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Prozess Name: Norton AntiVirusNAVShellExt Module

Produkt: Norton AntiVirus

Support: Hilfe Link   Update Link   Deinstallationsprogramm  

Firma: Symantec Corporation

Datei: navshext.dll


"navshext.dll" ist eine Komponente von Norton AntiVirus von Symantec Corporation, die auf Aktualisierungen prüft. Es gibt aber auch Malware-Programme, die denselben Namen verwenden. Seien Sie also vorsichtig! www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/navshext.dll.html 

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Beachte: Jedes gefährliche Programm kann sich sonstwie nennen - deshalb sollten Sie überprüfen, wo sich die Dateien der laufenden Prozesse auf der Festplatte befinden. Befindet sich eine "nicht-Microsoft" .exe Datei im Ordner C:\Windows oder C:\Windows\System32, so ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit hoch, dass es sich um einen Virus oder Spyware handelt! Überprüfen Sie es hier.

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Kommentare über navshext.dll:
This File is a Module of Norton Antivirus.  Siehe auch: Link Tino Kurth
ich denke es ist eine Einrichtung zur direkten und Sicheren Verbindung für Security-Symantec Computer Prüfung und alls Schutz für Symantec Live Update(Express) gedacht ? Roland Weichmann
This is part of your Norton Antivirus... runs when your internet explorer does maddcow
Norton Internet Security ? JQ
it stops new browser windows from opening Antmac
It is the additional toolbar for Norton Antivirus in IE, with wich you can instantly start NAV-checks and which automatically checks downloaded files for viruses.  Siehe auch: Link Vampire
NavShExt.dll is probally a worm/virus
Norton AV 2005 (aucun problème) Pascal
Part of Norton Anti-Virus Datael
Part of Norton AV. Personally I would regard Internet Exploder + Outlook Exmess as the two big weaknesses on any Windows system. Don't like viruses or spyware, but can't afford a Mac? Then get rid of all shortcuts to IE or OE, [you can't even uninstall them in XP, which should tell you a lot!!],and get yourself a copy of Mozilla Firefox + Mozilla Thunderbird. IE + OE are so deeply bundled with the Windows main OS that any penetration goes instantly to the very core of the system.  Siehe auch: Link
This file is a part of Norton AV.  Siehe auch: Link not your father
Part of Symantec Norton Internet Security suite  Siehe auch: Link Georg
Dudes... IT comes with Norton Antivirus! Do u think that they will make a virus in an antivirus software? Symantec is trusted for its components so its not a virus or worm! E-Info
Keep it you want it to work properly....
Part of Norton SystemWorks - Live Update - Norton spends a lot of time plugging holes in Microsoft OS and Browser. This program, while needed, has potential to be used against you ... not ust for subscription validation. Be sure you have the 'real' version from Symantec and not malware. Richard Creighton
It hosed my explorer.exe (i.e. the Hour-Glass) when I right-clicked any file folder or the "Start" tool bar. I quaranteed the file any my problem disappeared. This file is from Norton Systemworks 2003 and it really hoses things up. Tecra
I have never run any symatic product on my computer and never would, there all crap yet this file snuck on my computer... I hope that company goes bankrupt soon, use Avast for Virus Scanning  Siehe auch: Link Clifford
I could not run LiveUpdate until I removed a file by this name from c:/windows/system (in safe mode) The version info did not identify symantec as the creator!
malware copies its name and replaces the norton anti virus file with a trojan of the same name. this is a potentially very dangerous trojan. Greg
Comes with Norton Internet Security, only be weary if it is installed to System or System32 folder Alex Talmage
Well it appears on my computer even though we don't have Norton AntiVirus or Internet Security Mike
I had my Norton Antivirus program sacked by a virus & a trojan, I was forced to remove my Norton Antivirus program, if the file "navshext.dl" I suggest that you remove that file with security task manager, my PC works way better now :D Wim
says "At Risk" when i scan with norton... (?!?) Howdy
Yes it can come with Norton Systemworks. However I've also seen other viri/spyware masquerade as that file as well Zac
part of norton roy1947
Part Of Norton. Completely Safe Gabriel Vartanian
it was infected with adware.blockchecker could have been part of norton but norton isnt used anymore luke
Comes with Norton Antivirus Vampire Heart
its anoying pops up as you start the net, click ok and it goes away stony
It's related to Norton AV Buggy Woogy
mit dieser Datei nötigt die Firma Norton einem den Kauf Ihres Anti-Virus-Abonnements auf. Die Datei kann nicht gelöscht werden (auf Windows XP) und verunmöglicht einen reibungslosen Betrieb des Textverarbeitungssystems Word. Billighersteller von Computern haben wohl einen Deal mit der Firma Norton gemacht in der Form, dass diese Datei vom Kauf an auf dem PC ist und man buchstäblich zum Kauf von Norton-Antivirus genötigt wird. So etwas gehöt vor Gericht! doktor
I had Norton Antivirus on my computer but found it caused my computer to slow and my mouse to freeze. It completes with you for CPU time. So I decided to uninstall it but didn't use the original software to do that. The software I used left a lot of components on my computer and these caused many errors and freezeups. If anyone uninstalls Norton, I suggest they use the uninstall on the original uninstall disk. Bob Mckinnon
It is part of Norton anti-virus and is also considered adware. Also, A lot of people tend to run to firefox/moxilla. I disagree. While it may be safer in terms of getting attacked it doesn't open everything either. So what then?? Don't mask the problem. FIX IT. Good protecion prevents these problems and keeps your IE working fine. Ty
it is a copy, it belongs to come other company not of norton, sumthing BBSGDN or sumthing when removed. M

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