonealarm...just restart..it messes up once in a while..no big deal RamRod
It's a Zonealarm file, but rbot uses it as a front. So if it starts acting up, you might have rbot. Ignore the noise about it being completely harmless if you are having problems. Anon
the file is fine, youre lettting it do a virus scan without knowing it tell it to scan at a time when youre not at your computer - it works
Hogged my CPU (50% with other programs running) and kept it nice and overheated Mattheew G
zonealarm file that cannot be shut down manually, sucks up huge amounts of CPU, why zonealarm got 3/5 stars wwarez
essential part of zonealarm - but does use a lot of CPU if left running a while. waiting for fix from zonelabs! Adam
This is quite simply the anti-virus & anti-spyware scan... thats all! if you don't want it to systematically scan at a given time/day, change the settings in Zone Alarm. You can then scan when you are not using the computer as it does take up some valuable CPU usage. So there you go, this is no different to setting up any anti-virus or anti-spyware tool, set it up correctly the first time and you have no problems. All the best! Mike
Offered as part of Time Warner cable service, and normally runs ok. Currently the vsmon.exe process on my WinXP SP2 dual proc amd machine has grown to 103,024k mem usage, 49% cpu utilized. Ouch. Perhaps there is an update to correct this bug. Lester
Zonealarm, not dangerous but very annoying. Blocks internet even if you shut down zonealarm. in start - ping (If on a router) and you get 'error code 65', you know zonealarm is blocking your internet. It's done this to me with out reason, the only way to fix it is to uninstall zonealarm and delete all traces of it. jD*SharpS
Zone-Alarm file. Hogs my CPU even before scheduled tasks. and i have 6.1x or sumtin... They should really take a look at it, its causing my downloads to be slow and not letting me check my gmail with firefox. never ad this problem until Zone-Alarm. but besides that Z.A. (suite) is perfect... HanZie.
i have had za now for quite some time and am just now receiving problems with vsmon.exe. It just started to take up all of my cu
Sometimes it takes 98% of my CPU and I can't shut it down... :( Sian
Re-install Zonealarm
really good at keeping you protected! I love my name
It's a zone alarm process, it monitors Internet traffic, but if you don't have a fast computer ,it will cause a lot of trouble slowing your PC to the minimum !!! Andrei_SG
The file belongs to my e-Trust Firewall- it monitors in and outgoing traffic Erling
vsmon.exe sticks in the background, eating up 60% resources alone, slow down the internet by ~80%, stick there even the ZoneAlarm is shut down, and when I tried to re-open ZoneAlarm, it doesn't open, so I stick with vsmon.exe running in the background and can't find no way to kill it even a re-boot. pan
hi cpu usage - unable to stop or delete this file even under admin. tools/services hysyd
It only occurs with zone alarm runs its anti-virus software, just pause scan then resume when your finish what you are doing Gibbo1314
ZA is great but this destoyed my pc. The drainage started after about 2 years of ZA. Tech Support says to unistall, and re-insall the latest v os ZA. Usefull Archive
If you never installed ZoneAlarm, it's a virus and uses a lot of CPU and Memory. Wiz
check map c:/windows/system32.If u find vsmon.exe there its a wormif he's in map c/windows/system32/zonealarm/vsmon.exe its just zonealarm which is running dirk
related to Zone alarm, cannot be removed, boots before windows does. major problem - ability to lock internet without reason Xarxsis
up to 99% ttl cpu usage,kills speed and responsein all areas.There has got to be a better way! dud
vsmon = vector service monitor: it checks your connections/ports and logs them... if this file resides in your ZA dir, it's the genuine one... there might be a infected file floating around, but with a updated virusscanner there should be no problem... yes, it takes up memory with the time running... RAM not CPU... restarting zonealarm will solve the problem... disabling logging will minimize it... you can not kill the task under winxp.. only if extra task tools are installed... but this would render your firewall useless and leave you unprotected..! dstructaoflamerz
Anything that crashes your system is dangerous, maybe time to look for a new free firewall
It is a ZoneAlarm file, it drains cpu if u run a scan... so do not be alarm ....lean to set up your ZoneAlarm configuration and then complian.IS SAFE mekushor
