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Prozess Name: Norton Protection Status

Produkt: Norton Utilities

Firma: Symantec Corporation

Datei: nprotect.exe


"nprotect.exe" ist ein Teil von Norton Utilities. Dieser schützt wie der standardmäßige Papierkorb gegen unbeabsichtigtes Löschen von Dateien, aber stellt auch bestimmte Verbesserungen bereit. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/nprotect.exe.html 

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Beachte: Jedes gefährliche Programm kann sich sonstwie nennen - deshalb sollten Sie überprüfen, wo sich die Dateien der laufenden Prozesse auf der Festplatte befinden. Befindet sich eine "nicht-Microsoft" .exe Datei im Ordner C:\Windows oder C:\Windows\System32, so ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit hoch, dass es sich um einen Virus oder Spyware handelt! Überprüfen Sie es hier.

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Kommentare über nprotect.exe:
Auto Protect Not Working FRANK
Teil von Norton Antivirus 2004. Der UnErase-Assistent, der es vorteilhafter als der Windows Papierkorb ermöglicht gelöschte Dateien wieder herzustellen.  Siehe auch: Link Vampire
it's in C:\Recycled\NPROTECT and can't be removed trewq
it's not dangerous it protects your pc from outside virusses and trojans pininfarina
Uninstalled Norton, but the Norton Recylce Bin ist still there DarkspY
Recycle protector Matt M
Norton Protect Gustav
restart in dos mode type deltree /y c:\recycled\*.* and deltree /y c:\windows\tempor~1/*.* then when done type exit press or cntrl alt del , and restart and in regedit type in search nprotect and del all the keys , and nprotect is gone , well it worked here good luck bp
used for GunBound (game) as a anti hacking program  Siehe auch: Link
it helps protect games, such as gunbound or ryl james
when ur norton antivirus is in taskbar it shows in the taskmanager
It makes sure you erase anything from the recycle bin and not recover them. Mostly for reasons of security and cover-up.  Siehe auch: Link Durim Trimi
create a new startup for the ccapp under startup and restart everything will be resolved rizwan
Solution to the problem is as follows: Start/Run - type "command.com" which opens the command line interface. Run the following command exactly as typed: rd /S "\\?\C:\recycler\nprotect" then yes [turtLe]
In this file Just with Norton Utilitys installed it Protects critical win files form being deleted. How ever If you update norton Utilitys Befor installing Norton anti-Virus NAV says that the system is Infected. Only causion donot update NU right away Install Bolth then update. If you Don't you will have to remove all Traces of a Symantech product before you try to install. Same gos for Eny Antivirus software you have already installed when you install norton antivirus it sees the program on the CD sees the System as infected so It is a Four or Five in the way of Infectous Doggard
Norton Antivirus Recycle Bin Protection - allows you to restrore files that were deleted and removed from trash or by a system process.  Siehe auch: Link Robert
useless Norton recycle program - diable in recycle bin properties under norton protection (Enable) and then remove startup entry.
It's Norton Systemworks' Recycler Protect feature. As Turtle above wrote: Solution to the problem is as follows: Start/Run - type "command.com" which opens the command line interface. Run the following command exactly as typed: rd /S "\\?\C:\recycler\nprotect" then yes Zvirbulite
nProtect.exe is not the nProtect used to protect games anti-hacking. The file name of the nProtect anti-hacking is GameGuard.des, don't make confusion! Guilherme vieira(R p3r_)
I have the NPROTECT file in a nother file called "Recycler"-I do have Norton -but the damn NPROTECT file is 9 gigs! Demonsdeal
sie plagt einem nicht, aber es ist eine Frechheit von Norto Dateien zu kreieren, welche man ohne Formatoierung der Festplatte nicht mehr wegbring ekl
the option with RD command has done the job for me by deleting the Nprotect directory and i get back all the disk space ... Thanks a lot for your help !!! From_Paris
i got a nprotect322.exe but i don't know what is it, i cannot find no info
Nprotect is a program that protects you from N. Whenever N is comming dangerously close to you it will crash your computer so that N can't get acces to it.  Siehe auch: Link J. Bond
GameGuard.des is only the updater for nProtect. GameMon.des is the actual core of the nProtect anti-hacking suite.  Siehe auch: Link Informed User
unerases the emptied recycle bin, I usually have ONLY this installed as part of the norton systemworks program, whilst using another internet security program, just found out takes a lot of memory with different processes running with it, tech
Demonsdeal. If you open windows explorer and in the adress bar type C:/recycler/Nprotect, the hidden folder will open and you can delete the contents freeing up the space. I had the same problem when my C drive was telling me I had 9gig of space used which just didn't add up. Bertt
I have nprotect322.exe running but I do NOT have Norton what is this?
Its your trash can, right click on your recycle bin, go to properties, and change the 10% to like 2%. Its the amount of space your computer defaults to and sets aside for "trash storage". destini
IT can be dangerous but most of the time its not. Visit the link if you are an expert. Nprotect
NPROTECT is a subdirectory of the RECYCLER file , a hidden file on the root directory in C: drive. I was concerned at the amount of space taken up by it.. The solution was dead easy: simply emty the Norton Protected Recyce Bin! Alan B
Sie ist toll ich will sie haben^^ Killian
nprotect is not dangerous but safe.  Siehe auch: Link Ray
NPROTECT.EXE can be disabled in Administrative Tools, Services as Norton Unerase Protection in WinXP and 2000. I’ve had problems in the past with NPROTECT.EXE and just ran into some with a new install of WinXP SP3 I’m working on. Folders I was working on appeared and disappeared. The F: drive disappeared briefly from the Norton Protected Recycle Bin then reappeared after loging off and back on. This could have caused serious data loss. Checked volue for errors with auto correct. The files lost were easily downloaded again from GRC.com. D. Hartman
PCTools findes it as a *high threat* and it has over 20,000 files that virtually bring the PC to a standstill. Roger Halstead
I had over 3 MILLION files in NPROTECT (206GB on 2 drives) which had been accumulating since 2005, including transfer to a new PC. Emptying the Recycle Bin didn't fix and it wouldn't allow deletion using Explorer. A Norton customer assistance contact didn't recognise the file as Norton's so didn't help in deleting it. I have just carried out the procedures outlined by "Turtle" and "D Hartman" and finally succeeded in getting rid of the monster. My grateful thanks to both, and to this website! Airlie
sony.exe virus attached to the nprotect file. scanner ignored virus. Norton Power Eraser detected virus and removed. Tommy Jones

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