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Process name: WebScanX

Product: McAfee VirusScan

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Network Associates, Inc.

File: webscanx.exe

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"webscanx.exe" is the part of McAfee VirusScan from Network Associates, Inc. that is responsible for web-related malware protection. It scans emails, downloads, Java applications and so forth for potential threats. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/webscanx.exe.html 

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Antivir SW Levhart
Part of Mcafee virus suite, monitors net traffic. s'allright.
Provides functionality for VShield Download Scan and Internet Filter modules. Initializes WBHOOK32.DLL C:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan  See also: Link Mixalhs
used for anti-virus protection, not dangerous
from mcafee chris
Messes up during Boot of Windows 2000 (and possibly XP) after Installation of Microsoft Patch KB893803 (Windows Installer 3.1). Only Solution is disabling "Internet Filter" and "Download & E-mail scanning" features. This does not compromise security in VirusScan 6.x because webscanx.exe is a remnant from VirusScan 5.x. VirusScan 6.x has its own methods of detecting incoming viruses from internet traffic and will still detect them without these features enabled (which means that they are pretty much pointless).  See also: Link DeathAndPain
Don't know anything.It has started appearing as an error when my computer starts since last month. Please tell me what I should do. It says error log being created. sherazbehram
If WBHOOK32.DLL error means you infected by spyware Alexa Lee
Also in McAfee VirusScan v4.5.1 SP1 (used with WinXP Home). Upon installing MS Windows Installer 3.1 (KB 893803) and rebooting, the following error was"WebScanX encountered a problem and needed to close". In the VirusScan Console, VShield, Properties, the option to Enable/Disable was grayed out for Download Scan & Internet Filter. Solution: Uninstalled KB893803 in Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, rebooted, and now McAfee's enable/disable options for Download Scan & Internet Filter are not grayed out and the error has not reappeared as it did before with every login. salukifan
Agree - Death and Pain - messes up boot of Win2K and XP. Have to disable scanning features in McAfee. Sue
Agree w/ DeathAndPain, The only solution is disabling "Internet Filter" and "Download & E-mail scanning" features. This does not compromise security in VirusScan 6.x because webscanx.exe is a remnant from VirusScan 5.x. I have been having the same issue on about 50 computers after I updated Windows with the Microsoft Patch KB893803. MadMedic
Windows Installer seems to be the culprit. I get the error message at boot-up and shutdown on Windows 2000 laptop. The errors began after I installed patches from Microsoft update site. I use McAfee Virus Scan version 4.5.1 and other users have similar problems, v.4.5.1 is obsolete and unsuppported according to McAfee help forum. More information on fixes is available at the McAFee link given by DeathandPain. JRR
comes with mcafee installation hrady
Webscanx.exe is the download scanner for McAfee 4.51... front line protection...you need it!  See also: Link johncob
I get the same error condition with WinXP Home Version 2002 SP1 from Dell after KB893803 installation - I recovered with the information from " salukifan " bernd_voigt
I have had the same problem with the Windows Installer 3.1, and found a relatively easy solution. Reed the page at the link for 'further information' to see how to solve the problem. You can have McAfee 6 and the windows installer working on the same machine without the error.  See also: Link Ronald

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