Can be either Zonealarm firewall or virus RBOT.  See also: Link Kender
ZoneAlarm monitor, slowly chews up memory with P2P programs, mine was 300Mb+ over a few days! Kevin
I have Zone Alarm Installed on a File Server. What brought my attention to it was the excessive HD activity when the HD should have powered down for the night. VSMON.exe was the culprit. Agree that shut down and restart of Zone Alarm works but how can you do this remotely for a file server? Carrl
Zonealarm - usually quiet, sometimes spins memory and I/O out of control requiring a reboot, and thus hardly to be considered stable given the seriousness of the product and all that it hooks into RG
Eats up all CPU, constant 100%, crap software!! Gregster
It is also used by CA security suite, which obviously uses Zonealarm for firewall. It was fine with zonealarm but slows computer with CA SkyBlueBoy
Shutdown zone alarm when installing files - freezes computer when trying to install america's army - slow down all zip operations. John Doe
I don't really care what this process is but it doesn't take any cpu of my computer Opinioer
Disable antivirus/spyware protection and product updates and it seems to reduce memory usage of vsmon.exe alot. Hogs the cpu and ram when it runs an antivirus scan in the background and doesnt let you know its doing that. Hycron
If you got zone alarm it's harmless if you haven't you've got a virus. I have absolutely no problems with memory or speed of my pc. Stiff_monkey
ZoneAlarm. I haven't had trouble with it hogging CPU usage (0% from it o_O), and it weighs in at 7mb in the RAM department. I'd notice if it was causing troubles (2.0GHz Intel Celeron CPU;255mb RAM :\) Kisara
I know that when truevector has a problem of some kind it shuts down zone alarm as indicated by the icon in task bar. This means on the last occasion that my computer was running totally unprotected for as much as twenty hours before I returned to my computer. If I was sure that it was as unprotected as indicated I would rate this zonealarm as very dangerous for arbitrarily withdrawing protection. northernguy
I have ZoneAlarm Pro and have NEVER had any issues or problems with vsmon.exe. After making a backup copy of a music cd ( "Warner" label, 2004 ) my cd burner would not 'see' ANY cd . When I did a shut-down & reboot, got a 'fatal exception' error for vsmon.exe. After reboot, I searched and found "vsmon.exe.zip" created 30 min ago !! The time when I completed the backup copy of cd. Deleted file, system restore (Roxio GoBack) - everything back to normal. Dougo
Part of ZoneAlarm, so technically not dangerous, but at all CPU power, then when scan finished, didn't clear memory. Is now sitting there taking up 30MB of precious RAM...
This file has apparently kept all thing except IE from connecting on my computer, and now it's being a bitch trying to get rid of it... Lard
vsmon is an active component of zone alarm firewall and security suite zollo
Zone alarm traffic watcher but uses high CPU. Marc
Zone Alarm file. Probably ok but uses a whole bunch of memory... I'm using a system with Windows 2k installed. It brings the memory all the way up. It keeps expanding the virtual memory untill it can't anymore, then when it can't it just reboots. No warning, no input from me, just reboots. I think it's because the OS doesn't have enough memory to run. Benjamin
This is a legimate service, so I don't find anything on this service, the only thing that you'll don't like is that computers with less than 256 mb. of RAM will slowdown (of course this is only a sugerency) I recommend to use at least 256 mb. of RAM and preferibly a 800 mhz or more CPU, there are some viruses that use the same name of the service ( remember that if you don't have ZA installed there is nothing to worry), if you have it and don't have ZA is a virus, and if you see two instances you should shutdown both processes and run your AV Zip37
it helps block internet backdoor trojans, viruses, ect daniel
ZoneLabs Quote: "To prevent ZoneAlarm from crashing your system, you can try to reboot your system every 24 hours." Greg
zone alarm file - never uses much but once it used heaps gayman
Zone Alarm. It is slowing the hell out of my laptop.. hute
Listen, there is a virus that names itself to vsmon.exe - if you dont have ZoneAlarm installed, your infected with a virus, if you do have it installed, your fine. Reset zone alarm to fix the CPU Usage. MysTikal
Essential file for ZoneAlarm. CPU usage can peak at times, but this should resolve itself after a few minutes. Nothing to worry about. tokyojin
