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Process name: Intel Hotkey command activator

Product: Intel

Company: Intel

File: hkcmd.exe

Security Rating:

"hkcmd.exe" is Intel's "extreme" grahics hot key interceptor. If you never use the Intel hotkeys, you can go to Control Panel > Intel Extreme Graphics > Hot Keys and turn them off. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/hkcmd.exe.html 

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  • 25175 users ask for this file. 134 users rated it as not dangerous. 20 users rated it as not so dangerous. 61 users rated it as neutral. 34 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 56 users rated it as dangerous. 34 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

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Enables the Intel Hotkey command for graphics driver and keyboard. Alex
It something todo with keyboard shortcuts, provided by intel, its worth getting rid of itf you dont use it El Gringo
may gather info typed on keyboard, why lots of drivers for such a crap graphic chip? none
Intel Hot Keys Command Module. Monitors the keyboard for the key-presses you specified in the program.  See also: Link Andrew Carpenter, Microsoft MVP for Security
it's a keyboard shortcut to accelerate the intel graphics chipset. can be disabled via display properties in control panel. nize
Application that implements the Intel Hotkey command scoub
norton firewall intercepted it trying to open a tcp connection Sid
Wow what a feature. So I can press a key and change what direction my monitor displays data. Bob
Regedit, tasklist, HijackThis could not be accessed while this was running. mike
In two separate instances, has caused the mouse pointer to disappear/freeze/move sporadically on loading. Eric
Windows background process, runs keyboard short cuts etc for Intel based graphix chips. IT Journo UK
Tries to get in contact with *.microsoft.com via TCP. I don't like that. AntaBaka
only the attached from the discussion boards link  See also: Link TJ
hkcmd.exe crashes after installed SP2 for winXP T
would not let me eject my USB flash drive until I killed this process Jeff
"it's a keyboard shortcut to accelerate the intel graphics chipset. can be disabled via display properties in control panel. " This is exactly what it was. Disabled it and now it's gone. Sam
Tried to open UDP (outbound) connection on Port 53 (DNS). Why does driver need to talk on network? Tony
Intel "extreme" grahics hot key interceptor. If you never use the Intel hotkeys, you can save the overhead via Control Panel/Intel Extreme Graphics/Hot Keys and turn them off. The man
Intel hot key interceptor The man
All I know is, I have a pc that runs better when HKCMD isn't running. Greg
pc works fine denying it internet access
Caused computer to change to lowest resolution and least colors on every reboot.
The same comment of last, crashes after installed SP2 winXP Robert
Not required takes up about 3MB while running Andre
Crashes with SP2 for WinXP. Lame! Stefan
Got this file after a website took control of computer. Definitely spyware, get rid of it. Check HKLM/Software/microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run in the registry M - NZ
When installed on XP SP2 causes blue screen with the Novell Client Leroy
allows special hotkeys to work, email, internet buttons on laptops user
Keeps crashing after xp sp2 installed Karl
crashes after installation of sp2 / winxp  See also: Link ralfy-d
Is i.e. used for pivoting flat panel monitors - keyboard shortcut; Crashes after SP2 install (- new version!)  See also: Link Mike567
Been disabling it for some time now... it does have value... just not to my configuration. Kevin B.
Causes problems after WinXP SP2 HAQattaq
Enables the Intel Hotkey command for graphics driver and keyboard. Datamind
hkcmd.exe description: Hotkey Command Module for Intel Graphics Contollers. Located in "C:\WINNT\System32\" on Windows NT/2000 and "C:\WINDOWS\System32\" on Windows XP. File hkcmd.exe removal: Described file hkcmd.exe is not related to the security threats. However the same or similar file name can be used by spyware or adware programs to decept user. We advice you to scan your computer and eliminate possible threats. The Man
After SP2 install, I couldn't use certain ctrl-alt-(letter) commands until I deleted this. D.S.T.
