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Process name: Quick Time Tray Icon

Product: QuickTime

Company: Apple Computer

File: qttask.exe

Security Rating:

This process implements Apple's Quick Time Tray Icon, which enables you to start Quick Time from the System Tray, as well as to perform related functions. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/qttask.exe.html 

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Quick Time Video Tray Icon Alex
Used to Automatically Launch Quicktime Window When a .Mov Is clicked on in Web Site Belial555
Apple's Quick Time Tray Icon which enables you to start Quick Time from the System Tray (from version 5 onward). entfernen
an optional useless auto startup for quicktime player, disable it to save memory
It is very easily infected w/ viruses Nicole
quicktime player
Quicktime task program - just delete the exe file if you're annoyed by it. thewhug
Apple's Quicktime Plug-In for your browser. it allows you to quickly view .MOV movies from inside of a web page. It is a component of the Quicktime Player Package.  See also: Link Nathan
Annoying and hard to disable permanantly.
U get it going on websites & looking 4 videos Fuego
This is NOT the browser plug-in, and it is NOT required to play Quicktime files at all! It's basically a shortcut that takes two megs of ram. Remove it!.  See also: Link WeaselSpleen
Not dangerous but annoying as hell. I cant get the damn thing to stay out of my startup!! jude
My system was hanging 5-10 seconds after startup every time. Removing qttask.exe in startup which fixed the problem. Harald
I know suddenly it appeared in my systray, and I don't have QT installed. Had to use the syscomfig to disable startup, and edit registry to remove the freaking thing TimMac
Extremely annoying. Windows 98 will not shut down when this is running. Hangs. Keeps reappearing after removal from msconfig startup. Rox
Part of Quicktime. Annoying, but not harmful. Xtra_Zero
Piece of shit application - memory hogger, always adds itself to the 'Run' section of the registry. Unecessary. Prebba
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and delete the entry. Also delete the folder at Ian Wilkinson
You can prevent it from starting with msconfig. Go to Run... type msconfig & under startup uncheck qttask. on next restart and prompting, tell msconfig NOT to come up after reboot. Solarity
Annoyin. Deleted the .exe from program directory, then out of reg. All better! lumen8r
Installed with Quicktime web browser plug-in. Not dangerous. Consumes 1 Mo of RAM. To prevent it running, remove registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Quicktime Task". Titi
Quicktime icon sits in your system tray. Remove by right clicking it, select QuickTime Preferences and then untick QuickTime system tray icon Martin
totally unnecessary... get it's startup off your registry... EclipsE
It caused my Internet Explorer to crash on a constant basis. Jake
(Registry Info for XP:) In "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" you'll find "quicktime task" with the value "c:\programfiler\quicktime\qttask.exe -atboottime". Remove it to avoid the file from loading on boot. Frode
If you dont want this process to startup every time u start windows, go to the location of the .exe, right click, click on security tab and deny the permissions. When you want to play any Quick time application, u can allow permissions the same way. I tried everything to remove it from my startup..but in vain. Finally disabled permissions and it worked!! Manoj
Crappy buggy piece of softtware, unfortunatelly installed with quicktime. the program eats more than 2 MB of RAM and it does nothing useful other than send information to apple.com about the movies you are watching. The information is stored in a small log file in your computer and sent in bursts to apple.com in an encripted format. John Topio
non dangereux, c'est Quicktime Pascal
Not virus or spyware actually, but still Very annoying on most OS's. Remove it ! Per
It's the tray icon of Apple's Quick Time. I advice to disable it because it's just a drainage of memory Black Dragon
It suddenly appeared after I got cable, and everytime my 'puter is messed up, getting rid of QT fixes it. sullengirl
Keeps locking up my computer! Rob D
It is one of the many progams that appear when I click Ctrl+Alt+Del and is keeping me from defragmenting my disk drive PattiB
it's 100% useless - all features of quicktime work without it. completely not needed, to get rid of it block it from starting (DON"T delete, just disable, otherwise it will be recreated when you run quicktime) up using Spybot. also close it after you run quicktime, usually it pops up and stays, wastes cpu and ram and has no purpose. or you can just block the process from ever running (go to Administrative tools on start menu, then to Local Security settings-- software restric. policies-- add. rules, action- new hash rule, browse for file and it will never run again).