Part of ZoneAlarm, best firewall there is.... Oompah Loompah
Its Zone alarm firewall engine don't stop! It consume a lot of cpu process and ram, but you are safe and controling your PC . If you don't have zone alarms it a virus! Niko78
It's a Zonealarm file that resides in "ZoneLabs" directory. Uses 4,408K on this Win2000Pro machine with 512Megs of ram. Works fine for this one but have seen it cause problems with others. pdsa
Its the Virus / Adware Scanner running in the background, its set to scan automatically. Just go into Zonealarm and cancel the active scanning, your system should return to normal after that. D
Sometimes my comp's a little slow start'in up so i check processes on start up and notice that vsmon.exe has the processor bog down 85% Makuta
possibly of rootkit features, call home on usuall occations jacknsonnson
I have a major problem with this vsmon.exe file, I am unable to get rid of Zone Alarm this file gets locked as soon as you boot the PC..How do I get rid of this file? Krish
Runs fine on Win2K. Runs like treacle on XP SP2 BandR
If you have Zone Alarm Anti-virus or Spyware set for auto-sweeps - this will happen and run in the back ground - which tends to slow a system with a large amount of files I have 7 - 500 gb hdd's most are nearly full - when the auto anti-virus runs it starts thursday midnight and runs for 3 days straight - I am soon upgrading to new software that puts distance between my firewall (Symantecs Sygate) and my antivirus (AVG) - regardless vsmon.exe hogging is usually something auto set in Zone Alarm - take a moment to bring up the page and check it out yourself . Triton
Zone alarm is proberly the best internet security you can really get, just the process call vsmon is its only downfall RAM007
Been using free version for many years on many systems. No problem if configured correctly, as suggested by the comments of others. Joe
so thats what vsmon is for. i wonder if ill get infiltrated by hackers if i turn it off. no wonder all my internet games run slowly especially guildwars lintz
Zone Alarm security, does use a fair amount of cpu but protects you so not dangerous! keep running all the time you are connected to some form of network. Ted
vsmon appears to be the resident ZA application that monitors the system based upon the rules the user establishes. When it is seen to utilize 'excessive' cycles, it is when it is scanning for viruses and spyware. At those times, it does not prohibit other applications from obtaining cycles and thus does not appear to be locking up the CPU. Chuck McVey
Zone Alarm virus-scan & monitor. May seem to run for no apparent reason - but is only doing what other virus scanners also do: scan system on boot. Change settings if not as you prefer. As with other scanners, they all take much CPU time. Once complete it takes v-little CPU time & simply monitors in background. If in doubt clean install the latest ZoneAlarm - it works! Don't complain if you have pirated version!! WHR
True Vector Internet Moniter, Escental Part of ZA Internet Security Pack John Master
takes up a chunk of my cpu usage. so dam annoying, but with, its guards against bugs. XGeneration_Gamerz
It is apparently associated with Zone Alarm, when it shuts down his process goes away. my problem was it wouldnt let me install any demos I downloaded from FilePlanet. My solution, shut down ZoneAlarm before beginning installation. Skywalker
this file seems to be from ZoneAlarm. All i know is that it always using 20 mb of my memory. It sucks. clever dude
Firefox's extension -- NoScript showing that a script from is running all the time in any website. By checking the process, is vsmon.exe (I do have ZA installed). Not sure what it do on FF. Ken
its part of zone alarm. when it eats up memory its just virus checking. ive got 256 ram and its fine. if u dont want it to eat p ram / cpu then turn of the anti spyware automatic scan and if it blocks ur internet explorer then go into program controls in the ZA window and allow it. you´ve probably got it automatically set to off. you people really should read the tutorial / actually look at zonealarm before you do anything. and just as a sugestion, maybe theres a virus / trojan / worm / spyware .......etc that is using the same name as vsmon.exe to try and trick people into thinking its good. read this
Essential file for running Zone Alarm Firewall. DO NOT REMOVE! If your computer is running slow, then buy a better one or upgrade it; your computer is junk.