disable by run: msconfig [enter] startup tab
Changed my ADSL conn to DialUp. Hosted in register. DELETED! LUIX
It uses up 99% of the CPU whilst running and takes high priority. IT Man
causes screen to flicker, start menu won't stay open during flicker Tony
Something that monitors the keybd so that when you push a key u can program it todo stuff mr man
it can be disbabled from the graphic properties of the intel driver. it will probably be present in the registry, so can be removed from there also. This exe uses a big chunk of the cpu, which is not very healty santosh rao
I could not use my NT system, It pigged 98% of the cpu ! Tom Kazakoff
Firewall caught it accessing the network. Russ
Also crashes on my machine after installing XP2 Derek
Had a problem, accidently deleted key in the registry trying to remove adware, had to repair windows XP from startup disk, when repairing the installation a window poped up telling me that this file 'hkcmd.exe' was needed and to locate the file, I pressed cancel and continued with repair of installation. Sounds like it is not needed anyway according to all the other posts. IMMORTAL MILITANT
Even If I disable Hot Keys, it still loads at startup. Nothing seems to go wrong if I "end task" it. Anthony
After XP sp2 update it created serious issues with the system, making it unuseable. To fix open run: type msconfig and disable it on startup. Everthing returned to normal after this was removed.  See also: Link Techie
Process appeared after installing Intel Graphix Drivers. Harmless/Useless program that just eats away valuable memory. Can be removed in HKLM/Software/microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run Fludizz
You scare mongers should do your research before posting bogus information here... It's a legitimate command process - Intel Hot Keys Command Module. Monitors the keyboard for the key-presses you specified in the program. Mike Ellis
it uses up all of my system resources until i end process and then it runs great. I want to remove it but am worried. GTO
My company installed a bunch of crap on my computer and said they were going to start tracking everyone. That's when this thing appeared. Not sure what it does, but seems to be some sort of tracking device. Dan
I rely on keyboard, not mouse, and thus use Windows hot keys (ctrl+alt+_) ALOT! hkcmd.exe greatly interferes with this functionality. ix
As descibed. Started serious crashing once I had updated to XP SP2 Nick
Gateway M520 laptop retains email, search, internet, music hotkey use with hkcmd.exe removed Had to stop with msmiconfig startup tab dennis thomas
When booting win98, hkcmd.exe performs illegal operation Rich
This is great, I can now dump the Pivot software that came with my LCD monitor (which rotates) for this much less intrusive app. Sean
it´s a hot key interceptor for a intel graphics card, the name of this is hkcmd.exe don´t confuse with AckCmd.exe than is a backdoor xcal3
Caused a DC upgraded from Windows 2000 SP4 to Windows Server 2003 Standard to blue screen! Restarted in safe mode, disabled all commands in HKLM\...\Run, then manually run one by one to determine problem. A
hkcmd module keeps popping-up can,t get rid of it. mpicard
On my old VAIO laptop, this was necessary to use the fn key combinations, which did hardware-specific things like mute the volume, switch from the laptop to an external monitor, and change the screen brightness. If you're using whatever keys it makes work, you'll need to keep it. If you're not, you can disable it. kira13
Seems to be two of these. One is the Intel HotKey process. It may be disabled. May cause problems under XP SP2 and will crash when logging over RDP. The other appears to be spyware that masquerades as the Intel process. UniDyne
May also disable by deleting the reg key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\HotKeysCmds UniDyne
It's actually a file that transmit information to another galaxy that's spying on us...very dangerous  See also: Link George Bush
user can rotate the display using Alt+ctr+arrow key shortcut if it is running! dont fear to use it!! tanmay mande
It comes with a graphic driver from Intel. My computer wouldn't go into 'standby' anymore. wev
After SP2 - crashed - re-installed video driver and now it works fine! Rhett Buck
reformat the hard drive Nada Corporation
Don't fall for the sensationism... It is NOT spyware. Allows hotkeys in the Intel(R) GMA Driver Control Panel applet to function. Disable it in the CP applet and reboot if you don't need it. pjs67
i think it's buged soft - compaq video - it's bloking national key "ł" indeed of some shortcut. If u want to get rid of it type "msconfig" and layer startup psjulek
on a tablet pc, causes flashing and delays when some programs wait for user input. don't like having to choose between hkcmd and app - both are useful. andy
my hkcmd module kept crashing and now my right click on desk top won't work. always crashes my explorer (not the browser) Monique
File hkcmd.exe is the Intel Hot Keys Command Module which handles keyboard shortcuts for Intel based graphix chips. Erick
This hkcmd make a PPP error and don't let me enter to the internet using a dialup connection. Chayenne System Analyst.
