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Prozess Name: Symantec Common Client User Session

Produkt: Norton Antivirus

Support: Hilfe Link   Update Link   Deinstallationsprogramm  

Firma: Symantec

Datei: ccapp.exe


"ccapp.exe" ist die allgemeine Clientanwendung von Norton AntiVirus. Sie ist für das Überprüfen von E-Mails und für die Implementation der Einrichtungen für automatischen Schutz als Teil der Norton-Antivirus-Produktfamilie zuständig. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/ccapp.exe.html 

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Kommentare über ccapp.exe:
Norton Internet Security ? JQ
Das ist ein Teil von Norton Antivirus.  Siehe auch: Link Vampire
norton's Common client application, central service that susses out how to operate the main norton stuff which can be tricky in a multi user environment. For example 2 users may be logged on ( say using fast user switching is one way ) And two NAVS are running on two different taskbars, There are Not really two NAVS but just one CCapp controlling the lot... To control the lot independant of user's or before logon you must be a service :) .... Its apparent high CPU usage can therefore be there antivirus or other norton process chugging away doing their job ... allow access for updates etc.  Siehe auch: Link Link Jason
I run Win98 SE, and ccApp FREQUENTLY stops responding, thereby causing Outlook Express & other apps to become unpredictable. When ccApp is running, it prevents Freecell from running. It's a giant pain. Bruce
löst trotz deinstallation von Norton antivierus extrem hohen upload meine Systems aus. Sollte eigentlich gar nicht mehr vorhanden sein karo
Spybot tells me it is a virus or malware, but when I get rid of it my Norton antivirus auto protect is disabled and I need to reinstall Norton to get it going again. So I have learned to ignore Spybot on this one... Alan Ffreshwater
When we did an uninstall of Norton Internet Security 2003, upon reboot of our laptop, we started receiving and error msg indicating that symstore.dll could not be found. The ccapp.exe was still trying to startup. Jerry
Very Problematic with NAV 2005 & WIN XP. I keep having to uninstall/re-install NAV2005 because on bootup the WIN Install Wizard pops up as though trying to install a program and then NAV2005 auto pops up and says that it does not support the repair feature and I must uninstall/re-install. Susanne Gyasi
Scan Disk will not run nor will Solitary or freecell. I do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete. And then click on ccapp and close the program. Then I run scan disk or play game . To go out on the web I reboot the computer and go on line. RedOak21
I get a kick out of the people, who say its uses a lot of memory on my system, in security task manager it shows this process using 0% (zero percent) man hold on thats a lot of memory. It should only use memory when its in use.  Siehe auch: Link Chrispixx The Great
ccApp.exe is the common hosting application that is used by both NAV and NIS. It calls the different program features in NAV and NIS. For example, in NAV, if Auto-Protect and Email Scanning are enabled, then ccApp.exe makes sure that those programs are running. If ccApp is disabled, then Auto-Protect and Email Scanning will not run.  Siehe auch: Link oceanMan
I thought I would come back and add the information that Symantec gave me on my problem. In my case none of the below site helped. My problem is CcApp . It is a shame that when you disable their program (Norton) that it doesnot stop this program also from running in the background.  Siehe auch: Link Link Link RedOak21
Part of NAV... problem is is that it is now running my CPU at 100% util... and it is stuck there... even after reboots. This happened also once with their Norton Security product.... once again, Symantec crapware strikes again! Ben
It started to become a problem the day I installed Norton Internet Security 2005 (had not used NIS before). It keeps locking up Outlook, and every time I try to reboot it seems ccApp is hanging and not responding. Simon
Safe component of Norton Internet Security or Norton antivirus 2004. Started sometime to consume high CPU while sending or receiving e-mails. Workaround on this by Symantec does not work in my installation. Uf!  Siehe auch: Link Raul
shutdown error mark
This is the Norton/Symantec task for Virus & SPAM protection in your PC. It can appear to hang on close down as it is attempting to be the last service out to prevent Memory Viruses altering your PC's Op SYs  Siehe auch: Link Paul
never had a problem with it until i installed an external hard firewall after some one hacked y computer and read back my computer stats with Nortons FW up and running. Now it crashes daily causing me to reboot
It prevents me from running several of my games. When I boot them they screen goes black and tries to run but then back to windows. The only time I can get them to work is by killing ccApp while i play. Marc
Norton System Works/Norton Antivirus LiveUpdate file. All I know is that I installed AdAware on my computer and I must have missed this file getting deleted, cuz now whenever I try to do a liveupdate in Norton, it says that a program is running that needs to stop before it can install the new updates. (Do NOT Delete) ZRU2U
occasionally slows computer severely Tyralt
Symantec says: "ccApp.exe is the common hosting application that is used by both Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. It calls the different program features in Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. For example, in Norton AntiVirus, if Auto-Protect and Email Scanning are enabled, then ccApp.exe makes sure that those programs are running. If ccApp is disabled, then Auto-Protect and Email Scanning will not run."  Siehe auch: Link Link Norton Critic
ccapp.exe works perfectly on my computer with Win XP with ZoneAlarm, Symantec Antivirus, and Norton Internet Security enabled and it even works perfectly with Freecell and Solitaire played in split screen mode troublefree.
This is a NAV file - However, it does have issues with XP, where it's using from 0% to 98% of my cpu available...Even when not actively doing anything, and NAV is disabled. If I knew the WHY behind this, I could probably work around it, but it's a good case for going to McAfee, less trouble with XP there. Zan
Mine just says that its tryin to install and norton does not support this install it tells me to uninstall and then reinstall it but would that be a wise thing ebcasue then wont i have to get it all set up again??and everyone says it takes a lot of memory but it doesnt for mine i got xp version
norton internet security etc essential file...this thing is just a giant blak hole, sucking up all my system resources to the point where i cant even right click on the desktop without a 2 second delay, and forget about opening any programs, let alone switching between winmap, msn and ie! although it does its job and protects your computer, its no longer worth using it cos it runs soo slow.., meh *clicks uninstall chris
drastically reduces my computer's speed Eric Caves
i have been working tirelessly to speed up shutdown for 4 months, no links but shutdown and restart is a nightmare it freezes then takes around 10 mins to shutdown. can anybody help me i would be in great debt to them i hope to solve this probloem before he new year! Mark Webster
I had this problem and it drove me crazy trying to figure what was going on. I eventually determined that if you have the task bar at the bottom of the screen, the ccapp is not a problem. When you drag the task bar to the top of your screen, the problem returns. Strange, but true. Poor programming on someone's part. John B
Central to functioning of Norton AntiVirus, Personal Firewall, Internet Security. Takes 44MB RAM under WinXP Pro, but 0% CPU - unless you are constantly running e-mail like Outlook (why don't you exit??) or spending all your time on-line such as with role-playing or streaming media. Better safe than sorry. Stephen
Also Norton Internet Security 2005
Slows machine Stops close down Wayne
slows my computer down conciderably vukodlak
Norton Anti-Virus www.PC-Component.com
ist supernervig, da es sich jeweils beim ausloggen aus dem netz aufhängt, ich muß permanent neu starten namschilf
Norton überprüft Mails Michael
Ein Teil von Norton, verbraucht unheimlich viel Arbeitsspeicher = Ergebnis lahmer PC Micky
Symantecs crappy software, hangs CPU DIggItaLL[]r
Norton auto protect email ashish mahajan
Memory hog! Raj
Crap Norton Colin Adams
bestandteil von Symantec AntiVirus  Siehe auch: Link
Slows performance Mark

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