VSMON.EXE uses up a lot of CPU time when performing background virus scanning. Simply open ZoneAlarm and turn off the virus scan to regain your CPU time. NEXUS
It's a Zone Alarm file that acts up when doing some CD drive accessing. Disabling Zone Alarm until done with whatever activity you're doing will solve the problem. Just remember to restart it afterward. KingArthur10
This file is part of Zone Alarms firewall, however it is linked to Virus and Spyware Scanning in the Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite. Wooden Wand
It's a process of Zone Alarm Firewall. Not dangerous, but yes have a high request of CPU. Mallito
vsmon on my own computer sucks up CPU cycles constantly. Same program on my work-PC runs just fine. Obviously CA doesn't really care about the consumer. My employer (with 1/2 million employees) won't accept the same crap software from CA to run on their employees PCs. They insist on better performing firewall. The CA Help Desk is useless. They recommend re-installing the firewall, but this doesn't help. CA is a company that needs to get its act together. If Windows Vista has a good firewall built-in, who will need CA? kayakjon
It is part of CA Internet Security Suite. It uses a lot of CPU resources and I would recommend NOT using it. There are better Firewall programs available that does not lock up your PC. Hope Mills Affordable Computer Service
Great Firewall Software! Donno what to do without it. For those of you whose complaining, wait till your PC gets hacked by some genius hacker, and you'll know that you are going to loose BIG time. Check it Out
A part of all versions of Zonealarm. Some worms, though, have the same proccess name.... this site is merely about security, so do not complain about how much you do not like this software. THIS PROCCESS IS NOT DANGEROUS IF YOU HAVE ZONEALARM INSTALLED! ZoneAlarm
a Zone Alarm file, takes some memory and high cpu usage sometimes. The_Law
it is part of ZAP and EZ Armour, i deleted it on one machine and now the firewall i had (ez armour) won't initialise. HOGS resources like no tomorow, but that's checking emails repeditavely, turning off autochecking appears to have no effect weedwacker
Im not sure wheather or not this file is a serious threat. However, it does act like a virus in that vsmon.exe is on ones computer when zone alarm is not installed. Also, the way it randomly activates and deactivates is bohering because trojans and other viruses behave the same way Al
I am using zone alarm suite 6.5, I have checked and removed VS MON from the system folder and registry where it deos not belong. If I transfer a file using Yahoo CPU time goes up to 98 and ram goes to 56MB. It does this even with email, antivirus, antispy and IM scanning shut off. If I stop file transfer it returns to normal. I must conclude that this software is unsuable for this purpose. MSN file transfer is okay, but very slow. VSMON does not try to connect to the internet for me, if it does it is a worm using the VSMON name however I cannot say it is harmless as it doesn;t work for me. jb
Seems like a lot of people are on a witch hunt. Rick
Associated with ZoneAlarm personal firewall. rosebud
All the statements of not configured correctly...there sure isn't any suggestions of the correct settings. Stop compaining about the complainers and give them the correct answers to set it up...!!!
The program runs well if configured correctly. If you want protection for your computer, it will cost you RAM and CPU, all things have a trade off. I've only had one instance where things went poorly with vsmon.exe, and it required a total reboot of my computer to fix the network lock. If you close vsmon.exe your network traffic will stop until you reboot. ohmu
This is a zonelabe requird file, it uses alot of your cpu bobbo
If you have ZA innstalled this process just shows that it is running spyware/antivirus check. Go into ZA Security suite and halt the search. Manually running the 2 searches seems to be less taxing on my cpu then the automatic one. Perhaps ZA tries to run the 2 simultaniusly?
