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Prozess Name: Windows Media Player Service

Produkt: Media Player 7

Support: Hilfe Link   Update Link   Deinstallationsprogramm  

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: MsPMSPSv.exe


Der WMDM PMSP Dienst wird zusammen mit dem Windows Media Player installiert. Er ist für Microsoft's Digital Rights Management notwendig. Dieser Dienst erlaubt dem WMDM (Windows Media Device Manager), Filme, Musik und Hörbücher vom PC auf portable Player zu kopieren. Der Service kann in der Verwaltung deaktiviert werden, wenn man den Media Player nicht nutzt. Der WMDM PMSP Service ist eine Instanz von svchost.exe, und wird auch Portable Media Serial Number genannt. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/mspmspsv.exe.html 

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Kommentare über MsPMSPSv.exe:
Microsoft's WMDM PMSP Service, aka Windows Media Device Manager Pre-Message Security Protocol Service. This services enables Windows Media Player to support the SDMI protocol (Secure Digital Music Initiative) when copying CDs or packaging copyrighted downloaded music to SDMI compliant music players and storage devices. Recommendation : This process takes at least 1.2Mb of memory - you can disable it.  Siehe auch: Link Wavemaster
This is pretty harmless and a part of Microsoft's Windows Media Player. However it occupies space in your memory and doesn't actually serve you the consumer in any way... Disabling it won't harm your system in anyway and will free up some RAM. So yes, disable it! Psychodonovan
The most annoying thing about this service is that it is not uninstalled after you uninstall Windows Media Player 7? and just takes up space and memory. There is a built-in way to uninstall it though. Just type "mspmspsv -u" from the command prompt (without quotation marks) and follow the on-screen instructions. Andrei Rouliakov
It used to be a Media Player 7 related Media Manager. but it dosnt belong in windows XP! i have had this file...and when you use the mspmspsv -u command it says that it is allready stopped! i think its spyware!! thats using the name of a file that we think is harmless! and that makes it dangerous! Znapper
This is the worst form of spyware... the kind that poses as a non-essential windows process. Disable this immediately, whether you think you use it or not. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO STOP IT, YOU MOST LIKELY HAVE A VIRUSED FILE! Disable it from starting up and that should solve the problem. Andrew Bowdle
This file should not be in Windows XP. If trying to shut it down gives errors u might have (had) spyware or a virus. If u see this file, check the System idle process aswell. Is it sending to the internet? Mine did to and to another IP. WaR^
mspmspsv.exe is a process which normally comes with a specific update of Windows Media player. It allows for the SDMI protocol (Secure Digital Music Initiative) to be used during dealing with music media. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling this is down to user preference checkr2005
It should be disabled when not needed. Not only does a service consume memory but also they adds to the management overhead, can have security holes and in this particular case even function as a piece of spyware. Sven Dack
risk service nonam
takes up space girlhead
comes installed with sp1 but gets added as a service with the new wmp 10 updates..to remove..type "mspmspsv -u" in cmd then end process in task manager, then search for"mspmspsv.exe" in windows directory and delete the .exe and the prefech file by the same name..L8rZ  Siehe auch: Link ZL33t
resides In system32 and non of what i uses this file. And iI know specifically what i use and when it's loaded. It's a virus . You can use Unlocker or Move on boot to delete it. i did and the charm came towards me again.
it is complete crap it effects nothing it causes crashes, if you have a computer running on anything newer then 98se then get rid of it! its not spyware technicly but it is a way to find un registerd media, so to protect yourself disable it in services and uninstall wmp7 use nero showtimewindows media is only good for porn so u realize it must suck  Siehe auch: Link REDflag
After some in-depth analysis about why my Pc kept freezing (and needed to be switched on and off) with the Error code MACHINE CHECK : Regs, I found that each time it occured this damn service had just started. Consider it well and truely disabled ! Dan
Under Administrative Tools/Services, "WMDM PMSP Service" had no description where as all others did. Is this indicative of the virus form? It also likes to access my floppy drive, even without a disk in there. CaughtWMDMPMSP
mspmspsv.exe is a process which normally comes with a specific update of Windows Media player. It allows for the SDMI protocol (Secure Digital Music Initiative) to be used during dealing with music media. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling it is down to user preference.  Siehe auch: Link Rene (from Holand)
In researching problems with ActiveSync not starting up automatically, I checked running processes. After reading this blog I disabled MSPMSPSV.exe and my ActiveSync suddenly initiated and synchronized successfully. Hmmmm.... Nonna
just appeared on my computer one day after my little brother skipped school. brought up never ending iexplores. problem was i dont have iexplore on my comp. yea fml. searched around. DEFF SpywaRE.! i have aol spyware search nd it found it to be like Haxdoor E which was a premeium securtiy alert. lawl. stoned! Flicky Boi
Hd two pc's within a week of each other start freezing up. One was from this MsPMSPSv.exe process. disabled it and it stopped freezing after boot. the second maching did not have this file but found that i was freezing the same way right after booting up becuase of a similar WMplayer process called Windows Media Player Network Sharing service and the executable namesed WMPNetwk.exe. Disabled this process from starting on the 2nd pc and all is well with no freezing up. Anyne know if U uninstall MS update KB917734 WMP is for just the 1st one or will it uninstall other needed security patches Richman
Although Windows themselves ADMIT there are problems with this driver (see website link below). It is ONLY a problem IF you are using older WMP (or updated versions of earlier versions ) to rip Copy Protected discs (I am sure NONE of us does that....ROFL) , there are many FREE programs that does this better and faster... (mine are built into my Soundblaster Cards , = SoundBlaster:- Live 5.1 ,Live, Audigy, Audigy 2 , X-Fi..) - Realplayer actually asks if you want to copy a DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected disk. as for MP3 downloads they have removed the Copy Protection , as they had too many complaints , that people could ONLY listen to Downloads on the PC and not copy them to disk to listen to elsewhere. Anyway it can be found in 2 places on your PC:- c:\windows\system32\mspmspsv.exe + C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch\MSPMSPSV.EXE-159858D5.pf. Am sat on the fence on this one , as it doesn't cause me problems...!!  Siehe auch: Link NUKLEOPATRA

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