Quick Time Tray Icon Tamanaco
Tells me I have no disk in hdd 12,13,14 and 15. A pain to keep cancelling the warning windows Clark Miller
Erase The Icon on task bar, then go to the IE and delete vandutch
Apple QuickTime file that thinks its doing you a favor by auto-starting with your PC (common now with almost every program) cept this stupid thing keeps returning even when removed from registry & file is deleted. seems when QT is run, the program checks changes & deletion, & undoes whatever you did to remove it. VERY ANNOYING & resource hogging, but not dangerous. NYC Wolf
its quick time plugin for IE but unnecessraily adds in the startup,can be removed by deleting HKLM\Software\Microsoft\windows\current version\run Jayesh
box comes up every time i start up. when i deleted the file my autorun for cd drive was disabled. Chris
I used XTeQ to prevent this task running on startup. Now my win2k system doesn't hang forever when closing down and boots quicker! Guy
got it when I said I wanted to download QuickTime, but then I decided not to install. icon stayed even though QuickTime isn't intalled El
can be stopped from loading using app called 'starter' by codestuff  See also: Link skow
all of a sudden, this process tries to access my cd-rom drive, when there is NO reason AT ALL. djigoressie
it auto starts-up and runs 88% of the time according to Task Manager, slows everything down... jj
Quicktime is essential if you watch any video online, mostly. Also if you have iTunes, you need it. Don't delete! anonymous
It attempts to take over your media file extentions. careful while installing it to not let it do this... and its from Crapple AlmightySR
To unload qttask.exe from system tray permanently, right click icon - Quick Time Preferences - Browser Plug-in - then REMOVE CHECK from Quick Time system tray icon. Adil
real pain in the a...s just unchecked the file if is in ur start up .. reebot .. scan with an antispy like avg , or freedom .if still there . .go to the registry and take out manally Cruzado!
Quicktime taskbar - to remove, right click on it, select quicktime preferences, go to "Browser plugin", in that there is an option "QT taskbar", remove that. alps
I could not open preferencec while in Systems. It would not let me remove. I renamed in "a pain". I was then able to remove from systems. Silly but worked. I received it on my computer going to the War of the Worlds site, and immediately got it without even watching a trailer. durbinjoseph
i wrote a program to keep quicktime from running at startup. it removes any running quicktime processes and removes startup information  See also: Link tim hibbard
tries to keep quicktimes file type preferences from being changed. can be stopped with spybots teatimer. scott808
qttask.exe produced by Apple, installs a tray bar icon which links to the Apple QuickTime video streaming tool. This program is a non-essential system process, and is installed for ease of use. NATHAN
Part of QuickTime; looks for disks in all drives on startup and reports error (wrongly) if a disk isn't found. JT
not harmful, but not something i especially want
Takes up speed and can be easily virus-ified. Don't listen to "anonnymous." DELETE MerlynMagus
Auicktime, it is a process hog, get the quicktime alternative
link to an app that cleans quicktime out of start up with out uninstalling it  See also: Link tim
I don't like any pop-ups, especially unidentified boxes with dancing error messages! I too, tried to correct "qttask.exe" only to have it reappear under new error code numbers that meant nothing to me. Then I resolved the problem, I think, by doing this: Click START, SEARCH or FIND, CONTROL BOX, and right click on the Quick Time Icon. A window should appear that says: "QUICK TIME SETTINGS." See what is checked whether you checked it or not--uncheck the last two items in this window. Now RESTART and pay close attention to the Quick Time Icon close to your clock in the lower right corner. Steve
Not needed in the system tray. Dont mess with the registry - open Qtime and uncheck "Quicktime System Tray Icon" option. LoveALeanMachine
if you delete the last e of qttask.exe to qttask.ex it will no longer work like an app and the quicktime player will work no problem just the tray icon will be gone bob
No point if you only delete the registry. When you run quicktime it will restore back the registry. The best way is "Don't use quicktime!" anger
QT Tray App, removal was easy, deleted, wrote prog in Installer VISE that deletes if file exists and sets reg entry to itself. I have it run on startup, it deletes QTTASK.exe everytime you start windows (even if its in use!) and fixed reg entry to run my cleaning app instead. Also added to task scheduler to run every 3 hours so QTTASK stays gone and registry stays happy about QT changing entry to invalid program.