Shut down zonealarm when vsmone.exe gets greedy, Then restart it, that sorts it out. bastantey
Zone Alram's IMON checking file Xeby
its the biggest process ever omg it takes me 50.000 kb wtf cmon Alex
If you have zonealarm installed then this is the internet monitor component. This is safe. However there are several variants of a worm that call themselves vsmon.exe. Check any suspicious programs out with a trusted virus/malware scanner. Cheers... VirusLab Heuristics Expert
ZoneAlarm is a piece of crap that slows down and blocks everything except viruses... CatFlanges
I had been using Zone Alarm Pro for about 4 years with no problems then I installed ETrust Internet Security Suite from CA which apparently uses Zone Alarms engine, I have everything disabled except for the Antivirus part of the Software, I have checked my registry for suspicious entries and everything is in order, but when ever I play a certain video game(offline) for about 20 minutes, vsmon.exe kicks in and gobbles up about 90% of the CPU on my machine for no apparent reason, keep in mind that auto-virus scanning is disabled. There is definitely a problem with this exe and should be fixed. Ace
Is needed for Ca eTrust Internet Security Suite Timothy
Zone Alarm File XXDan
zone alarm is a very good firewall for the private use. Darkmor
Just rebooted windows, slow as and Zonealam message box pops up, and i check task manager and see vsmon taking up 330k of memory! DAMM
Just recently took energy from the cpu Martin
While it works, vsmon occupies 56 megabytes (out of 2 Gb) on my PC. Seems a bit excessive. Memory leaks possible. Alex
its giving me the shits because i cannot delete it whatsoever. i'm so lucky to have it in my etrust, now that won't even run virus checks or anything! Lammy
it's using 1.7gb of page file on this machine im fixing seems like a bug to me (software firewall are rubbish) try smoothwall or ipcop both and free and tons better than this blotted rubbish. Sircolin
A ZoneAlarm trueVector service. To view it's descrition, open up the command prompt and type in services.msc and double click on TrueVector internet monitor. System Admin
Make sure it isn't running any background deep scan spyware searches, etc. and the cpu/memory usage problem should go away S G
It occurs that this file automatically searches the PC for viruses and Spyware. That causes the memory and CPU usage to raise sky high.  See also: Link CanDark
Pure Zone Alarm True Vektor Monitor... cls
This file mostly appears in my task manager using up to 50% and over 30 MB when zone alarm conducts a system scan - i.e. actually is looking for viruses! if you need more performance, you can always cause the process using the zone alarm software. Jon Doe
Part of the Virus Engine for Zone Alarm. Beginning with Zone Alarm's new virus engine, they have serious problems with memory management. It's been out at least since Jan '07, and they've yet to address the problem. Zone Alarm's virus monitoring service is badly broken, and they're not addressing the issue--they're pulling a Microsoft. I called, today, and got a refund for purchasing ZA Security Suite 7. I spent two days attempting proposed fixes to no avail. It was time for a refund. Hans Dieter
zone alarm!! and that is the because i have and not installed but works fine  See also: Link mr_lovalova
Zone alarm item that eats up CPU on boot up hardly possible to do something else rebooting does not alway's work disabeling zonealarm msconfig to boot or deinstalling then the only option. happens only very rarely Sam
Make sure that you do not have MailSafe enabled in ZoneAlarm. If u also have your antivirus scanning email attachments. They may be conflicting.  See also: Link oobied00bie
Its an essential component of za just disable the anti virus and anti spyware and your good to go Vinoth
Due to this process CPU utilization goes high n high Surabhi
Well if you don't have zonealarm installed on your computer then it could be a virus or something like that but if you have zonelaram installed then you shouldn't worry about it ;) A satisfied Zone Alarm user!