Keeps turning on and using 99% reseources - makes eeverything like gloop. Very annoying. Bob
It is file created by micro$ft, so I don't believe, that it can work propely... Cow
It makes the screen flicker until you kill the process maybe WXPsp2 related? Jorge Cossio
Uses over 4 MB of RAM. That alone makes it worth removing. Tim Howland
Screws up certain ctrl-alt key combinations Glen
It causes XP system to crash after Novell Client Install JJW
It has ability to access PC and change settings. I had three different versions, none of which I installed. Opens ports and accesses PC illegally. Experienced Programmer needed to fully decipher its functions. Scary! Giselley19
attempts legal tcp connection to internet. When refused denies web traffic through zonealarm firewall to convince user to disable firewall. Now why would a key listener be so desperate to communicate with the internet? Me
it run by intel graphics controller when this driver is installed  See also: Link jinn
Problem with this EXE appears after installing XP SP2, just to download last graphic controler's driver, and it's OK ! Mistergian
This is INTELS Extreme Graphics background program it is necessary for your graphics card in fast performances.  See also: Link Get real
Intel Hot Key Commands. Allows you to launch video configuration panel with a key combo. Not dangerous, but remove it to reduce system cruft level. Alsee
look at your key board you'l see its a media controled key board, hkcmd is the program to control the media eda comand prompt in your processor, its simply a eminence program that your looking at
OPTIONAL - to disable: Control Panel/Display/Settings Tab/Advanced/Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver Tab/Graphics Properties/Hot Keys Tab Jonathan
Uses 4MB, but I have adequate RAM (1.2GB), and uses no processor resources. Came with the laptop (Acer 290) and caused no problems when I updated to SP2. I'm happy to leave well alone!
The real file is not a threat, however two other files with the same name installed themselves on my laptop and try to access the internet. Those files needed to be removed. Diana
I found three hkcmd files in three different folders: C:\i386 C:\WINDOWS\system32 C:\drivers\video\onboard I tried deleting the file in the C:\WINDOWS folder. My computer would not allow the deletion. Which file is the bad one or are all three worthly of deletion??? ray
its not dangerous at all, trust me! ungefaehrlich! dariusistmeinname
Seems harmless, but I don't use hot-keys much. Daniel Glasser
Not needed AT ALL, so why keep it running? MPM
It interferes with peoper functioning of US-International Keyboard definition. JC
it isn't in my system sow i don't give a crap Dimi
not worth having unless you use the shourtcut keys on your keyboard dave
It is NOT spyware. Allows hotkeys in the Intel(R) GMA Driver Control Panel applet to function. Disable it in the CP applet and reboot if you don't need it. Chris
If you use polish keyboard layout - disable this file or disable keyboard shortcuts in Intel Extreame Graphics taskbar icon. If you don't some, polish letters will be unaccessible from keyboard. mp0011
It's done nothing on my computer, but I am a pretty big nerd, so I'll look at for it. Also, don't download anything if you have this, unless using Mozilla. It screws up my IE downloads for some reason. Xavier
It is a valid file for Compaq\HP and other computers that use the Intel Graphics Controller, as described in HP Document ID: DD040826_CW01 at the link below. Joe Melton
One more comment about hkcmd, on my tablet PC I recently began getting a 'Data Execution Prevention' block on a 'Generic Host Process for win32' after much trial and error thanks to Security Task Manager, I isolated this file as the culprit. Just one more of the apparently many conflicts people have with the shortcut application Jon
Started giving an error message during startup after installing SP2 on WinXP Pro. Rolled back Graphics Controller Driver and it went away IT Girl
All your keys are belong to us E.T.
it keep's turningof and on by it's self and i think it might have something to do with the tv operating systems alex cox
Hot Key Command - used by Intel Graphics driver to switch between portrait and landscape mode on monitors that swivel like the DELL 1905FP. Very Handy for people who rotate their monitor all the time, like me. Mike
Tries to connect to http port on a microsoft site, talk of intel software trying to link to a microsoft site !!! if ur firewall has caught it and is asking for allow/deny option, safely say deny. i do not want either intel or m$ to know anything about me or my comp. gujubhai
Keymonitor to acces various options, frequently delivered with various video cards such as ATI and INTEL. Can cause performance issues by hogging CPU ElApe
update the display drivers and it goes away don hunter
das is nur ein ganz harmloser Task von HP für die Tasten am Laptop  See also: Link David Panholzer
if I run Trojan Guarder it picks this file up as a trojan virus and can't seem to kill it. It also doesn't appear in processes on Task Manager which seems odd! Should it stay or should it go? C
Related to Intel 845 Graphics Driver, occurs after installation of Windows XP SP2, resolved after updating graphics driver  See also: Link Christie
I have 3 files on my computer named hkcmd. 2 dont belong. 2 have the same file size, saved in different places. 2 = deleted.