It's an annoying uninvited guest, that eats your computer out of memory and puts itself in startup no matter how many times you uncheck it in msconfig.sys. Delete the qttask.exe. J Renault
The worst thing is that QT will put qttask in the startup even when you're just viewing a web page with a linked QT file. Remove, rename, or change permissions on qttask. LCD
caused lag time, locked up computer, shut down internet explorer, would restart computer, etc. had to get son to remove it. never had so many problems at one time. texasliz
3\/1L - locked up my pc, removal from startup and registry and delete no work. Replace it with a dummy exe that does nothing (only way to get rid) Me
Just delete qttask.exe, this doesn't affect playing quick time movies, but kills the annoying system tray icon
I did not like it and thank to those who posted how to get rid of it on computer it sure was a pain Pat
Appears to be connected to qttask.exe, so if you removed that, you should probably remove this.
see this page (and scroll down) for detailed instruction to get rid of this POS  See also: Link GlassHouse
I know that i don't want it on my pc and not sure how it got here sandra
Don't edit the registry!!- "to remove, right click on it, select quicktime preferences, go to "Browser plugin", in that there is an option "QT taskbar", remove that." grahmo
Taking up 94% or more of CPU usage for what?? Slowing everything down. also shut the whole computer down several times computer dummy
This is the most annoying thing for years. Always comes up again, I hate apple for that piece of shit! Koolio King
Quick Time Task is pure garbage. It is a hosting body for a wide variety of virus Get it out of your system completely as soon as you see it.
Wanted to say something different than its for quicktime which we all know by now. dumb moron
Its Quicktime Task Icon, which is shown where the clock is. Spacko
Thanks for the info. I am getting rid of this thing Ron
tray icon not dagnerous. f
Rightmoused on tray icon and said close. It never closed. At shutdown it could not be ended. Powered off and then could not reboot after. Sour apple! Christer
i wont let me open any programs and says error when i click on one nick
its for quicktime media player kthx XxfenryxX
got an netvision dialer from it. delete it. run, regedit,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and delete qttask.exe malicious
Messed up any audio playing devices as it freezes up and any other programme running! Most annoying! Aqeel
CWSQTTasks.exe is a coolweb search trojan rob f
whenever internet explorer could not load a page, i would end the qttask.exe process in task manager, and usually internet explorer would load a page just fine after that! stupid quicktime should do something about that.... quicktime just came out with a new version i guess (7.0.2), and all i did was went to edit - preferences - quicktime preferences - advanced - under "tray icon" uncheck "install quicktime icon in system tray" JJTop
annoying disable: run msconfig startup (uncheck)qttask ok reboot becerob
This file is non-essential. delete it from quicktime folder because everytime you run any application of quicktime(plugin,etc), it sets the value in the registry for qttask.exe to start. DELETE the file, i did it and quicktime works fine. Sunny
giant pain; locks up PC; constantly crashes Internet Explorer. Just Me
If you remove it from the registry in HKLM Software Microsoft Windows Current Version Run, it will come back after another quicktime video is loaded. instead, navigate through that path, find the "Quickttime Task" entry, double-click it, and before the value "C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe" -atboottime, add a SEMICOLON. This will keep it from starting up. It may not be able to be removed permanently, but you can render it useless. ;)  See also: Link Nate
I read everything here to date then went to the programs/Quick Time folder and renamed qttask to qttasktemp. Then I ran msconfig in START and unchecked it in the Startup menu. Rebooted, and poofs...no icon and no recurring check mark. No problem! Try it. At the worst, you'd just go rename qttask back to the original name again to put you back to where you were. No problem on my machine though!