It stops Firefox from working when zonealarm is uninstalled and it will not allow me to reinstall zonealarm due to a truevector process already running this means i have to use IE to access the net which i am not happy about :( Nick
It is surely a process of ZoneAlarm. However on my PC it spikes once every 60 seconds. Trident
Part of ZoneAlarm - essential for the firewall, not needed if you dont have it. Turn the auto scanner off or set it for a time you dont need full CPU yourself as it slows the system to treacle Fudge
This should fix for xp home Ray
Normal ZoneAlarm proccess , that monitors the internet traffic , Blocks the access to the internet if malicous behavior has been detected , and display security information boxes DirtVirtue
Had to stop everything else as it was taking up so much CPU time. Thanks for the restart tip. pgcsec
Its harmless but it uses lots of cpu time... not that good. Rob
Its a very good firewall etc but it hogs the memory and to the point where i couldnt even open applications. recomended to get a better less cpu usage firewall illmatic
this is a zonelabs file for zonealarm. not dangerous.. always crashing tho. Gumbi
its a ZoneAlarm procces. It takes, on my win2k PC, a few %cpu when traffic comes along. Memory usage is around 19Mb, 17Mb virtual for this free version. Most off the times it generates a little traffic each 10 seconds, I don't know what its doing each 10 seconds.... Maarten
This is a Zone Alarm process necessary for this very good firewall. If online games are having problems you will need to de-select 'run at startup' from the overview tab, then reboot. You cannot stop process as it is self-protecting. Rotarystu
it has to be a part of zone alarm because i didnt see it before i installed ZA.. of course i havent't the slightest idea what it does or why it occasionaly pops up sayin a particular memory address could not be accessed or read or written.. if your comp cant handle it i'd suggest removing ZA and installing someother firewall that works on your comp.. that should solve the problem.. i hope.. zalthor
if you have downloaded this software from p2p etc it could be an infected exe thats gona nick all your bank details theguythatknows
It's geniune but mine is currently using 80Mb of RAM for no reason and PC running like hell, can't find anything on ZoneLabs website to solve the problem either :( Jin
If you keep restarting zonealarm every 2hours or so it tends to help, on start up lag just make it so it doesnt start automatically and start it manually. Tim
Zone alarm important file, but can chew up cpu at times - i.e. startup of internet explorer spongybob
It's a sys task needed to 'firewall' your pc run by zonealarm. Their are worms that create/embed such a file with the same name. VSMON DOESN'T require access to the internet. VSMON has a tendance to crash itself almost on purpose when using p2p networks. I've draw the conclusion to this as i use an attack detector and 2 other firewall programs and almost everytime an somewhat brute/high risk attack has happened, vsmon has crashed and locked my connection. Although annoying (for a long time now; Ver 5 - 7 of ZA), from my experience is protecing my information. Dave
it takes up 50-80% of my CPU when i start my computer, but after 2 minutes it just drops down to 0-15.  See also: Link Philip De Bruyne
Go to Zone Alarm Alerts & Logs and note the destination ip port (numbers after the colon). Go to Firewall Main Tab Internet Zone Security Custom. Add the port number to the incoming tcp and udp (click to add the number, then click the tick). Do the same for Pat
This is the ZoneAlarm Service, no Danger. Even thought it Drains All of CPU and Most of Memory and PageFile. Restart the service again and it's back to normal, if not Try the Lastest Update it Solved All of the CPU and Memory problems. Virus Ecks
Takes up about 23k constant, uses about 50% of my resouces when my computer is booting. This is also can b e a disgused virus. lolhai
If you have Zone Alarm installed, it's not a threat. It's doing what it's meant to do. If it's draining your CPU then you need to check your internet traffic. Simultaneously uploading, downloading, browsing, chatting etc. will cause it to be very unhappy with you. Check where it's running from. Test by shutting down your browser/downloader/chat temporarily. Kitten.