IDK I have sp2 and my comp runs perfectly fine. Headshot
Intel Keyboard Hotkey Utility BearCreekMan
Background Process to enable Intel Graphics Hotkeys. Crashes are due to an old version of the driver. Check your chipset version and update  See also: Link Ben
aparently linked to yahoo search bar also google bars in fact any pc/laptop that has a search bar malicious code can be ran through it not to mention the colation of information havn't removed it yet cos this ain't my pc and i don't have this problem but im sure if its disabled in the registry it will stop it from working bitten_not_again75
computer goes crazily slow (especially on a network, downloading pictures and such) rick
It actually can be a virus, if a virus, etc. spyware modifies it. read more on the link  See also: Link Dorko
it's from Intel but it can be infected
Just more lousy overhead to slow me down, Nuke it. Brendan
This program's natural settings is harmless but as the addage goes you can save any program to any name. Some Malware writers will create a program that will add to the existing program causing it to do whatever they want it to. White Hat
Original file not dangerous, but several virus's use this file as a shield. Travis Crincoli
found 3 copies, 1 was 24kb, and had no version data in the properties dlg, deleted it. the other 2 had older dates and version data indicating intel as the author. Jim
it appears after i install a fresh copy of windows xp , i think my windows copy has this thing.. i think it's giving me some problem. suraj
I think that Intel should have named it something much better. Me being a MySpace user, thought that is stands for hack commented?[hkcmd] or something that had to do with hacking. but delete remove it by terminating the process tree, because your PC will run much, much smoother. Christopher Parr
Well, all I know is when I try to disable it in msconfig, at startup i get an error saying windows just recovered from critical error. Which is annoying, so i just leave it alone, though it takes 4 mbs of ram... disabling through control panel wont work. The-Bleh-Bleh
Ok, update to last post. This takes 4mb of ram, so heres how to make it not run. The-Bleh-Bleh
Sorry for triple post, didn't mean to press enter XD. Alright so heres how to disable it. Go to your driver options and uncheck enable hotkeys. Then go to msconfig and uncheck hkcmd on the startup tab. Now restart and its gone. worked for me =) The-Bleh-Bleh
If it is a hotkey thing, why is Zone Alarm catching it trying to access the internet? I denied it access and my computer hasn't exploded... yet. ; ) Me
It is locking out option, I.e. like taskmanager, change pass, and lock computer Mr.Anderson
I challenged a hacker community to hack my pc, and Sygate firewall almost immediately reported application hijacking, and yes it was the infamous hkcmd.exe trying yo establish a connection with another computer. Id delete it if I were you, my pc works just fine without it. HackThis!
Comes with my labtop-- right from the install. Not dangerous at all. Steven H
You know all about so here is how to delete it from your System Registry: Right-Click desktop/"Properties"/"Settings" tab/"Advanced"/"Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile" Tab/"Graphics Properties"/"Hot Keys" Tab/Uncheck "Enable Hot Keys" Jacob Evans
This command contact ghwop neribo from planet mars who delivers a stunning lightening blow to your torso Oz
If it's for an intel graphics chip and I have an ATI (made by AMD) then it's dangerous, run msconfig or just rename it or delete it. Who's watching the watchers?