I have to hit cancel 36 times after bootup to get rid of the message: "85c:qttask.exe no disk" because I have external drives and digital card readers that somehow get this little annoying ap all excited. Thanks for the help, I'm taking all the suggestions above! Jim Lawrence
it's a Quick Time (.mov player) ... slows down start-up/shut down processes. XP (maybe 2000) users: to remove from the start up process goto Start - Run - and type msconfig and goto Startup tab and uncheck qttask mlw
a=squared ,malware scan id'ed it as trojan-Dropper.Win32.Paradrop.a but didn;t have any info on it in their malware database. My windows explorer says it's a 28KB application file created and last modified friday dec 7 2001 mdith
i have uninstalled quicktime and realtime from my pc ,and evry time i try to conect to the net it throws a pop up asking if i want to install them and slows the connection anyone know how to stop this happening armadolo
Like all others above, it is quicktime, seems unrequired, takes up space and maybe memory.... so dont want it!!! Start Quicktime only when NEEDED! qttask.exe is related to ipodmanager.exe, ipodservice.exe, ipodwatcher.exe, ituneshelper.exe  See also: Link dutchfoxy
Locked up my laptop with 99% cpu usage. Get rid of it! Bill
Quick time, Quick start up/sys tray prog ! ok but best to get rid of it Shalianahe
Apple's QuickTime Player - Taskbar Icon, can be removed in QuickTime Preferences  See also: Link Matt
“Start \ Programs\QuickTime ”, choose the “Edit \ Preferences” menu option, select “QuickTime Preferences” from the right hand side menu, uncheck the box next to QuickTime System Tray icon. Close QuickTime. Finally, Disable or Delete this entry on the Startups tab of msconfig then delete the file from hard drive.. don't install qt again.,,,, google "quicktime alternative".. waptek
keeps reloading no matter what I do! Jim
Quick Time Video Tray Icon  See also: Link Rider
File is a pain with bootup, takes up memory, thanks to Titi for directions to remove it, I would never have found that Jon
Quicktime updater? Pain in the ass to get rid of, causes problems if you don't "irradicate" it properly, hogs memory Katrina
A file that comes as a part of the QuckTime application program - a legitimate application program. Using QuickTime is a personal preference and offers a free version. Et Al
This program is so annoying. I have just found out that on my dell inspiron 1150, the qttask.exe makes standby mode impossible, because it never responds back after putting the computer into standby. Therefore, I had to disable the qttask, but it keeps on coming EVERY single time back no matter what. So if you go into windows and go into the Quicktime program folder, just do ahead and delete qttask altogether. What a pointless startup program and system tray icon. Hi
Thanks for all the good info on removing this sucker. I took one extra step and made a copy of calc.exe and renamed it qttask.exe and replaced the original qttask.exe file with it. Now if the calculator pops up out of the blue I'll know that the only thing that makes me dislike Apple/Quicktime. Hope this helps. Rob
Part of Quicktime. It will add itself back to the \run\ section fo the registry every time you use Quicktime. Rename the qttask.exe file and it cannot run. Then delete the key from the registry. It will then not come back. Annoyed with Quicktime and Apple!
Here is a link with a solution to inactivate this... (use Response Number 4)  See also: Link Dan
qttask.exe is unneeded, slows down your computer and takes up RAM and will regenerate even after you have unchecked it in MsConfig. To delete it go to start run regedit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and delete the value Derbs
It is part of Quicktime from Apple Inc. If you have an Ipod or went to website that supports QT then this is where it has come from. The " -atboottime" is simply a switch to start at boot up. Please see link below and also do a search for just "qttask.exe"  See also: Link RichyRich
Quick Time icon for easy access to this program. Luis
I never installed QuickTime and there is no way to uninstall it. It burns resources and doesn't do anything useful. Jonathan Allen
The easiest way to remove is to start up quicktime and go to Edit -- Preferences -- QuickTime Preferences -- Advanced Tab. At the bottom uncheck the box next to "Install QuickTime icon in system tray" KatKat
Had a lot of heavy disk activity, and found the problem to be QuickTimes ridiculous system tray app. Msconfig sorted it, but it has a random habit of coming back every so often... Ash
Only what I have found on the web with a search Duce
You can use SpyBot Search and Destroy Tea Timer to block it from installing itself.
Apple quick time player. Can be dissabled as not required Marco
To remove it from the System Tray Right-Click the Icon in the System Tray and select "QuickTime Preferences" then under the Advanced tab uncheck the box under "Tray Icon" that asks whether to install QuickTime in the System Tray. The End... Keithŋ
It consumes resources, does sod all, is completly useless, and unsurprisingly it's made by Apple. Avoid at all costs if you can! I recently installed Quicktime to play audio samples off of dieTunes, but behold the thing suddenly installed itself as a FireFox component as well and now my whole machine (A P4) crawls along like a snail. Have tried above removal techniques, but it appears that QTTASK.EXE and something else check for and replace any Quicktime files and registry keys deleted by the user. Looks like Apple don't want us to uninstall their malware...Funny, that! :-[ Death
It is not dangerous exactly. All it is a media player, however it is easily attacked by people who do make malware, so it could easily be a medium of getting something unsafe. Since it isnt the only media player there is, and there are plenty of media players that are better than it in many ways, I would getting rid of it if you dont need it. You may need it if you own certain programs, like some mpeg to mp4 converters. Keiran230
In new version even if you remove the registry key, it puts it right back. It also hides itself in the task manager. So you can't kill it easily. Need to start in Safe Mode. Presistent little bugger. And to Et Al: tell your friends at Fruit Company that it's a very bad practice to stick unneeded crap into startup. I would gladly remove whole Quicktime from my computer, but unfortunately there are some morons who stick clips in this format on their web pages. Grinder
I am not a programmer or technician but when I had this on my system I thought it behaved in a manner similer to windows task manager as a background application. I never had a problem with it. Johnny Logan
Seems useless. To disable uncheck - Start - Run - MSCONFIG - Startup - unCheck Apurva
2 things. 1) It isn't dangerous 2) It's a pain the in the butt. If you remove it from the registry RUN areas, the next time you run Quicktime it automatically adds the setting back to the registry. What to do? Download the Startup Control Panel then just UNCHECK it from the start up processes. If you actually delete the entry then quicktime will add it back.Follow link to download free Startup Control Panel (freeware, no spam or BS)  See also: Link Techware Computers
It is an Apple QuickTime system tray icon application.