right now its taking up 1.1 gigs of virtual ram and 124 megs of real ram... such a memory hog.. took my computer about 5 minutes to open a .exe file... if you have this restart your computer atleast everyday massey
I have uninstalled ZoneAlarm but vsmon is still running. Disabled vsmon and I lost ALL internet access Nick
ZoneAlarm firewall. Just disable email scanning and most of your CPU-hog troubles shoud be over. qaz
If you have Zone Alarm Pro after V5.5.094 you are stuffed, click on my link to their forums. I just loaded this verision after suffering a 286 power emulation for just ages, then found this page and hunted on the zap forums. My machine flies now .  See also: Link Jonzy
secure but does eat a lot of CPU time! Matt
Belongs to Zone Alarm yes, but on my system it was using 30MB of ram - In my personal opinion it's a ram hog. Also if it crashes (which it does for me) you can no longer surf the web until you reboot. Great program, or at least it used to be.. Seems to have gone down hill, and fast. JesterDev
vsmon keeps shutting down my AIM. Very annoying. Sara
This is a file belonging to the ZoneAlarm firewall. It is NOT, absolutely NOT dagerous if you have ZoneAlarm installed, and is needed for your ZoneAlarm product to function correctly. Also, this DOES belong in your system folder if you have a ZA product installed.  See also: Link G
It always uses the most memory when my system is idle. Patrick
Somethimg changed my copy of vsmon such that the machine slowed down extremenly; it was "vibrating" the hard drive (another word for thrashing). stopping ZA stopped the problem. Reinstalling ZA seems to have stopped the problem from returning. I have used ZA for years on several computers and this is the first time it gave me a problem. Dick
It's a part of ZoneAlarm firewall; but it consumes a lot of CPU time. ZoneLabs fixed this on newer versions, BUT I CANNOT use newer versions because I have Windows 2000. STACK. konenas
Essential yes; resourcehog yes. Mister Pseudonym
Vsmon started gobbling CPU and wouldn't let me connect to the internet on my first reboot after installing the confictor ZoneAlarm update. A cold reboot solved the problem. Been using ZoneAlarm for a couple of years with no problems after McAfee slowed my machine to a crawl. And Norton has that app thing that's always malfunctioning. I love Zone Alarm. Zippy
Yes this is part of ZoneAlarm... HOWEVER, from my own experience it is also possibly used by Virus/Trojan software as some sort of camouflage for an infection. VERY hard to get rid of, might as well just reformat the whole hard drive and do a clean install, or spend almost just as much time trying to get rid of it. My CPU performance was totally max'd out at 100% constantly, everything slowed down until nothing could function at all, and this was over a couple of days like this -so not just some ZA scan in process! LinuxLover
vsmon is a True Vector (running as a Service) for Zone Alarm (running as a Program). It loads 1st before most all else. Which each upgraded version, vsmon runs longer and longer, sucking up about 99% of CPU lasting from 6 minutes to 20 minutes (depending on the version of Zone Alarm you have). You cannot go on the internet or run programs until vsmon has finished loading. If you make vsmon run as a Program, it will suck-up the CPU at boot until you open IE or Firefox. Then it will take 5 to 20 minutes before being able to browse the web. Version 6.0 and 6.5 was the last Zapro to load quickly. de david
It uses more memory than is needed to do what ZA says it's doing. Rick
Zone Alarm File s  See also: Link xavia
you can actually change these zonealarm settings by clicking alerts and logs, on their system interface. Terrylynn
repeatedly connects to pa2.zonelabs.com and exchanges some data, and uses some bandwidth. saeed
zonealarm keeps giving me notifications for every program on my computer saying (programname) is trying to communicate with C:\WINDOWS\System32\ZoneLabs\vsmon.exe by opening a new thread. ever since getting these alerts my computer is constantly crashing buffalo bill
ruins the otherwise excellent zone alarm. Queezer
there is also a worm called WORM_RBOT that masquerades itself as the zone labs vsmon.exe. it enables remote code execution via connecting to a command IRQ on port 6667. via that it's possible for someone else to do nearly everything on your pc. the zone labs vsmon.exe will never try to access to your network, see link below. you can typically recognize something went wrong when your CPU is at 100% for some times, and your internet is very slow. if you have a router, check, which connections are open from your pc into the internet (typically port 6667 gets used by the worm, as said before).  See also: Link F.