AVG free find threath(worm /Delf.EYR) in C:\Windows\system32\hkcmd.exe and heal(delete) it.I try to copy from another Windows XP but AVG find threat again. Peter
My computer would freeze on the initial Windows bootup and dots kept scrolling forever. After I disabled it, I never had that problem. Wyatt
Justr a terrible driver. All listings with reasons that it's "dangerous" are just sypmtoms of crappy drivers. Not much more. Anon
i know that it is a keylog and it is also a intel grapic driver but if you knew where to look you can obtain valuable intell on the persons passwords Geo Hot
It so the aliens in the sky can spy on you to see if you're an ideal candidate for impregnation with alien butt babies.  See also: Link Delbert
Indeed! Thanks to Intel you can now rotate your desktop! Beyond useful! (Not really... disable it using msconfig, unnecessary memory usage) z3r0_NZ
My Notebook going to blue screen! B. Jatikusuma
People, don't rate it as dangerous if you don't know what a program really is. This little program, when started, allows the user to pass certain commands to the Intel on-board video chip. Some of the commands allow you to rotate the image on the display, to enable/disable the displays and change other settings of the video chip. That's all. Of course, just as ANY other file, it can get infected if you have a virus on your computer. If you ever find it infected blame the virus who did it and use an antivirus to clean ALL of your files because you certainly have more than one infected file. Nick
When I rebooted my computer because of lag my McAfee said that i wasnt protected and i noticed that hkcmd.exe tried to access the internet. I found three other files named HKCMD.exe I highly recommend deleting these files. Josh
Process File: hkcmd.exe Process Name: Intel Hotkey Description: hkcmd.exe is installed alongside Intel multimedia devices and allows configuration and diagnostic options for these devices. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. Lorena NY
takes up our laptop cpu power, remove it. start Run msconfig startup Tab, Then Search For hkcmd.exe [My computer has gotten a lot faster after this change] -Deeahn Gee
my cpu usage became 80-99% it's dangerous...!!! Ricky
It blocks some key combinations i.e. while using the Polish Programer keyboard definition under an English Windows XP it blocks ALT GR -L lespro
Hot keys from Intel Graphics Accelerator. Wow! You can make your screen upside-down! Ronald
It is secure. XPRoccessor
A Malware with the name hkcmd deletes .exe files from the computer, blocks internet by changing the ip of DHCP,slows the computer down to 10% of its speed and eventually brings it to a nonbootable situation. Surjo Banerjee
hkcmd.exe is installed alongside Intel multimedia devices and allows configuration and diagnostic options for these devices. "This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems Ravindra Acharya
Used as the intel hotkey command for intel GMA series video cards, however the process isn't really needed for most users so it can be safely stopped from starting, also the program does not make any kind of out going/incoming TCP/IP connections. To disable: (XP) Start RUN msconfig Startup (Vista/7) Start All Programs Accessories RUN msconfig Startup  See also: Link James
if it is hkicmd.bat then it is a virus
part of the microsoft cover-up where they put code from vista into XP using hkcmd to send/recieve data. will continue to come back no matter what. besty bet is to delete syste32 folder.  See also: Link David Davidson
AVG Identity program just deleted it for me. Aardvark
It is As others have said it is only a an Intel Hot Key command exe, but it can become infected as we have with 'W32/LibHack-A'. So If your having problems then 1) update your Intel video drivers and 2) carry out an AV scan if you are not sure The Flossy
é um arquivo de reinicialização de aplicativs :D AdwaRe#.EXE#3™
Slows down internet connectivity. I disabled it from MSCONFIG and my internet is running fast. Suresh
Intel Graphics Card Hot Keys. Delete it if you dont want to use the hotkeys. Watches the keyboard. Adam
Useless if you don't use hotkeys, was infected by some trojan, removal without problems - Nutzlos, wenn man die Hotkeys eh nicht braucht, war bei mir infiziert mit nem Trojaner, habs nun entfernt, keine Fehler Chris
Totally harmless.  See also: Link AF
No, it's NOT dangerous, but when dealing with n00bs it can cause you to have to fix their display after they unknowingly hit the hot keys to flip it upside down or sideways. WindsorFox
Intel Graphics Card Relted - Hotkeys. It is not dangerous AT ALL. Ignore the BS idiots are posting. Tom
Intel "extremly stupid" graphics program. Cool if you are really lazy, has caused mouse to freeze/move out of control with XP SP2; it was infected with some virus which gathered keyboard data and tried to sneak them out to some site, not microsoft. cjdrox
not dangerous but it cause problem with tapping polish letter ł, it is necessary to disable this feature Miles
console ime
It handles the keyboard hotkeys for rotating video 90 degrees on monitor Rick Reno