I heard it`s easily exploited if you dont upgrade to the latest qt version, recently noticed my internet connection was recieving and sending a fair few packets, killed the process and it stopped communicating, maybe its juts a coincidence?!? Owen
Not needed. iTunes needs QuickTime, but will run fine without qttask.exe!  See also: Link R. Bardwell
Program came with a Sims DVD-Rom. Games player at home so now don't think I'll ever be able to remove. Rabbit
For QT7....don't know about older versions....delete TWO registry entries: HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Shared Tools/MSConfig/Startupreg/qttask Delete the whole key. Also delete string in RUN key as mentioned numerous times. I did this a couple of days ago and it has not regenerated itself like it used to. Stopping this task from running using the "proper" method of unchecking it in QT prefs did not work. Kim
Simply start Quicktime (Start\Program Files\Quicktime\Quicktime Player), Click on EDIT - Preferences - Quicktime Preferences - ADVANCED. And uncheck "Install Quicktime Icon in System Tray" -- it's that simple. You don't need to edit your registry to remove a feature included in the software. Sheesh... Glen
Ok, I havenīt got Quicktime installed properly, so I CANīT disable this in some tab....Have got Vista, no run in start....How to get rid of it now?/ CK
Quick Time tray icon. Can be stopped with either Spybot Teatimer or startup.exe from Mike Lin  See also: Link Tony Carr
It randomly locks up system. When I look at cpu usage in task manager, this file is at top of list even though it shows to be using zero cpu. When I stop this file, my system returns to normal functioning. Ron
I wasn't able to use windows vista aero while "qttask.exe" was running. uninstalled quicktime player and aero worked fine again. zymogen
Not needed or critical, just a shortcut. To prevent it from reinstalling when Windows loads, delete C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe. It's safe Kees
Isn't dangerous but is considered malware by some users
It is for QuickTime quick launch. You can uncheck it in MSCONFIG but it will return once QuickTime runs agian. To stop this, rename qttask.exe to something like qttask_old.exe and it will never come back in MSCONFIG. Courtney
It uses memory and ensures the Quicktime shortcut is in the system tray on startup. When disabled with msconfig, it returns after the next startup and must be disabled again. Fmonster
It is a very annoying process if you don't use QT Bloodfart
its slows down your computer Ghazi
qttask.exe itself can be harmless, but the files that are disguised as it sure as hell aren't. Get at them by opening your computer in safe mode. Nick
monitor exe
Just use advanced tab to remove from system tray DeepSpaceNutz
Takes up almost all my CPU? Shares usually 1 with other programs that need it, then pops back up to 99. Trying to replace with a dummy, but comes back as "Cannot create the (drive)qttask.exe file", even after asking for confirmation to replace it. Locks computer, lags startup and overall performance. Hope I finally get rid of this stupid thing.. Abso
I had the same problem, simply I delete that registry entry from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and restart your pc you will see the result Abhijit
make empty (or with any word) file with same name...you cant do it with notepad.Then copy to the folder with the player (defalt C:\program files\quicktime)..then remove it in msconfig....or just del. Aleksandar Cajic (Neosoft)
Kept windows vista from using the aero theme. Thank u Apurva. That did the trick. Gary Van Doren
QTTASK.EXE (size 1830912) found in SYSTEM32, this was a SERV_U FTP server. Was started as service with description "Logical Disk Service" Pogo
I noticed my cpu was at 100% and my task manager displayed that qttask was using 98% of it. I uninstalled at startup and now my idling cpu is working at 19 -30 %. Get rid of it!!!!
