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Prozess Name: NT On-Access Scanner service.

Produkt: McAfee On-Access Scanner

Support: Hilfe Link   Update Link   Deinstallationsprogramm  

Firma: Network Associates, Inc.

Datei: mcshield.exe


"mcshield.exe" ist der McAfee On-Access Antivirus Scanner von Network Associates, Inc. Er überwacht die Prozesse, Dateien und Registrierungen, um Virusinfektionen zu entdecken und zu verhindern. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/mcshield.exe.html 

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Beachte: Jedes gefährliche Programm kann sich sonstwie nennen - deshalb sollten Sie überprüfen, wo sich die Dateien der laufenden Prozesse auf der Festplatte befinden. Befindet sich eine "nicht-Microsoft" .exe Datei im Ordner C:\Windows oder C:\Windows\System32, so ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit hoch, dass es sich um einen Virus oder Spyware handelt! Überprüfen Sie es hier.

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Kommentare über mcshield.exe:
McAfee VirusScan
This file is required by McAfee to run live, real time AV shiedling - as opposed to running periodic or scheduled manually. TuneUp Utilities 2004 tags mcshield.exe as the only file - on a brand new high-end XP box - which uses unusually high resources.  Siehe auch: Link Doc
Mcafee Anti-virus
Somehow blocks outgoing mail from echange server 5.5. Busy checking the MCShield configuration.... - To let mail go out, simply stop the MCshield service. I'm running Exchange Server 5.5 on Win NT4.0, servie Pack 6
NAI Anti Virus
This is part of McAfee Virus Scan. Mcshield.exe constantly monitors your computer's running processes, accessed file and registry to detect virus activity. It is one of the core components to the virus protection offered by the McAfee virus scanning software and should not be stopped. If it is stopped your computer will not be protected from viruses. Mcshield.exe is flagged as a system process and does not appear to be a security risk. However, removing McAfee Shield may adversly impact your system. DEEPWOODS
McShield.exe does more than slow me down. It completely disables my ability to do backups of an external drive with Acronis TrueImage. Only when I installed the latest version of McA did this begin, and it is driving me crazy. Also causes partition problems in my external drives, so that they are not recognized, from time to time. It has got to go, and I will either use on-demand McA or switch entirely to F-Prot (which has found viruses that McA missed from time to time anyway). M Naylor
McAfee virus scan client service
mcShield used up so much resources, I could not ever surf the web, or do anything! It even intermittantly stopped my mouse from moving (VERY ANNOYING). It continued to eat over50% of processes. Note: Everything was fine for about a month, then all of the sudden BAM, mcshield.exe made my ps un-usable Mike B
McAfee - On-Access Scanner service, wird gelegentlich oder auch regelmäßig (geplant) benötigt, Systemauslastung und Prozesspriorität können eingestellt werden und so die Auslastung des Systemes beeinflußt werden rainer1102
That it's part of McAfee's Antivirus package and uses up 100% of my CPU when scheduled scan is running. Even when scheduled scan isn't running it'll be responsible for intermittently slowing or freezing apps and mouse. A royal pain. Andymatt
This process ran my CPU at 100% and stopped me from even using my computer. While it may be important to keep this program going it is more important to have my computer work. I am switching to another anti-virus as this product is useless to me at this time. Bobway
This process hangs my machine with increased annoyance - I've done research and there seems to be no known problems posted with McAfee of Microsoft. Total mystery and very annoying, currently looking for new product that will not hang the system. primrose
Found out about this process when my computer crashed over and over hopelessly. I need my computer to teach a video game class, and I downloaded an online game. After that McShield froze my computer over and over. What a freaking hassle. What's wrong with manual scans like the good ole' days?
Disabling On-Access Scan on both Read and Write is a bad idea. Instead consider configuring scanning exclusions. Also remember that a program that indexes files on your HDD (think Google Desktop) is going to trigger lots of On Access scans. ThsGuyRightHere
I agree that it seems to have happened ever since Windows changed to the new data defender. My computer is continually running up 59 to 100% even when idling. Did not do this before the change -- usually idles at 3-12%. Very annoying and the fan is almost constantly running. mac56soup
McAfee process of some sort, takes up lots of processing time. Don't know why. Very annoying. Wish I could delete it without compromising user's security. Why can't McAfee come up with decent anti-virus software? Is always interfering with something... Tiffany
I did a chat session with McAfee support after having a problem with mcshield hogging all my cpu time for extended periods of time. The guy had me clear out all of my junk files. I don't know if this will really do anything yet. Maybe I should remove all of my programs, clear out all of my files, and stop surfing the internet. Maybe then mcshield will be happy. Matt
For home users (and gamers) uninstall it and use a different anti-virus...also you might have done a scan from another program and found an unidentified program that McAfee has installed on your computer called "scriptproxy" this might as well be the program we are talking about now, it has the same effect of high protection but slower speed, McAfee has known of this for some time now but hasnt done a thing to fix it!  Siehe auch: Link Revan
I agree that it seems to have happened ever since Windows changed to the new data defender. My computer is continually running up 59 to 100% even when idling. Did not do this before the change -- usually idles at 3-12%. Very annoying and the fan is almost constantly running. miki
The comment about Google Desktop indexing triggerinsg constant McShield activity is right on. My computer ground almost to a halt with Mcshield churning away -so killed Google desktop - problem solved! Ross Ulmer
Extremely poorly written code. Does not know the difference between actually reading a file and reading the meta data on a file. If it was written more intelligently it would not use so much CPU. I highly recommend you buy some other AV SW. It is more than a bit ironic that this software is more of a virus than what it is protecting you against. The company could care less, by the way. Enrico
RAM Usage 50 MBytes = Resource Pig. Although it doesn't really have much effect on a 3.2GHz CPU 2GB RAM 128MB Video, I always hear the CPU working hard. Tried to kill it... doing so crashed the PC. Amazing no?! Your Highness
Whenever this process starts the computer slows to a crawl, music gets jittery other programs take forever to load, and my computer will not shut down without disconnecting power. This process is more of a virus that a virus. A search for this infamous program(McShield.exe results in nothing found...can't find it on my computer anywhere! iONic
This is the worst antivirus program I have ever had the misfortune to have it install on my PC. All the things about eating up resources and generating computer freezes: yeah, all true. This is the main reason why I have uninstalled it. Simply crap. Seth_lex
Starts at boot, runs in the background, can be disabled after boot if you're in an otherwise virus protected environment (officespace). Constant scanning is only necessary if you up and download files constantly or your email is full of junk. ignatio
Mchshiled.exe. right now im at work and we rely heavily on our computers with the multiple applications that we use at once. this scan is slowing down our whole entire network at this moment. what a shame! Phillip
consumes processor resources
it's not malevolent but for a "background process" it takes a hell of a lot of resources... 114,000k I mean come on... that's more than iTunes or AutoCAD or Sketchup... the only program I use regularly that uses more resources is Revit. irritated corp user
Hogs CPU nearly 100%
This can be termed as "necessary evil process" that always runs in the background. It generally doesnt effect the performance of the system if you are working with normal windows applications but can seriously impact the performance if you are using compex applications like games. You can come out of this problem by manually terminating the process in task manager while running this kind of applications. Purnakiran
Anti virus Govinda
slowing down pc jerker
McAfee Anti-Virus KamilO
McAfee Vlad
mcshield.exe ausschalten
McAfee VirusScan

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