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Prozess Name: Microsoft IntelliPoint Maus

Produkt: Maus Treiber

Support: Hilfe Link   Update Link   Deinstallationsprogramm  

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: point32.exe


Dieser Prozess implementiert die Software für Microsofts Intellimouse. Dieser Prozess ist für die Grundfunktionalität der Maus in Windows nicht notwendig, aber ist nötig, um auf die Sonderfunktionen wie programmierbare Schaltflächen zuzugreifen. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/point32.exe.html 

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Kommentare über point32.exe:
Microsoft Intellimouse Wheel Support Alex
Must have for extra button support none
an optional startup program when installing the intellipoint software, very useless, disable it to save memory
MS Intellipoint mouse driver honey
MS Intellimouse Button support: Needede to use extra buttons
This is a file which gets loaded when you install software i.e intellipoint for microsoft mice. you will find this program/process running in the startup, if you end this process from the task manager it then mouse will work in default mode with basic windows driver. So in order to get the assigned keys work for 5 button mice from microsoft you need point32.exe file/process running which starts automatically in startup and has comein because of intellipoint software from Microsoft.  Siehe auch: Link Jitendra Phulwani
ms intellimouse software  Siehe auch: Link anonymouse ms hardware user
When disabled, cannot use web buttons k
I would agree that disabling it does also disable the extra features of the MS Mouses. But why does it attempt to "call home" ? Zone Alarm goes ballistic about 8 times a day with this prog attempting to connect to the net. Random Driver
Microsoft Maus Wer
The program is needed for proper function of the associated hardware. However, the program does try to use your internet connection and 'phone home', the data it transmits and for what purpose is unknown. A firewall such as zonealarm can block these communications, however, over time the repeated attempts to get out could put a drain on system resources. If the programmable features the driver provides are not needed or important to you I would recommend uninstalling the driver and just using the default driver, or try to find a generic driver that will work with it anonymouse
so waht if it attempts to call home any firewall will block it and if you don't run a firewall you have more pressing problems than this mousey
ms intellimouse software shadow
I have ZoneAlarm too and it doesnt want connect to the internet, maybe just better set up of your firewall 4daPeace
IntelliMouse - also contains auto update, xplains why it is trying to break down my firewall.
Greatest software I've ever had! Configure it specially for a few games and even apps. Alex
MS Mouse Driver. Seems to contact MS server. Unknown datatransfer. Any good firewall can block that behaviour. El Ned
Microsoft-Treiber für optische Maus und Tastatur
this file is associated with The microsoft for bluetooth, if its stopped the mouse will not respond to the extra buttons. its pretty safe as far as i can see, has not cause any system instability Trurider
completely harmless. why do you all repeat each others comments? KaytonK
It's a Microsoft Mouse file. It just exists and causes me no problems. I use Logitech equipment anyway. creasorjr
It is sending usage data to microsoft server, like that customer improvment thing with msn, but i must say "CONSIPIRACY!" dan
it's a driver exe Kic the master
needed to run MS mouse and keyboard special buttons LoRd
It monitors keyboard input on my pc. This is not a needed funktion of a mouse driver matt
it uses a driver trsdkd which causes shutdown to hang if you're running a personal firewall like ZoneAlarm. Techauthor
Yeah I was pretty cautious with this file at the start because I had just gone through a bad case of spy-ware. A system restore after cleaning and other failed attempts seemed to fix the problem. Its just a driver i haven't seen before. Also if you have a type32.exe process running that is for you MS keyboard driver. Agent SmithAK
If you have a 3-button mouse (ie mouse with wheel) then this program seems to make no difference. Which basically makes it useless to me. drg
microsoft connect driver.exe
It causes shutdown to hang since I loaded the Intuos3 tablet Lars
Onc in awhile, take 99 percent of CPU and slows my machine to a crawl until I end the point32 process. No apparent ill effects in ending it, and I use a 3 button MS mouse. fire

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