When on my performance on Task Manager and CPU usage goes to 100% and slowdown my PC to a stall. The only way I found to remove it to go to MSCONFIG and uncheck it. I would like to have it remove for good.... Joe50
qttask.exe" -atboottime atboottime
My Norton Internet Security 2008 reported unlawful activity V
it you search registry for qttask, one entry will show -atboottime in command line, click modify and then delete only "atboottime" in command line and save. This will stop it from reappearing until you update Quicktime Lou
this thing is eating 50% of my CPU right now, and I cannot close it, what the hell is going on!!! Josh
Runs at startup and uses 99% of my CPU (according to task manager). Absolute nightmare! Mhanbai
This file is used by Quicktime. It is used by Quicktime in order to check for updates at the Quicktime.com site. In order to remove it from the system tray, see the link...  See also: Link *JS*
It is a pain to remove or disable. The best way to handle it is to go to C:\Program Files\Quicktime and change the name of qttask.exe to something else. I usually just put a random digit in the middle of the name, i.e. qt4task.exe. You will have to redo this every time you upgrade QuickTime. This program provides usage data to Apple. If you delete the registry entry, it will just create a new one. Rick
Locked up computer with 100% CPU USAGE complete garbage!! Thai
I've installed and uninstalled quicktime player from my pc, but unfortunally, qttask.exe is still running and running again under system tasks! it seems like service cannot be stoped and its gonna drive me crazy just because i dont want it in my system but i dont know how break free from this... i've just deleted values from the Regedit but it doesnt matter what i do it is still there  See also: Link franschnneider
You can transform the MSI to remove QTTASK. You need to extract the MSI prior to installing. then deploy the MSI with the added public PROPERTIES ASUWISINSTALLED=0 and SCHEDULE_ASUW=0, Example: msiexec /i P:\QuickTime\QuickTime.msi TRANSFORMS=P:\QuickTime\QuickTime.Mst ASUWISINSTALLED=0 SCHEDULE_ASUW=0 Bill V. -
From Apple: "Provides a QuickTime icon in the Notification area (system tray) of the Windows Task bar."  See also: Link scm_eric
Connected with Quicktime, but uses far too much of the system for a normal application; It sucks up 99% CPU resources from startup, restarts itself every time you terminate the process James
I liek Mudkipz HEY
It makes my cpu 99% busy, slowing down to almost grounding every click you make. You have to wait and wait and wait... for other programs to open. It is a pain. I simply renamed C:\Program Files\Quicktime\qttask.exe to anything (C:\Program Files\Quicktime\qttask_bad.exe) and it works for me. Eban Kay
eats up memory and antivirus software doesn't like it cause it has no digital signature. I blocked it from running upon install using Kapersky Steve C
Run msconfig to disable it, if you computer respond good, leave it, in all other cases enable it. steven
Well If Your Having Problems With This Program Just Do What I Did. Go To Task Manager And Set The Proirity To LOW. This Renders The Program Incapible Of Using All Of Your CPU. =] *CR
To get rid of this annoying thing.. or uninstall this thing.. go to this link:  See also: Link Sean
Identified as 'malware.gen' and isolated in virus vault by AVG. Brianm
It plays porno on the screen.
Uses 100% of cpu. slows computer down tremedously. Cannot end process. Can not uninstall quicktime. Can not delete file. Any attempt to start up quicktime (to change startup settings) just results in immediate crash and automatic restart after clicking to open program. John
On my laptop it starts running and takes the CPU to 100% Richard Thomasson
Quick time agent for fast start of QT. Loads CPU. Very easy to turn off by running msconfig, disabling and restarting Windows pheodal
Don't know how far this goes back - no date anywhere. Had the same problem on laptop with Vista. Aero color settings went awol. After some research removed Quick Time, went through registry to get rid of what it left behind and had to remove it from Program Files manually as well before everything went back to normal. Nil
i cant get it out of my process tree, wont disable + the exe cant be removed, thank you apple. nothappy
I'm concerned because it is located in a Run- folder not the Run folder Sam
it starts running hundreds of qttask.exe processes and i dont know what to do. uses 100% cpu, im barely able to make my computer function ben
Do not have this app on your computer, delete it immediately!! Especially with Windows 7. Restart and watch the immediate improvement without it ! Nosall
It is the Quick Time Task and it turns Windows 7 theme to basic Ahmed
it's quicktime, therefore you should get rid of it and use something else. chairman
it is a hijacker on some computers ryza
By removing it from my task tray my windows 7 display immediately turned to normal and prevented all the processes from running at start up that were using my power. Only then was I able to delete it. Could not delete it using control panel as it does not show up on the list given for uninstalling/repairing etc. Harry
is a quicktime application annoymous
It Kills Your CPU Robert Ward
It makes my pc runs inefficiently. Anon

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