When I found this process in my Startup, my DVD melted in the drive and I heard strange voices from my speakers Furcht
disables registry,msconfig,task manager and slows down internet to nil. saddy
You can get help for infections at cyberhackers.org  See also: Link CyberHackers
I don't have any Intel hardware here, the process came from nowhere and tries to contact Internet every now and then. Definitely something harmful. Bad Madafaka
Disabled, but still running. Sigh. Miles too
This file is safe, but a virus can be renamed to anything and to find out if it's legit, get to know where the file is located first.  See also: Link Dan
After installing this on XP SP3 it turns MSE off. Removing startup from the registry made MSE start again. Jonas
This is one of your driver! Dark
Seriously guys, it can be a virus, and it can be real. Many viruses are made to look like real files! (E.G. csrss.exe - if it's in the C:/windows/system32 folder, than its real. if its in C:/windows, its a virus!) All you need to know is if norton or AVG or whatever pops up and says its a virus, then it probably is. If you think it takes up too much memory, then wtf are you doing with 128mb of memory?  See also: Link some1whoisapparentlysmarterthanyounoobs
Intel process Anthony
I never use this.I always remove this from startup. Johnny
This process will run if Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator "Hotkeys" feature is enabled.  See also: Link John Aronson
This has to do with Intel for Laptops and Notebook Computers. The hot keys. I have Intel GMA Driver for Mobile with an Acer Laptop. Sims2Player
yes, it causes my mouse to freeze and when i try to move it just go lazy, and MacAfee doesn't detect anything Marcos
this file is linked to all .exe files Pin2
eats 97% of cpu usage i-e it struct the pc Ahsan
Damages the keyboard shortcut "ALT+L" which is used for Polish programist's keyboard layout. Worthless itself, remove at will Primo
this file for graphics of intel it's safe and secure sultan alsaadi
It's a virus!~ Virusexpertman
I do believe 3/4 of the people who put this as a bad thing has a viral version of the file that happens to be named hkcmd.exe. You should only have one version of this file, "written by Intel," approximately 170kb size... anything else you should delete cuz it's probably something stealing your CPU usage and jacking your internet. (the real one takes up no more than 10,000kb memory and 0 CPU on task manager) meh
hkcmd Module Beata
Worm virus Win32-Chdir hiding here after XP SP2 installed AndrewB
its weird that I have this file on my sapphire radeon hd. very weird.... nothing to do with intel graphics at all.. even the internal graphic runs the nVidia farizluqman
bought a pc brand new with this on it...it's not a virus... windows really should create... wait a minute im not giving out my superuser implementations, any way ...it's not a virus ethicalhacker
It flashes and hinders any application that im installing. Michael Ohajiaka
Enables the hotkey commands for the Intel graphics driver. KrYptiX
Completely harmless. Anyone who's paranoid about a connection to microsoft is just trying to hide their Child Pr0n The Game
i installed intel graphics and then i got this file Arpit
its just a system file...!! do not get worried.... Rishabh
I've had this file since i bought my computer, Should be 0 CPU and no more than 2000kb Memory, nothing to worry about! Joe
increases delay of entering standby or hibernate by 30 seconds eu
This program is an acronym for Hot Key command Which operates both the Hot Key commands from the keyboard Sound like you uphold or running GPRS or Bluetooth and other additional buttons Egyption Fox
everyone complaining about it taking 80-90 percent of memory need to get better computers. as in. more than 512 mb of ram. its 2012 an0nshadow
Through control panel, to Intell GMA Driver, select Options and Support, select Hot Keys, you can enable or disable from there. Disabling Hot Keys does not get rid of the hkcmd.exe file trying to load. JIMMinAZ
Intel hot key drivers, not needed and can possibly slow up Windows Explorer use. VCW1939
Hot Keys for Intel Display Drivers. IMPOTANT NOTE: Some versions of this software are bugged and consume 100% of on processor all the time. Remove it from startup using msconfig.exe
Uses 100% system resources. Kick it to the curb fast. Nosferatu*
I use my computer mostly for gaming thus I'm afraid to turn this "function" off as I'm afraid it my mess with my awesome gaming graphics. JTnVirginia
Go to task manager and see properties of this one, if it has some strange Product descriptions like writings on strange language or words letters without meaning DISABLE IT!!!! it is a spyware Gojko
H hot K key CMD command. right click on the desktop, choose properties or graphics properties or what ever, settings, advanced, the intel tab, the graphics button from there. then uncheck the box. its just enables a few keyboard codes that either bring you to that menu, or about there, and spin you display. no reason to not turn it off in msconfig or uncheck the box.
