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Process name: Drive Icon and Label Utility

Product: MultiCard reader tool


File: dit.exe

Security Rating:

"dit.exe" is a MultiCard reader tool. It is used on some systems to assign drive icons and names to flash memory cards, so they can be accessed like ordinary drives. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/dit.exe.html 

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All comments about dit.exe:
Process File: dit or dit.exe Process Name: Drive Icon and Label Utility Description: Essential background task that is required to assign drive icons and names to flash memory cards. Company: N/A System Process: No Security Risk ( Virus/Trojan/Worm/Adware/Spyware ): No Span
Nothing... but besides dit.exe I have found a ditexp.exe also... Dré
I have a Medion Card Reader. This File is from the Driver. Christian
I use a flash card as "floppy" drive -- this file is probably related to that. Christina McCarthy
used by cardreader, not needet by windows(but for cardreader) (also DitEXP) Mirrakor
I never noticed this process until recently and worried, until i saw this page and realised it must be part of my MP3 player software Steb
wie gesagt ... kartenleser blub
Can make problems when using a Zolid mp3-player (causing it to switch on and off continuously when connected to a computer). Simply press CTRL+ALT+DEL and stop the process. NVJ
Program used for certain mp3-usb players....it seems safe... Esli
harmless - it's the icon library of a cardreader KarstenV
i also got this process after installing a multicard readers but its useless if you're using me or xp delirious
"dit.exe" is a MultiCard reader tool. It is required to assign drive icons and names to flash memory cards. j**d
It is used for the memory card reader for many digital cameras. Let it stay unless you no longer need it. It is not a problem. Jim
used by SWEEX multi-panel cardreader pcool
The file assigns icons and names to flash memory cards, however on my computer it was creating an error at startup, causing a 'Windows-No Disk' notification. Stopping Dit.exe at bootup did not prevent the drives working but just showed them as 'removable drives' Neil Avery
Thank you, installed Sandisk Card reader files in windows root + prefetch. Roy Williams
It comes with the Sony digital camera CD. When you install the software, it installs it in the \Windows or \WinNT folder. Luc
Causes Blue Screen on Dell M700 when SD card is inserted John P
used by 20-in-1 flash card reader Sid
The file is included in computers that have mulit-cardreaders on board
Used for my flashcard devices. NEWSPAPERSTEVE
Causes the Q-BE 1Gb mp3 player to not work correctly on WinXP Pro. Disabled this and now mp3 player is fine ! Andrew
zeigt Card Icons bei Medion PC stoani
Used for memory flash card loaders (i.e. photo camera cards) Tom L.
just that it causes an error on startup and closes. worfs
Used by Cadreaders(many different models, which use the same chipsets) - if this file is broken it can cause some nasty errors but after all when it's working correctly it's an useful but unnecessary file.  See also: Link Mirra
installed by SilverCrest 16 in 1 Cardreader USB 2.0 driver. NOT a virus. Lo instala el driver de configuracion del lector de tarjetas Sivercrest (Lidl) 16 en 1 GammaTeruo
The prosess Dit.exe, when running from HKLM- Software- Microsoft- Windows- Current Version- Run, cause for Sony Digital Camera not to be detected as USB Flash. If removed all become OK BIGDAD
Comes with PROMASTER Universal Card Reader .  See also: Link Ash
causes permanent disk error entry, (event id:11) in Win XP's Events.Log efi99
If you;re on a Medio computer and what to sue a U3 drive, then stop this program otherwise you'll find the u3 launcher will not work. Tim Patterson
Causes message:" Exeption processing message c0000013 parameters 75b4bf9c 4 75b4bf9...etc." at upstart of my Medion pc Barbara
It appeared when I installed the drivers for my VistaQuestUSA.com keyring camera  See also: Link Michael Robb
Kartenleser Ovaron
Medion card reader Scott

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