It is zone alarm mostly... if it's not a faked name...  See also: Link Peter
chews through cpu if left unchecked for more tha 24 hours robert
this file is part of what ever zone alarm you are running, its CPU usage seems to spike wenever you open a program, so it seems if you are running zone alarm extreme security suite, vsmon does the 'on-access scanning', it also pops up with forcefield.exe, when opening any application that uses the internet. Thomas
part of true vector service for zone alarm that. can be demanding on mem and cpu when scanning in background steen
Devours CPU during downloads Geoff
Yes it is a internet filter witch has a conflict with the windows security and uses 99% of cpu. See link to solve that cpu eating problems:  See also: Link Alex_neidoni
Yes. It is a zonealarm true vector services. Don't be afraid, you should update the firewall to newest version. I think they had fixed this bug H4s
like many others have said, it eats up your resources at times. Not as bad as Panda though! Thanks for the information! :) jennyM
Absorbs 34 seconds on start up according to Soluto Davee3
My system [32 bit Win 7 Ultimate, 3.2 GHz P4 with 3+ GB Memory] runs very slow. When I open Windows Task Manager and observe the processes running, I find it is VSMon gobbling up the CPU. It is a constant problem. When I opted for ZL Extreme Security, I did not know I would be killing myself with VSMON taking over my system. Ahmed Qadeer
Don't renew ZA in 83 days. Not just vsmon. Jj
Like thomas said there is a worm masquerading as this file, however, playing back huge video files such as 1080 dpi on a older machine can cause problems, since vsmon has to look at everything BEFORE its actually executed. Also another reason could be that you are already infected and vsmon is attempting to fight off this infection. I've had this problem for around 4 or 5 years... it usually goes away after about 10 minutes of allowing it to run. Post related to this problem on za site forum. http://forums.zonealarm.com/showthread.php?t=77067 Also the file should NEVER ask for outbound communication. The poster never said anything about inbound(non-server comm.) but if something asks to accept connections(which is TOTALLY different from just receiving info regular incoming data) coming from the internet. The safest thing to do is to block it and see if the Internet or application works normally without it. Also please don't rely on others to set your firewall setting for you. It may take a while to critique your firewall settings, but you can't be sure the millions of people who use this know anything about computer security. Obviously, from reading a lot of these postings... barely anyone knows anything. more info related to this worm below. However you should already be protected since the patch came out in 2004. ***one last note... blocking this from running will disable your Internet connection***  See also: Link za_user_since_beta
It's a buggy piece of crap that on the newest software update late Nov 2011 caused my system to crawl again like last time I decided zone alarm wasn't worth it. Time to find another firewall. Jim H
As of December 2011 this hogging of CPU is most certainly NOT fixed. I cannot watch streamed video, downloads which should take around 2 minutes are taking 45+. After 10 years using ZA I shall be looking for an alternative. Geoff Burns
Takes at least 33% of CPU. Need further investigation. Sevrin
vsmon.exe is causing serious problems with my computer. If I kill the process using control alt delete then sure vsmon comes back but it stops causing freeze-up's and other problems. Sean O'Connor
VSMON, for me, tends to eat CPU when I use VUZE client, I'm not sure if that's to be expected or not. It also gets into a fail loop if I use the 'TOR Project' software. Otherwise it seems to play well with my machine PeteH
If you're using Zone Alarm, it's a core element. Start-up CPU use depends on the size and amount of ZA and system updates.  See also: Link enrgy21com
I would confirm with sevrin, same cpu usage on mine, especially when i play online MAx
It is part of Zonealarm Security. It is not dangerous unless you don't use Zonealarm in which case it is dangerous malware and should be quarantined or deleted immediately. Eats up a large amounts of memory whenever using torrent engines or prolonged internet usage. To resolve just shut down ZA and restart it. Very annoying when one core is being completely used by its process and your computer turns into a slug and internet speed is at a crawl :/ Hopefully the bug is resolved in future releases of ZA. BTW I still love ZA and recommend it to everyone I meet and all my customers because it offers the best protection in the biz. Ydoucare?
To restrict excessive CPU usage with a multiple CPU machine use Process Explore to Set Affinity to less than half the CPUs available. For best results do this when the computer starts before vsmon.exe uses too much of your CPU.  See also: Link RAB
It occasionally hogs 45% of my cpu, but when it uses this cpu %age, it is doing a complete scan, when scan is over, cpu resorts back to idle state BnB-er
100% CPU HOG while on the net! Cliff
Part of Zonealarm firewall and AV software. It does however hog disc throughput when starting up and can slow systems when scanning, updating or validating files. MIke
Been using Zone Alarm for a long time. No problems. Its saved me than once
Hogs a lot of resources, but then it has a lot to do. Jeff
Like the software but for each browser tab you open it eats 20+mg more memory eventually bogging your device.
for not obvious, probably sinister operations accesses internet. Might be reporting the internet traffic back to ZoneAlarm. Necmi
Eats up my drive usage Dylan

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