Intel Graphic Driver hotkey code_war_509
hkcmd Module/ hkcm.exe is NOT dangerous - its a software component (applet) in some versions of INTEL's graphics chipset - allows configuration of hot-key cmd. Its not a virus, spyware, malware or key logger. Its not a driver (but its a part of the graphics driver) & its not linked to any browser. Its useful to those who WANT to use it but its not necessary to run your OS. FYI-ALL viruses can be named ANYTHING ok? You should only have ONE the correct location is Windows/System32/hkcmd.exe. If you have more than 1 then yes its probably a virus. If you have only 1 & still have problems its likely because you incorrectly changed a setting on your pc. If its sucking up all your RAM its NOT a BUG, its due to NOT having enough RAM so get more. You can disable it in either CP/GMA Driver or msconfig/startup. NEVER delete it or attempt to disable it in your REGISTRY. Do NOT listen to D. Davidson who said delete System32 folder....outrageous misinformation Grafik Soup Girl
Stop Complaining about your wndow 95s My Windows 7 Starter NETBOOK it uses only 116K and is 3 from the bottom. bobherry
Possibly glitchy Intel program, little use. Removal suggested if your computer is having problems, or if you're suspicious of suspicious programs. Katrina
When using Oracle Beehive with Outlook, this process prevents the profile wizard from executing (while needing priviledged rights). So hkcmd.exe must be preliminarily terminated for the procedure. Bernd P, THN
Intel hot key driver. Repeated asking for install upon startup while restoring a Toshiba laptop. Finally renamed it (in /system32/) and fixed the error. MrMega
My computer has recently been restarting itself without warning. hkcmd.exe has also been appearing on start task manager even if I didn't even download it! Michelle
It is just a hotkey interpreter, hkcmd literally stands for "hot key command" TwoForks
I think it is something like a virus becuse i had a lot of maleware and when i removed the malware it was gone, my friend also had malware and he also had hkcmd.exe This was MY opinion. But im 80% sure that its something with the intel or a normal process. If you have this, dont worry. Just use malware bytes or some other antivirus scanner to find out if its dangerus. hkcmd.exe Computer_S
A safe but not necessary app to start "hot keys" when computer starts. Users choice, personally I Don't use. MIKLO
Normal Process for Windows Hotkeys Kartikey
Not dangerous, but occasionally inconvenient. It's an extension of the Graphics Driver, and provides Keyboard Hotkeys to control graphics (like ctrl-alt-down to rotate your screen) Stook
I saw it on my TM, I think its fine. Geeky Girl
Stated as Intel's bckrgnd process, otherwise a virus. Safe, shocks windows startup with medium impact, it takes 300 to 1000 milliseconds of CPU time or 300KB to 3MB of disk I/O. Raihan Sergi
Its 100% spyware. People can internationally hack you by hiding in it. Beware of keyloggers
dangerous because some one changed my pc settings. I am owner no 1 other then users came from where. I don't know how many users of my pc. that all users and administrators are hidden. ali
Its for keybgoard shortcuts for graphics L
Simply enables hot keys for Intel graphics, such as support for rotating display. Tyson
It allows the rotation of screen, pretty useless :/ Mohak Saxena
just a hotkey commander. very harmless. Amanda
Windows Defender quarantined it for a reason of being a trojan shou
this is horrible :(  See also: Link alexanderainale andels smithers
Made google chrome keep opening in the background
The name of the file is suspiciouce, Seeing that it is "hkcmd" That can be tgranslated out of giberish into "Hack Command" However im pretty sure its a windows prossess Brandon
Suspicious. HCKMD can, in my opinion, be decoded into "HaCK MoDule" Brandon
Standard intel process. Nothing dangerous about it. Don't listen to fearmongering Lowgun
I removed hkcmd.exe & noticed faster url loading
crashed my computer -anon
This simply allows Intel's Hotkey features on their graphics card drivers to work. For example, you can press Ctrl + Alt + Down arrow key to rotate your display 180 degrees, or Ctrl + Alt + Up to rotate 0 degrees, Ctrl + Alt + Left for portrait, Ctrl + Alt + Right for flipped portrait, etc... I would recommend disabling this if you never use this feature Paint_Ninja
It's safe, but only if your router / pc has a secure firewall Tristan
Intel should publish this to several OS. Angelo Escasio
It Just Enables the Intel Hotkey command for graphics driver and keyboard. You Can Rotate Your Screen Via These Hotkeys. Bobby

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